Welcome to Kirsten’s Kaboodle!


  • I am grateful you’re here! In lieu of a long dissertation, I’ll share these highlights!
  • I’ve been working in elementary education for 18 years.  My experience includes:
    • homeroom teaching for ESL, 1st grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade
    • a school counselor for PK-6
    • an ESL pullout teacher for K-6
    • a Reading Recovery teacher 
  • I received my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and psychology from The University of Iowa and my Master’s of Education in school counseling from Sam Houston State University.
  • I currently spend my days creating resources that engage students in their hearts and their minds.  I also volunteer regularly in my children’s school.  These are my cuties:
  • I don’t make my bed regularly and I floss my teeth in the car. 
  • I’m sensitive. Forget about reading the final chapters in Where the Red Fern Grows out loud (#sobbing).  I’m the one in the corner of the room gasping for air.
  • Speaking of sensitive, we have a slightly neurotic, yet undeniably adorable Goldendoodle named Bonzai.  The unconditional love we get from this guy makes my heart ache a little bit. 
  • I wrote and published a children’s book… for real. You get a copy of my ebook, Sprinkle Your Sparkles, in my shop for FREE
  • I think ironing is waste of time.  The dryer, on the other hand, is a life saver.
  • I was a synchronized swimmer in high school. Yep, water ballet!
  • I’m so happy you found me! In addition to creating content that nurtures kids in heart and mind, my hope is that I can make your life, as a teacher, easier and more enjoyable.

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