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Teaching point of view allows students to understand there is not only one way to look at a situation. Additionally, students are able to analyze a story and think deeper about the characters. Furthermore, students will understand if there is bias in a story based upon who is telling it. However, it can be challenging for students to differentiate between the different types of points of view. Activities from the first-person point of view can greatly help students begin to have a strong understanding of the content! At the end of a unit, Point of View Task Cards are the perfect way to ensure students can differentiate between the different types. Additionally, they are fun and engaging for students to complete! 

point of view task cards

What is the First Person Point of View Definition?

When starting a unit, it is important to provide students with the first-person point of view definition. The definition is simply just a story or passage where the narrator tells the story. Therefore, the story is from his/her own perspective. However, students may have trouble understanding this. The first-person point of view pronouns will be very helpful to learn. Singular pronouns include I, me, my, mine, and myself. Plural pronouns include we, us, our, and ourselves. So give your students first person point of view example passages and have them highlight the pronouns to help them with identifying this point of view in literature. 

Specifically, students will benefit from understanding that when talking about themselves, they are often speaking in the first person. Therefore, the first-person involves seeing how a story unfolds through the eyes of a specific character. 

First Person Point of View Books

When teaching point of view meaning, it will be vital to bring in a variety of books. Although, this aspect will be pretty easy since there are so many books to pick from! Here are some excellent choices when selecting books in the first-person point of view: 

  • Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges 

This autobiography tells the story of a six-year-old black girl who is led into school by federal marshals. However, this is not just a normal day of school. Ruby is being screamed at by segregationists. Despite endless hardships, Ruby went to school each day. Now, Ruby could have been negative and upset over all of the hatred for her skin color. However, she kept a positive growth mindset! Since Ruby tells the story, students will see her courage, bravery, and forgiveness. Therefore, students will see how important a positive growth mindset is! Be sure to check out the Through My Eyes Book Unit for incredible activities! 

  • I am Helen Keller 

This inspirational story will show students that no obstacle is too big to overcome. Despite losing her hearing and eyesight, Helen Keller learned sign language and Braille. Helen Keller could have given up due to her frustration. However, she will show students how it is vital to stand up for yourself and to always believe. The I am Helen Keller Unit is a great resource to work on from the first-person point of view! Additionally, it is perfect to bring in when talking about a growth mindset. 

  • I Don’t Want to Be a Frog by Dev Petty

Frog wants to change everything about himself. Honestly, he wants to be a completely different person! However, the obstacles that Frog undergoes show him that being himself isn’t actually so bad anymore. In a society filled with judgment, this is the perfect resource to use to inspire students! Also, the story will help students turn negativity into positive thoughts. The I Don’t Want to be a Frog unit will teach students to love the person they are. 

First Person Point of View Activities 

Regardless of the content, engaging activities are key to ensure students are learning. After learning point of view, it is time for students to implement their knowledge. Gratefully, there are so many options! For example, students may write their own first-person point of view story. Additionally, they may perform it for the class! Then, the class can identify the pronouns that prove the point of view. Also, students may play first-person point of view games. For example, “I say, You Say” is a great way for students to make up their own sentences. Then, the class can rewrite the sentences into different points of view. Students will have so much fun while learning point of views! 

Point of view task cards

Point of View Task Cards

After learning the first, second, and third person, these task cards will be a great assessment! There are 34 task cards that each have a sentence on them. After reading, students will have a multiple-choice option. Even better, the resource has been updated and includes a digital distance learning option! Therefore, it will be perfect for any type of classroom. Furthermore, students can complete all the task cards at once or broken up into groupings. Likewise, students can complete independently or in a small group. Therefore, this resource works for a formative or summative assessment! 

When teaching point of view in literature, there are many ways to draw students into lessons. Whether utilizing stories or keywords, students will love learning who is telling a story. The Point of View Task Cards will be a hands-on way in order to increase engagement and gauge student understanding! It will be incorporated through every grade. Therefore, it is so important to ensure students have a strong understanding. 

point of view task cards

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I am Kirsten Tulsian, an elementary educator with 18 years of experience as a teacher and counselor. My passion lies in empowering students to discover their inherent brilliance through the use of engaging, rigorous, and meaningful activities. I look forward to connecting with you!

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