Fun Father’s Day Activities

The end of the school year has so many events to plan. For instance, some schools plan special field trips, park gatherings, and assemblies. Additionally, teachers work hard to ensure students are ready for upcoming events, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. While Father’s Day may occur during summer break, students can still prepare while school is in session. Or, there may even be a summer session of school offered. Thus, there are so many reasons why it is essential to plan fun Father’s Day activities! Best of all, every father will know how much his little one loves him. 

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When is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day occurs on Sunday, June 19th. Thus, now is the perfect time to plan fun father’s day activities! 

How to Surprise a Dad 

Author Jean Reagan and illustrator Lee Wildish created an adorable story about celebrating Dad! 


This charming story shows students ways to show their dad appreciation for so much love and attention. Thus, it is an incredible way to begin fun Father’s Day activities. Best of all, students will be on the edge of their seats while hearing tips on how to surprise Dad on his special day. Honestly, even fathers who do not love surprise parties will LOVE all of the work their children put into the day. Luckily, this book includes suggestions on what to do if Dad becomes suspicious and how to practice saying “Surprise!”. It even includes tips for hiding and how to prepare yummy treats and presents for the big day. 

Fun Father’s Day Activities 

After listening to the adorable story, students will be in the perfect mindset to focus on Dad. Luckily, there are so many incredible options. 

Literature Unit Activities:

The beauty of these literature activities is that you don’t have to use the book! The activities are all specific to the student’s relationship with their dad. While it is a great compliment and unit to the book, the activities work fine without reading. Several activities are included, such as a writing activity inside a button-down shirt. Additionally, there is a coupon book craft and a book creation activity. Furthermore, there are writing prompts about special memories and printable sheets all about dad. Honestly, there are many ways to surprise Dad with these activities! 

Fun Father's Day Activities

Homemade Card:

Some of the best gifts are homemade. Luckily, students can make meaningful cards for Dad. They can use construction paper, markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, etc.  It can even include a picture and anything special the child wants to write. Since it is hot out on Father’s Day, students can even create popsicles. On the card, they can write, “You are the coolest!” and even put some googly eyes on the popsicle. 

Lego Piece Memories:

Children may forget some activities Dad helps with because of how busy families are. Thus, lego pieces make the perfect reminders! Each student has a stack of Legos or some type of block. On each, students write their favorite activities to do with Dad. Then, the child and Dad can recreate those fantastic memories while putting the Legos back together all summer. 

Acrostic Poem:

Students can select the word they use to address their father. This may be Father, Dad, Daddy, or a specific name. Then, they can use those letters as the starting words to describe their favorite aspects of Dad. For differentiation, students can even write phrases versus single words. 

Fun Father's Day Activities

Memories of Dad Writing:

Some students love to express themselves in writing. Thus, Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity for students to respond to different prompts. Examples include the best advice Dad ever gave and a favorite memory with Dad. 

Father’s Day Collage:

Fun Father’s Day activities do not need to cost a lot of money or require many supplies. Fathers just want something from the heart. Thus, students can create a collage. They can work with their Mom or another adult figure to find pictures of their dad. Pictures can be ones of just dad, ones with the children, and ones with family members. Then, students can use construction paper or poster board to create a collage. Students can even cut out work from magazines, print them in cute fonts, or write their own to describe their father. Honestly, students can add in anything they want! Dad will love looking back on so many incredible memories! 

Father’s Day is a time to reflect on all that father figures do. No matter if the person is biological or not, students need to know the importance of the day. Luckily, these fun Father’s Day activities will remind students to be thankful for the incredible father figure in their lives. Additionally, they will allow students to reflect on how lucky they are to have that special person in their life. 

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