End-of-Year Letter from the Teacher to Students and Parents


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End-of-Year Letter from the Teacher to Students and Parents:

These editable (the greeting and signature fields are the ONLY editable portion of the letters) end-of-year letters to students and parents include encouraging messages that teachers can send home to parents as well as a letter that teachers can send home with students (each letter contains a different message and is ORIGINAL).

The letter to parents comes with a boy, girl, and gender-neutral version (the pronouns are changed throughout the letter). This letter has three color background options and similar backgrounds in black and white.

The letter to students comes with three color background options and the corresponding backgrounds in black and white. Note: This letter does not require a boy/girl option since the teacher uses the pronouns “you” and “I” throughout the letter.


All versions of each letter have editable text boxes in the Greeting Field and the Signature Field. You can edit these two places on each letter if you choose. If you’d like to print the letters as is, you may write in the student’s name and your signature. Just for reference, the font is Miss Kindergarten by Kimberly Geswein.


ALL THE LETTERS ARE ORIGINAL! I did NOT copy a letter that I found online and retype it. This is important because you may want to mix things up and send a new letter home this year.

You will also find a GOOGLE Slides option to send paperless letters remotely (via email or through Google). Look at the final page of the GOOGLE SLIDES FILE for instructions on sending these end-of-year letters remotely!

If you have any questions about this product, please ask before purchasing. If you aren’t sure how to edit text boxes, I’ve included a page of instructions at the beginning of the product for your convenience.

This PDF file contains 43 pages + Google Slides.

790 reviews for End-of-Year Letter from the Teacher to Students and Parents

Based on 790 reviews
  1. Candace Wells 

    Parents and families loved the letter at the end of the year.

  2. Jen Alferio 

    These letters are beautiful! I am not the best with finding words so this was perfect. The letter to the students truly fits everyone in my class! Thank you!!!

  3. Literally LeBlanc 

    I love this! I started handwriting letters to each of my students but changed my mind when I found these! Time Saver!

  4. Tricia Wemhoff 

    These letters are fabulous. They were exactly what I was looking for. The letter fits each and every student in my classroom. Thanks

  5. melissa iannacchino 

    Loved this as a letter for my students! My parents loved it too!

  6. Arden Campbell 

    Thanks! I modified it to suit my needs and appreciate all of the work that you put into it!

  7. Amy Schaffer 

    Love these to send home at the end of the year to my families!

  8. Alexandra L

    My incoming class loved it and my class from last year enjoyed making them.

  9. Debbie H

    Useful resource

  10. Debbie H

    Useful resource

  11. Courtney M

    Amazing resource. So simple and everyone loved to receive at the end of the year!

  12. lauren D

    Nice resource.

  13. J E W

    Thank you, helpful resource!

  14. Nicole W

    These are perfect for the end of the year! Thank you!

  15. Samantha H

    Easy to use, great end of year letter home. Didn’t need to rack my brain for ideas on what to write.

  16. Samantha H

    Easy to use, great end of year letter home. Didn’t need to rack my brain for ideas on what to write.

  17. Elizabeth C

    Loved this resource, thank you!

  18. Ellen C

    Both my students and their parents loved their end of year letter. Made my job much easier!

  19. Rachel R

    These were perfect to give my kids at the end of the year. I love that the parent letter and student letter were included.

  20. Hayley B

    These letters are perfect! Thanks!

  21. Leann Schlotterback 

    Loved this resource! So easy to use! My students loved it!

  22. Lauren Cipriano 

    I bought these letters a few years ago when they first came out, and they worked perfectly. They put into words, what I was thinking and were such a timesaver.

  23. Brightminds Teaching Resources 

    Well said! Just what I needed to save time!

  24. carolyn mary 

    These are so special – thank you!

  25. Kayla B

    As I’m nearing the end of my first year teaching, I’ve found it difficult to put my emotions into words. WOW! This is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU.

  26. The Crazy Daisy Teacher 

    So needed during this busy time of year!

  27. Rebbecca Oler 

    I love this resource!

  28. Joanne M

    helpful when writing students and parents

  29. Wilda G


  30. Robin T

    I love love love this!!!!

  31. Olivia Martin 

    My kids and I cried together when I read it to them!!

  32. Courtney Maynard 

    Easy to edit, print, and send home!

  33. Ashley G

    Love this! Thanks!

  34. Jennifer S

    Thanks for this product!

  35. Tawnee R

    This was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!! 🙂

  36. Caitlyn D

    My parents LOVED these letters! So heartfelt!

  37. Jennifer D

    Awesome! Just what I was looking for. 🙂

  38. Diane Perrault 


  39. Heather D


  40. Amanda K

    Great resource. Thank you!

  41. Rita Engelhart 

    These are absolutely wonderful. The words were written so beautifully. One of my parents said her and her husband cried and cried. Thank you so much!

  42. Lauren T

    very helpful!

  43. Carrie S

    Super sweet and special. Well written.

  44. Courtney Schrage 

    This resource saved me so much time and did such a great job expressing what would have been so difficult for me to explain. Great product to purchase!

  45. Katy A

    This was a great resource for the end of the year!

  46. Munira Kuzmanovski 

    great resource.

  47. Linda L

    These are perfect!

  48. Brenda Thompson-Positive Possibilities 

    Can’t wait to use when school starts. Thank you!!!

  49. Rebecca H

    great resource and parents loved the letters!

  50. Barbara B

    I love these! Thank you for the variety!

  51. Anne Therese H

    love this idea

  52. Matthew B

    Very heartfelt! Love that you can individualize them to each student! Perfect end of the year letter for students.

  53. Christina M

    Helpful – thank you!

  54. Rita D

    These are great

  55. Tiffany S

    Great end of the year letter!


    Love it

  57. Angie S

    This was so simple to use and cute. I always want to send the kids home with a note from me to put in their time capsules but always run out of time. These notes were exactly want I needed!

  58. Jennifer F

    This was just what I was looking for!

  59. Lacey B

    This was a beautiful way to end the year!

  60. Shelley B

    Lovely! Nice way to let families know how much we have enjoyed the time we spent with their children.

  61. Kristine E D

    Great, thank you!

  62. Misty G

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

  63. Heather F

    Love this.

  64. Kiah B

    Loved using this last year as a way to switch up what I have been sending home in the past!

  65. Cheryl P

    These beautifully written letters for students and parents are a meaningful way to close out the school year!

  66. Sarah S

    Great resource! So helpful during the end of the year craziness.

  67. Katelynn S

    Very well-written. The words were well chosen and heart-felt.

  68. Marissa S

    I can at times get lost in what I am trying to say. These letters are a tremendous help and much appreciated.

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    My students loved the letters.

  70. MsDora’s Classroom 


  71. Kristin F

    Love these!

  72. MsDora’s Classroom 


  73. Hollie S

    great tool

  74. Hollie S

    great tool

  75. katelynn K

    I love this! They are a great way to send something memorable home at the end of the school year!

  76. Jessica Richards 

    So great! Thank you!

  77. Mary M

    This was very helpful when trying to think of what to say at the end of the year to both my parents and students.

  78. Sherry M

    Excellent materials to use with summer school!

  79. christine B

    Great resource and so helpful!!

  80. christine B

    Great resource and so helpful!!

  81. Pauline M

    Parents where absolutely touched when I gave them these letters. I’m not good with words myself, but these were so well written that they could easily fit most of my students.

  82. Jennifer B

    This was exactly what I was looking for. A great way to end the year.

  83. Heart and Soul Teaching 

    Well organized and easy to use! Thank you!

  84. Jennifer Thompson 

    These letters are perfect! Thank you!

  85. Ricki A

    Loved this!

  86. Connie B

    Really enjoyed this resource.

  87. Nicole Cooper 

    Parents and families loved receiving a letter at the end of the year.

  88. Keri C

    Cute resource!

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    Thank you

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    Can’t wait to give out at the end of the year.

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    Thanks for sharing

  97. Laura Jeanne D

    This made my end of the year gifts so easy!

  98. Shannon Mann 

    Nice time saver!

  99. Belle P 

    AMAZING resource!

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  101. Nelly Lopez 

    Great resource, thank you!

  102. Angela S

    Parents loved these, thank you!!

  103. Mandi P

    Exactly what I needed… wanted a letter to let the students and families know this is what we expected for the year but they still Have a piece of my heart!

  104. Megan P

    Beautiful letter that took the words right out of my mouth! Love!

  105. Jennifer E

    Loved this!

  106. Tiffany D

    These letters to students and parents are a wonderful way for me to wrap up our year together both in the classroom and virtually. Thank you for adding those 2020 letters!

  107. Lindsey S

    Will be mailing the EOY letters to my students. The letter was well written! thank you 🙂

  108. Just An Alabama Teacher 

    I love the options and the colors. I just wish it was editable.

  109. Shannon K

    This is perfect! Thank you!

  110. Jordyn M

    Currently, I am a long term substitute and I sent this letter out to my parents and students to say goodbye as I transition into a new position.

  111. The Teaching Otter 

    Exactly what I was looking for! I have these all ready to deliver with my end of the year gift. Thank you for putting all of my thoughts and feelings into words.

  112. Kathryn C


  113. Miranda S

    This perfectly summed up what I wanted to say to my students for this year. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words!

  114. Michelle Sharkey 

    The letter was wonderful. I was looking for an end-of-the-year letter to mail home during these special times and this was perfect.

  115. Elizabeth Vineyard 

    THis resource was a thoughtful way to extend our end of the year feelings to families.

  116. Megan F

    This resource was a great way to connect with my kinders, especially with distance learning going on!

  117. Stephanie D

    These letters were perfect for the students and parents. They were updated for our Covid situation. Plus they could be personalized!

  118. Lindsay Ball 

    I really liked the letters, especially about COVID-19. It was well written. I wish there was an option that didn’t mention moving teachers because my students are with me for multiple years in a self contained special education classroom. There were very kid- & family- friendly letters which made me purchase them!

  119. Laura L

    This was the perfect resource I was looking for.

  120. Quantia E

    This is great! Thank you!

  121. Christina G

    Thank you for a great resource.

  122. Tracy A

    Great resource! Thank you so much!

  123. Samantha P

    Nice, well-written letters to give families and/or students for the end of the year.

  124. Caitlin G

    This resource helped me through my “writer’s block” of figuring out what exactly to stay to my kids during these crazy times.

  125. Prepared2Teach 

    I loved this letter for my end of the year message to my students. It said exactly what I was trying to put into words.

  126. Niki T

    I love these letters! They are so well written and perfect for these times! Thank you so much!

  127. Mariah V

    The end of year letter was perfect! It was just what I was looking for.

  128. Christina C

    Parents and students loved getting these letters at the end of the school year! I love that there is a version for 2020. These letters are simply beautiful and well written.

  129. Molly P

    This was perfect for an end of the year letter. I love the variety of options and parent letters. The update with a Covid-19 letter was exactly what I needed for this year. Thank you!

  130. Lauren C

    This resource was a huge help because it was edited for Covid-19. I send home a letter at the end of each school year and this resource helped with the unique situation that is happening currently.

  131. Jennifer K

    Thank you for making these letters that express everything I want to say to my students and parents! Easy to use and much appreciated by parents and students as well!!

  132. Emily W

    This was the perfect way to close out our distance learning school year! This is a resource I will use for many years to come!

  133. Hannah R


  134. Jennifer G

    This is awesome for more supplementary work at home and at school. Great resource to share with the student and the parents. Thank you for creating this activities.

  135. Kimberly M

    Nicely written but definitely written more for upper elementary students and parents. Couldn’t tell in the preview but was looking for something for my first graders and parents. Loved the graphics.

  136. Julie V


  137. Rhonda B

    This is a beautiful letter for older grades. I teach kindergarten and I felt like it wasn’t appropriate for my kindergarten class.

  138. Drema L

    Loved these end of year letters to my students. Tastefully worded. Very nice.

  139. Donna P

    Beautifully worded letter.

  140. Adelfa C

    I will be using this resource for the end of year awards and as a good bye addition to the ceremony.

  141. Rachel S

    Thank you. This packet was perfect.

  142. Miss Eschberger 

    These letters are perfect. Thank you!

  143. Dreidre N

    I can’t thank you enough for creating this document. I sat down to write a letter to my students several times and wasn’t able to even begin. I had no words to say and a million things to say all at the same time. You put all of those thoughts in my head on paper and tears in my eyes reading it. No one could have ever imagined what we have been through and what lies ahead for schools, so thank you for helping a struggling teacher put her emotions together!

  144. Kristen May 

    I was trying to come up with something to send home with my students at the end of the year but I stopped trying because this letter was perfect! I will continue to use use this at the end of the year each year!

  145. Mary Jo S

    Thank you for the resource. Wish there was a generic one for all parents. It is nice to personalize boys/ girls. However, with a class of 32 it takes a little time.

  146. Carol T

    This saved me some time when I needed a letter for the end of the year.

  147. Naomi M

    Such a sweet impactful letter to both parents and students!

  148. Penny Y

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  149. Caitlin A

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  150. Jenny F

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  151. Debbie L


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  153. Marina P

    Really nice letters – better suited for older students, in my opinion. But a good variety and well written. Good variety.

  154. Susan O

    I write lengthy personal letters to each of my students at the end of the year (we have to) and was having trouble getting started because of the nature of the way things ended. I decided to check yours out for inspiration. Wow! I am glad I did. What a beautiful letter. I won’t be able to copy and use the exact letter but your beautiful words have certainly been my jumpstart! THANK YOU!

  155. Brooke R

    This is a great resource! I am sending this to my students along with confetti to celebrate the end of the year. Thank you!

  156. Sue Bridgman 

    Exactly what I wanted to say. Captured my thoughts and emotions PERFECTLY!!!

  157. Margaret L

    Very helpful and modified for my students

  158. Kaycie B

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  161. Melissa P

    I just need an idea to help me with my writers block and this worked perfectly.

  162. Ashley C

    Put into words perfectly and I already owned the font so adding students names and my own signature and it looking exactly the same as the prewritten letter was a breeze! Thank you!

  163. Monica A

    I absolutely loved these letters. It was everything I wanted to say to parents but couldn’t figure out how to.

  164. Meredith Rush 

    This was great! I really liked the letter that was written towards what is happening in our world today. It was a perfect note to say good bye to my students.

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  166. Sarah W

    I thoroughly appreciated the thoughtfulness and creativity put behind these letters to students and parents. I highly recommend purchasing them!

  167. Angle Teaching First 

    This was perfect to help me write my end of the year letter to students since Covid-19 cut our year short. I couldn’t think of the words to say, but this helped me get my feelings across to my students.

  168. Tammy McBee 

    This resource was great and editable to meet my needs for this crazy year we just completed.

  169. Samantha White 

    Love these letters and the variety! Thank you so much!

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    These letters are very well written and my parents liked them.

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    These are the perfectly-worded letters I was looking for to give my students so they will always remember this year.

  172. Stacy Z

    Worded perfectly! Thanks!

  173. danielle S


  174. Sandra M

    I needed help with wording of the letter I composed for my students. I took what was written in this letter and changed it to better fit what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you. I liked how the wording was concerning COVID-19.

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  176. Danielle Pearse 

    This was awesome. It took the words right out of my mouth and gave me what I needed to say goodbye to my kids.

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    These letters are perfect. They are great for this year with the upset of Covid 19 but also includes great end of the year letters for school years that are not ended so abruptly. Thank you

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  182. Erin Leonardo 

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  186. Ridley D

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  187. Sharon J

    I used this project to mail my parents these wonderful letters. The wording expressed how much I appreciated their support all year and in particular during our school closures. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

  188. Christian F

    I loved these letters to students, especially given our current circumstances with Covid. I also appreciated that it came with letters for parents, I know this will be a hit with my families!

  189. Jessica S

    Great Resource

  190. Martha R

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  191. KinderAdventures 

    This was the perfect letter for the end of the year, my parents loved it and so did the students!

  192. Francine B

    Perfect for the end of the year home visit drop offs

  193. Katherine C

    I was struggling to find the right words to end the school year with given that my class was so close this year and we weren’t together. My students came in and I had packed up all their stuff. I put notes in their bags and the kids loved the notes, so did their parents.

  194. Sara Richardson 

    Great addition to my end of year gift for my students. Thank you!

  195. Courtney D

    I’m not that great with words but I needed to send something to my kids at the end of the year this year. This was perfect. My kids and their parents loved it. I have every intention of using these again next year with the normal end of the year letter.

  196. Angela C

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    We did a drive-thru pick up/ end of the year ceremony this school year due to distance learning. I did not have a lot of time to say good-bye to my kids, and I am not great with words when emotional. I love the sweet words, and how I could personalize the page with each kids name. This was a great page to add to their end of the year awards.

  226. Jaime P

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  237. ashley B

    I was always to use this letter at the end of the school year after distance learning for 3 months!! I changed a few words but it remained mostly the same! My students loved the fact that I gave them a letter and decided to write me one back! I was in ? Thanks for posting these and I’ll have it in the future as well!!!?

  238. Beth B

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  240. AMANDA T

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  241. Anny B

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  242. Sarah Higgins 

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  244. Dawn L

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  247. Lori M

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  248. Amanda U

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  249. Debbie M

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  250. Teaching by the Teaspoon 

    You put into words exactly what I was feeling but couldn’t put into words the way I wanted to. The letters that spoke on the current situation made me cry but I know they were appreciated by my students’ families!

  251. Mindful Teacher Sarah Seay 

    Such a great letter! I have sent the one out to parents before, but the one for kids was next level. I read it to my students on our last google meet! We all cried, mostly happy tears! Thank you!

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