Figurative Language Daily Bell Ringer Warm-Ups for One Year


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Figurative Language Bell Ringer Journal for 3rd grade and Up:

Incorporate figurative language bell ringers into your daily routine using these warm-up activities! This file includes activities related to metaphors, similes, idioms, hyperbole, proverbs/adages, personification, alliteration, and onomatopoeia.

This figurative language file contains the following:

  • Optional cover pages in color or black-and-white
  • 38 weeks of daily figurative language bell ringer activities
  • 30 reference pages (related to metaphors, similes, idioms, hyperboles, proverbs, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia)
  • Answer keys (13 pages)
  • A certificate of completion

You will be over the moon with this figurative language bell ringer product!

Designed for an entire year, this packet can also be used at any point in the year because of the spiraling layout (each figure of speech shows up every eight weeks and then repeats until the final 14 weeks, where all the figures of speech are combined). This layout ensures that your students walk out of your class with a firm grasp of each figurative language element.

Used as a warm-up, homework, or an early finisher activity, each figurative language activity is designed to last 3-6 minutes and is standards-aligned for 3rd-6th grade.

The layout for this figurative language bell ringer is as follows:

1- Metaphors
2- Similes
3- Idioms
4- Hyperboles
5- Proverbs and Adages
6- Personification
7- Alliteration
8- Onomatopoeia
9- Metaphors
10- Similes
11- Idioms
12- Hyperboles
13- Proverbs and Adages
14- Personification
15- Alliteration
16- Onomatopoeia
17- Metaphors
18- Similes
19- Idioms
20- Hyperboles
21- Proverbs and Adages
22- Personification
23- Alliteration
24- Onomatopoeia
25- Similes and Metaphors
26- Idioms and Hyperboles
27- Proverbs and Personification
28- Alliteration and Onomatopoeia
29- Similes, Metaphors, Idioms, and Hyperboles
30- Proverbs, Personification, Alliteration, and Onomatopoeia
31-38- ALL figurative language COMBINED in the final 8 weeks

Following the weekly activity pages, you will find the following:

  • 30 pages of figurative language reference material to pair with the bell ringers
  • 13 pages of answer keys
  • 1 certificate of achievement (for distribution upon completion of the unit)

This PDF file contains 142 pages + Google Slides.

511 reviews for Figurative Language Daily Bell Ringer Warm-Ups for One Year

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  1. Dawn O

    This is a great product to use. Provides a scaffolding system of learning. Is clear, presice and activities follow on beautifully. So very grateful for the effort taken to make this resource and for making this area of writing so simple to teach and even better , so easy for the students to retain. many thanks

  2. Katherine MacIver 

    Absolutely fantastic unit! So thorough! And the reference pages are the best I have seen anywhere!

  3. JenPatty  

    Great product. Thank you.

  4. Lauri H

    Great job organizing this topic for the year. I like how you continue to repeat and build on prior knowledge.

  5. The Wacky Warden 

    This set is utterly fabulous!! I can’t wait to get started using this in my middle school classes. Very useful and efficient! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Julie Pirtle 

    I like how it is progressive and builds. I will use it right away this year, but can’t wait to implement it fully NEXT year.

  7. Amber N

    Can’t wait to use this. Thanks for the great resource.

  8. sylvia S

    Very helpful product!

  9. Jena S

    This is a great addition to my figurative language unit! Thanks!

  10. Amy M

    Great for review!

  11. Trenna H

    Plan to use this next year- great resource!

  12. Deena C

    going to use next year

  13. Laurel P

    Can’t wait to include these activities next year!

  14. Ashley Lafleur 

    Great incremental practice! Thank you!!!!

  15. patricia S

    Great collection of activities and application.

  16. Paula S

    Thanks for a great product! Excited to have this for next year…will start the year off with this! Will use this year for review.

  17. Crystal Duce 

    These look great on my wall!

  18. English Super Learners ESL 

    Great! Thank you 🙂

  19. Amanda R

    I like that it focuses on one device and then builds on it.

  20. Kathy H

    Used this right away as a review. Can’t wait until next year to use it from the beginning!

  21. Lisa E

    Looking forward to using this product.

  22. greg milner 

    This is such a life saver.

  23. Karen D Murphy-Davis 

    This is a great resource.

  24. Lori R

    I love how it builds. Love it!

  25. Debra S

    I can’t wait to use this – just what I needed. Thank you so much!

  26. Jennifer T

    Perfect for daily jumpstarts! Ready to go and easy to use!

  27. Elizabeth N

    This was just what I needed to help fill in some holes with figurative language. We used it as a warm up activity.

  28. Tracey DeMeritt 

    This will be a great addition to my morning routine in my Combo class!

  29. Elda S

    Great way to review.

  30. Shannon T

    Great resource! Thanks

  31. michelle F

    Love how this is scaffolded!!

  32. Karla G

    Look forward to using this resource. Thank you.

  33. Jolene HanigJones 

    Good spiral review of figurative language.

  34. Paul G

    This has been a great resource for my ELL students to learn and review their figurative language. The layout is simple and engaging, and the material is challenging yet doable. They have loved working with these worksheets.

  35. Amanda L

    Great resource!!! Works well with my students who already have a good understanding of Figurative Language!

  36. Deloris M

    Love this and so did my students:)

  37. Robyn C

    Really comprehensive!! Great product.

  38. Victoria S

    This has been so great!

  39. Jo ann W

    Thanks 🙂

  40. West Valley Teacher 

    A wonderful product. Very complete!!!

  41. Kassie Burke 

    This has revolutionized the way I begin my class. It is an easy and quick warm up for my students and leads them to deeper levels of thinking. It embeds figurative language into my lessons.

  42. Kimberley C

    love the organization! LOVE this!

  43. Lana C

    Love this!!

  44. Anniepants927 

    LOVE this!

  45. Kendell Walker 

    Excellent practice for the students! Thank you!

  46. N H

    Great way to review skills.

  47. Michelle Robinson 

    Exactly what I have been looking for! Something short, simple, and repetitive. Excited about getting this started.

  48. Kyra M

    Love this. This will be a great start with my 5th grade special education students.

  49. Kayse Moore 

    Love it!!

  50. T G 

    Can’t wait to use it!

  51. Katherine Krauss 

    Use it every week!!

  52. Justin D

    This is EXACTLY what I needed! I have loved watching the metaphors and similes my kiddos have created! I cannot wait to see the rest of the product in action!

  53. Carrie J


  54. Marcela L

    AWESOME Resource

  55. Lynn K

    Great review resource for my high school classroom – wish I had the option of personalizing the number of pages – as this is a locked document – want to use specific page numbers with my students – all in all a great product!

  56. Vidalina Lebron Diaz 

    My students really enjoyed these

  57. Charity Hignite 

    Great Resource!!!

  58. Joanne C

    We’ve been doing these as bell work for only a few weeks and already the benefits are showing up in students’ writing. Thank you!

  59. Lori H

    The BEST!

  60. jessica Z

    Thanks for making this! I teach 3rd grade in OR. We are starting a unit on figurative language and this is helping immensely! Thanks!!!

  61. Elizabeth G

    Thank you! This will be perfect for a warm up activity in the mornings.

  62. Jane R S

    I’d give it an A+, but can’t! This will go along with your Bundle pack that I’m already using perfectly. Love it!

  63. Cozette S

    Can’t wait to start this. I love the way it repeats each element over the weeks.

  64. Renee B

    Great daily practice!

  65. Patricia S

    So excited to use this.

  66. Jamie M

    Perfect resource for figurative language

  67. Ally Gahn 

    Perfect for morning work!

  68. Melissa C

    WOW! This is an amazing, easy-to-use and AWESOME !

  69. Barbara P

    Great way to practice figurative language all year long. Glad I purchased this product.

  70. Deanna H

    Slowly using this with my students.

  71. Renee A

    Just what I was looking for!

  72. Cassandra M

    I love this! I use it every day as a bell ringer! I wish you had it in Spanish as well. 🙂

  73. Eleanor Z

    This is a great tool for teaching those tricky strategies!

  74. The Teachery Girl 

    One of the best purchases ever!

  75. Melissa Hansbrough 

    This is great for daily practice!

  76. Amy E L

    Great product! HUGE time-saver!

  77. Dair F


  78. nicha M

    Great review to use for homework!

  79. Kay G

    Love using it as part of bell work!

  80. Laura G

    This is exactly what I was looking for to keep Figurative Language fresh in my students’ minds throughout the year. It will make it easier to apply what they’ve learned. I won’t have to re-teach, and remind them of the terminology every time I want to point out a figurative language example. 🙂

  81. Melissa E

    Great – thanks!

  82. Amelia H

    Love how it spirals! Will be using for review this year and looking forward to implementing next year!

  83. Style-n-Teach-NC 

    Love this resource for teaching figurative language. I recommend any teacher to use this source when introducing figurative language.

  84. Elizabeth H

    thank you

  85. Detoro Designs 

    very thorough!!! will help with tough topics of adages and proverbs for my students

  86. Wendy K

    Great warm up activity to “spring board” my lesson. I also use it during intervention time.

  87. Paulette Butler 

    I love how it keeps repeating skills. It’s easy to use this as a bellringer with a simple intro to the skill.

  88. Tammy D

    I plan to use this next year starting the first week or two of school. It’s just what my students needed. Thanks!

  89. Kiwi Core 

    An excellent resource I am using daily. Thank you.

  90. amanda N

    great review!

  91. Jeana Miller 

    Love this warm up!

  92. Wendy Blankley 

    This was great! Just what I was looking for!

  93. Megan S

    This was such a helpful tool.

  94. Gwyn D

    My students are good at identify the type of figurative language being used, but the analysis may be another thing. I love that this is short, perfect for bell work! I also really like that they have to create their own figurative language; bumps up the rigor.

  95. Wilma T

    Very useful in my class.

  96. Molly M

    Good review to use all year long.


    This is exactly what i was looking for and it help my students through the year!!

  98. Laetitia C

    Great review!

  99. Myla M

    Looking forward to using these next year!

  100. Kristy S

    Looks great! I can’t wait to use it.

  101. Debra C

    Great resource across the board for my special ed room.

  102. MYESHA R

    This resource is absolutely incredible! This will be great paired with mini lessons. I love the detail, the daily practice, and reference pages. Anyone who teaches figurative language should purchase this product. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  103. Kimberly P

    great product, thanks!

  104. Nikki M

    Fantastic kit, to compliment figurative language. My students will love these daily warm up activities.

  105. Morgan G

    This is just what I was looking for. I can’t wait to use this as a brief quick hit each morning. Thank you so much!

  106. Susan H

    great resource

  107. Sarah R

    Really like being able to add a figurative language piece to my daily language review. These are a great resource.

  108. Mindy G

    I am so glad I found this product! Excited to use it!

  109. Karen Fathy 


  110. Megan Williamson 

    Great product!!! Thank you!

  111. Kristen T

    The looping of topics is great for reinforcement!

  112. Erica W

    What a great resource! Thank you so much!

  113. Nancy K

    This will be a great resource to add to my repertoire. Thank you.

  114. Heather S

    Perfect for my Special Education Reading class.

  115. Emerald F H

    One of the best items I have purchased on tpt.

  116. Jean Marie Simpson 

    This will be great when I teach my poetry unit!

  117. Jessica D

    Cannot wait to use this!

  118. Josalyn Reed 

    I love how the skills repeat and build on one another. Great resource!

  119. Shronda S

    Thank you. Very engaging for students.

  120. Shelley J

    I love this product. I’ve started using it from the second week of school!

  121. Lori D

    Thank you so much!

  122. Loretta M

    Thank You!

  123. Kirsten Rhodes 

    purchased and downloaded it yesterday an already using it. This is wonderful for all my students but especially for those kids with autism.

  124. Cindi S

    Great Resource

  125. Janet K

    Great resource! My class loves it!

  126. M M

    Love it! Just what I needed. Thank you.

  127. Kaeley T

    Amazing product. Love that the concepts are reviewed throughout the 38 weeks.

  128. Heather C

    This is great! It will help reinforce the different types of figurative language!

  129. Theresa T

    My students love this.

  130. Joy L

    Awesome product

  131. Sheri C

    This has been wonderful!

  132. Lori L

    Great daily review for my students on figurative language. With this they will have it down pat by the end of the year.

  133. Elizabeth Allen 

    Great for morning work.

  134. Teresa S

    Awesome resource.

  135. Carla M

    Can’t wait to use this product!

  136. Michelle G

    This is just what I was looking for! Thank you.

  137. Samantha G

    I absolutely loved these! My students enjoyed working on them and it made my life so much easier. Thank you for such a well thought out resource! Great practice for them!

  138. Kevin N

    Great Stuff! Thanks!

  139. Perfectly Primary in Every Way 

    Use as a do now every morning.

  140. Machandra S

    Great for spiral review and has boosted my test scores with this practice.

  141. Claire Unkraut 

    Great resource! I use this everyday in my classroom to start our day!

  142. Laura V

    Nice job! Excellent!

  143. Paige Liess 

    What a great way to practice figurative language all year long! Thanks!!

  144. Pamela Keeslar 

    Great Resource. Wish I would have found it earlier!

  145. Lindsey G

    Use this as part of our morning work. Love it!

  146. Aprilanne L

    I really like this resource!

  147. Tricia A

    These are great for morning work and then I can review during warm up to ELA! Figurative Language is often a skill that gets overlooked in textbooks so having the review after it was a focus skill is a necessity.

  148. Mary C

    Excellent resource!

  149. Yvonne T

    Very well organized

  150. Jade H

    Love these thanks

  151. Ashley M

    This has been so helpful for my struggling learners!

  152. Robin C

    Nice resource!

  153. Jackie M

    Amazing products~!

  154. Faye B

    So glad to find this. It will be so helpful!

  155. tonya C

    I love having this tool to use DAILY! This keeps the kids accountable for know the different parts of f.l.

  156. Ashley H

    Can’t wait to incorporate this into our daily bell work before reading class!

  157. Kay K

    This is amazing! I wish I’d found it sooner!

  158. CSI in the Jungle 

    Looks great! Thank you!

  159. Brooke B

    Perfect for my unit

  160. Abigail S

    Amazing resource. My students love it and it has really helped me reinforce figurative language.

  161. Trisha F

    Great skill practice!

  162. Jennifer M

    I have really enjoyed these! Thank you

  163. melanie loverde 

    These are fantastic!

  164. Amy G

    Great practice!

  165. Ali W

    What a great resource! The first lesson went well and students can’t wait for more!

  166. Elizabeth D

    Very useful homework and classwork to review necessary skills.

  167. Tarra W

    This is perfect to use in the morning with my DOL. My students are learning so much already. Wish I had bought it at the beginning of the year.

  168. Shannon M

    Thanks for the awesome resource!

  169. Jessica H

    Great refresher for everyday!

  170. Ginger Cat Products 

    Thank you so much for such a great product, my Year 6s really love the short, sharp questions each day.

  171. Gopalanandini R

    A great way to start my class and review!

  172. Angela P

    Very Helpful!

  173. Virtual Glitter 

    Wonderful resource! Thanks!!

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    This is fabulous!! Thanks

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    Great resource! My students are really enjoying and learning from these pages.

  176. Lillian Carlisle 

    Thanks for the great resource.

  177. Amanda G

    Love these, wish I had found them earlier in the year!

  178. Stacie T

    Best purchase this year! Great for mini lessons as well as resources for our writing binders! If you are looking for a comprehensive figurative language unit, look no further! I only wish I had found it earlier. Thank you!

  179. Valerie M

    My go to for my middle school students who need to improve their figurative language skills!

  180. Brandy R

    This is so great. I can’t wait to use this next year!

  181. Holly Hawk 

    Great bell ringers for my unit!

  182. Maria R

    I’m always racking my brains trying to come up with new ways to teach figurative language. This was a hit with my students and saved my so much time. It’s also going to be very useful when I have to reteach those students who haven’t reached proficiency yet. Well worth the money.

  183. Heather Pennel 

    Great morning work activity to spiral back to what we’ve already done. Keeps them practicing in very quick ways.

  184. Marcia P

    Great repeated practice of figurative language. Can’t wait to start using this next year!


    These are great for expanded teaching of figurative language!

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    Can’t wait to use this for next year. Looks like an amazing resource

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    These will be great for review and morning work. I might even use them as homework throughout the year.

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    Although designed for younger grades, I found this very useful in a grade seven class to review concepts.

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    Wow! This is worth every penny. It is just what I needed! It allows for continuous practice without seeming overwhelming. It was clear a great deal of time and effort went into making this. I can’t wait to try it out this school year.

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    This looks great and is well organized! I can’t wait to use this in my resource room this year!

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    Tried the free two weeks first…so amazing I had to buy.

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  235. Megan M

    My students struggle with figurative language. Using these as bell work, or warm up activities daily, allowed me to dive deeper to help them understand the different types of figurative language and how to analyze the examples to find meaning (when necessary). My students also looked forward to doing this activity!

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    Quick activities to reiterate figurative language. Terrific for practice or assessment.

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  248. Ann M 

    This resource will be so useful! I love all the example pages, and posters for quick explanation. The daily practice will definitely help children remember these terms. Thanks for creating such a comprehensive bundle…much appreciated!


    I love the daily practice with figurative language for the students–very much needed for our students. Thank you.

  250. Yoonae M

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    Wonderful resource! Using it as homework!

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    Thanks. Great unit. Easy to use and the students really get it. This was such a great comprehensive way to teach my students the elements of figurative language and allowed them to confidently write all sorts of poems. This resource really helped my reluctant poets to bloom because the really understood the hows, whys and aspects of poetry.

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  466. Lissette A

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  467. Monica K

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  468. Rachael C

    I used this as warm up during distance learning to expose students to a variety of phrases and how to use them in their own writing.

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  470. Flipping for Fifth 

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  471. Iced Coffee and ELA 

    My incoming yearbook students have been struggling with coming up with creative captions and this has been great for getting them to become more comfortable with it!

  472. EVELYN T

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  473. Alles Auf DeutschMarch 13, 2016

    Useful for helping my third graders understand figurative language after half a year of substitute teachers trying to work on it with them!

  474. BuyerNovember 14, 2015

    Great practice

  475. BuyerOctober 28, 2015

    Love it! Students are really understanding figurative language better.

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