Free Growth Mindset Bell Ringer Warm Ups 4th & Up

125 reviews

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Growth Mindset Bell Ringer Warm-Ups for 4th Grade and Up FREEBIE:

These free daily growth mindset activities are perfect for teachers who are looking for quick, easy-to-use, information-packed daily growth mindset instruction. These 10 activities, which span across 2 weeks, are a sample from a larger product that lasts an entire year! It will give you everything you need to teach your 4TH GRADE AND UP classroom about all things growth mindset!

This two-week free growth mindset bell ringer warm-up now includes a digital distance learning option in Google Slides™. Please refer to the final 7 pages of the product for instructions and links!

125 reviews for Free Growth Mindset Bell Ringer Warm Ups 4th & Up

Based on 125 reviews
  1. Laura O’Shaughnessy 

    Love how you end the week with a quote! I place the? quote on the board Monday (mindset Monday quotes) and leave it up all week. These two weeks, I used the quote you gave. Wow, after 2 weeks…I loved how they were responding. I will be saving up for the whole packet.

  2. Anita H

    This is great! Thanks!

  3. Kristen Vibas 

    I. Love. This. Resource! Using with my sixth graders this week! Thank you for sharing:)

  4. Celia N

    Bless YOU for producing and sharing this SPLENDID resource, creative Teacher! Your time spent doing so is so appreciative.

  5. Delores T

    You are such an angel to create this for teachers to use with their students. Thank you so much. I really needed this for this week with my homeroom/PBL class. These activities are well-organized with lesson plans.

  6. Mrs Beattie’s Classroom 

    I love these activities! Thanks so much for the free sample!

  7. Laurete W


  8. Kaylee Emans 


  9. MJ A

    This a great starter for the new school year…Thanks!

  10. Tammy J

    Wow! This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Lisa K

    I love growth mindset ideas.

  12. Toni H

    Love it!

  13. Emily G

    Can’t wait to use these activities with my fifth graders!

  14. Denise L

    Thanks, this is a great addition to my mindset lessons. I love the quick and easy daily outline.

  15. Connelly Creations 

    These are amazing! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing these for free! I can’t wait to use these with my 5th graders!

  16. Linda L

    Thank you!

  17. Emily R

    I am excited to be using this with my ECE Social Skills group!

  18. Kistin H

    Thank you!

  19. michele E

    Great tool for growth mindset!

  20. Melinda Abel 

    It went great with my mindset activity I have through Read 180.

  21. Richard L

    Pretty Cool.

  22. Cindy S

    This is a great student resource! Thank you!!!

  23. Tina C

    Cannot wait to use these

  24. Rhonda Guthals 

    Really enjoying using this information

  25. Lorraine P

    Great activities!! Thank you for sharing!

  26. Jeanette R

    Great for my ICT class!

  27. Christina B

    Love these!! The students really responded well!

  28. Rachel K

    love it

  29. Suzanna S


  30. Sonya B

    Appreciate that there is a series of activities. This is perfect for leading up to students taking their unit exam. Thank you!

  31. Laurie A

    Great product. I was looking to change up my bell work and this was it!

  32. Julie Boisse 


  33. Janee Bullock 

    Great warm-up activity for my social skills class!

  34. jessica phillips 

    Love this thank you for the sample

  35. Brittany Schnell 

    This is amazing! May buy the full bundle

  36. Jennifer C

    Will be buying the whole unit!

  37. Cindy Lewis 

    I love that it is tied to the research. The questions are comprehensive and thought-provoking. You get so much for a free resource so I must say, “Thank you!” I am going to check out the other resources from this seller.

  38. Nicole Sparrow 


  39. Melissa D

    Thought I would like this but its not working

  40. Charlene B

    This went perfectly with my PBL unit on growth mindset!

  41. Atousa Feilchenfeld 

    Great resource!

  42. Jody B

    Love this!!! 🙂

  43. Melanie Lombardo 

    Love this! Thank you for this wonderful tool to use in the classroom.

  44. Jaimee S

    Love this as ways to teach growth mindset I use these resources with others as well which has been really great. The kids have been able to complete it with ease.

  45. Schooling Abroad 

    I used this with my health students. They were very engaged and enjoyed this activity.

  46. Linea Cloutier 

    I absolutely loved this resource and my students loved it as well! We were working a lot on developing a Growth Mindset this year and this resource was the perfect addition to our learning. I enjoyed the variety of drawing and writing activities. Thank you for the fantastic resource! Would highly recommend!

  47. Denise L

    Excellent! Thank you!

  48. Tammy W

    Great SEL resource for B2S distance learning. Thank you!

  49. Autumn W

    This was a perfect distance learning activity for my kids to start off with first week of school

  50. Karalyn W

    I loved using this resource for bell work on the first 2 weeks of school. It really got the students thinking about their mindset moving forward in the school year.

  51. Summer P

    I am putting this in my distance learning packets and my students LOVE it!

  52. Jacy W

    I used this resource to help me teach my kindergarteners about neurons and how we can grow our brains using a growth mindset! They loved it

  53. flavia T

    I used this when I started the second term with a new class. It was great way to help them understand the importance of self-evaluation and growth.

  54. Nicole S

    This was perfect morning work for my 4th graders!

  55. Katie Rivers 

    I teach mindfulness with my regularly and was looking for other ways to incorporate it. This was a great transitional activity. Students pulled it out right away and worked on it without any questions. Awesome! Thank you! 🙂

  56. Ronda T

    Great resource. Thank you

  57. Karlee C

    Thanks for this great resource! 🙂

  58. Shaunna S

    Love this!

  59. Lauren C

    This was great for an end of year Bellringer. Thanks!

  60. Kerstin Y

    My students often have difficulty with growth mindset, this resource truly got them thinking about how they can change their mindset.

  61. caini O

    A great resource for students to get a better understanding of growth mindset.

  62. Michelle Herrig 

    My students love using this resource in my homeroom class. It sparks great discussion!

  63. Tamara Williams 

    It has great questions to use.

  64. Nicole T

    Thank you for a lovely resource!

  65. Joseph Michael V

    This resource has really help my split class think about their growth mindset, and how they can make positive changes to how they few their talents, abilities, and etc.

  66. Amy P

    I used this as an entry task.

  67. Kristine Hughes 

    Great beginning of the year warmup

  68. Chantal P

    Students loved working though the prompts. Because of it’s attractiveness, I think they had more buy in than if I’d typed them myself. It was good to promote some discussion as well.

  69. Dawn F

    The activity is thought-provoking. Students enjoyed it.

  70. Irma G

    I loved using this duriong indivdual visits or groups.

  71. Anne Joachim 

    Great resource

  72. Zulieka’s Store 

    Great resource

  73. Megan Heatherly 

    This is the perfect warmup for a struggling class!

  74. Terry M

    Loved so much, I bought the bundle ! Thank you!

  75. Brandon B

    Students enjoyed using this.

  76. IMANI A

    Great way to expose students to the growth mindset in the context of writing.

  77. brittany JOHNSON 

    great resource

  78. Linda G

    I just cannot say enough how we need to retrain our students in the Growth Mindset! I used this for my 6th through 8th grade students and got a lot of positive feedback. I loved how it made them think differently and outside of the box.

  79. Runjlynn 

    My students loved this resource!

  80. EduK8 Collection 

    My school has been implementing a social emotional learning curriculum during our advisory class each morning. I needed a worksheet for students to reflect on after our class discussion. This resource worked very well! Thank you.

  81. Angela W

    My students really engaged with these daily reflections! They were a great jumping point for some great conversations around Fixed and Growth Mindset!

  82. Robyn S

    My students enjoyed using this resource.

  83. Angela M

    Great resource! Thank you!

  84. Burni in the Middle 

    Moving into the second half of the year, my 8th grade students need a refresh and to find some motivation! I am using this tool at the beginning of each class to talk about the importance of having a growth mindset, especially at this point of the year. They find it pretty engaging, and I like that it includes application questions and reflection questions. This is eye-opening for some of them!

  85. Jennifer K

    My students were able to understand the assignments and reflect on their own growth mindsets.

  86. Anne R

    Thank you!

  87. Lisa M

    Excellent thank you!

  88. Amy S

    Enjoyed having a no prep bell ringer that students actually enjoy.

  89. Lisa F

    My students loved this . The last page was a bit confusing at first but the kids persevered and figured it out.

  90. Mrs K’s Workshop 

    I was looking for additional resources to help develop growth mindset in my students. I recommend this resource.

  91. Michelle R

    My students enjoyed this resource!

  92. Kristen C

    This was a great helpful resource for my study skills class! Thank you!

  93. Just The FACS 

    Great activity!

  94. Joel M

    Great growth mindset!

  95. Sydney S

    My students loved this activity and found it very engaging.

  96. Kate M

    Very cute

  97. Black Nerd Magic 

    Awesome resource! Thank you!

  98. The Dreaming Tree – Education Division 

    We used this bell ringers once a week and the students really looked forward to them. Thank you!

  99. Cara Myers 


  100. Jennifer Ivison 

    This was a terrific way to get the kids thinking about growth mindset! Thank you!

  101. Jennifer R

    This is a great resource! My students love working on these activities each day.

  102. Inquire with Mrs McGuire 

    This is a great resource! Thank you!

  103. Nicole R

    Engaging growth mindset activities for students

  104. Tiffany H

    This was a great resource to help our students work on growth mindset. Thank you!

  105. aracely F

    Great addition to my classroom morning

  106. Anna Grace D

    We use these during morning meetings and as do nows. My kids find them super engaging.

  107. Brenda M

    FUN!! Students loved this.

  108. Carolyn Cornelison – I Love To Learn 

    Thanks for the great resource!

  109. Lucky Three and Mrs B 

    Love it!

  110. Darlene P


  111. Elizabeth B

    This resource sparked great conversations in my classroom. Highly recommend as morning seat work.

  112. Deborah O

    Very helpful!

  113. sari S

    Fun start to my classes

  114. Sherry M

    Used this resource at the beginning of the year as a lead into a discussion about growth mindset. It definitely got students thinking about their ability to have an impact on their own learning.

  115. Zonila R

    My students like these short activities which is helping them develop and grow. They are enjoying it immensely.

  116. Andrea W

    This resource enabled a tremendous amount of discussion and introspective thoughtfulness. So amazing!

  117. Sally A

    Great resource, thank you!

  118. Rosalia S

    Great resource to use with the older kids .

  119. Barbara S

    Great resource!

  120. Noreen H

    This is a great resource to use during homeroom to teach students how to have a growth mindset. This can help eliminate learned helplessness.

  121. Amy K

    This is such a great freebie! Check it out. I really enjoyed this and it went over great with my students.

  122. Alicia G

    I use this resource everyday in my classroom. Great resource and a offers a great whole group conversation with my students.

  123. Brooke M

    My students loved this resource for their morning work! It kept them engaged and it was easy to prepare.

  124. Kelly R

    This is great to use for morning work to expand on our growth mindset conversations.

  125. Heather M

    I was very interested in this resource, but got the bigger one too. Decided to buy the 2nd & 3rd grade one.

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