Onomatopoeia Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets Activities


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These engaging onomatopoeia task cards, anchor charts, and worksheet activities are excellent figurative language reviews for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. You will find 90 common onomatopoeia words, 26 task cards, and five fun worksheets.

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Pages: 35 PDF pages + Google Slides

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  • figurative-language-activities-anchor-charts

    Figurative Language Activities, Worksheets, Task Cards, and Anchor Charts BUNDLE

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Onomatopoeia Task Cards Activities for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade:

These onomatopoeia worksheets, task cards, and anchor charts are perfect for students learning about figures of speech. You will find reference pages with common onomatopoeia words and the corresponding things or animals that those sounds come from. This file is perfect for 3rd-6th grade

This onomatopoeia file includes the following:

  • An instructional poster
  • A list of 90 common onomatopoeia words
  • 24 task cards with three distinct question types
  • An answer sheet
  • A task card answer key
  • Five onomatopoeia worksheets


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This file contains 35 PDF pages + Google Slides.

212 reviews for Onomatopoeia Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets Activities

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  1. Andrea C


  2. Tracy D

    Well done.

  3. Trisha Gray 

    This is great! Exactly what I needed for a writing mini lesson!

  4. Katie E Perkins 

    This is great, thanks!

  5. cathryn S

    will use this next term

  6. cathryn S

    will use this next term

  7. Natalie F


  8. Colleen P

    Really fun activity for the students to be involved in!

  9. Spoonemore’s School Store 


  10. Teaching with TWitte 

    I used these task cards as a review scoot activity before our state long composition test. Kiddos were glad to “play” and it was a fun review.

  11. Stefanie M

    Love all of your figurative language packets!


    Thank you ! That’s pretty cool !

  13. Jennifer M

    Great resource. Thanks for this!

  14. Anne Marie M

    Very clear explanation

  15. Chelsea Allen – Flip Floppin’ Through 

    Great for center work.

  16. DeDe I


  17. jane N

    Thanks heaps for a great resource!

  18. Lorraine M

    My 3rd graders had fun wit these.

  19. Pamela C

    Thank you for a great resource.

  20. amber L

    Your product really helped the students understand! thx

  21. Theresa L

    Great task cards to reinforce use of onomatopoeia

  22. Theresa L

    Great task cards to reinforce use of onomatopoeia

  23. Laura D

    Great product. Very helpful!

  24. Monica Rogers 

    Great! Thanks so much!

  25. Tina A

    Lovely and useful resource!

  26. Louise E

    My kids loved this-thanks!

  27. Sonja S

    Love, love, love this for Scoot! Love the bright colors!

  28. Sandra D

    Fantastic, they saved me lots of time and the students enjoyed these resources. Thanks

  29. Emily G

    Love this resource!

  30. janet C

    good center activity

  31. janet C

    good center activity

  32. Cara Cilento 

    Love this packet! And so did my kids!

  33. Cynthia B

    Great resource! Thanks for sharing!

  34. chrissie B

    Good to use as a follow on activity to show use of skills independently 🙂

  35. Maggie Heiby 

    Fun! My students really enjoyed this center activity!

  36. Alli R

    Loved it! Thanks.

  37. Mara A

    Great! Thanks

  38. Mrs G Texas Teacher 

    Excellent resource! Thank you!!

  39. Elizabeth B


  40. Jennifer K

    This made reviewing onomatopoeia even more fun!

  41. Bridget B

    Thank you.

  42. Tracy M

    Great Product.

  43. rebecca M

    Thank you!!!

  44. Amanda F

    I used this as a review game for my students, very helpful!

  45. Mark L


  46. Daisy Chain 

    Fantastic resource, very thorough! My students loved it!! Thanks so much!

  47. Tammi L

    Great for teaching and review!

  48. Teaching with APPitude 

    Just what I needed for this next week! Excited to use!

  49. Joyce B

    Your review rocks!

  50. Leslie O

    LOVED by my students as much as by me!

  51. Melissa Terrano 

    Excellent tool!

  52. Hilary O’Neill 

    Great workshop activity!

  53. Jennifer B

    These were great! The kids had fun! Thanks.

  54. Kathleen R

    LOVE these task cards! Figurative language is so important to learn. I think these are a great step towards students learning to use them and comprehend them in context.

  55. Melissa M

    Love them! So bright and colourful but also extremely helpful for my students.

    Many thanks

  56. Dena B

    Another good one!

  57. Julie G

    loved this packet!!!

  58. Sharon C

    Love, love, love! Everyone of your task card sets are awesome. The kids love them. Thank you!

  59. Nyree B

    This was very useful! Thank you!

  60. Jodie R

    Great! Thanks!

  61. Elena C

    Wonderful! thanks!

  62. Phonics Resources 

    Excellent, thank you.

  63. Lisa R

    Thanks for these activities!

  64. scott S

    Great resource!!!

  65. lisa W

    Good way to have fun onomatopoeia!

  66. Kathy Walsh 

    Fantastic resource Thanks

  67. Sydney T

    Awesome resource!

  68. Margaret Nice 

    Great! Got my students up and walking!!

  69. Jen K


  70. Alison Locke 

    These were a great addition to our unit!

  71. sarah L

    Very helpful.

  72. Katie H

    used this to have the kids pick one and draw a picture. This was great!

  73. Christy G

    I use these resources in my stations to help my students reinforce learning of figurative language.

  74. Patricia Sawatsky 

    I loved how the colourful pages kept the student’s attention. I combined this resource with the Onomatopoeia song online, and we had so much fun with it. Thank you!

  75. k n 

    Thank you! Great resource.

  76. Karon N

    Such a great purchase! Thanks!

  77. marisa V

    Fantastic resource! I really love this packet; the definition, the giant list of example words, and the task cards. A must have when teaching this topic.

  78. Jill Richmond 

    I used this resource as a review after Christmas break. My students loved it! Thanks!

  79. The Science Nest 

    Excellent resource. Lots of new words for my students. I love the way the colorful cards hold their attention.

  80. Figuring It Out In Fourth 

    Enjoyed using these with my class! Helped to teach this concept!

  81. Joanne Kapsaskis 


  82. Ben S

    Great resource – used it for homework activities to consolidate learning in class

  83. Ben S

    Great resource – used it for homework activities to consolidate learning in class

  84. michelle M

    Love this

  85. Kasey B

    LOVE these resources!

  86. tracy F

    Fab resource! got my class interested!

  87. Erin W

    Colorful and bright. Appreciated the three pages of examples

  88. Jeff Hunt S

    Thanks!! 🙂

  89. Janie S

    Very helpful

  90. Lesa H

    Good Job!

  91. Robin Rittweger R


  92. Rebecca W

    Fun way to check how well they understand figurative language.

  93. Easy Peasy Teacher – Monica Holford 

    These are just what I was looking for!! Thank you! Cannot wait to get more awesome resources in the future!

  94. Maria M

    This is a great help for a figurative language unit.

  95. Ashley R

    This is a great resource. I use this in my special education classroom and the students love it!

  96. Penny P

    Great resource for practicing onomatopoeia!

  97. Molly M


  98. Kelli W


  99. Michelle C

    My students always love this type of activity. Thanks!

  100. Confessions of a Teach Freak  

    Love! Kids love that

  101. Jaime K

    Just what I needed. Thank you!

  102. Jayna M

    My students really enjoyed these!????????

  103. Michael Ann B

    Love her task cards and activities!

  104. Dianne C

    My students loved it!!!

  105. Obsessed with Learning 

    Awesome product! Loved it! Packed full of onomatopoeias and their definitions, some I had not even thought about. Great product to get your students to think.

  106. Casey Rethman 

    Great center practice!

  107. Amber S

    Great resource!

  108. Elizabeth H

    Thank you so much!

  109. Mackinsay H

    Great resource to use text evidence and context clues to identify words that represent noises!

  110. Amanda W

    I love the task cards! Thanks!

  111. Mackenzie Ferreira 

    A fun thematic way to practice standards during the holiday.

  112. It’s Kristen’s Klassroom 

    ahhhh! This was exactly the kind of thing i was looking for! Thank you 🙂

  113. Elizabeth Love 

    These were a great addition to our poetry unit!

  114. Elly S

    Love the cards!

  115. Sara A

    Wish I knew about the bundle, awesome resource

  116. Sandra M

    Wonderful resource

  117. Rebecca B

    I definitely use this packet in class, but the task cards are a bit too simplistic for fifth grade. I use them just to expose the class to a variety of onomatopoeia words, but the actual questions are very easy. The kids enjoy them though!

  118. Rebecca B

    I definitely use this packet in class, but the task cards are a bit too simplistic for fifth grade. I use them just to expose the class to a variety of onomatopoeia words, but the actual questions are very easy. The kids enjoy them though!

  119. Brooke R

    My students loved these! We worked with them during my guided group and they didn’t want to leave my table. They wanted to do more of them.

  120. Raylene A

    Good activity for students.

  121. Jeannette D

    easy to use

  122. Latonia J

    Thank you

  123. Megan H

    Perfect for my figurative language unit! Thanks!

  124. Linsey K


  125. Nicola G

    Excellent resource, we used it as a whole class game and the students loved it.

  126. Virtual Glitter 

    This is such a wonderful resource. Thanks!!!

  127. Miss Artz’s Awesome Apples 

    This was great to help my students practice this portion of figurative language! Thank you!


    This resource is awesome! I cannot wait to use it with my kids and purchase more!

  129. Melanie Anderson 

    Class had a blast with this!

  130. Sunshiney in Second 

    Great resource! Thank you!!

  131. Leann U

    Great addition to my figurative language unit!

  132. Kristie S

    Thanks for the resource!

  133. Leah W

    Awesome, thanks!

  134. Heather Rozzell 

    Fun for center use

  135. Nadine L

    Love this!

  136. Christian J

    This is just what I was looking for!

  137. Sandra R

    A great resource to have students use in small groups to practice/reinforce skill.

  138. Kathy C

    Great product!

  139. Unlocking Learning 

    The perfect way to practice and check for understanding of onomatopoeia! 🙂

  140. Uniquely Upper 

    I love everything about this resource especially the list of words. My kiddos had a lot of fun completing the task cards.

  141. Nicole S

    This product is just what I was looking for.

  142. Diana Chapman 

    Can’t wait to use!

  143. Rebecca V

    Thank you!

  144. Autumn M

    FANTASTIC! I actually bought all of the figurative language packets for a review day that we had and the kids loved it! I made QR codes for each set and did station rotation while working with a small group and it went so well! All of the students were engaged and focused. Such a great resource!

  145. Kathleen L

    This is honestly such a fun and engaging way to work on figures of speech!

  146. Jennifer M


  147. Lisa K


  148. Amanda T

    The kids loved this!

  149. Sunshine for Wildflowers 

    Wonderful, cute, thorough resource for third graders!

  150. Alicia S

    Love this product

  151. Amanda M


  152. Gardners Gang 

    Loved this! Thanks!


    This was an excellent resource!

  154. MARLEE S

    We loved this resource!! Thank you!!!

  155. Victoria Kinsey 

    Perfect! Exactly what I needed!

  156. Kristina T

    Great for onomatopoeia activities

  157. stacy S

    This was perfect. It was easy to use and the kids loved it!

  158. Michele Bright 

    I really loved this and so did my students.

  159. Jacqueline R

    A fun way to review onomatopoeia!

  160. Jaricha Boswell 

    Great review of what can be a tricky skill. We used ours as a Scoot activity and the kiddos really enjoyed it.

  161. Paula’s Projects 

    This is a great unit, thanks!

  162. Catherine S

    Thank you for a wonderful resource!

  163. Stephanie T

    Great for centers.

  164. Kaitlin S

    I used this resource while I was student teaching and it gave my students a lot of practice that aligned with my lesson! I highly recommend this resource when teaching figurative language!

  165. dianne hopson 

    Great resource to use as a SCOOT activity. My students love it.

  166. Carolyn H

    My students used these task cards with ease. I found them to be easy for them to understand, but thought provoking. Thank you for a great, easy-to-use resource.

  167. Jennifer S

    I have enjoyed this entire bundle. I do some of the slides with the students and then assign the others. SUper easy to use and make copies of for the kids:)

  168. Christine B

    Great resource!!

  169. a Q

    Great resource! Thanks!

  170. Heather C

    Fun resource!

  171. Emily Garrard 

    So fun and such a great resource! Thanks!

  172. Amanda J

    Such a fun way to teach a fun concept! Thanks for the worksheets!!

  173. Kara Murphy 


  174. marla S

    Great practice.

  175. Melissa J

    I used these task cards as a whole class review as well as with partners and small group instruction. They kept my students interest.

  176. Bilingual Bee Creates Learning 

    Engaging resource for my ELL students!

  177. Kelly C


  178. Christen Anderson 

    Awesome resource

  179. Robyn Palmer 

    This was the perfect tool to use with my remote students– thank you!

  180. Amanda G

    Great resource

  181. The Fun Teacher 


  182. Jennifer R

    Great for reviewing!

  183. Kailey V

    My students really enjoyed this activity! I used this to help support the 6 traits of writing.

  184. melissa nogueira 

    Love this! Thank you!

  185. Deborah D

    These were helpful for my in class students and virtual. Thank you.

  186. Shannon W

    Great resource.

  187. Jules M

    Onomatopoeia is such a fun figure of speech to teach and practice! My students had a blast with this. Thank you for saving me time during remote learning!

  188. Kimberly M

    My students loved the task cards! We turned it into discussion cards and then made a game out of them.

  189. Celia H

    Great Task cards.

  190. Tracy G

    I love using this resource in the classroom!

  191. Melissa Franklin 


  192. Lori S

    This resource was engaging for my students.

  193. Latasha B

    Great resource ! Thanks so much ! ?

  194. naomi W

    I found this be brilliant for developing writing skills and exploring onomatopoeia with pupils. The lists of cards provided pupils with excellent examples of onomatopoeia which they could use in their writing.

  195. Gael K

    Kids loved it

  196. Margaret S

    Very helpful in teaching figurative language!

  197. EvaMarie D

    Great resource!

  198. The Little Library 

    Great for home learning during lockdown.

  199. Marie L

    Great way to review!

  200. Michelle G

    I love everything about this resource and the kids really enjoyed the activities.

  201. Emily J

    Thank you for creating this resource! My students really enjoy using task cards!

  202. Brian H

    Excellent resource!

  203. Charlotte Harmon 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  204. Joni S

    Students loved this resource.

  205. The Enterprise Chair 

    This worked great to enhance learning.

  206. Randy P

    This resource was excellent, it was utilized to help my special education students understand figurative language.

  207. Madeline R

    These helped with my lesson for figurative language!

  208. Kelly V

    Perfect for reinforcing figurative language. Loved the fact that it took multiple approaches to help them understand.

  209. Jennifer D

    Great resources.

  210. Hannah J

    My students and I love this resource!

  211. Meredith Schaar 

    Love this resource! Thank you!

  212. Amy Royal 

    Excellent resource!!! Students enjoyed using the activities, lessons, and assessments.

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