The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home Activities BUNDLE

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This bundle includes literature unit activities for “The Day the Crayons Quit” and “The Day the Crayons Came Home” by Drew Daywalt. This engaging resource was made for 1st-3rd graders and contains a variety of activities for reading comprehension, character analysis, writing, and more.

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The Day the Crayons Quit Activities: Literature Unit


The Day the Crayons Came Home Activities: Literature Unit

Products included in this bundle:


The Day the Crayons Quit Activities: Literature Unit


The Day the Crayons Came Home Activities: Literature Unit


The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home Activities BUNDLE:

These Drew Daywalt Literature Unit Activities for The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home were created for students in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-grade.

These PDF links for the individual product files can be found here:

The Day the Crayons Quit Activities:

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt is a fun and engaging picture book. This literature companion includes activities with the following topics:

  • Compare and contrast
  • Character traits
  • Main idea/comprehension
  • Adjectives
  • Writing a friendly letter
  • Writing an opinion piece
  • Types of sentences
  • Verb tenses
  • Editing

The Day the Crayons Came Home Activities:

From the same author that brought us The Day the Crayons Quit! This adorable sequel, The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt is a fun and engaging story that can teach a variety of reading skills.

This file includes the following:

  • Compare and contrast
  • Main idea/comprehension
  • Irregular verbs
  • Writing (narratives and postcard format)
  • Comparing adjectives
  • Editing (demonstrating command of conventions)

You will find instructional sheets, activities, and task cards.


These products include a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

These PDF files contain over 90 pages + Google Slides™.

190 reviews for The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home Activities BUNDLE

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  1. AS

    Amy S

    Great ideas

  2. NB

    Nancy B

    Love both of these books and these activities are fantastic.

  3. LD

    Lauren D

    What a unit! Thank you!

  4. LA

    Lisette A

    love using these

  5. SA

    shannon A

    Loved this and the book!

  6. EC

    Echo C

    Wonderful activities! My kids are going to love these!

  7. BA

    Bernadette A

    Great ideas. Thanks.

  8. E



  9. CS

    Clora S


  10. CK

    Carla Kennedy 

    A1 resource, recommend

  11. KP

    Kevin P

    Love the activities. My first graders will enjoy it. Thank you!

  12. RH

    Robin H


  13. ER

    Erica R


  14. DI

    Donna Incorvaia 

    Fabulous!! Just what I needed !! Thank you!

  15. JD

    Jeffrey Dunn 

    great resources for great books

  16. AV

    Amanda V

    Super Fun

  17. KM

    Kristina M

    thank you

  18. WR

    Wendance’s Resources 

    Love these stories! Thanks so much for the resources.

  19. SZ

    Shonda Z


  20. SM

    Sara M

    The kids enjoyed this

  21. BB

    Brogan’s Bits 

    These are the cutest books! This went so great with them!

  22. AB

    Amanda B

    Love it

  23. KT

    Kelly T

    At the end of the year we had crayon day. This unit added to the fun. Thanks!

  24. WF

    Whitney F

    Great product! Thank you!!!

  25. JK

    Jacqueline K

    My class had so much fun with this.

  26. DW

    Debra W

    I love these books! I love the units you made!

  27. LL

    Lori L

    So much fun with students : )

  28. SA

    Stephani Ann 

    Love this SO much….trying to make this my classroom theme this year somehow so hopefully this will help….it’s as cute as can be 🙂

    Stephanie Ann
    [email protected]

  29. HM

    Heather M

    I love this product! Those books are great! Thank you!

  30. GC

    Ginny C

    This was fun to use with multiple grades.

  31. SM

    Sherry M

    Two of my favorite books and now I have activities to go with them. Thank you!

  32. VP

    Val Perez STEAM 

    Thank you for creating this! I’m excited to use this with my students this year.

  33. HJ

    Holly J

    Love these two books!

  34. LC

    Laura Cone 


  35. RD

    Rebecca D

    I love starting my letter writing unit with these books! Such a fun, and creative way to get kiddos engaged in letter writing 🙂 Thanks for this amazing resource!

  36. MC

    Miss Coverts SDC  

    LOVE this!

  37. DH

    Darlene H


  38. AC

    Anna C

    One of my favorite books and the activities made it even more enjoyable for my students. 😉

  39. NM

    Nikki M

    Love these books, great activities to use with them! Really like the variety to topics covered in each pack. Thank you!

  40. TS

    Tammy S


  41. AK

    Amy K

    Loved It!!!

  42. MA

    Megan A 

    Great activities to use with the books!

  43. KN

    Kristi N

    Great Resource!

  44. GS

    Glenn S

    Thank you! Great activities for 2 fantastic books!

  45. GL

    Gail L

    We did a mini unit on point of view and the kids loved it!

  46. MM

    Marybeth M

    This is perfect for our rotations we are doing now with our ESL students! Thank you!

  47. WT

    Wiley Teaching 

    Great book and great activities!

  48. MP

    Marie-Caroline P

    Can’t wait to use this!

  49. CS

    Caroline S


  50. TG

    Tiera Gammage 

    Great Bundle

  51. SL

    Sharon Laraway 

    Cute and Sweet!

  52. ML

    Mary LaBue 

    So helpful! I adjusted some content for kindergarten use…
    easily done. Thanks so much!

  53. GO

    Gina O

    Fun activities!

  54. DS

    Danielle S

    This was such a fun unit!

  55. FO

    Friederike O

    This saved me the last days of school!

  56. ES

    Eileen Sirgo 

    My students loved this book and all the activities to do with the book.

  57. KN

    Kathleen N


  58. TH

    Tanya H

    Great activities. The kids loved making the postcards! Thanks!

  59. MM

    Michelle M

    My class loves this book!

  60. MM

    Mandy M

    Excellent resource for these books!

  61. TG

    Tabitha G

    I love these sub plans! Very easy to prepare and follow!

  62. AL

    Alexandra L

    Excellent materials!

  63. MG

    Michelle G

    Thanks! Fun books!

  64. MS

    Maria Segura 


  65. RS

    Rachel S

    Thank you for providing great resources to use in the classroom!

  66. SM

    Sarah M

    I liked this resource! It has lots of activities and I could choose from. Thank you!

  67. SR

    Sally Rose Cragin 

    Love these books, and this resource accompanied them perfectly! Thanks!

  68. LN

    Lauren N

    Great resource.

  69. MC

    Megan C

    My class loved it! Thanks!!

  70. JC

    Jean Cruickshank 

    Looks great! Very helpful!

  71. MK

    Monica K

    Such a fun bundle!

  72. ST

    Stephanie Tetrault 

    Amazing Product

  73. SI

    Sunny in First Grade 

    Love this product! It went perfectly with the books!

  74. DS

    Darlene S

    Love the different activities! Thank you!

  75. JE

    Janine E

    So good!

  76. SB

    Shelley B

    Great language activities.

  77. MK

    Megan K

    I know this is meant for lower elementary, but we decided to utilize parts of it for our 8th graders. They have been working on writing letters and proper format, so we added this twist. Each student picked a color and had to write a letter of their own, similar to the book. They absolutely loved it. It was a huge hit, and great for following a long week of testing.

  78. SH

    Shelbey H

    Great resource! Thank you!

  79. LL

    lisa L


  80. AG

    Aaron G

    So fun!

  81. KF

    Karen F

    Fabulous resource Easy to use

  82. BB

    Brenda B

    Using for summer camp

  83. LK

    Linda K

    Good job

  84. CB

    Christine B

    The activities you made were an awesome addition to the story. The children loved working on these!

  85. WB

    Weenona B

    Love this!

  86. EH

    Erika Horn 

    Thanks for sharing

  87. MG

    Michelle Grogan 

    Awesome resource!!

  88. MA

    Mary Alice C


  89. NM

    Nicole M

    Great variety of resources to supplement the books.

  90. AC

    Amanda C

    Cannot wait to use these this year!

  91. KC

    Kelly Conry 

    I love these 2 books and am excited to use these to go along with it!

  92. SG

    Shelby G

    Awesome! This is a great book!

  93. DA

    Dianne A

    These are two of my favorite books to read with my class. The resources in this packet are excellent and allow for some great lessons.

  94. MW

    Madalyne W

    Great product! Thank you.

  95. LT

    Lisa T

    Great ideas!

  96. AB

    Allison Biancamano 

    Psyched for this bundle! Thank you!

  97. SM

    Sophie M

    Thank you very much for creating this excellent resource!

  98. SS

    Sassy Speech 

    This is great!

  99. JF

    Jamie F

    Love this resource for my class! Thank you!

  100. TP

    tara P

    Good resource

  101. NG

    Nicole G

    Students and I LOVED this!

  102. DL

    Debra L

    Loved the activities!

  103. BC

    Betty C

    Students loved these activities.

  104. BZ

    Beth Zercher 

    Looking forward to using these units to go along with these stories. Thank you!

  105. MS

    Miss Sheri 

    Perfect for my emergency sub bin!

  106. LH


    Loved it

  107. LO

    Life of a Teaching Mama – Keyla Kuehler  

    This product worked perfectly with these books! The activities made the books and learning even better!

  108. GG

    Gabriela G

    My students loved the books and activities that went with this! I feel like it was very TEK aligned and fun at the same time!

  109. RD

    Richelle D

    I am looking forward to using this product in both a whole group setting and as small group center work. It is perfect for wrapping up our year!

  110. RA

    Richelle A

    This is the perfect resource to leave for a substitute at the end of the school year.

  111. JH

    Janette H

    Glad to add these resources to my beginning of the year theme.

  112. SR

    Sulai R

    Fantastic resource. Students and I loved it!

  113. TR

    Taylor Rittenberry 

    This was a great and fun resource! I will definitely be using it again!

  114. SH

    samantha H

    Great resource for the crayon books. I loved all that was included.

  115. MD

    Michele Daley 

    Students loved this.

  116. NA

    Ninoshka A

    my kids loved to spend a full week working on each book!

  117. LH

    Liana H

    Love this resource to support my persuasive writing unit.

  118. AB

    Ashley B

    These lessons work well with these books!

  119. KP

    Kristina P

    Thank you!

  120. JW

    Joyce Winfrey 

    Fantastic resource! Well worth the price!!!

  121. LG

    lisa G

    Nice resource for the books & teaching parts of speech

  122. BT

    Bianca T

    Easy prep and engaging for students, easy to differentiate. Exactly what I was looking for!

  123. SM

    Story M


  124. EF

    Erin F

    Great activities!

  125. PG

    Patricia G


  126. PB

    Pamela Bowser 

    Such a great resource! Thank you for making this available!!

  127. LP

    L P

    Great to pair with the Crayons books!

  128. CG

    Cindy G

    Great resource. Thanks!

  129. KO

    Kristy O

    Very comprehensive. The children enjoyed this. Thank you!

  130. JB

    Jana Brent 

    Great product. Thanks!

  131. RB

    Randy B

    Great books with a great follow-up packet.

  132. AS

    Adrienne S

    I use this text as a mentor text for grammar studies and this bundle came in handy – allowed me to extend the study of this story. The students love this story and this was a great tool. Thank you so much for sharing!

  133. BP

    Brandi Pernisi 

    Great resource! My students and I both enjoyed using this material. Highly recommend.

  134. ZD

    Zoe Did That 

    Perfect to work in alongside my Day the Crayons Quit unit. THANK YOU!

  135. AK

    Aneta K

    Amazing resource!

  136. NC

    Natalie C

    used with read aloud

  137. AE

    Auntie Em’s Classroom 

    My summer school kiddos just really loved having activities aligned with the books we read together. These were fun and easy to use.

  138. MK

    Meredith K

    This was a great supplement to an online read aloud of the book. The students really enjoyed showing me their work.

  139. AG

    Audra G

    I used this Literature Unit, along with an Art Literacy Unit about Andy Warhol. The students enjoyed the activities.

  140. KF

    Kelli F

    My students really liked this book and the corresponding work. 🙂

  141. PP

    paige paul 

    My kids love this book and it’s a resource I use every year.

  142. SS

    Stephanie S

    My students loved this resource, and so did I! I will be using this yearly!

  143. TT

    Teacher To Go llc 

    This is a great resource to use to extend the book!

  144. TT

    TN Teacher 

    I loved using this at the beginning of the school year. Thanks!

  145. DT

    Dianne T

    My students loved the activities to go along with the book!

  146. FJ

    Flor Jenina M

    Thank you for this wonderful resource. My students love this story and I loved how this resource taught ELA skills.

  147. BB

    BobbiJo Burk 

    Great resource for helping students make connections to the text.

  148. BP

    Beth Pearson 

    Easy to use and amazing layout. This was easy to adapt to my self-contained SPED classroom.

  149. AG

    Anneke G

    An awesome pack of activities to accompany one of my favourite books. Highly recommend!

  150. KR

    Kelsi R

    Fun and engaging, even during distance!

  151. PZ

    Paula Z

    Great resource for my first graders. Thank you!

  152. T


    These are such fun books and having these activities align with the book for while we read and afterward makes it so much more engaging for the kids! I have loved using these!

  153. NJ

    New Jersey Teaching 

    We used this to reinforce our point of view lessons – my students loved the books and materials in this!

  154. JR

    Jane R

    My students loved this book and the resources.

  155. SD

    Sara D


  156. DC

    DiDo’s Corner 

    My favorite book!! I loved this resource!

  157. EH

    Emily H

    My self contained special ed classroom loves this resource!

  158. DS

    Danielle Schwartz 

    great product thank you!

  159. JS

    Jessica S

    Thank you

  160. CF

    Coralee Forster 

    Great resource

  161. MK

    Makenzie Kelly 

    love it!

  162. AK

    Angela K

    Great resource!

  163. LH

    Lisabelle Hope D

    My students love the worksheets.

  164. BH

    Barbara H

    This was a life saver! I love the resources for such a cute story!!! Thank you! Highly recommend!

  165. MG

    Mrs Goose 

    This is a great resource, I used it with grade 3. Great for supply plans as well, easy to follow.

  166. NH

    Nicole H

    My students love this resource! Very engaging, thank you!

  167. C


    Can’t wait to use this in my class!

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The Day the Crayons Quit Activities: Literature Unit


The Day the Crayons Came Home Activities: Literature Unit