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Students are often so excited about upcoming holidays! For instance, they patiently wait all year for the magic of Christmas to arrive. However, they also eagerly anticipate going on a fun Easter egg hunt. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate read-alouds to help students channel the excitement within their little bodies. Thankfully, Wendi Silvano’s Turkey Books for kids series offers so many options to do this! Even better, the books are all filled with incredible ways to incorporate essential content standards. Thus, students will be academically focused as different events approach throughout the year! 


Turkey Books that are Not Just for Thanksgiving

While people may think of Thanksgiving when seeing the word turkey, this is not the case for Wendi Silvano’s series. Thankfully, Wendi Silvano’s Turkey Books for kids series has topics for the entire year! Thus, students will be ecstatic that they get to read about their favorite turkey for various events. For instance, they can see how their favorite turkey escapes to the North Pole, goes on an Easter egg hunt and goes trick-or-treating! Honestly, this one series may start at Thanksgiving, but it can continue all year long. No matter which books are used, Wendi Silvano incorporates humor, incredible illustrations, and a focus on learning. 



Back to School Turkey Books for Kids 

Back to school can be such a scary time for students! While they are excited to meet a teacher and see their friends, they are nervous about many unknowns. To help calm nerves, students will see how much Turkey and his friends want to attend school. Sadly, animals are not allowed in school. However, with a few tricks and costumes, the friends show the principal that animals can attend in Turkey Goes to School


Thankfully, this book can be used at any time of the year! Turkey Goes to School Activities incorporate so many standards. For instance, students will practice sequencing, sn blends, rhyming words, and writing prompts. Thus, this unit is an excellent way to show students to work hard for something they want! 


Halloween Turkey Books for Kids 

turkey-books-for-kidsOften, students love dressing up in a costume and going trick-or-treating! Unfortunately, Turkey and his friends realize that people won’t give animals candy. Thus, they devise a plan to create clever costumes! Students will be laughing while hearing all of Turkey’s ideas in Turkey Trick or Treat


Since students will be eager to find out if Turkey and his friends receive any candy, there are excellent activities for Turkey Trick-or-Treat. For instance, students will practice characters and setting, tr blends, and create a mini-book! Truly, Wendi Silvano’s Turkey Book Series is filled with humor, love, and compassion! These would be great activities to do on Halloween day in your classroom. 


Thanksgiving Turkey Books for Kids

Turkey Trouble is by far the most common book in Wendi Silvano’s turkey series. It is also the one that you have most likely heard of, or read to your students. This book provides so many conversations about Turkey and whether he can escape being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. You will enjoy the giggles you get from this one! I also have amazing literature activities to go with this fantastic turkey book for kids selection.


Christmas Turkey Books for Kids 

turkey-trouble-activities-2nd-gradeTurkey is in trouble… again! Thankfully, he made it through Thanksgiving without turning into dinner. However, Turkey realizes that many families will be eating turkey again for Christmas dinner. Thus, Turkey leaves for the North Pole to ask Santa for help in Turkey Claus! Students are going to love to listen to all of Turkey’s ideas and disguises as he makes his way to the North Pole. 

In order for students to travel on Turkey’s journey to the North Pole, there are so many Turkey Claus activities. Specifically, students will work on sequencing pictures, unscrambling sentences, writing a letter, and disguising a turkey. Honestly, Wendi Silvano’s Turkey Book series is filled with humorous stories and engaging activities! 


Easter Turkey Books for Kids 

urkey-trouble-activities-kindergartenAs students are eagerly awaiting an Easter egg hunt, Turkey is as well! Unfortunately, Turkey soon realized that animals are not allowed to enter the Easter egg hunt in Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter. However, Turkey is always creative! Thus, all of the animal friends are working on undercover disguises to help win the prize! 


In order for readers to join in on Turkey’s journey, there are so many Eggcellent Easter activities. For example, students will work on sequencing strips, vocabulary, onomatopoeia, and designing an Easter egg. Truly, there are so many activities in order for students to practice multiple standards within one engaging story! 

Why do I  love the turkey book series?

Wendi Silvano’s Turkey Book series takes readers on a year-long journey with their favorite Turkey. Truly, there are multiple books that ensure students get to check in with Turkey during several holidays or events within the year. Whether using a resource created for a specific book or the Turkey Trouble Literature Activities, students will be engaged! They will be so excited to check in on Turkey that they will love completing a variety of activities. Whether working on blends, sequencing, writing, or rhyming, Wendi  Silvano’s Turkey Book series will be the perfect resource! You might also like this ordinary person book series

turkey-books-for-kids turkey-books-for-kids turkey-trouble-activities

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