Ideas for Bulletin Boards

When students walk down the hallway, they do not want to see plain white walls. They want to see decorations that help them feel welcomed and excited about school. The same is true for classrooms. This is why teachers work so hard to incorporate classroom decor that makes students eager to learn. However, it is important to remember that everyone has a different mindset on how decor should look. Some will say tons of color, while others will say more natural shades. Thankfully, bulletin boards allow teachers to liven up the hallways and classrooms in various ways! Students will love having a wide variety of decor with the ideas for bulletin boards below. 


Bulletin Board Benefits 

Honestly, bulletin boards can seem stressful to design and decorate. Hanging the paper without it wrinkling can seem impossible. However, bulletin boards provide powerful benefits for students with a bit of practice and patience. 

Bulletin boards are the perfect way to ensure students see motivation throughout the day. Sometimes, reading a poster can change a student from feeling negative to feeling positive. Additionally, bulletin boards can showcase important content. Students stuck on what to do can look to a bulletin board for help. Furthermore, bulletin boards can showcase student work. When everyone has something hung up, they see they are part of a positive classroom environment. Honestly, bulletin boards are more than just a classroom decor item. They are the perfect way to increase motivation and positivity among students! 

Ideas for Bulletin Boards 

Many times, teachers change bulletin boards based on seasons, content, or what is happening within the school. Luckily, there are so many incredible ideas for bulletin boards below. With all of these options, updating bulletin boards will be a breeze this year! 

Growth Mindset Boho Rainbow Bulletin Board

Everyone feels negative about themselves at some time. This happens with all of the pressures people are under daily. Thankfully, this growth mindset bulletin board contains incredible affirmations! There are 22 growth mindset affirmations to ensure teachers have plenty of options. Likewise, there are letters in rainbow colors to match the posters and two printable worksheets. This bulletin board will help create a culture of success, perseverance, and motivation within your students! 

growth mindset

Friendship Bulletin Board 

Everyone wants to know they are part of a positive classroom community. Honestly, a huge part of this involves having friends. Students often enjoy school so much more when they have classmates to talk to. However, students do not always know how to be supportive friends. Thankfully, this bulletin board is here to help! It displays what it means to be a good friend. By hanging these posters up, students will always have a helpful reminder on how they should treat others. Since friendship involves so many crucial social skills, there are even worksheets to help students reflect. Everyone will love being in a classroom filled with friendship. 


Healthy Habits Bulletin Board 

No matter the grade level, students need reminders on how to stay healthy. This is especially true during the first few weeks of school and again during flu season. Thankfully, bulletin boards are an incredible way to remind students how to stay healthy. This one has 54 pages of options to ensure there are the right posters for every district and grade level. Teachers will love having a class full of healthy students! 

Kindness Challenge Bulletin Board 

Students must learn the power of kindness! By working on acts of kindness with the guidance of a teacher, students can be respectful community members. Thus, one of my favorite ideas for bulletin boards involves a kindness challenge. Students will see three categories for challenges. Then, they receive a goal of completing four acts of kindness in each category. However, students can also complete as many challenges as they possibly can! Since many of these challenges need to be done outside of school, this is the perfect bulletin board whenever there is a holiday break. Similarly, this is a great challenge to use around Valentine’s Day. Seeing how proud students are of themselves when spreading kindness will be amazing! 

ideas for bulletin boards

Classroom Agreements Bulletin Board

To gain respect, it must also be displayed. Thankfully, this bulletin board shows students how much their teacher cares about their opinions. Instead of going over pre-created rules, the class will work together on a classroom agreement. This will cover everything from how students respect themselves, others, and the classroom community. As soon as the posters are up, students will read daily reminders to ensure the classroom stays a positive environment. 

ideas for bulletin boards

Honestly, there are so many incredible ideas for bulletin boards. They can provide academic help and show the importance of a growth mindset. Likewise, they remind students about positive affirmations and how to care for themselves. Best of all, all of the options above are ready to go. Thankfully, this will mean teachers have excellent bulletin boards all year! 

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