Complete and Incomplete Sentences: Run-ons, Fragments Anchor Charts, Task Cards, & Worksheets


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Complete and Incomplete Sentences: Fragments and Run-On Sentences Activities

This complete and incomplete sentences activity includes anchor charts for sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and complete and incomplete sentences.  You will also find task cards and worksheet activities.

Run-On Sentences Activities are perfect for students learning about run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and incomplete/complete sentences.

This complete and incomplete sentences product for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade includes:

  • SIX instructional pages that explain the difference between a run-on sentence, a complete sentence, and a sentence fragment (you will also find examples for student reference)
  • 36 task cards with THREE distinct question types
  • an answer sheet
  • an answer key
  • three no-prep printable worksheets (with sample answer keys)
  • Instructions and links for Google Slides™ and Google Forms™

Please note: all activities are available in Google Slides™, but only the first 24 task cards are available in Google Forms™ (they are multiple choice).

Please take a look at the preview for this product and let me know if you have questions prior to your purchase.

L.4.1f- Produce complete sentences, recognizing and correcting inappropriate fragments and run-ons.

This PDF file contains 45 pages + Google Slides and Task Cards 1-24 in Google Forms™.

213 reviews for Complete and Incomplete Sentences: Run-ons, Fragments Anchor Charts, Task Cards, & Worksheets

Based on 213 reviews
  1. Kristin M

    Very excited to use these! Great!

  2. Lynne L

    Great practice!

  3. Rhonda B

    Great material, love it!

  4. Michelle M

    Easy to use. Great practice!

  5. Hollis Hemmings 

    Thank you – so very helpful!

  6. Nazira A

    One of my top 2 favorite sellers for Language Arts unit. Absolutely loved these cards, I really appreciate you taking the time to ALWAYS include definition / explanation & examples pages in the beginning of each unit ! That is a great benefit : )

  7. Dewdrop Dreams 

    This was just what my students needed. Thanks!

  8. Robyne D

    This helped beautifully with one of my students who had dyslexia. 🙂

  9. Joanna F

    This was just what I was looking for!

  10. Debbie S

    Great material. There are never enough resources for this. I will most definitely be using this with my students this year.

  11. Nicholas S

    Great resource for reviewing sentences with my fourth graders!

  12. Dana Gossett 

    Used in a center. Was great.

  13. Brenda C

    Students loved the game.

  14. Kimberly R

    A great resource!

  15. Smiling in 2nd 


  16. Kate W

    I really like the variety of choosing the sentence type, choosing the correct/incorrectly written sentence, and rewriting the sentence to make it correct. Love the task cards!

  17. Danielle A

    These task cards are great for small and large group instruction!

  18. Abby V

    This was very helpful!

  19. R J

    perfect just want I needed

  20. Jennifer Capen 

    Super helpful and well thought out! Thanks! 🙂

  21. Alison H

    A fun way for my class to review before our state testing!

  22. Lisa O


  23. Reniya Brown Shareef 

    Great resource for all my students with varying needs, goals and abilities.

  24. jjordan 

    Thank you for the great resource.

  25. Ann M

    I love this seller! I am using these task cards this week. My class is fairly low this year and have very short attention spans. This will be very helpful!

  26. JoAnn E

    Great addition to my grammar units.

  27. Gail U

    A awesome product! I would recommend it!

  28. Nicole J

    Good resource!

  29. Kelly N

    These are great for helping students identify run-on sentences and fragments. Great resource!

  30. Heather Stonecypher 

    thank you

  31. Rosena S

    This has been good for my students who need practice with editing and correcting sentences.

  32. Sarah C

    Great for small group remediation.

  33. Justin C

    Effective and engaging for students. Can be used with partners for lower students.

  34. Renee P

    I used this in a center as a “gallery walk” to review concept.

  35. Jean V

    Great for center work.

  36. Taylor T

    Very helpful for our literacy stations!

  37. Lauren M


  38. T G 

    My students are loving this!

  39. Emily M

    Loved it!

  40. Beverly W

    fun activity

  41. Beverly W

    fun activity

  42. Becky T

    Great resource and easy to use!

  43. Genevieve V

    Thank you! Excellent!

  44. Page F

    I used the task cards for SCOOT. I thought they were great! Thank you! Used one portion as my test for the week. Excellent resource at a great price! Much appreciated.

  45. Melissa T

    Great resource… Thank You!

  46. Susan H

    Great Resource.

  47. Learn with Leila 

    These activities were perfect to use for my small group RTI groups. Thanks!

  48. Corrine G

    This was a great tool for reviewing run ons. My student had difficulty with identifying when his sentences ran on but this scoot helped him see what a run on in, how to identify it, and then how to fix it.

  49. Susan F Uffmann U

    Great practice resource.

  50. Patricia H

    This was a great tool for reviewing run-ons. My student had difficulty with identifying when his sentences ran on but this scoot helped him see what a run on in, how to identify it, and then how to fix it.

  51. Heidi H

    Love it!

  52. Sandra Casady 

    This was a hit! Thanks!

  53. Janet S

    This is a great resource for assessing complete, fragment, and run-on sentences.

  54. Julie Halton 

    Thank you! These are great as a quick way to practice in partnerships. I love they have pretty simple graphics, too. I really appreciate that you made a digital component so I can use resources I’ve already tested this year for distance learning.

  55. Magical Materials  

    Love this for student work!

  56. Savannah G

    This resource is great! My students are able to use it and it makes my life easier! Thank you!

  57. Brandi Pernisi 

    This resource was extremely user friendly. It was easy for my students to navigate.

  58. Courtney T

    This was very helpful! Thank you!

  59. Allee H

    Great for teaching complete sentences with my virtual learners!

  60. Megan W

    This resource was a great addition to my virtual classroom.

  61. Jacquelynn Peters 

    Great purchase. Love the interactive lessons! Keeps students occupied and interested!

  62. ELLPro 

    Loved this activity ?

  63. Kristina V

    My students were very engaged with this product, so that’s a win! I love this product if you have students that are on grade level or just below it. However, it was too advanced for my fifth-graders even though we spent a week prior to this going over sentences types. My fifth-graders are probably at about 2nd-grade level. I would definitely use this again in the future…probably when my students are slightly more advanced.

  64. Erin B

    Great resource for my 4th graders both in person and on Google Classroom!

  65. slidesbyaddison 

    This was so nice! It really made a difference with my online learning kids.

  66. Kristen C

    This was great for our language virtual lesson!

  67. Miss Russell’s Resource room 

    thank you

  68. Lacinda B

    This is an excellent resource to test student knowledge and re-enforce student learning.

  69. Katie D

    Love this!

  70. Jayne Doxsey’s Designs 

    This was exactly what I was searching for ~ thanks!

  71. Jessica M

    Great resource and activities!

  72. Abbie Wence 

    Used this as another review of fragments and run-ons…which are so prevalent in student writing, no matter what grade I have taught.

  73. Michele B

    My students loved it!

  74. Jill Stockton 

    I used this as an interactive practice on zoom, and then again as a practice activity for their asynchronous learning time. It was engaging and super helpful.

  75. agnes W

    Just what I need.

  76. Haley H

    Just what I needed!

  77. Janet P

    Easy to use

  78. Jennifer Futrell 

    This is a fabulous resource that I loved using digitally in groups with my students. It was the perfect practice to add to our learning.

  79. Hali Lucas 

    Thank you! Great resource!

  80. Denise A

    Students enjoyed using the cards to see where the punctuation is needed. I enjoyed working and seeing the excitement my students displayed.

  81. Leslie L

    great for overview, examples of concepts , and small group practice

  82. Focused on Joy 

    This was a great review for my students! Thank you! All of your resources are AWESOME!

  83. michelle M

    fantastic resource.

  84. Sarah E

    Great resource for distance learning.

  85. Beth T

    This was very helpful to get the students back on track writing complete sentences.

  86. Melanie Williams Music 

    Useful for students who write a lot of run on sentences.

  87. Lindsey C

    Great virtual sentence types activity!

  88. Danielle P

    Loved using this with my distance learning students. It was great info for them to reference plus many task cards. This could easily be split up into 2-3 assignments. I also love the fact that the task cards are so easy to use in Google Slides.

  89. Katie Kersten 

    Thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for!

  90. Megan P

    Easy to use and a great practice for my students!

  91. Jillian Gabriel 

    My students loved this resource. They still talk about it now!

  92. Sneha F

    This was a very comprehensive yet simple way to describe various sentence types. My student enjoyed using this as well.

  93. Ericka Mooney 

    Very good

  94. Katie Rafter 

    Great resource to use! I used this as a review for my students that are remote learners. Students enjoyed the work. Thank you so much for this!

  95. Kierstin H

    These have been a lifesaver during distance learning.

  96. Jessica M

    This is easy to use, and great review for my daughters who sometimes forget to end sentences!

  97. Carlye D

    This is a great resource for sentence review. The students liked the note pages and I like that there are google slides and forms. I will use this again once we are in person again.

  98. Florence M

    My ELL students found this engaging.

  99. melany C


  100. tilisa H

    This is such a fun, cute, and comprehensive resource! Teachers are amazing and come up with the best ideas! I’m so glad that you choose to share these resources! I would definitely recommend this purchase!

  101. Auntie Em’s Classroom 

    Absolutely fantastic!

  102. Amy K

    This was the perfect activity to use as a review with my kiddos. Thank you.

  103. Esther C

    Some of my students really struggled with writing complete sentences. I’ve been using this for small groups and my students have improved! Thank you!

  104. Jennifer L

    Provided a fantastic review for my students and I loved the ease of editing and using the Google Form to check for understanding. Thank you!

  105. Megan R

    I used this as a lesson for my 4th and a review for my 5th after the winter break. They picked up complete sentences very quickly again!

  106. Jackeline S

    Loved it!

  107. Ariane O

    My students really needed help with this. Thank you!

  108. mary J

    I love all the different ways that students can continue and extend their learning as some of them find this concept difficult , and in such a creative way as well. Thank you so much.

  109. Erin Schofer 

    My students are in constant need of reviewing these concepts, so this was a perfect activity. Thank you for a great resource!

  110. Made by TB 

    Thank you!

  111. JoAnne M

    I had searched for other resources that I could use with my student, but there was not much to choose from, so I was creating my own sentences. I was really excited when I found this on TPT. It has saved me some preparation time in my lesson planning. My student understood what to do and has been successful. He was able to complete the task independently with some success. Thank you so much!

  112. Magical Learning with Miss Mindy 

    Love these products! Thank you so much!

  113. Talesofagrade3teacher 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  114. Lauren S

    I used this to guide my recorded lessons and practice with my students!

  115. Jeanette Herndon 

    THis was perfectg I was behind and in a pinch and this worked out great.

  116. Anne V

    This was a great review for my students.

  117. Julia F


  118. Michelle Brooks 

    This was perfect for students to learn and practice sentence structure. My students struggle with run-on sentences in their own writing, so this was a great way to teach it!

  119. Courtney D

    Great for working with my students who don’t understand the difference when reading/writing.

  120. Hannah D

    AMAZING RESOURCE! I can now help students identify and fix their fragmented and run on sentences!

  121. Mountain Life Teaching 

    Thank you for this resource.

  122. Teddy I Love 

    I love using this with my second language learners. Thank you.

  123. Jennifer K

    Great resource to use independently or as a class.

  124. Katelyn K

    This worked great for teaching students how to edit their work!

  125. Savannah G

    My students loved this activity!

  126. Miss E’s Adventures 

    My students needed something to practice moving away from fragments to complete sentences. This did just the trick!

  127. Teresa L C

    We enjoyed the fragment and run on sentences this resource offered us some wonderful practice. Thank you!!

  128. Gayla Stewart 

    good resource

  129. Sarah S

    This resource is great to add to student learning and reinforce what has been taught.

  130. Elsa G

    Love all your resources.

  131. Alicia L

    Awesome task cards with great rigor! My students enjoyed completing them!

  132. Megan M

    Great practice and fillers for my morning work.

  133. Dawn R

    Great resource! Thanks!

  134. Jennifer T

    I used this today with my students, and apart from the fact that I hadn’t taught them how to use a semicolon, it was great! I took out some of the slides that had semicolons, and the others we just talked about. Saved me SO much time and effort to have all these slides ready for them to edit and fix themselves. Loved it.

  135. Michelle H


  136. Kathryn A

    My students really needed practice in these skills and this item provided that well

  137. Rebecca P

    My students were very engaged using this resource. They really struggled this year on complete sentences so having a great chance to practice was very helpful.

  138. Amanda M

    I used this with both in-person and distance learners. Thanks for a great resource that not only saved me time but also gave my kids a fun activity.

  139. Caroline Lentz 

    Used it with my small groups. Laminated each card and printed in color.

  140. Motivating Minds in Upper Elementary 

    Thank you!

  141. Daphne S

    This is a great resource! Thank you.

  142. Erin L

    This is such a great resource! Easy to use and everything was well created.

  143. Andrea M

    Very clear and not too wordy! Students enjoyed it.

  144. Ashley’s Favorite Items 

    Students were struggling with this concept, so this resource helped out!

  145. Beth B

    My students have had difficulty with run on sentences in their writing. This allowed us to look more closely at run on sentences, fragments and complete sentences. We also went a step further and corrected sentence that were not complete.

  146. Kim F

    Fun hands on activities for the students. Thanks!

  147. Pamela S

    Our class really needed this support! Great way to reinforce the skill!

  148. Alexandra O

    This was a great activity to pull out during review week. I was able to repurpose the task cards to make it more of a scavenger hunt, and my 7th graders loved it.

  149. Minerva C

    Thank you for this resource! Great addition to my curriculum!

  150. Katherine W

    This was an excellent practice activity to reinforce these skills. The students were challenged and engaged. It was an excellent review of skills for my fifth graders.

  151. Christina D

    Very good resource and extra practice for sentences!!

  152. Amy C

    My students loved this resource!

  153. Gwendolyn S

    My students loved using this resource for their grammar work. They were engaged and had no trouble using it. It didn’t take much preparation time, so it was easy for me to use.

  154. The Bilingual Educator – Fabiola Woerner 


  155. The Juice Box Teacher 

    Great resource for distance learning and engaging students! God Bless! 🙂

  156. Leah A

    This was very useful for review and practice.

  157. patricia L

    I like the products,. The content are exactly what I look for to revise with my students who have lagged behind for the past one year. I am using the UK version, so some of the words are different, but my students can understand them as we go along the pages.

  158. Missy D

    I put these on a Jamboard and used for independent work. It was perfect!

  159. Teresa Orndorff 

    My students always perform better when there is some type of movement involved. These task cards are a great way to incorporate the Kagan strategy showdown. Student love to compete in determining whether the example is a sentence, run-on, or fragment.

  160. Auburn J

    Fantastic resource! Great review!

  161. Jayme C

    This was perfect to really have students analyze types of sentence “fails.”

  162. Paloma G

    This is a great resource, thank you for making it!

  163. Meghan LaForce Stack 

    Great for morning review and station work. My kids showed improvement in their daily work. Easy to use!

  164. Laura T

    A great resource for my students to practice sentence fragments and how to create sentences that are detailed and complete.

  165. Barri V

    This was such a helpful resource! There were so many well-organized and helpful options to teach my kiddos about proper sentence structure. Thank you!

  166. Jordan M

    Easy to follow, especially for virtual learning.

  167. Fourth Grade Jungle 

    Awesome tool!

  168. Alison K

    Great resource!!

  169. Carey E

    This was a great review for my 5th graders at the beginning of the year. I did not have to spend a lot of time reviewing run-on sentences or fragments. They love task cards and so do I!

  170. Kristie S

    This resource was useful in combining writing lessons and grammar lessons for my students.

  171. Jaclyn W

    This was great practice for my students. They still have difficulty writing complete sentences so this was invaluable.

  172. Jordana S

    This was a great resource for practicing with fragments and run-ons.

  173. Just the Good Stuff 

    So many examples and options! It’s a valuable resource!

  174. Emory C

    I was very happy with this resource. My kids found the task cards to be very engaging!

  175. Morgan Gifford 

    Great resource. Thank you!

  176. Kaycie J

    Helpful for students with foundational writing gaps.

  177. Susan L

    This was awesome! My students and I loved it!! Thank you so much!!

  178. Janice H

    Nice way to practice analyzing sentences with using a worksheet.

  179. WeWeilnauDoScience 

    I am so glad I purchased this resource. It has made a difference for me and my students this year – huge fans!

  180. Veronica F

    This really helped my students with their sentence structure and punctuation.

  181. Sharon C

    great ready to use resource

  182. Heather J

    This was a great resource!

  183. Swain in the Middle 

    Great resource!

  184. Taylor S

    My students loved this resource! It has been very impactful in my classroom!

  185. Diana G

    I loved the no prep and easy to use factor of this resource! The students found it engaging and helpful. Thank you!

  186. Alice H

    These were easy for my 4th grader but great review. He didn’t know how to fix run on sentences, but now he does.

  187. Renea Starbuck 

    great resource

  188. Rose B

    Great resource!

  189. Kathryn B

    Excellent Resource!

  190. Tammy W

    Useful to help students think about proper sentence structure

  191. Haley K

    Good station. Very useful.

  192. Deborah A

    This resource had some great activities to wrap up the learning of fragments, run-ons, and complete sentences. I like that in addition to the task cards, it also offered some worksheet options.

  193. rubi V

    This was a great resource for both re teach and review!

  194. Kathryn R


  195. Claudia P

    This was a great bundle. I especially liked the task cards which I used in a ‘write the room’ type activity. The students had fun moving around to find each card and practice correcting run ons, fragments and incomplete sentences. Thank you!

  196. Erin Whittenberg 

    Good idea for a write the room practice!

  197. Speech 2 Go 

    Great resource

  198. Christi I

    Good Practice!

  199. The Garnet and Black Teacher 

    This has helped me tremendously! Thank you so much for creating something to help teach these important concepts!

  200. Laura B

    This was a fabulous resource to use before I started teaching our main curriculum. It was very user-friendly and my students enjoyed completing the activities.

  201. Blossoming In Sped 

    Loved using this resource with my students. It is easy to prep and engaging for all learners!

  202. Kathryn

    I love using task cards with my intervention groups. It helps me where they are still having issues in a quick, easy manner. Thanks for these!

  203. Michael S

    My granddaughter enjoyed this activity. She is having difficulty identifying and correcting run-on sentences. This activity was helpful.

  204. Krystina O

    What a great way to great a station during my small group time. This really lets them practice their skills.

  205. The Grass is Greener with Miss Green 

    My 5th grade ELA team all used this resource. Our students missed some valuable writing instruction during Covid and it is definitely showing in our grade. This helped teach kids what to look for and how to fix run-ons in their essays.

  206. Hello Tennessee Teacher 

    I used this with my 6th-8th grade ESL students who were struggling to write complete sentences, use periods, etc. After completing a lesson with them on the topic, I used the worksheets and the task cards in this resource to help them practice what they had learned!

  207. Carly B

    This was a great resource for a student who was having trouble identifying run on sentences in his writing. We were able to dial it back, use this resource, and afterwards I saw a lot of improvement in independent corrections!

  208. Christine H

    Great resource for students to practice identifying fragments, run-ons, etc. Thank you:)

  209. Erin Stratton 

    This is the perfect resource to help reinforce writing complete sentences to my students. The variety of ways to practice were super helpful!

  210. Ashley A

    Great resource to use for supplementation for sentence fragments and run ons!

  211. Elizabeth Ramsey 

    Great resource! My students stayed engaged and enjoyed this!

  212. a mootz pointJune 2, 2021

    Great product!

  213. BuyerJanuary 17, 2018

    This is great!!

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