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This figurative language freebie includes posters for you to display in your classroom.

This freebie includes posters for metaphors, similes, idioms, hyperboles, proverbs and adages, personification, alliteration, puns,  and onomatopoeia.


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838 reviews for Free Figurative Language Posters

Based on 838 reviews
  1. KH

    Kim H

    Great product! Thank you!

  2. SN

    SJ Neal 

    Nice! Thanks 🙂

  3. LF

    Laura Furnell 

    These are awesome! I love how colorful and eye catching they are. 🙂

  4. CB

    Cathy B

    I love the bright colors on these! They will capture the attention of the kiddos.

  5. AC

    Andrea C

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  6. TA

    Teach All The Kids 

    I absolutely love this! Kid friendly without being “babyish”. Very nicely done! Thank you!

  7. GB

    GIna Bryson 

    These are beautiful! I can’t wait to print and post them in my classroom!

  8. EZ

    Eleanor Z

    I adore these. Thank you so much!

  9. KW

    Kathy Weiss 

    Bright and colorful! Very easy resource for students to use!

  10. VC

    valerie C

    I LOVE these! It will be so nice to have an instant, colorful reference sheet when we discuss in our literature circles. Thanks!

  11. GA

    Gabrielle Agwu 

    Thanks so much for combining the similar FL’s together. It’s easier to explain when you can compare/contrast on the same sheet.

  12. TA

    Teachers Are Terrific 

    I can find tons of ways to use this set! Thank you for putting it together!

  13. LJ

    Linda J

    Thank you for sharing your item: Figurative Language. Very vivid and engaging.

  14. JD

    Jacquelyn D

    Appreciate the clear explanations and examples. Colorful, too! These will be super on display. Thanks!

  15. HR

    Hedgehog Reader 

    I was happy as a clam to see that this set of absolutely adorable teaching posters is free! Thank you so much for sharing this generous and very useful freebie!

  16. NK

    Nona Kilgore 

    Thank you, Kristen! I teach music and as you know there are so many songs have lyrics and meaning that requires deeper explanation, especially for ELL students. Will gladly use your beautifuly done work!

  17. CR

    Cynthia R B

    I love these posters! They are so bright and have just the information my students need. Thanks so much for sharing such a great product. I’m a new follower!

  18. SA

    Stories and Songs in Second 

    What a beautiful and useful set of posters! I can’t wait to use them with my April poetry unit! Thanks so much!

  19. MC

    Mel C

    Bright and fun, a lovely summary of figurative language types. Thank you

  20. LY

    Lesley Y

    A black and white version would be nice for those of us without color printers! Thanks for the freebie!

  21. SD

    Stephanie D

    Love the colors, and these will come in really handy. Thanks!

  22. TI

    Teaching in Stripes 

    This is really adorable! Thank you for sharing your excellent work!

  23. SF

    Susan F

    Nice product—very colorful—and useful!

  24. SF

    Susan F

    Nice product—very colorful—and useful!

  25. DP

    Donna P

    So helpful! Thank you!

  26. BB

    Buyer B

    I am super excited about this product! I love the awesome examples you have included on each page!!!!

  27. SC

    Sandra C

    NICE! Very colorful, simple, but not baby-ish! Thanks for sharing!

  28. SP

    Suzanne P

    Fantastic posters.
    Thank you for creating them.

  29. TH

    Tabblair H

    These are beautiful and easy to understand. Students are sure to use these all year long.

  30. LK

    Linda King Pruitt 

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  31. BW

    Beverly W

    Thanks. Love it.

  32. DH

    Danae H

    Great writing resource and love that they define the terms as well as give an example.

  33. JH

    Judy H

    I teach in a private school and we use core knowledge. Similes, metaphors, and most of the content in these posters will be our focus later in the spring. I am so excited to have found these! I am your newest follower! Thanks for creating and sharing a great product.

  34. F


    Love it! Thank you!

  35. JR

    Jacqueline Raley 

    Love them

  36. MK

    mary kulkay 

    These are gorgeous! Thanks.

  37. MA

    Meredith Anderson – Momgineer 

    Thanks, Kirsten! Enjoy your week! =) These will look great in our homeschool classroom!

  38. JS

    Jean S

    Thank you! Its nice to have a visual that states things clearly.

  39. LG

    Lorraine G

    Wow!!! Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

  40. LM

    Linda M

    Very useful!!! Thank you for sharing!

  41. MS

    Middle School Classroom 

    Awesome! This will be perfect for my literacy and learning strategy classes. Thanks for making them so bright and colorful… and for sharing them!!

  42. AM

    Anne M

    Thank you for sharing this as a freebie. It looks like a great resource.

  43. SL

    Stacy L

    Great posters! Thanks.

  44. JB

    Jan B

    What cute posters! Thanks!

  45. KK

    Kendra K

    I love these colorful anchor charts!

  46. SB

    Sharylnn B

    Hope to use in 6th, 7th, 8th grade class as a reminder.

  47. LB

    Linda B

    love the definitions

  48. PH

    Polly Hill 

    Thanks for the great resource. This will really help my 4th graders! 🙂

  49. GS

    Gold Star Teaching Bazaar 

    These flashcards are so fun, pretty, and informative! Thanks so much!

  50. MT

    Margaret Tuten 

    Thank you for sharing, love the colorful posters

  51. DS

    Dianne S

    These are great. Love the colorful graphics.

  52. RB

    Renee B

    THANK U 🙂

  53. NC

    nelle C

    Thanks! Great product!

  54. TC

    Theresa C

    These are awesome. Thank you so much!

  55. EF

    Eileen F

    Great posters. I will be introducing figurative language this week.

  56. KA

    Kathleen Applebee 

    Colorful. Thanks.

  57. SB

    Sharylnn B

    Hope to use in 6th, 7th, 8th grade class as a reminder.

  58. CB

    Clare B

    Gorgeous cards, with great definitions. Many thanks.

  59. AG

    Anne G

    Perfect Posters to the point, clear and concise and oh so nice! Thank-you for sharing.

  60. MF

    Mindi F

    Thank you for the helpful resource! 🙂 Love the bright colors too!

  61. AT

    Alicia T

    I liked the examples provided for each part of speech.

  62. SS

    Sally S

    I love the colorful posters. Can’t wait to print this out at home with my color printer. Very colorful and kid friendly. Thanks for sharing.

  63. LM

    leslie manly 

    beautiful design! thank you.

  64. MS

    Melody S

    Thank you so much!

  65. BL

    Barbara L

    Great tools and pretty too! Thanks

  66. LM

    Lisa M

    Thanks , your work is bright and colorful with great information!

  67. KS

    Kathaleen S

    Thank You for this wonderful resource!

  68. CB

    Candace Bennett 

    This is GREAT!!

  69. SN

    Susan N

    These are very colorful and attractive. I will enjoy using them in my fourth grade classroom. Thank you for sharing your creativity with others!

  70. AC

    Angela Churillo 

    I love this. Thank you.

  71. RD

    Renee Dawn 

    This packet is so beautifully put together–with stunning visuals and colorful, well-designed graphics! The content is so important in writing, I will use it with my kindergarteners (explaining each page with additional kiddie language). Thanks so much for this generous resource!!

  72. TM

    Tiana M

    I am excited to use these in my speech room. Thank you for the cute visuals!

  73. MF

    Misha Frander  

    I love these! Thank you!

  74. DG

    Denise G

    Thank you fro sharing this bright and colorful resource.

  75. D


    Such a great compilation of information! Great to display in the classroom or even print for each student to keep in their grammar/writing folders. Thanks so much!

  76. JB

    Jennifer B

    These are amazing! Can’t believe they are free. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work, Kirsten!

  77. AR

    Amanda R

    Great product! Thanks! Can’t get enough middle school aged kiddos activities!

  78. CM

    Carol Martinez 

    Cheerful and fun~thanks so much!

  79. AR

    Anita R

    These colorful posters are packed with info in a kid-friendly way. Thank you for making these!

  80. HD

    hebron douglas 

    blessings girl love it

  81. JS

    Jamie Shares Lessons 

    Nice set. I can print and post them or show them on the computer projector. Thanks for sharing!

  82. HD

    hebron douglas 

    blessings girl love it

  83. HD

    hebron douglas 

    blessings girl love it

  84. HD

    hebron douglas 

    blessings girl love it

  85. KP

    Kim P

    Useful and helpful! Thanks!

  86. PP

    Patricia P

    Thank you! I like your posters and examples.

  87. AE

    Adrienne Egerton 

    Great Resources!

  88. EP

    Elizabeth P H

    Great job, thanks!

  89. DM

    Dianne M

    These will be so useful to have when explaining these language terms. Thanks and they look great too.

  90. SE

    sandra E

    Colourful and useful.

  91. JA

    Jennifer A

    This is awesome! I saw it in the TPT newsletter.

  92. MB

    Melissa B

    Looks great, I am eager to use this with my students. Thank you for your time and talents.

  93. LD

    Lauren DiBiase 

    My students love these! So colorful and fun to use.

  94. VR

    Virginia R

    cute cute.. thanks for sharing…

  95. MA

    Monica Anderson 

    Nice! Thanks

  96. TM

    Terri McInturf 

    I love these colorful reference posters that I can use in the speech therapy room! Thanks!

  97. RB

    Rebekah B

    Eye catching! Thanks for the wonderful resource.

  98. AC

    Andrea C 

    I truly appreciate you sharing this! It was exactly what I was needed for my 3rd graders. Terrific quality and creative! Thanks again!

  99. JG

    James G

    Nice as posters!

  100. AZ

    Alison Zeller 

    Very cute!

  101. KM

    Kristin M

    Used all the posters except 2 and 6! Perfect for my figurative language unit! Thanks!

  102. KT

    Kim Tomei 

    This is great, thanks!

  103. SW

    Stephanie W

    These posters are eye-catching and informative! Thanks for sharing!

  104. RJ

    Rebekah J

    So colorful and informative!

  105. CA

    christina A

    These are wonderful! They are bright and colorful. They give concise information and are not too wordy for my 2nd graders. thank you!

  106. JA

    Jennifer A A

    I love these! So much information in such a bright and colorful way. Thank you!!!

  107. TI

    Third in Hollywood 

    thank you for sharing! I’m you newest follower!

  108. JR

    Jessica Roberts 

    Thank you for this great lesson! Much appreciation!

  109. RB

    Rhonda B

    Cute! Thanks for sharing your work!

  110. BD

    Beverley D

    Thank you for this. They are so colorful and draw the student’s attention. It’s a great addition to other Figurative Language products I’ve purchased through TpT.

  111. HS

    Hillary S

    Thank you! I put these up and my students refer to them when needed.

  112. BD

    Beverley D

    Thank you for this. They are so colorful and draw the student’s attention. It’s a great addition to other Figurative Language products I’ve purchased through TpT.

  113. BD

    Beverley D

    Thank you for this. They are so colorful and draw the student’s attention. It’s a great addition to other Figurative Language products I’ve purchased through TpT.

  114. BD

    Beverley D

    Thank you for this. They are so colorful and draw the student’s attention. It’s a great addition to other Figurative Language products I’ve purchased through TpT.

  115. MS

    Margaret S

    Wow! What a treasure you have shared! Thanks!

  116. MB

    Maria B

    These are perfect. Thank you!

  117. TO

    The Owltlet 

    These posters are absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for providing this as a FREE resource.

  118. KC

    K C 

    Colorful and wonderful. Thanks!

  119. DM

    Dana M

    Great posters! Simple explanations with examples. Thanks!

  120. MR

    Melissa R B

    Love the colors!

  121. AL

    Amy L

    Love the clarity and appeal of these!

  122. TW

    The Wacky Warden 

    These are so adorable and useful! I can’t wait to hang them in my classroom. Thank you for sharing!

  123. CP

    Colleen P

    Great posters! Perfect addition to the classroom!

  124. JS

    Julia Scott 

    Thanks heaps!

  125. KC

    Kile’s Classroom 

    These are great! Thank you!

  126. MJ

    Master J 

    Cute posters! Thanks for sharing!

  127. MH

    Mary H

    I made these very helpful posters into a bulletin board!

  128. RH

    Rebekah H

    Wow! What a GREAT freebie! Looks great on the walls of my classroom and is a great reference! THANK YOU!

  129. TT

    Teaching Tiny Hoosiers  

    These are beautiful!

  130. MR

    Melissa R

    A wonderful resource! Thanks so much!

  131. CO

    Cassandra Ouellette 

    Love these signs! Look at my products to find a Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt to go accompany these great signs!

  132. JC

    Julie C

    These will be very useful as a reference for my class. Love how they are so bright and colourful.

  133. BS

    Brylee S

    Love that the posters are bright, it really catches the students eyes!

  134. SE

    Special Ed Sparkles 

    Thanks for sharing! These are great. My Special Education students will love the colors and visuals.

  135. MC

    Mollie Callahan 

    Thanks for this cute set!!! Figurative language is one of my favorite things to teach. Great job.

  136. GH

    Gina H

    Thank you…this is a great reference item for my students.

  137. MT

    Maria T


  138. AW

    Angela W

    This set is wonderful!

  139. S


    Colorful and fun! Can’t believe they were freebies…

  140. KO

    Kara Overman 

    These are beautiful and great reminders to have for quick reference! I love that they not only define the terms, but also include examples.

  141. CC

    charlene C

    Great Posters! Thank you.

  142. KJ

    Kelsey Jensen 

    AWESOME freebie! Thanks so much 🙂

  143. AL

    Ashleigh L

    Perfect and so colorful! Thanks for this freebie!

  144. JD

    Julie D

    Can not wait to use these next year!

  145. LV

    Laurel V

    Wonderful resource for figures of speech. Love the look of these posters! Thank you!

  146. MM

    Mary Martin 

    very thorough and useful!

  147. TW

    Teach with Shauna 

    Awesome reference posters!!

  148. SA

    Stephani Ann 

    This is such quality work and So incredibly generous of you! Thank you and I’m your newest follower. I’m going from kinder to fourth grade next year so I’m going to need you!

    Stephanie Ann
    [email protected]

  149. KS

    Kathleen S

    Thank you! My students will love the bright colors!

  150. DM

    Diane M

    Great resource Kirsten. And so colorful and engaging. Thank you.

  151. DE

    Dora Elva G

    Very colorful and useful.

  152. GB

    Gail B

    Great! Thanks!

  153. 3


    Beautifully designed. Thank you for creating and sharing.

  154. BH

    Belinda H

    These are cute and informative posters. Thank you.

  155. HH

    Holly Hawley 

    These are fantastic! I love the bright colors, definitions, and examples! Thank you for the share! I am follower #1278:)

  156. PS

    Phyllis Schenck 

    I can’t wait to hang these in my classroom…thank you for sharing!

  157. TY

    Tammy Y

    Awesome resource!

  158. CW

    Cheryl W

    Awesome product!!! Very eye catching and informative!

  159. VO

    Valerie O

    Great resource…thank you 🙂

  160. LV

    Liz Vogel 

    These will be great for reading and writing!

  161. 2S

    2 SMART Chicks 

    These posters are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. We love to see how you used our background paper and always feel honoured to see other sellers using our products. Thanks so much for supporting and promoting our store 🙂 Best wishes on your continued success!

  162. LL

    Little Library of Learning 

    This will come in handy for my Library literacy lessons! (Hey, that was an alliteration, no?)

  163. MS

    Monae’s Speech House 

    This is a wonderful resource! I love it! Thanks 🙂

  164. AB

    Alecia B

    Thank you for sharing. I will be using them in my classroom.

  165. RI

    Rockin’ in Second 

    Super cute posters.. thanks

  166. SM

    Shyla M

    So helpful as a visual reminder during this unit. Thank you for creating, sharing, and saving me time!

  167. FT

    Fabulous Teaching 


  168. SG

    stacey G

    Great resource!! Thanks for sharing!

  169. SC

    Samantha C

    I love these! So pretty!

  170. AM

    Amy Mezni – Teaching Ideas 4u 

    These are terrific! Thank you!

  171. CM

    Charlotte M

    Excellent! Thanks!

  172. KB

    Kirsten B

    Very easy to read and to the point. A nice reference for my kids.

  173. EG

    Elizabeth G

    Love them!!!!

  174. 3G

    3rd Grade ELA Sparkles 

    So cute! Thanks

  175. SJ

    Sheila J

    Just what I was looking for!

  176. KM

    Kay M

    I shrank these and copied in black/white for interactive notebooks. They are so nice for my 4th graders. Thanks

  177. RR

    R R 

    This is a great resource, I can’t wait to use it! Thanks 🙂

  178. TD

    The Dualing Maestra 


  179. MP

    Michelle P

    These are so colorful and are going to look great in my ESL classroom- Thanks!

  180. CS

    Christina S

    Very well done! Thank you very much!

  181. SM

    Scott Mckinney 

    Love this resource!

  182. DH

    Darna H

    These are wonderful! They are eye-catching, easy to read, and thoroughly informative. Thank you for offering.

  183. CH

    Christina H

    Thanks so much, just what I was looking for!

  184. PJ

    P J

    Thank you for creating and sharing these posters!

  185. JP

    Johnita P

    Great explanations and cute art work!

  186. KW

    KeaKea’s World 

    I love it thanks!

  187. AE

    Akela E

    Thank you!!! Love it!

  188. LD

    Lisa D

    Love these posters. I can’t wait to put them up in my classroom as a reference for my students. Thank you for sharing.

  189. MJ

    Maggie J


  190. SL

    Susan Leckrone 

    Love these! Thanks for sharing!

  191. SL

    Sherry L

    Thank you for these…it helps this visual teacher remember.

  192. SC

    Sharon C

    These are great to use in small guided reading groups.

  193. AM

    Angel M

    Great for bell work or workstations!!!

  194. JS

    julie scott 

    Wow Thanks

  195. CG

    Christine G

    Thank you for sharing!

  196. LW

    Lisa Williams 

    These are beautiful! Thank you so much!

  197. JB

    Judy B

    Love these! Great graphics. Thanks.

  198. SS

    Sara S

    Thank you! Many other teachers in my building have seen and also downloaded.

  199. MP

    Melanie P

    Very colorful and exactly what I needed!

  200. JS

    julia S

    great thanks

  201. SB

    Shanna B

    Great resource. Thanks!

  202. JW

    Judy W

    Awesome resource! Thank you!

  203. PO

    Pieces of Poledica 

    Beautifully done!

  204. NC

    Natasha Clarke 

    I absolutely love these. Thanks for the excellent work!!!

  205. PA

    Phylescia A

    Excellent resource. Thanks!

  206. LR

    Line Ruud R

    Love them 🙂

  207. TW

    Tammy W

    This is what I have been looking for! Thank you so much! I like that they are so appealing to the eye! 🙂

  208. RG

    Rhianon G

    Great quality! I am so grateful that this was free as it is such a great resource.

  209. AC

    Audrey C

    This product was a great tool in helping my children to understand idioms! It was a success!

  210. TW

    Theresa Webb 

    These are great, thank you!

  211. NE

    Nancy E

    These posters are so colorful and kid friendly. thank you!

  212. AC

    Audrey C

    This product was a great tool in helping my children to understand idioms! It was a success!

  213. AC

    Audrey C

    This product was a great tool in helping my children to understand idioms! It was a success!

  214. AC

    Audrey C

    This product was a great tool in helping my children to understand idioms! It was a success!

  215. SD

    Susan Day 

    This is a great resource for students in my classroom.

  216. LW

    Lit with Lyns 

    Thanks so much for this incredible freebie! Can’t wait to post in my classroom!

  217. JS

    Joanna S

    Awesome! Thank you!!

  218. KS

    Kristine S

    Such a great resource! I’ll be using this all week as we review. Thanks so much!!!

  219. AM

    Amy M

    So cute!

  220. SS

    Sarah S

    These are beautiful. I look forward to using them with my ELD class.

  221. NE

    Nelia E

    Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing!!

  222. JM

    Jenna M

    Perfect! Thank you

  223. LL

    Lori L

    Great visuals! Nicely done.

  224. ST

    Sandra T

    Thanks for sharing! The posters are awesome!

  225. KM

    Kim M

    Valuable classroom reference material. Thanks

  226. JB

    Jolene B

    The colorful visuals are very engaging.

  227. DB

    Diane B

    These are great for display. Thanks!

  228. CG

    Courtney George 

    Great to post in the room!

  229. KN

    Karen N

    I like these creative posters

  230. DB

    Dawn B

    Super cute and very easy to use in my class.

  231. AT

    Ashlynn T

    🙂 Thanks!

  232. TV

    Theresa V

    Thank you for the great posters!!

  233. CR

    Carol R

    Thank you! These can be used in so many ways.

  234. WY

    wendy Y

    LOVE these; can’t wait until I can afford to buy some colored ink so I can print these beauties in color. Thanks so much for sharing this is perfect for my content goals this week!

  235. LA

    lisa A

    Cool resource!

  236. KA

    Kim A

    Great creation! Thanks!

  237. LW

    Laura W


  238. MH

    Mrs Humphries Class 

    Very cute posters!

  239. LG

    Laura G

    Great posters. Thank You!

  240. JH

    Jackie H

    Thank you. Great looking posters!

  241. NO

    Nicole O

    This will be perfect for my wall as a reference for the kids. Thank you!

  242. LC

    Laura C

    I like having these posted for my students who are working on figurative language.

  243. TT

    Tracy T 

    I love the bold color, now I need to get more colored ink.

  244. A


    So, so helpful!

  245. CB

    Carrie B

    Great resource ready to implement

  246. SK

    Shelly K

    Thank you! Just what I was looking for.

  247. JT

    Jennifer T

    Love them! Thank you!

  248. MA

    Marty Atkinson 

    Can’t wait to use it!

  249. SJ

    Susan Jenkinson 

    Thanks. A real time saver.

  250. CS

    Cassi Smith  

    Great resources! Thank you.

  251. HW

    Heather W

    Love them.

  252. LK

    Leslie K

    Adorable and informative! Thanks

  253. DW

    Debra W

    A valuable resource! Thank you!

  254. KM

    Kasey M

    This will be such a helpful reminder for my ESE students! Thanks for providing. 🙂

  255. TG

    Tabatha G

    They are hanging on my wall now!

  256. SD

    Sarah D

    These are great posters to have up as a reminder in your classroom! Thanks!

  257. SD

    Sarah D

    These are great posters to have up as a reminder in your classroom! Thanks!

  258. SD

    Sarah D

    These are great posters to have up as a reminder in your classroom! Thanks!

  259. SD

    Sarah D

    These are great posters to have up as a reminder in your classroom! Thanks!

  260. JT

    Joyful Teaching 

    Awesome freebie! 🙂

  261. SP

    Sharlene Piper 

    I love how bright and colorful these are.

  262. DH

    Diane H

    Beautiful! I needed these.

  263. LV

    Ligia V

    Have them laminated and ready for the years ahead of my career

  264. DD

    Detoro Designs 

    Thank you for putting this set together and as a freebie! My students and I will be using these all the time with our mini-lessons!

  265. JW

    Jami W

    I plan to incorporate these posters into my reading area as well as my guided reading area.

  266. CG

    Carrie G

    Colorful reference for kids to look back at!

  267. BO

    Bozena O

    Great resource!!! Thank you.

  268. KK

    Karen K

    These are helpful posters to use when introducing figurative language to ESL students

  269. AC

    Alyssa C

    Great resource! Thanks

  270. JM

    Jessica M W

    Very well made!!

  271. RL

    Rita L

    Love them! Colors grab students attention and look great hanging in my classroom.

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    Vibrant colors; great explanations for examples that might be challenging/ non relatable for students in lower grade levels

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