Growth Mindset Posters: Positive Affirmations for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grade SET #1


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Pages: 126 PDF pages + Google Slides

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Growth Mindset Posters: Positive Affirmations for Kids in Primary Grades

These colorful growth mindset affirmation posters are perfect for any primary classroom!

Create a culture of success, perseverance, and motivation! Are you a Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-grade teacher who needs a growth mindset bulletin board? These watercolor affirmation posters for primary grades will kick start your growth mindset instruction and are perfect for any classroom bulletin board or display.

This file includes the following:

  • 23 full-color growth mindset affirmation posters included
  • The same 23 posters in black and white
  • Two printable worksheets
  • Eight pages of bulletin board letters (G-R-O-W-T-H-M-I-N-D-S-E-T) with the watercolor theme
  • An additional bulletin board letter set with the flag background
  • Card-sized affirmations (4 per page of the same affirmation in full color and in black-and-white

PLEASE NOTE: This file was updated on 8/17/19 to include small card-sized versions of every poster in full color and black and white. I also added new letters for your bulletin board. Please look at the second page of the preview for more information!


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file includes 126 pages + Google Slides™ (color posters and printables).


789 reviews for Growth Mindset Posters: Positive Affirmations for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grade SET #1

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  1. Mrs Perrys Peaches 

    Can’t wait to use these posters weekly and then monthly in my class! Thanks!

  2. Amber H

    Simple and wonderful. I am planning on printing them 4 to 1 and will have the kids take one at the end of the day. They will take the one they worked on during the day. 🙂

  3. Renee R

    LOVE! These will look so cute in a frame and in my classroom for my students to read and remember 🙂

  4. Class of Mack 

    These are perfect. I can’t wait to use them in my class this year. The watercolors print perfectly.

  5. Jennifer B

    These are perfect in my Kindergarten classroom! I love the Growth Mindset banner that is included! Thanks so much!

  6. Heather F

    I cannot wait to use these in the classroom. Change you thinking and your words change your mindset.

  7. Jennifer C

    I am so excited to use these for my bulletin board in my classroom! Our school is doing a Growth Mindset theme this year and I love it!!

  8. Joy Tucker 

    This product has helped my class and I have a wonderful beginning of school! I love it!

  9. jennifer bird 

    love these for my classroom! Very colorful and inspiring

  10. Gemma M

    These look AMAZING in my classroom and will hopefully inspire my new bunch next month. Thank you 🙂

  11. Sharon L

    I like how there are two options included with color and B&W. They mesh well with my Montessori Grace and Courtesy curriculum. Thank You!

  12. Kathy R

    The colored posters are perfect for my 2nd graders! I am going to post them around the room. Then when a student uses one of the affirmations, I am going to give a black and white copy for that child to color and hang at their desk. LOVE this!!

  13. Amy F

    I have these posted in my office and refer to them quite often. I love how they look and how easy it is to use them while working with students.

  14. Nadeene B

    I bought this for my children, printed the 22 affirmations and bound it into a book and we read it every other day. I am disappointed that this product is a subset of the other product that I also bought called Growth Mindset Posters and Cards : Affirmations item ID 2750588. The content is identical. I ended up basically buying 2 of the same thing with different names. Very disappointing.

  15. Susan M

    Love the bright colors and appreciate the black and white choices too!

  16. Megan M

    This is great for my primary classroom!

  17. Octavia D

    I have gotten so many positive comments about the posters in my classroom. Hats off to the creator of these awesome posters.

  18. Laura K

    My kiddos love these and we reference them often!

  19. Lindsey C

    These posters are a great intro to growth mindset for my ELL kindergartners. We reference them every day!

  20. john C

    I am looking forward to using this with my class! It looks like a great resource.

  21. Simply Made in Second Grade – Jessica Friesner 

    This is great! Thanks!

  22. kallie B

    These are wonderful! My kids love them!

  23. Susan W

    The Best!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  24. Ms Lil 

    Perfect for the elementary classroom. Simple and easy to understand Growth Mindset statements. My kids love them and I hear them says the quotes all the time.

  25. Jenelle H

    Loved using these postsers

  26. Lynette T

    A great way to encourage my students to keep growing!

  27. Katherine R


  28. Jennifer M

    Love these colorful posters!

  29. Janel Vejar 

    I love having these up on the wall for my students to read when they feel discouraged.

  30. Jenni K

    Great visuals and ready to go!

  31. Krista M B

    Beautiful resource that makes an awesome bulletin board and daily point of reference in my classroom.

  32. Debbie S

    Very well done.

  33. Free Bree 


  34. Diane W

    Great posters. Goes great with our growth mindset we have been focusing on.

  35. Gale Lee 

    When faced with a challenge or wanting to encourage themselves my students often repeat these sayings. Thank you for this packet. It really helps build a wonderful climate in my classroom.

  36. Rebecca R

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for!

  37. Liberty C

    This seller is AWESOME!! She is even a published author…I try to Sprinkle My Sparkles in my classroom everyday! I just wish she’d do an author presentation in Texas (Houston to be specific).

  38. Deborah J

    These are awesome.

  39. Victoria C

    Love it

  40. Cara P

    I love that there are so many options in this set. I have many of them displayed in my room and my students refer back to them regularly.

  41. Lindsey W

    Beautiful and inspirational! Thank you!

  42. Jennifer C


  43. Stephanie G

    I love this! I have used it to decorate one of the bulletin boards in my classroom and the students and I refer to it often. Thanks!

  44. Courtney D

    Wonderful resource!! These will be a great addition to my first grade classroom!

  45. Polly Y

    Loved this!

  46. Maria P

    Great resource

  47. Charlene R

    We read one every day!

  48. Maria P

    Great resource

  49. Amy Walker 

    Love these! Thank you!!

  50. Emily M

    I love decorating my classroom walls with these bright posters! They allow for great conversations about growth mindset. And I love that black and white is also an option.

  51. Amy S

    Colorful and engaging for students.

  52. GreatMinds123 

    Love these! Thanks!

  53. Andrea T

    I use this in my classroom!! Love this!!

  54. Tracy Y

    Cute and colorful

  55. Sarah G

    This is such a great resource! I am looking forward to having these posters in my classroom this year.

  56. Marjorie H

    These look GREAT in my classroom and will hopefully inspire my kiddos. Thank you 🙂

  57. Mary C

    These look great!

  58. Beth B

    These are so easy to use, love them!

  59. Riley N

    LOVE! I use this with my 2nd graders! The affirmations help to create a positive climate in the classroom! I put a new affirmation on the door of the classroom each week, so students read it all the time!

  60. Angela B

    Great resource. Love the posters. Use them daily.

  61. Curiosity and Class 

    These posters compliment the growth mindset strategies which are encouraged in our classroom!

  62. Mariah K

    Love these for my kindergarten classroom!

  63. Gina M

    My students love these!

  64. laura R

    perfect for younger grades

  65. laura R

    perfect for younger grades

  66. Home Sweet Library 

    Wonderful resource and so excited to use them!

  67. Laura P

    I LOVE these posters. We focus on one a month in my TK class and I find that the students really internalize these simple, positive affirmations. Thanks!

  68. Barbara W

    Love these! Thank you so much!

  69. Jennifer A

    Kids and I loved reading and going through posters.

  70. Cathy L

    Great for my bulletin board!

  71. lauren S

    The posters are well made!

  72. Michelle H

    I LOVE these – great visual MOSTLY for me – I am rreminded that everything we do and say is an opportunity for growth

  73. Dayle Carroll 

    Love this resource! It is such an important one!

  74. Angela P

    These are extremely helpful with little children–wish I had found these sooner. Thank you for this resource!

  75. YourGranny777 

    Love the sayings and the little smiley faces! These are beautiful and go with my watercolor themed room!

  76. Cynthia R

    I bought books to compliment these posters. It’s been great. Thank you.

  77. Sarah F

    Visually appealing with simple language that the children can understand. I’m looking forward to having them up in my classroom this year!

  78. Jennifer N

    My administration is all about growth mindset. I love how kid friendly these posters are for my kinders. Great tool. Thanks!

  79. Barb L

    Our school adopted Growth Mindset this year… These are great!

  80. Sarah R

    These posters are both inspiring, and they look great in the classroom. We have focused on Growth Mindset in the classroom a lot this year, and these posters hold great reminders and encouragement for the kiddos!

  81. julia S

    Very helpful – posters are colorful and bright.

  82. Kathy P


  83. Kristy B

    Love these! Great for my Kinder students! 🙂

  84. Nicole P

    Great resource. I have just printed some off ready to put around my board for a visual and also printed some black and white so the kids can colour them in

  85. Stephanie H

    Great Resource

  86. Patricia F

    Great resource! Thanks for putting the time into creating these.

  87. Astrie H

    Gorgeous and colourful, adaptable for various year levels. Thank you!

  88. Caroline K

    Thank you! A great resource. Excited to use it!!

  89. Dana B

    Great for teaching growth mindset!

  90. Meghan M

    The theme of the year this year has been growth mindset with these posters all over the classroom, thank you!

  91. Amanda R

    This has really helped my students this year and my admin loves it!

  92. Sydney P

    These are wonderful! I just made a “Growth Mindset Garden” in my classroom with the colored version! Thank you!

  93. Katey B

    Love! Thank you!

  94. Leanne Topham 


  95. Samantha S

    Can’t wait to use this!

  96. Betsy P

    The posters were just perfect for teaching my students about mindset

  97. Teresa G

    Great selection.

  98. Kate T

    So good!!

  99. Lori P

    My Grade 1/2 students enjoyed colouring in the black and white versions of these posters.

  100. Teresa G

    Great selection.

  101. Diane M

    Thanks for this great resource.

  102. Patricia S

    Love these posters!
    Thank you for a great resource!!

  103. melissa F

    Great addition to the bland walls in my room!

  104. Mohi-Moty 

    I don’t know if I can even express how much I love this resource. A+ and kudos.

  105. Laura Hiestand 

    So cute and perfect for my kinders! Thank you!

  106. Cheryl S

    Great posters for primary growth mindset.

  107. Teresa R

    Thank you! I’ve set up a wonderful board with this!

  108. Rebecca N

    Lovely thank you

  109. Melissa S

    Can’t wait to use this on a new bulletin board! Thank you!

  110. Megan H

    Beautiful and inspirational posters!

  111. Melissa J

    Visually appealing and relatable to young children. Thank you!

  112. Jocelyn G

    Great affirmations for classroom display

  113. Lauren H

    Love these posters! Have them in my room and love how brightly colored and positive they are! Thanks!

  114. Shaina Z

    This has been my favorite purchase of the year. I love the bright posters that I’ve displayed in my classroom. We constantly refer to them as a class and I get a lot of positive feedback from parents and co-workers when they see them!

  115. Theresa Olenchick 

    this made a great bulletin board in my classroom!

  116. kelly M

    Great reminders and are posted above my white board! Thanks!

  117. Wonderful Firsties 


  118. Jenny J

    I am excited about using these!

  119. Louise G

    Thank you, great resource

  120. Handmade by Haley Mae 

    Very cute and helpful in encouraging a growth mindset!

  121. Handmade by Haley Mae 

    Very cute and helpful in encouraging a growth mindset!

  122. Pineapples and Pancakes 

    thank you!

  123. natalia P

    these are AWESOME. Perfect to hang in the classroom.

  124. Tracy G

    Thank you! These are great! I put different ones up every month and the class discusses and works on the growth mindset concept.

  125. Melissa W

    This was awesome! Thank you!

  126. Pamela D

    This is exactly what I needed! These are beautiful posters, and I love the watercolor bulletin board letters!

  127. Melanie Ramey 

    Great addition to my classroom decorations and I LOVE adding to my growth mindset culture with these posters.

  128. Sharon H

    Great thanks

  129. patricia G

    Great posters for kids to think about!

  130. Rebecca B

    These are amazing! I put a new one up every month on the door. All of the kids tap it as they come into the class.

  131. Bonnie R

    Great resource! Love the positive vibe it has created in my classroom.

  132. Mrs Roche 

    These are beautiful! Love sharing them and using them to promote discussion about growth mindset with my kindergarteners!

  133. Christa Kauble 

    These are beautiful! I have them displayed on my classroom door and get lots of compliments from parents and teachers alike!

  134. This Old Teacher 

    Great resource for helping students with their growth mindset and knowing how to change how they think.

  135. First Grade Fabulous 

    Such a great resource!

  136. Tami L M

    Thank you so much for the great resource!

  137. Anna G

    These are adorable! My students and I love them! Thank you for creating these!

  138. Sarah P

    Super helpful!

  139. Justine S

    Love these! Have them hanging all over my room.

  140. Tracie E

    We have been working on growth mindset in my school and my class loved these posters.

  141. Megan L

    We say one of these every morning! I love how positive they are!!

  142. Tracy C

    Great product thanks!

  143. Sherree M

    Great for last month of school. Thank you!

  144. Phenomenal In First Grade 

    Love this resource!

  145. Danielle N

    I cannot say enough how much I love these. We started a few months ago, going through and focusing on one a week. On Mondays, the students get to color a copy and take it home to talk about with their families. I have had a lot of parents who have told me how much they like them and appreciate that we are doing that here in class.

  146. Jennifer S

    I use these daily- and I can really see a difference in my class this year. I have parents tell me all of the time that the kids repeat them at home. I feel like it is invaluable!

  147. Tami S 

    These printables are fantastic. They will be a great addition to the mindset atmosphere in my primary classroom. Thank you

  148. Carol A

    Love these Growth Mindset posters

  149. LaShan R

    I love these! I used them as a bulletin board and I noticed that they helped the staff too!

  150. Jaclyn Torres 

    so cute and bright

  151. Susan B

    Awesome and Thank you

  152. Shawn W

    Great Mind Set bundle – thank you! Looks great in my classroom.

  153. jennifer W

    I have loved having these posters up in my room this year.

  154. Dana M

    These look so great in my K classroom!

  155. Denise W

    Thank you for the awesome posters!

  156. amy S

    Bright and vibrant!

  157. Laura W

    Colorful, visually appealing posters to reinforce our school’s Growth Mindset philosophy.

  158. Ashley P

    Can’t wait to teach my kiddos growth mindset with these!

  159. Kathryn D

    Great product to use all year and keep the growth mindset fresh in students minds.

  160. Rebecca B

    Love these positive reminders.

  161. Erin L

    These posters are perfect!

  162. Michael D

    These are great!

  163. Valerie T

    I’m excited to start using this resource next year with my 1st graders!

  164. Lisa G

    cant wait to use

  165. Susan S

    Great resource for teaching kids about the growth mindset.

  166. Paige P

    My students and I refer to these daily. Love the colors.

  167. Holly C

    Love this! Thank you so much. Extremely colorful and eye catching for the little ones 🙂

  168. Jeaneen J

    Just wanted I needed to bring mindfulness visuals into my room!

  169. Rebecca C

    Excited to use this for the upcoming year!

  170. Tanya K

    I’ve struggled to fill an empty board in my room for years, I can’t wait to use these there!

  171. Leslie J

    can’t wait to use these!

  172. Denae Y

    My students love these. We work on a d different mindset each week. I hear them using the language with other students.

  173. Jodie G

    This is a very nice set of materials and prints out beautifully!

  174. Amanda W

    I bought this because it said it applied to lower grades. I was specifically looking for Kindergarten and found very little I can use for that age. It was expensive and I now regret the purchase. If I was still teaching 5th it would be great.

  175. Suzanne T

    These are great! I am hanging them in my classroom!

  176. Amanda W

    I bought this because it said it applied to lower grades. I was specifically looking for Kindergarten and found very little I can use for that age. It was expensive and I now regret the purchase. If I was still teaching 5th it would be great.

  177. Linda G

    Perfect as I am trying to build lots of positive energy in my clas this year!

  178. Dawn A

    These are awesome!! Excited to use them in my classroom this year.

  179. Gemma S


  180. Amanda O

    I posted these all over my classroom last year and referred to them often. Great resource!

  181. Meghann Moser 

    I love that there are black and white ones which students can color.

  182. Teaching First With Love 

    This is a very nice tool for reading workshop. Thank you!

  183. The Jolly Classroom 

    I love this resource and it fits perfectly with my watercolor theme 🙂

  184. Misty Costanzo 

    Thanks! Perfect for our building wide mindset theme!

  185. Dana Gallagher 

    This very quickly became my favorite classroom decoration. I absolutely love these growth mindsets!!

  186. Cynthia V


  187. Elizabeth Powell 

    Perfect for primary level and for special education students.

  188. Ryanna N

    Can’t wait to use these very cute products to instill confidence in my students!

  189. Chelsea K

    My students are fairly negative with how they veiw themselves and their abilities. We are going to do one every week to get their self-esteem up and positive thinking.

  190. Shelagh M

    A really visual bright resource good to use in a display.

  191. Chelsea K

    My students are fairly negative with how they veiw themselves and their abilities. We are going to do one every week to get their self-esteem up and positive thinking.

  192. Kelly L

    I used these posters at morning meeting throughout the year to work on growth mindset feelings. Then they made a beautiful bulletin board!

  193. Laura K

    Love this as a way to encourage students.

  194. kimberly K

    Love it thank you! very helpful resource

  195. Samantha F

    Beautiful new addition to my SPED classroom!

  196. Julie H

    These are up all over my classroom!! LOVE!!!

  197. Jane D

    Used as a part of introducing Growth Mindset in my classroom. It was a great resource!

  198. Erin B

    These are fantastic! Thanks!

  199. Emily Pettibone 

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this resource! This was exactly what I was looking for. The verbiage was perfect. I have been on the search for something age appropriate for my first graders and this was it! Thank you!

  200. Renee L

    These posters will really be a great addition to my classroom and Growth Mindset Lessons!!

  201. Janice C

    My pupils simply look forward to a new Growth Mindset every single week! Thank you.

  202. Kim H

    These look amazing in my classroom!

  203. Sheila F

    This will be my second year of having a Growth Mindset theme in my classroom. I love these posters and so did my firsties! Thank you!

  204. Danielle B

    Love these! They were on the wall last year and we referred to them. This year, I am doing Mindful Monday and will be using these- then I will create a book for them to read during reading workshop to keep the mantras going. Thanks!

  205. Julie M

    Love these poster; can’t wait to put them up in my classroom!

  206. Patsy D

    I love them! they are super cute and colorful!

  207. Megan R

    I LOVE!! I cannot wait to hang these in my classroom this year! Thank you!

  208. Yvonne S

    Love these!! Can’t wait to see how they look in my classroom!

  209. Monique B

    I love these signs they are very colorful.

  210. Ashley Aper 

    Adorable! Love!

  211. Brittany S

    These are so wonderful and cute! I cannot wait to use them for my growth mindset bulletin board!

  212. Jennifer M


  213. Ashley R

    Love all of the positive posters as well as the fact that you can print them for the kids to color!

  214. Tessa W

    Colorful posters and kid friendly. I hung them up in my classroom at the beginning of the school year and easily referred to them throughout the year. The students began to use the saying when a classmate was off task and needed to change their mindset

  215. Kim P

    Wonderful addition to my walls! I point out an affirmation each day and it serves as the perfect visual motivation!

  216. Michele Clark 

    Can’t wait to use these in my classroom this year!

  217. Marla M

    Thank you. These look so cute. The kids will love them too!

  218. Katy R

    I LOVE these and can’t wait to put them up in my room!

  219. MRyan 

    These were just what I was looking for! I love the simplicity of these. Easy for my students to read! They were just what I was looking for to add to my classroom.

  220. Jasmin R

    Love the kid-friendly statements. I plan to use these during my morning meetings!

  221. Mallory A

    Love this, thanks!

  222. Stephanie C York 

    I can’t wait to inspire my students to be all they can be!!

  223. Julie Miller 

    So bright and colorful- I love using these as a weekly focus with my second graders!

  224. Laurine K

    Love these for my kiddos.

  225. Christina H

    I love the simplicity of these posters and how simple they are for my first graders to read.

  226. Kelli K

    These are fantastic!! My students and I absolutely love these!! Thank you!!

  227. Sharon B

    Love the posters. Thank you

  228. Abigail J

    Amazing resource. Thank you!

  229. Miss Azalea 

    These are adorable! Thank you!!

  230. Megan S

    Best “decorations” I’ve had in my classroom!

  231. Jodi R

    These were adorable, and I loved that there were so many! Thanks for sharing!

  232. Megan S

    I can’t wait to use these posters this year!

  233. Susan M

    Love the posters.

  234. leslie D

    Awesome posters!

  235. Allie B

    These are amazing!

  236. Angela B

    These are fantastic! Colorful, easy for my students to understand (and read once they get a few sight words under their belts). Thank you!

  237. NICHELE C

    Thank you 🙂

  238. Lizzie H

    Super colourful and the kids love them! My kids are now using growth mindset language in class

  239. Myeshiea L

    Awesome! Thank you!

  240. Erin E

    These are great for younger kids. I’m looking forward to using them!

  241. Teach the Tiny Humans

    So cute and I can’t wait to put them up in my classroom!

  242. naomi S

    Great addition to my classroom!

  243. naomi S

    Great addition to my classroom!

  244. Jenna K

    I’m actually going to use these posters in the hallway outside of my classroom. Love the sayings with the cute illustrations and just the right amount of color too.

  245. Julie C

    Excited to use!

  246. Jose ‘

    Great mindset affirmations for a bulletin

  247. Sarah C

    I love growth mindset and these are such great visuals for the kids!

  248. Janice L

    Awesome product! I have used this multiple times with my students and they absolutely love it too!

  249. Kori A

    This is an amazing product. Thank you

  250. Margaret S

    Looking forward to having a positive mindset in my classroom!

  251. Alayna B

    Such an awesome addition to my classroom!

  252. dot bevins 

    So excited to use this! Thank you

  253. Nancy O

    So many great choices and love the graphics!

  254. Melanie Q

    Awesome growth mindset!

  255. Jessica F

    I love it! They look so great and neat in my room. It makes me feel like my classroom is truly the positive place that I want it to be.

  256. Ternica M

    This is a great investment. The impact on students learning about their brains is priceless.

  257. Emily P

    Love these! They look great in my classroom!

  258. An Elementary Purpose 

    These look great on my growth mindset bulletin board. Thanks for an excellent product!

  259. frinzetta boman 


  260. Cornilliac’s Shop 

    Awesome! Thanks!!

  261. Angela C

    love this for younger grades….:)

  262. Carren Treadaway 


  263. Beth Getka 

    I cannot wait to hang these up around my room and talk about them at the beginning of the year and reference the posters when students start talking and thinking negatively.

  264. Kelly D

    Easy to understand posters for younger students 🙂

  265. Kaitlin C


  266. Lori K

    Loved these!!

  267. Kim E

    My students love these posters!

  268. Heather G

    great resource. Thanks

  269. Sandra Q

    What a great way to reinforce mindfulness every single day! Thanks!

  270. Andrea D

    Fantastic resource! Simplified for first grade friendliness and both color and b/w:-)

  271. Charis Andrews 

    Love these posters! They are super cute and they have been great for helping me explain “growth mindset” to my second grade students. Thank you for this resource!

  272. Therese D

    Love these in my classroom!

  273. Bonnie B

    Thank You!

  274. Sara H

    Love these! Can’t wait to introduce the growth mindset affirmation of the month.

  275. Kim L

    These are darling! What a great way to remind our students the importance of hard work, determination, and grit! Thank you.

  276. The Cutesy Teacher 

    very cute!

  277. Cynthia L

    Great motivator for the students 🙂

  278. Bree W

    I can’t wait to use this!

  279. Jenna G

    I love these! My class likes them too, we also made our own growth mindset guys with watercolors to add to our posters!

  280. Larisa H

    These are such good reminders for students and I love having them hang up in my classroom!

  281. Brandi M

    I love this! The posters are beautifully made and are original!

  282. Marney L

    Your resources are consistently spot on and I use them in all my classrooms!

  283. Niki Y

    Great resource! Thanks!

  284. Rebecca W

    These are SO stinkin’ adorable! I am going to use them to teach my 1st graders about what it means to have a growth mindset. The pictures are great visuals to support the different affirmations at the primary level. Thank you!

  285. Laura G

    Beautiful and engaging for my growth mindset bulletin board!

  286. Jo J

    These posters are absolutely wonderful! I work with kids who don’t find learning easy and I’m trying very hard to get them to change the way that they think and to approach tasks with a positive attitude. These posters are going to be awesome as a reference and reminder. Thank you so very much!

  287. Eva G

    I love this! Thanks!

  288. Allison M

    I have been sharing one each day and just started to ask a student a day to share/pick one they like – love it!

  289. Creative Elementary School Counselor 

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