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The Name Jar Activities: Literature Companion for 1st-4th Grade

These activities for The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi are perfect for back to school because they helps establish a positive and inclusive classroom climate from the start. This easy-to-use literature companion is standards-aligned for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade.

The Name Jar Activities no-prep, printable activities:

  • Two pages of discussion questions (15 questions total) from The Name Jar
  • Discussion questions on task cards (2 questions per page)
  • First, Next, Then, and Last for The Name Jar
  • Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
  • Vocabulary Words (taken from text in The Name Jar)
  • Sequencing (with an answer key)
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Fact or Opinion
  • New Students Should Know….
  • My Name
  • My Nicknames
  • Three Truths and a Fib
  • Friendly Letter to My Teacher
  • My Name graphic organizer
  • Create a Word Find
  • Name Acrostic
  • Decorate Your Name


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file includes 38 pages + Google Slides™.

204 reviews for The Name Jar Activities: Literature Unit Companion

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  1. TP

    Teaching Pad 

    Can’t wait to use this!

  2. TW

    Tiffany W

    Thanks for putting this together.

  3. MP

    maria peixoto 

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. HN

    Heather N

    This is great.

  5. LR

    Laura R

    I’m going to be using this coming up for beginning of the year activity. Always read this book-good to have activities to accompany it.

  6. SB

    Stephanie B

    Great resource! Lots of activities to accompany the book and some great discussion questions. Thank you!

  7. SS

    Sunita S

    I love this book! Your materials help me differentiate for my ELL students:) TY!

  8. JL

    Janine L

    This was a great reading guide for my 3rd grade students!

  9. AA

    Ashley A

    Excellent Resources!

  10. YC


    awesome resource thanks!!!

  11. AF

    Anel F

    These were great activities for the book!

  12. CR

    Candace R

    great unit

  13. RC

    Renee Coleman 

    I truly love the activities.

  14. AS

    Amy S H

    Thank you! This is great!

  15. AS

    Anneta S

    Wonderful ! My kids love it! Thanks for sharing !

  16. LC

    Laura Cone 

    Love these books.

  17. AA

    Angela A

    Looking forward to using this soon!

  18. SS

    Sherry S

    I am enjoying using this teaching unit.

  19. EG

    Ellen G


  20. KK

    Kellye’s Kreative Classroom  

    Perfect unit! Thanks!

  21. MC

    mary cecchetti 

    Love this!! Thank you!

  22. CT

    Complete Teaching Solutions 

    Easy to use

  23. KP

    Kristen Price 

    Compliments the book perfectly. Thanks!

  24. JV

    judy vizzini 

    i love this unit!

  25. MS

    Molly Straeter 

    Wonderful resource!

  26. HN

    Heatha N

    Love it

  27. LO

    Lisa O

    This will go along great with my first week activity with the book, thanks!

  28. MO

    Maureen O

    Can’t wait to use this! I love this book for Back to School. Thank you:)

  29. SM

    Stephanie M

    Great resource! Thank you

  30. BK

    Beverly K

    There is a good variety of activities to go along with the book. A great resource to own!

  31. AB

    Allison B

    Wonderful resource for a wonderful book!

  32. PR

    Peggy R


  33. RS

    Rachel S

    Kids enjoyed this. Thank you

  34. EM

    Emily McKeon 

    Great for the first day of school!

  35. CW

    Cindy Winkler 

    My students loved this!

  36. MR

    Ms Rosemary 

    thank you! I am reading this book with a newcomer student from Korea.

  37. SY

    Simple Yet Special 

    Great resources to accompany a great read aloud!

  38. KA

    Kathryn A


  39. MT

    Melissa Tharau 

    Terrific resource to accompany a great read aloud!

  40. KJ

    Karen J

    Great lessons for the library

  41. SJ

    Stephanie J

    Look forward to using this resource for my first week of second grade.

  42. CF

    Carol F

    Great activities

  43. RL

    Reba L

    Great resource for The Name Jar read aloud! Thank you!

  44. HL

    Hana L

    This has been a great resource. I used many, but not all of the pages with my class. Good discussions, helpful worksheets, and fun activities. Thanks!

  45. TD

    Tiffany D

    This is such a great story for the beginning of the year, or any time. Thank you for making it easy to teach with these activities!

  46. TK

    Tara K

    Great activities to check comprehension skills.

  47. IB

    Ilene B

    Great Activities. We had fun using them.

  48. NB

    Nancy B

    Nice resource. Great discussion questions

  49. NB

    Nancy B

    Nice resource. Great discussion questions

  50. KC

    kathy C


  51. CB

    Catherine B

    I use this for a substitute teacher. The students liked the story and it provided enough lessons for the sub to use for all reading activities for the day.

  52. KB

    Kelly B

    Thank you

  53. WW

    winniepo W


  54. PB

    Pebble B

    good activities

  55. BP

    Brittany P

    Awesome job!

  56. AP

    Amy P

    Love all of the activities, perfect for the beginning of the year!

  57. CR

    cheryl R


  58. SS

    Sarah Selig 

    Lots of activities to do. Very well done.

  59. SS

    Sarah Selig 

    Lots of activities to do. Very well done.

  60. IB

    Iryna B

    Great Resource

  61. LB

    Lauren B

    My students enjoyed learning about the importance of their names!

  62. TS

    Tracy S

    Thank you!

  63. TG

    Tamara G

    I appreciate all the options and am excited to open the year with this activity!

  64. SV

    Sarah V

    This resource is full of so many great skills I am working on in the classroom. I love the connection to this story about being proud of your name!

  65. MS

    Martha S

    Very fun activities!

  66. AC

    Adorable Creations 

    students loved it

  67. JK

    Janalene K

    Just perfect!

  68. AW

    Amy W

    Great product! Good practice!

  69. HB

    Heather B

    This book is so cute. Thank you for creating these activities.

  70. CH

    Crystal H

    Love it!

  71. MF

    Megan F

    It was great to use with the book

  72. AH

    Abigail Hammond 

    Great resource! I used this for back to school to talk about respecting each other’s names and cultures.

  73. JM

    Jacquelyn M

    Lots to accompany the book! Great job!

  74. TB

    Teaching Basics 

    Great resource.

  75. DE

    Diane E

    Thank you! Love this book!

  76. JT

    Janet T

    My students have LOVED this!

  77. TL

    The Little Maestra 

    So nice! Fun activity for the class. Thank you!!

  78. SD

    Sandi Dickerson 

    Great addition to the book.

  79. SH

    Susan H

    We used this at the beginning of the year.

  80. CF

    Christine F

    My class loved the story and the activities.

  81. KG

    Kelli G


  82. ST

    Shannon T

    Great resource! Thanks 🙂

  83. AR

    Ashley R

    Perfect for what I needed!

  84. CA

    Caticorns and Diet Coke 

    The Name Jar is a fantastic book and this resource makes it very easy to use.

  85. KL

    Kelly L

    Great beginning of the year resource.

  86. CB

    Courtney Burkhart 

    Loved it.

  87. GE

    Gina E

    This is a great resource. Thank you!

  88. MR

    Mrs Rios Loves Reading 

    This was great.

  89. SP

    Susan P

    So helpful to use after reading the book. The kids loved it and so did I!

  90. A


    I love this resource and so do my students!

  91. TA

    Teaching and Cardigans 

    loved this! Thanks

  92. MM

    Monica M

    This resource was very valuable to me during distance learning because students could interact with the material. I could make a copy of whatever worksheet I wanted to use, either work on it together in a small group during Zoom, or post it to google classroom for a flipped learning assignment. Thank you!

  93. FI

    Fun In 5th With Ms D 

    Great resource.

  94. PG

    Paola Gomez 

    I was able to adapt this and do it over a Zoom call

  95. RW

    Rachel W

    Great resource to go with the book! Lots of different options for what you can do with it.

  96. TM

    Teresa McCullough 

    Great resource for my lower level students.

  97. SC

    Sarah Cline 

    This is a great ready to go resource for distance learning.

  98. JR

    Jeanette R

    Very engaging and goes well for beginning of school!

  99. RF

    Rachel F

    I used the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY HOW slide with my students. It fit our weekly standard perfectly. It was easy for the students to edit and complete.

  100. EF

    Elizabeth F

    This was a great activity for the first week of school. Thank you!

  101. RM

    Rana M

    Amazing resource! The digital worksheets are great and easy for students. Thank you for this resource!

  102. TC

    Tyisha C

    My students enjoyed these activities, thank you!

  103. EL

    Emilie L

    This resource is well designed and includes a lot of engaging activities. Perfect for the beginning of the year!

  104. EM

    Edwin M

    Thank you for this resource!

  105. CP

    Cheryl P

    The students enjoyed this book and the resource was very helpful in providing activity ideas to integrate into the lesson.

  106. EV

    Eva Varga 

    Good ideas for using the mentor text The Name Jar.

  107. AD

    Ashley D

    Great activities to go along with The Name Jar!

  108. RG

    Rebecca Gonzalez-Kreisberg 

    This worked well in facilitating discussion about and appreciation for students’ names.

  109. EE

    Elizabeth’s Edventures 

    I love that we were able to dive deeper into the story with this resource. Thank you!

  110. RT

    Ryan T

    Loved the variety of activities! I was able to pick and choose for my kids.

  111. BZ

    Benjamin Z

    It made our story more engaging and enjoyable. Thanks!

  112. PO

    Patricia O

    Great resource. THanks.

  113. EW

    Erin W

    I was able to adapt this for use during distance learning. Great resource!

  114. MC

    Marisa C

    This was a great resource. A wonderful book for SEL and for learning a new culture.

  115. SG

    Samantha Gottwald 

    Thank you this was a great activity to introduce names and the meaning of the names.

  116. MW

    Megan Williams 

    A great resource for the start of the year!

  117. MC

    Misti C

    My students especially loved the art project to go with The Name Jar. The students wanted to proudly display them in the hallway.

  118. SA

    Shannon Allen 

    This resource is amazing. Worth the buy.

  119. RS

    Rising Sun Speech with C Greene 

    Thank you for this resource! I absolutely love it!

  120. JY

    Joan Y

    Great activities to go along with this read aloud!

  121. RR

    regina robinson 

    this is a very useful sight

  122. WT

    whitney T

    My students loved using this resource. We had a guest reader Zoom into our room for Read Across America and this was the book that she read! The activities went great with the book! My class loved researching their names and asking their parents how they got their name. Thank you for the ideas and the extra name activities! We loved them!!!

  123. OW

    Orla Whelan 

    Really great mix of activities for exploring the book The Name Jar. The children were engaged and enjoyed their learning.

  124. RC

    Ruth C

    I used the discussion questions and sequencing task to supplement a unit of work. The questions engaged the students in great discussion about the text.

  125. LW

    Lacey W

    Great activities for the Name Jar! My students enjoyed them

  126. DA

    danielle arbolino 

    Awesome resource! I never read this book until I found this resource! My students loved it too.

  127. KH

    Kim H

    Great product! Thank you!

  128. OA

    Ofra A

    Great digital resource!

  129. DS

    Diva S

    Perfect resource for back to school at the beginning of the year and classroom building activity. Thank you!

  130. ZL

    Zarkeya L

    Great read aloud resource!

  131. CW

    Cori W

    Fun beginning of the year activities – best part was it tied into my mentor sentence lessons for the week!

  132. KD

    Kyla D

    This is an awesome resource! It includes a ton of activities to go along with “The Name Jar.” Definitely recommend!

  133. HL

    Hollie L

    Great resource to get students interactive with a book!

  134. AV

    ashleigh V

    Great resource, thank you.

  135. SD

    Samantha D

    Such a great story to begin with, but the discussion questions here are perfect to guide discussion

  136. MS

    Molly S

    Great resource

  137. II

    iTeach in a Small Town 

    Great resource!!

  138. DD

    Deborah D

    My students enjoyed this book and activity. Great way to talk about differences.

  139. MS

    Michelle S

    My students enjoyed these activities. I used a mix of paper and digital.

  140. RP

    Ropers Pocket 

    Thank you for the great resource!

  141. LC

    Ling C

    Love this pack. What a useful informations for Asian month study unit.

  142. DB

    debbie B

    Excellent resource!

  143. TS

    Tracey S

    Great variety of activities to go with the book

  144. CW

    Christy W

    What fun this was! My kiddos were engaged and excited. Such a fun way to practice skills we are learning- far better than a workbook! So many good ideas here.

  145. RM

    Rebecca M

    Amazing resource

  146. DP

    Danielle Pearson 

    This is a fantastic beginning of the year activity! It’s a great way to talk about and celebrate students and their unique cultural differences. Can’t wait to use it again this year!

  147. AO

    Ariane O

    So heartfelt!

  148. GR

    Gracie Reeves 

    Love this thank you!!

  149. SS

    Sharon S

    I love using this at the beginning of the year. Thank you!

  150. SA

    Shule at School 

    I love these activities and this book. These are great for BTS.

  151. HS

    Heather Seegert 

    Perfect for the start of the year!

  152. RP

    Raquel P

    Great resource! My students enjoyed this activity.

  153. EG

    Emerald G

    I always love reading this book at the start of the year and my kids love the activities.

  154. AT

    Amanda Thurmond 

    There are a lot of resources with this! Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  155. MG

    Michele G

    I use this book at the beginning of the year and was happy to be able to find this for students to use digitally in remote learning.

  156. LB

    Lisa B

    My students enjoyed this story and were really engaged about discussing names! The worksheets helped reinforce some ideas discussed during the read aloud. Thank you!

  157. SM

    Stephanie M


  158. SM

    Sarah M

    Great resource to support a wonderful book.

  159. AC

    Ashley Calhoun 

    We used this during the first week of school and we enjoyed it so much!

  160. SJ

    Stephanie Joyce 

    This is a jammed, packed set of resources to enhance the reading and comprehension related work on The Name Jar. It is a text and set of resources that invites wonderful learning and insights about individual students early in the school year. Thanks!

  161. NC

    Nancy C

    Name Jar was perfect for my first week of school. I can see it working when new kids coming in during the year as well.

  162. SW

    sheena washington 

    My kids love the worksheets

  163. TS

    Tayler S

    Love this!

  164. MG

    Margaret G

    Very helpful resource!

  165. MS

    Meghan S

    This resource is amazing! The book has such an amazing message and the activities to accompany it are so great! Highly recommend!

  166. RY

    Rachel Yonts 

    Thank you !!

  167. CC

    Coover’s Classroom 

    This was a great resource to add to this awesome book!

  168. MO

    Mme Ooty 

    This resource provided good discussion questions for the book and is an excellent introduction for summary writing. I also love that it’s digital & printable as I am teaching hybrid, so it saved me a lot of prep time. Thanks so much!

  169. AB

    Amy B

    My students loved these activities. The Name Jar is such a wonderful book and the activities you’ve created to go with the text are wonderful. The name tags turned out especially great!

  170. LW

    Leslie W

    Thank you for creating such an meaningful activity for my students to use! It complimented the book perfectly and encouraged my students to think in creative ways.

  171. EV

    Ellen V

    These activities were the perfect resource to use with “The Name Jar.” Thank you!

  172. SD

    S dmitrievna 

    Perfect resource for the story

  173. SW

    Shevonne Ward 

    Loved using this at the beginning of the year!

  174. KB

    Katrina Baker 

    Great resource and kids had fun.

  175. BD

    Brooke D

    Loved it!

  176. HL

    Heidi L

    Great book with a wonderful message! Thank you for creating a resource with so many wonderful activities.

  177. HF

    Heather F

    My students enjoyed the thinking activities in this resource. It was a rich discussion!

  178. RC

    Renee C


  179. AC

    Amanda C

    The students and I both enjoyed the activities.

  180. TH

    Terese H

    A great activity to go along with a wonderful book

  181. JK

    Jennifer K

    Fun resource for a great read-aloud. Thanks!

  182. TB

    The Bailey Bunch 4th 


  183. LC

    lori C

    great activity

  184. LH

    Lindsey H

    Great resource! Thank you!

  185. KF

    Katy F

    I love reading “The Name Jar” at the beginning of the year and this went perfectly!

  186. KR

    Klaudia R

    Wonderful resource to use. I love to use it in the beginning of the year.

  187. KC

    K’s Creation 

    My students really enjoyed using this!

  188. S


    Great for getting to know students!

  189. FP

    Faith P


  190. EH

    Emily H

    So fun!

  191. AG

    Ashli G

    Great book and activities!

  192. 2C

    21st Century K 

    Great back-to-school activities! I love this book!

  193. SS

    selina S

    Great resource!

  194. JA

    Jessica A

    Great product. I loved how much is included with the vocabulary and discussion questions.

  195. MC

    Molly Connell 

    I love the many different resources that this offers. My students loved the acrostic poem.

  196. MB

    Michayla B

    My students loved these engaging Beginning Of The Year activities! So easy to just print and go!

  197. JT

    Jennifer T

    Great Product!

  198. JS

    Jessica S

    My students loved this story! They could really relate to Unhei. Thank you for sharing!

  199. SK

    Shiela Kim 

    I love that it is a book focused on Korean culture. It’s something I can share about myself with my students.

  200. KS

    Kyrsta S

    Thank you!

  201. SO

    Secrets of STEAM

    Wonderful activities to go with a beautiful book.

  202. TP

    tara P

    Great resource, thanks!

  203. CG

    Christina G

    My students enjoyed and stayed very engaged in this resource.

  204. ST

    Stephanie T

    My students enjoyed using the resource. Would recommend to others.

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