Time Capsule Activities and Writing for Kids: End of Year and Last Week of School Activity


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Time Capsule Activities and Ideas for Kids:

These time capsule activities are perfect for All About Me activities at the beginning, the end of the year, or New Year’s Eve activities, as they provide everything you need for a snapshot of your students’ lives!

This Time Capsule activity includes the following items:

  • How to Use this Packet
  • Covers- Time Capsule and All About Me
  • The Basics
  • Snapshot of the U.S.A.
  • This is Me! (Boy and Girl Version)
  • My Family
  • Best and Worst Thing
  • Things I Love
  • My Future
  • This is How I Feel
  • A Typical Saturday
  • Filling My Brain
  • The Size of My Hand
  • The Size of My Foot
  • World News
  • A Letter to Myself
  • A Letter to a Loved One
  • Newspaper Article
  • Autobiography
  • That’s Funny!
  • Ten Adjectives
  • Being a Kid
  • Responsibilities

These are few ideas that are included as part of the packet:

1. Use this packet as a beginning of the year or end of the year ALL ABOUT ME or TIME CAPSULE unit.

  • Each student can make a book and use the ALL ABOUT ME or TIME CAPSULE cover.
  • Pick and choose which pages to use at different times during the year.
  • Use the worksheets at literacy stations as they fit into your lessons.
  • Use the completed booklet as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts from students.

2. Use this packet as a TIME CAPSULE activity.

  • Each student can make a book and use the TIME CAPSULE cover.
  • Pick and choose which pages to use for the time capsule as a long-term activity.
  • Roll up the pages and place them in a canister (Pringles canisters covered in paper work well) for a time capsule container.
  • Establish the length of time students should wait to reopen their time capsule.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 36 pages + Google Slides.

563 reviews for Time Capsule Activities and Writing for Kids: End of Year and Last Week of School Activity

Based on 563 reviews
  1. LC

    Liberty C

    awesome activities from an awesome person!!!!

  2. KH

    Kelly Holzmeyer 

    Great product

  3. CD

    Clare D

    Went great with our integrated unit!

  4. TK

    Tanjya K

    great product!

  5. CK

    Carrie K

    Great resource.

  6. TH

    Terry H

    Thank you.

  7. LS

    Leticia S

    Love it and the kids did too!

  8. SI

    Smiling in 2nd 


  9. GB

    Gretchen B

    Great activity for the first week of school!

  10. HB

    Heather B

    I was so excited to find this. I use to do one with my students that I did when I was in school. But after a 5 year break, I came back to find out that file and all copies had been thrown out. Your version has a lot of the same things and even more. Thank you!

  11. JK

    J K 

    This is great. Everyone is enjoying this!

  12. DP

    David P

    This is exactly what I was looking for – we had so much fun using it!

  13. MF

    Michelle F

    Great way to start the year

  14. RM

    Rebecca M

    Some great activities.

  15. RM

    Rebecca M

    Some great activities.

  16. AP

    Angela P

    I love doing time capsules with my students every year. Thank you for adding to my resources!

  17. JB

    Jessica B

    Fun Activities!

  18. JN

    Jody N

    This is the PERFECT file to help our students prepare for their future “Seniors Come Home” event at our school! Thank you!

  19. ET

    Elena T


  20. CC

    Corrigan Corner 

    I’m so excited to do this!

  21. AB

    Aimee B

    What a fun and clever way to make memories!!! Can’t wait to complete activities to make a time capsule.

  22. AK

    Arend Kinder Kiddos 

    Thanks. My kiddos enjoyed making their capsules …lots to choose from 🙂

  23. MD

    Make Difference Makers 

    I loved using this for the last week of school! 🙂

  24. SA

    Sally A

    Great, thank you!

  25. SG

    Stephen G

    I typically am very nervous about buying products online without seeing them fully….however, this is a great package and believe I will have fun with my 4th grade students this year doing this Time Capsule at the start of the year. Thanks!

  26. EW

    Emily Walsh 

    Such a fun end of the year activity. My students loved it. Thanks!

  27. EB

    Elizabeth B

    I love making time capsules with my children at the end of our year. Your packet has fabulous pages and the children enjoyed completing them with their families. We put all of our pages and goodies in tennis ball cans and then I seal it with hot glue. They were a huge hit! Thank you for creating this great packet!

  28. EP

    Elise P

    Excited to be able to do this with my students at the beginning of the school year. Love all the different options and sheets.

  29. T



  30. IL

    ida L

    Loved it!!

  31. LG

    Lindsay Gottfried 

    Great product to use as an end of the year project that will be filled with memories that will never be forgotten!

  32. JD

    Jessica D

    This is packed with things to make memories. Great for the end of
    The year!

  33. JD

    Jessica D

    This is packed with things to make memories. Great for the end of
    The year!

  34. MR

    Ms R Products 

    Awesome! 🙂

  35. KG

    Karrie G

    really cute ideas! can’t wait to use them.

  36. JD

    Julie D

    Thank you!

  37. JD

    Julie D

    Thank you!

  38. AH

    Amy Herbert 

    Thank you for all the options for our end of year time capsules. My class loved all the fun things to add to their time capsules.

  39. HB

    Heidi B

    My students were so excited about this!

  40. SF

    Salina F

    This was a great back to school activity for the first week of school. The kids enjoyed the tracing hands and shoes. There was many varied activities, too. Thank you.

  41. TW

    Teaching With Miss King 

    So fun! My students loved this project! Thank you!

  42. FG

    First Grade Flexible 


  43. BY

    barbara Y

    This is wonderful and will be fun to implement through the first week of school!

  44. SL

    Stacey L

    This was a great end of year project for my class. I loved how many options there were to customize it for each specific grade level.

  45. AC

    Angelina C

    My students loved doing these at the end of the school year. They are looking forward to getting them back at the end of the next school year.

  46. MS

    Marilyn S

    I always start off the year with a time capsule. Great ideas

  47. MS

    Marilyn S

    I always start off the year with a time capsule. Great ideas

  48. MS

    Mama Stacey’s  

    School starts in a few days for us and I can’t wait to use this. Thank you!!

  49. JL

    Jen L

    Students absolutely loved opening up this at the end of the year and looking at what they had put in at the beginning. A great activity at the beginning and the end of the year!!!!

  50. KS

    Kendra S

    Awesome activity for the beginning and the end of school! I have had lots of compliments already.

  51. 2G

    2 Gals in Kinder 

    This was a fantastic addition to our end of year activities!

  52. LD

    Laura D


  53. BP

    Bryan P

    Great end of the year activity

  54. SL

    Stephanie Lajko 

    The kids love this activity!

  55. SD

    Stacey D

    My students absolutely loved making these! The hard part is going to be waiting until the end of the school year to open them!

  56. SH

    Sheila H

    Very cute! Thanks!

  57. BB

    Bonnie B

    Thank You!

  58. JS

    Justin S

    Fun Resource

  59. AM

    Anne M 

    My kids love doing this activity each year and now I have plenty of templates to help me to do this.

  60. MH

    Melanie H

    Nice job, kids are looking forward to opening up in May!

  61. JV

    Jerioth V

    A great fun memory to keep the students busy at the beginning of the year.

  62. KB

    Kimberly B

    We have always made time capsules but used bags. I’m so glad to make them a little more permanent. Thanks! Great resource.

  63. JP

    Julie Pinkussohn 

    My students enjoyed completing this activity. They are excited to open their time capsules in June!

  64. TS

    The Sunny Side 

    Thank you!!

  65. CY

    Carolyn Y

    Great end of year activity – many activities to choose from!

  66. BT

    Blacklab Teaching Solutions 

    My kids loved this project so much!

  67. CH

    Cindy Hepp 

    Lots of fun activities for time capsules!

  68. WC

    Wendy C

    My students had a blast making these. They made containers out of cardboard to put the time capsules in and will be putting them aside until they graduate from high school in 10 years.

  69. BS

    Brooke Schulte 

    This was perfect to start the school year. Can’t wait for June!

  70. TT

    Tesoriere Tesoriere 

    My students loved the Time Capsule idea! I can’t wait to see them open them at the end of the year!

  71. MM

    Maria M

    Students loved doing this! Thank You

  72. JW

    Jacquelyn W

    Fun resource to use at the beginning of the year!

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    Tammy V

    Great beginning of the year activity that I plan on giving the students back at the end of the year!

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    April N

    Love this!!! The students enjoyed it during summer school for a project.

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    Chelsea S

    This is going to be so great!

  76. CF

    Crystal F

    I used this on moving up day for the 3rd graders coming to 4th grade. I can’t wait to open these next year. =)

  77. JJ

    jacqueline J

    Very interactive task! Thankyou1

  78. VM

    valerie M

    I think this resource was worth the money and I look forward to using it with my class.

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    Pineapples and Pancakes 

    thank you!

  80. S


    Can’t wait to try these at the end of the year!!

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    Caroline L

    Awesome for getting kids excited about the year past!

  82. SB

    Stacy B

    What a fun end of year activity. Thanks for putting it together.

  83. LC

    Lyndsay Crawford 

    Thank you!

  84. HR


    helpful new material for yearly time capsule

  85. CY

    Can You Tie My Shoes 

    My students love this!! We put their papers in mason jars and they are going to bury them in their yards at home. I told them not to open until their graduation day!

  86. LM

    Leslie M

    Neat Idea!

  87. RC

    Rachel C B

    What a great end of the year activity! Thank you!

  88. ED

    Elizabeth D

    My kids loved completing this end of the year activity! So much more engaging than the typical memory book!

  89. MB

    Melissa B

    I looked and looked for a cute time capsule for my kinders, and this was it! I reduced the cover page to 75%, had the kids color it, and then we glued it to our pringles can time capsules.

  90. IT

    In the name of SPED 

    Fun end of the year activity!

  91. IT

    In the name of SPED 

    Fun end of the year activity!

  92. KH

    Kayla H

    this is a great end of the year resource that the kids loved! they enjoyed making these and having all the wonderful options!

  93. TS

    Tammy Smith 4th 

    great activity to use at the beginning and end of the year to see growth

  94. JN

    Jessi N

    Great resource 🙂

  95. MS

    Meg S

    This was a great activity and the kiddos loved opening it up at the end of the year!

  96. VM

    Virginia M

    My students loved doing this activity!

  97. VD

    Victoria Devlin 

    My class really enjoyed completing this at the beginning of the year and also looking back at the end of the year. It was lovely to share in their thoughts of how much they had grown and changed over the year.

  98. SO

    Sara O

    Used many of these pages. Love doing a time capsule at the beginning of the year! The kids have so much fun opening them our last few days of school.

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    Michele O

    Love this product! I used it with my first grade class.

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    This is my favorite BTS/Getting to know you activity!

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    Faith Alive 

    Always one of my favorite projects for the first and last weeks of school!!!

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    Teodora I

    very useful

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    Great for the last week of school. Lots of options to choose from!

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  107. MF

    Megan F

    Awesome ideas!

  108. SB

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    In my room this is an end of the year staple!

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    Simplified and Modified 

    Awesome activity for the beginning of the school year!

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    Kristina W

    My kids loved doing this during the first few days of school!!

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    Alyxandra R

    I teach third grade and explained the time capsule was. My students are excited to open it at the end of the year!

  117. MQ

    Megan Q


  118. RM

    Rachel M

    I loved this product and so did my students. We made it at the beginning of the year. The letters to their future self are priceless! Thanks so much!

  119. JD

    Jamie D

    Love this resource!

  120. LB

    Lindsay Bock 

    Fun to create with K-2 classes! And to add as the year goes on!

  121. BH

    Bridgette H

    I loved this!! I can’t wait for my students to open it up at the end of the year!!

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    Julie Bowes 

    Such a cute beginning of the year activity. Thanks!

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    dedra W

    This was a lot of fun!

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    Mariah R

    My students loved this fun activity!

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    Tracey A

    This was perfect to do before the end of the school year. Super cute!

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    Becky B

    The students got so excited about this project!

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    Alexis S

    This is a great way to keep memories!!!

  128. WL


    Great printables & activities for benchmark goals!

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    The Happy Texas Teacher 

    Thank you!

  131. EC

    Elizabeth C

    Fantastic resource! Kids loved completing the activities and were excited about what would be the same and different when the time capsule is opened.

  132. EC

    Elizabeth C

    Fantastic resource! Kids loved completing the activities and were excited about what would be the same and different when the time capsule is opened.

  133. SW

    Sarah W

    Super Cute Activity!

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    melissa trato 

    One of my favorite!

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    Fairy Tales of a Classroom 

    Used for school time capsule activity.

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    Emilia M

    I really like this, I wish it was editable. This way I could translate it for my spanish speaking students.

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    Teensy Teacher 

    My fourth graders enjoyed this. Great resource!

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    Ashley K


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    Kiley D

    This was so much fun!!

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    rebecca B

    My students loved this,

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    Ms Cases Corner 


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    chantal A

    Fun beginning and end of year activity to show growth

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    Christin Senechal 

    It was great to have pre-made materials to do this project at the beginning of the year.

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    Gretchen F

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    Shareka H

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  153. TZ

    Tracy Z

    I thought this was a fun activity to do at the beginning of the year. I can’t wait for my grade 3’s to open them when they are older!

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    Jennie – First Grade Fantastic 

    My kids loved doing this as a new years activity!

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    melanie inzirillo 

    Great product, thank you!

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    Teaching with Heart Store 

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    This is a wonderful project. My kids did this with a sub and I can’t wait to try again in the Fall.

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    Respectfully Learning 

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    Monroe S P


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    Elizabeth Vineyard 

    This resource helped me be able to plan and give my students something fun to do during this time.

  161. BL

    Barb L

    I used this packet for my family group that has K-5th grade students. They all were able to use it and have fun while doing so!

  162. RK

    Ruth K

    The students are enjoying this project, but some are having difficulty simply because they are not used to doing so much on the iPads. I think, had we had more time to prepare for this distance learning, we could have practiced. and made sure students were comfortable with the process.

  163. LT

    Liz T

    We really enjoyed the variety of pages to add to a time capsule…very great activity and writing assignment for Coronavirus Quarantine

  164. NM

    Nicole M

    Thank you! This makes for a fun end of the year project!

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    Karrie B

    My students enjoyed the activities in this resource.

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    Unique in Utah 

    We loved to use these for distance activities!

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    michele halm 

    My kids don’t like it now but they will when they are older!

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    Shellie M

    This was a great resource. Exactly what I needed!

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    Tricia B

    Thank you for making things more engaging for my students and also for enhancing my teaching practices with more ease and excitement! Great job! 🙂

  170. GW

    Growing World Changers 

    Great resource! Adorable time capsule sheets that I included in their end of year time capsule. I can’t wait for them to open them on their graduation days. I know the students and parents will appreciate it.

  171. MH

    Meghan H

    Loved it! Super fun to use with my class.

  172. PB

    Primary Boutique 

    Love this resource that can be used for distance learning or normal learning! My kids enjoyed it, and it’s a great wrap-up activity.

  173. KP

    Kimberly P

    Great tool for distance learning.

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    Denise L

    We loved using this resource! A great way to recap the year!

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    Megan Blum 

    Great product

  176. KP

    Kristen P


  177. JB

    Jamie B

    Fun activity!

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    Kimberly W

    This was much better than the time capsules we’ve been using for the past 20 years! The students will have fun opening these in the spring.

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    Karleen Fulbright 

    Great Resource!

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    Daniel B

    Super resource for my daughter.

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    Ann Marie P

    Love, love, loved it! Very engaging and perfect for the begining of the school year.

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    Iryna B

    great resource!

  183. CS

    Celebration Station 

    This was especially great for the beginning of this year with everything going on in the world and it will be pretty cool to open them at the end of the year and see how much has changed (hopefully!)

  184. N


    A very good interactive and fun activity to do during the first week of school. Kids were engaged.

  185. CO

    Christine O’Reilly 

    It is a nice way to help the children look back on this craziness in the future.

  186. HC

    Heather C

    Fun way to start the beginning of the year for my kiddos. This hasn’t been easy for them, so this time capsule was a great way to record their feelings about a very unusual start of the new school year!

  187. AM

    Abigail M

    Fantastic time capsule resource – great graphics too!

  188. CH

    Christine H

    My students loved working on this during ESY. Thank you!

  189. KP

    kathleen P

    This was great to use the 1st week of school. They had so much fun!

  190. EE

    E’s Essentials 

    I always love doing these!

  191. CM

    Christy M

    Fun way to end the year.

  192. KJ

    Kourtney J

    My students loved this activity!! I unfortunately didn’t get to finish it because of Covid-19 shutting schools down but plan to use it with my 3rd graders this year! Fun to record these memories in a time capsule!

  193. HM

    Hannah Martin 

    This was such an engaging activity for my students!

  194. JT

    Jami T

    I love using this resource at the start of the year with my grade 6 students. It is a fun thing for them to look back on in the last week of school and they always get so much joy and excitement from doing so!

  195. JS

    jill schulman 

    I used this for remote learning. This was a good activity. I liked that it was made as a slide and I was able to take off the slides I did not want to use.

  196. MW

    Melissa W

    This is a fun ongoing writing activity for my 4th graders. We use it as an extra finished activity or when we have a few minutes to fill!

  197. KH

    Kathleen H

    Students used this at the end of last year to celebrate their learning experience during lock down. I will use this again this year even though we are in person this year.

  198. RR

    Rebecca Rodda 

    My Kiddos Loved this activity

  199. SS

    Spunky Second 

    love it

  200. SS

    Stephanie S

    Had to pick and choose for upper elementary but I love that it has options for younger or older grades.

  201. BW

    Britney W

    Great beginning/end of the year project!

  202. BM

    Bonnie M

    This is such a fun project! We are doing this in third grade at the end of the year and I will keep them until they leave to go to middle school! Love how the activity still gets them writing and being creative.

  203. KS

    Krissy’s Stuff 

    Great resource! No prep!

  204. WK

    Whitney K

    So cute! My students loved it and so did the parents!

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    Awesome resource!

  206. DA

    Donna Autet 

    Great end of the year activity!

  207. VM

    Veronica M

    We did this and the kids loved it. They enjoyed seeing what they wrote at the beginning of the year.

  208. LO

    Lauren O

    My students enjoyed doing this activity at the beginning of the school year. They LOVED looking back at this activity at the end of the year and it sparked a discussion on how they have grown and changed.

  209. C


    Using this again this year!

  210. JM

    Jessica Murray 

    Really excited about looking at this at the end of the year!

  211. KD

    Kyla D

    These worksheets will be fun to do at the beginning of the school year. 5 stars!

  212. NW

    Nicole W

    This resource is awesome!!

  213. R


    Great for end of year activity. I tell students to come back at the end of the next school year to pick up their time capsule. They have so much fun looking back.

  214. JP

    Joanna P

    Great event for the first week of school. So excited for them to use. Thanks.

  215. AD

    Amy D

    Lots of usable stuff within this resource.

  216. TT

    Tired Teacher Vibes 

    Fabulous getting to know you activity. Can’t wait to peek in them at the end of the year and compare our growth!

  217. ST

    Sharona T

    Good resource.

  218. NC

    Neryssa C

    Such a cute little first few days of school project! This has helped me get to know my students better and they are going to love opening their “time capsule” at the end of the year!

  219. HV

    Heather V

    This is a super fun packet, and it’s incredibly well done, thorough, detailed, etc, but I do think it gears a little older than I imagined. Probably that’s my fault not reading the description well enough, or thinking it would be okay even for my Kinders, but it’s definitely something the slightly older kids liked better. Excellent for 2nd or maybe 3rd on up (some can be used with the younger ones, though).

  220. TK

    Tammy K

    This is a fun activity for the students to accomplish. They enjoyed answering questions about themselves and adding it all to the time capsule. Great resource!

  221. BA

    Beth A

    This was a great end of the year activity. My students really enjoyed filling it out, and thinking about what they will want to look back on from the future!

  222. PS

    Pam S

    My students loved using this for morning work.

  223. CT

    Called to Fifth 

    LOVE this resource! Thanks!

  224. LR

    Lindsey R

    Great product

  225. JS

    Jocelyn Smerz 

    Very detailed BTS activity

  226. ES

    Eva S

    First day of school activity. The students loved it and can’t wait until the end of the year to read what they wrote.

  227. MB

    Mary B

    When I introduced this activity at the beginning of the school year, my students were super excited to do it.
    However, due to a bit of learning loss due to Covid, they kind of struggled with it, so therefore it was harder for them to complete (they have a hard time attempting to write/spell on their own). So we managed. But we are excited to compare our answers at the end of first grade! 🙂
    Thank you for the resource and I’m sure I’ll use it for future classes as well!

  228. JH

    Julie H

    This was awesome for the first week of school. Thanks!

  229. EC

    Erin C

    So fun to make time capsules for the end of the year! My students loved it!

  230. LR

    Lisa R

    My class enjoyed this! We are a K-8 school, so I may save them until the kids are 8th graders!

  231. MH

    Mrs Haas – Elementary Reading Resources 

    Good resource!

  232. SC

    Stephanie C

    My 3rd grade students loved this assignment.

  233. BD

    Brenda Dowd 

    We really loved creating our time capsules at the start of the year. I allowed students to bring something from home to put in their time capsules to give it more of an authentic feel.

  234. ST

    Suzanna T


  235. AH

    Aimee H

    These were a great way to quickly freshen up my beginning of the year get to know you activities.

  236. S2

    Smart 2 Heart Creations 

    Fun resource for a memory capsule. Thank you.

  237. RC

    Rachel C

    This is a fun activity for the students to complete. They enjoyed answering questions about themselves and adding it all to the time capsule. Great resource! 🙂 Thank you!

  238. JM

    Jessica M

    Super fun idea! Students love this.

  239. AM

    Alicia M

    I absolutely love this resource! Thanks for making my life easier!

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    Danielle B

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  304. LG

    Lisa G

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    Stacey Noland 

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  333. JH

    Jennifer H

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  351. T


    This was so much fun! I teach first grade and this is SUCH a cool thing for them. They will be Seniors in high school on 3/3/33. This was so fun and meaningful and led to some really awesome on the spot lessons for my class! AWESOME PRODUCT!

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  368. SE

    Sarah E

    I used this to make a time capsule for ‘Twos Day’ – I used some pages from here along with another purchase to make a time capsule to be opened on 3rd March 2033 or 3/3/33! We used shoe boxes for the pages we created. (I used this in an after school program and so have many different ages of children ~ and they all enjoyed different parts.)

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