Verb Tenses Worksheets and Anchor Charts for 3rd and 4th Grade


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Pages: 38 PDF pages + Google Slides


Verb Tenses Anchor Charts and Worksheets for Kids:

This verb tenses worksheets resource is for 3rd and 4th grade and includes NINE instructional pages (anchor charts) describing the following:

  • past tense verbs
  • present tense verbs
  • future tense verbs
  • irregular past tense verbs

This product includes TEN NO-PREP worksheets:

  • rewriting sentences to change verb tenses (4 pages)
  • rewriting newspaper article in the past tense (2 pages)
  • fill in the missing verbs on the tables (one mixed verb page and one irregular verb page)
  • two fill-in-the-blank worksheets that ask students to use present and past tense verbs (both pages are the same sentences, but students can choose different verbs on each page)


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 38 pages + Google Slides.

162 reviews for Verb Tenses Worksheets and Anchor Charts for 3rd and 4th Grade

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  1. LO

    Lynette O

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

  2. JD

    jennifer D

    Love this! Thank you!!!

  3. CS

    Candace S

    It was a great resource to challenge my higher level second graders!

  4. SB

    Susan B

    This was perfect! Just what I was looking for!! Did a great job.

  5. SM

    Sarabeth M

    This is awesome, Thank You!

  6. MG

    Michaeleen G

    This was just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  7. RR

    Randi R

    Great resource.

  8. TE

    Tracy Eddins 

    Terrific!! Thanks so much!!

  9. DC

    Debra C

    Great resource. thank you

  10. JA

    Jennifer A

    Thank You!!

  11. TM

    tricia moyer 


  12. SW

    Shelby W

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I love how each section gives the rules to follow for making a verb into each verb tense. Great worksheets!

  13. CS

    Cicely S

    I’ve been searching high and low for something that would give my son an explanation and practice in using verb tense! This is it!

  14. LS

    Lorene Shafer 

    Very helpful

  15. CB

    christina B

    great. Thanks!

  16. LW

    Lawren W

    These are so helpful!

  17. SA

    Silvia A

    They got it!

  18. KS

    Karen S

    So helpful to have the rules included!

  19. AM

    Alyssa M

    This is exactly what I needed for our i-time. It last us all week long!

  20. LP

    Laureen P

    Great resource. Thanks

  21. MD

    Mollie D

    Thank you! This was very helpful.

  22. PT

    patricia T

    thanks – so much to use here!

  23. DS

    debbie S


  24. LS

    Lori S

    Useful resource!

  25. CM

    Chenille M

    Very helpful with my ESL class! Thanks so much for this resource!

  26. RL

    Renee Lute 

    Great Product

  27. ED

    Emily D

    Wonderful resource to help support our interactive notebooks! Lots of great tools for my struggling students.

  28. SS

    Shelley S

    I love the reference sheets that students can then refer back to. Great for ELLs!

  29. MH

    Mr Hattals Classroom Resources 

    Loved using this with the kiddos!

  30. KP

    Kristen P

    This is perfect for my kiddos! Thank you!

  31. JR

    Julissa R


  32. DT

    Dianna T

    I love this! Great resource!

  33. KB

    Kimberly B

    Perfect for my middle school sped class.

  34. MM

    Morgan M

    Great review packet for my students after we learned about verb tenses! Thanks!

  35. KW

    Kat W

    Is designed in a way that captures a student’s attention.

  36. TF

    Teaching for the Kiddos 

    Thank you! Exactly what we needed for testing time 🙂

  37. JH

    Janelle H

    This was a really great resource! The anchor charts were very helpful for the students!

  38. RA

    Rebecca Anderson 

    Used in interactive notebooks with my ELL students!

  39. LL


    I enjoy using it in my class. Thank you so much!!!!

  40. MY

    Ms Young’s Teacher Toolbox 

    Great product! So easy to use! Thank you!

  41. CM

    Chelsea M

    Great resource!

  42. OO

    Oodles of Goodies 

    Thank you. 🙂

  43. RK

    Rachel K


  44. GL

    Gina L

    Easy to use!

  45. NL

    Nilda L

    Great resource!!!

  46. AB

    Alena B

    Awesome resource!

  47. AB

    Amanda B

    Great resource…my students loved it!

  48. GH

    Gina H

    Thank you

  49. EE

    Everything ESOL  

    Great anchor chart for self editing!

  50. LW

    Learn with Lock 

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  51. SM

    Sandra M

    Good resource

  52. LT

    Lacianne T

    Great for a review

  53. LS

    Lisamarie S

    Loved that the rules are included!!

  54. LS

    Lisa S

    Great simple activities to supplement our curriculum.

  55. LC

    Lucky Chlover Writing 

    Just what I needed to review verbs!

  56. AD

    A Day at a Time 

    So helpful! Thank you!

  57. PP

    Primary Pride 

    Great for guided practice!

  58. LW

    Lane Walton 

    great resource

  59. MM

    Miss Mackie’s Room 


  60. SC

    Shelby C

    Fun for students to use

  61. CK

    Caitlin K

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  62. AE

    Amy E

    Perfect resource!

  63. HT

    Harriet T

    Nice but VERY pricey for what I got

  64. AR

    Alexa R

    perfect for word study!

  65. HB

    Hollie B

    Good independent practice for my students.

  66. LL

    Lori L

    Thanks- really helped!

  67. ML

    Marlene L


  68. CH

    Colleen Haight 

    Thank you! It was just what I needed!

  69. GN

    Gregory Napoleon 

    Sweet Resource!

  70. FA

    Frederick A


  71. CM

    Coffee Mugs and Teacher Hugs 

    Great resource, thank you!

  72. WW

    Whitney W

    Great Resource

  73. AB

    Ann B 

    Great practice!

  74. CD

    Cindy D

    Loved it

  75. TC

    Tricia C

    This was a great review to help support my students.

  76. EK

    Elissa K

    Bought the bundle and didn’t realize already had this in cart. Printed the anchor charts and out in binger to use in groups with students.

  77. EI

    Elevating In Elementary 

    A great resource. Thank you!

  78. AF

    Amanda F

    Wonderful way to explain verb tenses during my live session. The kids love telling me how to complete the sentences.

  79. KD

    Kimberly D

    LOVED these. I printed them out and used them while teaching my kiddos virtually! Very helpful!

  80. CS

    Christina S

    Great resource for distance learning with my lower level students.

  81. LL

    Lisa L

    Great resource!

  82. JK

    Jacqueline K


  83. CL

    Crystal Lewis 

    This is an excellent resource. She really breaks down the verb tenses. The activities that accompany the lesson are excellent as well. I highly recommend it!

  84. KH

    Kelly H

    These sheets were nice for students to take home and use for home practice, with all the examples it was also easy for parents to reinforce the concepts at home. This is a scaffolded resources that easily teaches verb tenses. Great resource.

  85. JJ

    Jacqueline J

    Great resource for my ELL students who were able to refer to it when correctly their oral language.

  86. CW

    Courtney W

    This is great! My students enjoyed using this. Thank you!

  87. DJ

    Diane J

    Due to covid, my 3rd grade grandson hasn’t been able to return to school. Consequently, Grandma has gotten back into the saddle and I’m teaching him this year. I had noticed that due to missing about a third of last year when school shut down he needed to have some review and/or teaching of missed skills before moving on. I have found these anchor charts a great resource. He is developing a notebook of anchor charts that I can use with him to introduce or for review and then he has them available to look back on when writing. They have been very beneficial. Thank you!

  88. CB

    Carlton B


  89. RC

    Rebecca C

    Very good review for my students.

  90. MR

    Matthew Ritchey 

    This is simply the best for my students.

  91. LC

    Lee C


  92. DC

    Dawn C

    Used this for my kiddos and it was great.

  93. TB

    Traci B

    This is just what I needed for a comprehensive review for verbs. The students loved rewriting the article and I thought it was a wonderful activity instead of just another worksheet.

  94. JS

    Jill Stockton 

    This was a great resource to use in my online platform for teaching. The anchors were super helpful to my students, and the practice activities were very engaging.

  95. JM

    jane M


  96. MN

    Maukia N M

    I used this resource as a follow up activity to a lesson on verb tense.My students were able to complete after doing a couple with me. I like how there are different activities to help teach the concept.

  97. SB


    This has been a perfect review for my 5th graders who are behind

  98. KS

    Kennedy S

    Great resource! Thank you!

  99. BM

    Beverly Murtha 

    I love that this actually provides a way to teach the concepts and not just practice them.

  100. MM

    Miss MollieMac 

    I love this! Thank you so much for your great work!

  101. AG

    aracely G

    Great Resource!!!

  102. SH

    Sarah H

    Great resource for distance learning. My students were able to use this without difficulty.

  103. KM

    katherine M

    I used this with my in person and virtual students. It was an excellent resource for both!

  104. TL

    Tricia L

    Great resource added to my weekly stations.

  105. BH

    Be Happy 

    I love these anchor charts!

  106. LT

    Living the Dream in Kindergarten 

    very helpful resources especially while teaching virtually

  107. AD

    Andrea D

    Can be adapted for Google slides. Anchor charts are very useful.

  108. CT

    Claire T

    Great practice for my students for identifying and using the different verb tenses.

  109. CB

    Cecilia B

    Awesome thanks!

  110. LF

    Lori F


  111. SS

    Stacey S

    Great resource! looks great in my classroom!

  112. JS

    Jennifer S

    Great practice! Loved the online version as well. I was able to offer audio for my students who needed it.

  113. SM

    Stacy M

    My SPED students enjoyed this activity. It allowed each of them to work at their own pace as needed.

  114. TC

    Teresa C

    Students loved it, great resource to use being back in the classroom from distance learning. Thank you! 🙂

  115. BR

    Baylee R

    So great! Love all of her products!

  116. TS

    Teacher Shannon USA 

    Great resource!

  117. SM

    Sue M

    Verb tenses are one of the greatest challenges for English learners. This resource has become on of my “go to” favorites to use when teaching verb tenses to my ELs. Thank you!

  118. KT

    Kaitlyn T

    Great Resource!

  119. JF

    Julia F


  120. HH

    Hannah H

    This was great!

  121. AS

    Ashley S

    Great product!

  122. JM

    Jamie M

    This has been a great resource to work on verb tenses. I love the anchor charts.

  123. AG

    Ashley G

    This is a great resource!

  124. LR

    Ladonna R

    I was able to use this resource with the students in the ESY program. Having students in different grades was a bit worrisome but I was able to utilize it with all the students and they enjoyed working together in our zoom sessions. Thanks so very much.

  125. AE

    Astrid E

    Very useful!

  126. SM

    Shannon Murphy 

    Thank you for the great resource.

  127. KE

    Kelly E

    This resource was very helpful while teaching hybrid this past year. The students were engaged and did well. Thank you:-)

  128. AO

    Ariane O

    Very helpful!

  129. AH

    Adair H

    This was the perfect resource for teaching my students about verb tense!

  130. AO

    Andria O

    Easy to understand anchor charts that I can include with distance learning packets. Cute designs too!

  131. BB

    Brenda Buman 

    Extremely satisfied!

  132. LC

    Lily C

    Thank you!

  133. JB

    Julia Barkley 

    Excellent resource for my students! Thank you so much for sharing and LOVE the anchor charts!! 🙂

  134. MB

    Mrs B Kindergarten 

    I know anything I buy from Kirstins Kaboodle is going to be great. She is one of my go to sellers.

  135. LP

    Laura Pompa 

    Great Resource and lots of different activities for the students to do.

  136. MB

    marquis bradshaw 


  137. PE

    Pamela E

    Great resource

  138. MB

    Michelle B

    Thank you so much! These activities were a life-saver as we converted our whole grammar program to a digital platform.

  139. TT

    Teacher Tasia 

    This is a great resource to work on verb tenses.

  140. KP

    Kristen P


  141. KB

    Katherine Boll 

    Great resource to support learning!

  142. BB

    Busy Bee Learning Hive 

    I think the students would have enjoyed this lesson better if it were more interactive; however, this was still very useful. The anchor charts were used in my presentation and the “sheets” were converted digitally while we were back on NTI.

  143. GB

    Gillian B

    Love this resource!!

  144. IT

    In the Shade 

    Perfect resource! THANK YOU!

  145. LM


    Excellent resource! Thanks for sharing!

  146. DS

    Deep South Teaching 

    Love this resource! Thank you!

  147. MK

    MARY K C

    I used these with my speech therapy students who have trouble with irregular past tense verbs. I love the anchor sheets. They are especially nice printed in color! My only suggestion would be to add a visual/picture here or there. But overall excellent product!

  148. EG

    Emily G

    My students loved this resource.

  149. JK

    Jennifer K

    Great resource for review! Thanks!

  150. DB

    Danika Bauman 

    Our school teaches a very rigorous grammar and writing program. These worksheets are a great addition especially as a challenge for my higher 2nd graders.

  151. AB

    Alyssa B

    Awesome resource to use!

  152. LT

    Lauren T

    Great activity for my online students for understanding and using proper verb tense.

  153. EH

    Emily H

    My students loved this activity!

  154. MK

    Melissa Kennedy 

    Great resource

  155. JR

    Jacqueline R

    Very good resource.

  156. AF

    Ana F

    This resource was very easy to use and I loved it!

  157. IF

    Ivania Fullerton 

    This were a great review for my 3rd graders and even better with google classroom.

  158. SP

    Sarah P

    Great Resource!

  159. ME

    Miss Eschberger 

    Very well organized resource. Easy to use.

  160. GH

    Gari H

    This is a great resource

  161. SD

    Samantha D

    Good Activity for teaching Verb Tenses…

  162. EG

    Elaine G

    Thank you for a comprehensive set of activities to use.

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