Last Day Blues

As the school year winds down, teachers and students are experiencing various emotions. Some students are excited about summer vacation even though they will miss school. However, others are sad that the school year is ending because it has become a home-away-from-home. While teachers are thankful for a break, they will miss the classroom relationships as they prepare for a new group of students. Due to this, enjoying the last few weeks is essential. Honestly, one of the best ways to do this involves a fun book review for the last day blues and activities to keep the laughter and learning going! 


Last Day Blues Book Review

Author Julie Danneberg and Illustrator Judy Love created a hilarious story about the days before summer vacation begins. 

When students enter the classroom at the start of the year, they are often nervous and shy. As the days progress, they gain so much comfort and confidence. Therefore, students worry their teacher will miss their conversation and silliness once summer approaches. Hence, the class develops ways to ensure their teacher, Mrs. Hartwell, won’t be too sad. However, Mrs. Hartwell and other teachers create ways to ensure students always remember this year! Thus, each page contains the crazy antics of Mrs. Hartwell and her fantastic class. 


Activities for the Read Aloud Last Day Blues

Even though the year is coming to an end, it is essential to utilize every minute for learning and communicating. When students remain engaged until dismissal on the last day, the class is calmer and fewer behavior issues occur. Additionally, they will love seeing how much they have learned throughout the year.  Luckily, this book review and activities guide will help teachers plan the last month or two of school. 

Last Day Blues Activities Resource

This resource contains many incredible activities for students to complete with the story. Whether using the paper version or the digital version, students will love spending time with Mrs. Hartwell. This product includes discussion questions, a graphic organizer for feelings, and a favorite activity craftivity sphere. Furthermore, there are resources for teacher appreciation notes, a friendly letter, and a wish for the teacher activity. Honestly, this product ensures students utilize every minute of school with this fun book review and activities. 

Compare and Contrast

This book is the perfect way for students to practice making connections! For instance, students can compare and contrast how they feel about the last day of school to the characters in the story. Additionally, students can even compare and contrast how they felt at the start of the year to how they feel now. Best of all, this activity helps tie in social-emotional learning. 

Alphabet Memories

Students made incredible memories with their teacher and classmates over several months. However, students may not remember everything. Thus, a great reflection involves thinking about memories using the alphabet. Have students write down or explain a memory beginning with each letter. Provide students with a handout that has letters and boxes to write responses as a helpful tool. Students may work as a class, in small groups, or individually. It will be so rewarding for everyone to reflect on the year! 

Focus Sentences

There are many incredible thought-provoking sentences in Last Day Blues. Therefore, teachers can pull out their favorite sentences. Depending on the age, students can explain the meaning, provide an illustration, or identify figurative language. They can even identify different parts of speech, such as nouns and adjectives.

End of the Year Activities 

As students get ready to say goodbye to their home away from home, their attention span may struggle. Therefore, it takes creative planning to ensure students are still learning and focusing. Luckily, the Last Week of School Activities resource is the perfect way to create so much enjoyment in the final days together. There are many activities, including autographs, letter templates for the teacher and future students, summer scene puzzles, and summer glyphs. Additionally, there is a whole class reflection activity and flipbook for students to remember how incredible the year was. 

summer activity

It can be hard to plan for the end of the year. While some students look forward to summer, others are sad about not being at school. Additionally, teachers are excited about summer but will miss their class. Honestly, it is so hard to say goodbye to the classroom at the end of the academic year. Thankfully, this book review and activities guide provide an incredible book and list of activities to end the year. This list will allow students to reflect on the fantastic year while processing how they feel now that the year is ending. 

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