End of Year ABC Countdown to Summer Activities for Upper Grades


173 reviews

These fun and rigorous end-of-year ABC countdown activities for upper elementary grades are perfect for you if you want your students to stay engaged during the final FIVE WEEKS of school!

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ABC Countdown to Summer Activities for Upper Grades:

These fun and rigorous ABC countdown to summer activities for upper elementary grades are perfect for you if you want your students to stay engaged during the final FIVE WEEKS of school!

Every activity includes ALL the printables you’ll need to complete the activities.

Each day corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, so there are 26 interactive activities.

ONLY 3 activities require supplies above and beyond printing and copying. These supplies include glue, tape, string, scissors, toothpicks, and marshmallows (or play dough). The other 23 activities can be completed simply by printing and copying the pages in this product.

These are the alphabet activity topics by day:

A – Awesome Autobiographies
B – Bodacious Book Lists
C – Cootie Catcher Compliments
D – A Dozen Doodles
E – Epic Emblems
F – Farewell to the Faculty
G – Groovy Goal Globes
H – Hashtag High Fives
I – Interest Inventory Interviews
J – Just Joking!
K – Kindness Keepsakes
L – Lyrical Limericks
M – Most Magnificent Memories
N – Notable News
O – Opposing Opinions
P – Personality Poems
Q – Quick-n-Quirky Questions
R – Reliable Recipes
S – It’s a SIGN!
T – Toothpick Towers
U- Uniquely U!
V – Vivacious Vocabulary
W – Worthwhile Wishes
X- Autograph EXchange
Y – Year-in-Review
Z – Zoom Out Evaluation

Not only are these alphabet countdown activities engaging, they continue to address curriculum standards, including sequencing using a timeline, persuasive writing, note-taking, poetry, and more!

Each page is labeled with a letter in the bottom right corner for organization purposes. In addition, activities that require an explanation include a full page of tips and instructions for the teacher.

The planning guide (3 pages) at the beginning of the product also gives teachers a quick reference guide for printing tips (which pages can be copied back-to-back, for example) and allows teachers to schedule each activity.

You can combine some activities if you don’t have 26 days left in the school year! Many activities require at least an hour during the day, but some are shorter. Consider your class’s needs as you plan each activity and decide which days you can combine.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 86 pages + Google Slides™.

173 reviews for End of Year ABC Countdown to Summer Activities for Upper Grades

Based on 173 reviews
  1. MM

    Magical Muggle Learners 

    Can’t wait to use this with my class this year! Great idea! Thank you!

  2. EL

    Emilee L

    I can’t wait to use this!

  3. AG

    Arlene G

    This packet will certainly help my class stay engaged until the last day of school. Thank you for creating such an amazing and helpful product!

  4. KM

    Kelly M

    So excited to start using this in May. Great way to end the year! Thanks.

  5. TC

    tonya C

    Thank you for this activity list.

  6. CH

    Casandra H

    My class is loving the ABC countdown. They remember it from kindergarten and love that there is a upper grade version.

  7. JD

    Jennifer D

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing

  8. GH

    Gina H

    Thank you

  9. GB

    Gayle B T

    loved it

  10. AK

    Amanda K

    We love this in 3rd grade!

  11. MC


    Love this idea; great way to make it applicable to the upper elementary classoom

  12. AK

    Amanda K

    We love this in 3rd grade!

  13. TG

    Trulie Good 

    My class is loving this countdown! It’s been engaging and fun to review the year together in this way!

  14. MB

    Math Blossoms 

    I’ve been using this resource for these last couple of days and the kids have been loving it, as have I!

  15. ES

    Elizabeth S

    Everything was easy to do and students are enjoying the activities.

  16. DL

    Dianna Link 


  17. GF

    Ginger Frierson 

    wish i had bought sooner… next year I will be able to plan a bit better. Kiddos will love it!

  18. SC

    Sondra C

    This was great fun for the end of the year!

  19. EZ

    Emily Z

    This was a great end of the year activity! I let my students stop about 15 minutes early each day to complete one, and they loved that time.

  20. MT

    Myfwanway T

    A great year end activity!

  21. DE

    Dana E

    Great set of activities for some end of the year fun!

  22. RC

    Randy C

    These were fun to do the last month of school! Thank you!

  23. ES

    Ella Sulzer 

    This was a great selection of activities for the end of the year.

  24. ES

    Ella Sulzer 

    This was a great selection of activities for the end of the year.

  25. KV

    Karla V

    This was great in my classroom last year! My students really enjoyed the activities. Thank you!

  26. MK

    Madison K

    This was great for the end of the year! Thank you

  27. MG

    Michelle G

    My kids really enjoyed the activities.

  28. AB

    Amber B

    Kids loved these activities and it was a super-easy time filler for the end of year rush!

  29. H'

    Hedgie ‘n 3rd 

    Exactly what I was looking for to use in my class. Quality work. Thank you!!

  30. AK

    Andrea K


  31. JK

    Jennifer K

    Just what I needed to make the end of the year organized and fun! Thanks!

  32. SB

    Samantha B

    Great resource, can’t wait to use it with my class!

  33. JH

    Jenny Hartvigsen 

    My kids are having a BLAST! Thank you.

  34. MM

    MrsDTeaches Me 

    Starting this tomorrow!!!

  35. JW

    Jennifer W

    The primary grades in our school have always done that ABC countdown, and I wanted a way to include my third graders this year. I love that my students can still participate with meaningful/educational activities at their level using this resource.

  36. SH

    Stephanie Holbrook 

    My students have loved this so far!

  37. KN

    Kira Northup 

    I love that everything in this packet is so organized and ready to use!! 🙂

  38. LD

    Lauren D

    This is the most amazing end of year pack I’ve seen. I can’t wait to start using these once we finish testing. I even made a book for myself to do with the kids. So creative, engaging, and fun!

  39. JK

    Jami Kenny 

    Looking forward to counting down to summer with the class! This makes for great afternoon work

  40. M


    This is AMAZING! So glad I found this on Facebook and purchased for my 4th grade class! They are LOVING these activities!

  41. AP

    Amber P

    I love the fun easy prep ideas!

  42. TD

    Tava Dennis 

    Kristen’s Kaboodle doesn’t disappoint! It helps when continue to learn and stay engaged while the school year end. They have enjoyed putting these together.

  43. TP


    Thank you!

  44. EB

    Erin B

    I can’t wait to try this with my students! Thank you!

  45. AK

    Ashley K


  46. CD

    Crystal Dezember 

    These look great, can’t wait to use them!

  47. TK

    Tonieka Kokjer 

    This was a great find!

  48. JQ

    Jessica Q

    Love this activity packet! Perfect for my upper elementary students to complete.

  49. AH

    Amanda Hall 

    Great resource!

  50. PR

    Patricia R


  51. WB

    Wendy B

    We are having fun with these activities! Thanks!

  52. SW

    Samantha W

    Perfect activity to end the year!

  53. MS

    Maria S

    Thank you!!

  54. CD

    Carrie D

    My class loved this! Fun, mostly short, activities that kept the class engaged and talking. Liked that the countdown was letters not numbers. I think it kept the end of the “crazies” down to a minimum because the number of days left wasn’t so obvious, but it was still a countdown. When I needed a modification, the seller was quick to reply and make happen. I will use this every year!!!

  55. JS

    Jennifer Sartin 

    These were a lot of fun 🙂

  56. DM

    Deanna M

    Enjoyed it!

  57. L


    This was awesome! My kids LOVED it!!

  58. DS

    Darcie S

    Thanks! Excited to use in my classroom.

  59. AA

    Angela A

    I love doing the ABC countdown! Thanks for this addition.

  60. CC

    Carla C

    So creative and fun!

  61. LB

    Lauren B

    Students loved this resource!

  62. TH

    Tia H

    This was a lot of fun. I actually used the farewell letters to staff as a teacher appreciation week assignment. That lesson alone was worth the money I paid for this whole kit.

  63. NS

    Niki S

    This was great at the end of the year! The kids loved all the activities!

  64. TS

    Traci S

    Great activities! My students loved them!!

  65. AS

    Ashley S

    This was great to as add in activities to keep the kids engaged through the end of the school year!

  66. MT

    Misty T

    Great end of the year

  67. DW

    Danielle Williams 

    Great resource.

  68. RV

    Rebecca V

    My students had a lot of fun with these at the end of the year.

  69. SW

    STEM With A Passion 

    This was a great resource for my students at the end of the last school year! Thank you!

  70. AL

    Amanda L

    Love this! Our students couldn’t wait to see what each day brought!

  71. MS

    Megan S


  72. BB

    Beth B

    I only used some of these at the end of the year last year because I purchased it too late, but I will probably be using them all this year! Great resource to keep it interesting near the end of school!

  73. KW

    Karen W

    This was my first year in the upper grades since I started doing the ABC countdown. I was very happy to find these activities!!

  74. BB

    Brittney Bell 

    Ended my year with ease! Thanks!

  75. MP

    Marie P

    This is awesome. Thank you

  76. LB

    Lauren Berg 

    Fun product to end the school year with 🙂

  77. JK

    Jennifer K

    Love this

  78. CS

    Cortney S

    I absolutely loved doing this at the end of the yesr. The activities were low prep, according to all my students, and fun!

  79. CM

    Caroline M

    Awesome activity that my kids loved and a great way to end the year!

  80. LW

    Lindsie W

    Loved this! Students were always excited to see what the next day held.

  81. AT

    Angela T

    great product

  82. MM

    Melissa McCain 


  83. ME

    Melissa E

    Love the way this gets my students thinking!

  84. TL

    Tamson L

    Great resource for the end of the school year – my students loved it!

  85. ST

    Stephanie T

    Perfect for helping those older students get through the last weeks of school with some super fun activities, helped guide me in the right direction and keep students engaged with their minds on the summer

  86. AM

    Amy M


  87. SP

    Susan P

    I used some of this last year because I found it with 2 weeks left to go, can’t wait to do it all this year!

  88. EC

    Elizabeth C

    can’t wait to use it!!!

  89. LM

    Lindsay M

    Looks easy to us!

  90. KM

    Karen M

    Can’t wait to use this this year!

  91. BS

    Buffy S

    Engaging end of year activity

  92. KA

    Kisha A

    Great end of the year product.

  93. AH

    amber hogan 

    so fun.

  94. SP

    Sherry P

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to use this resource!

  95. AS

    Amanda S

    Great activities to help students have fun, reflect and share with each other over the last few weeks of school.

  96. KO

    Katherine O

    This count down is perfect for my fifth graders. We started today and I am so excited to continue. I also really like that this comes with teacher tips for implementing! Thank you!!

  97. SG

    Shelley G

    Excited to try something new!

  98. GF

    Garret F

    This is a great way to end the year

  99. CC

    Constantly Coaching 

    This is great! Thank you!

  100. RP

    Robyn Palmer 

    Very comprehensive and perfect for the end of the year! Thanks!

  101. JZ

    Julieanne Z

    Looking forward to using these with my scholars now that testing is done. This is an amazing packet.

  102. AC

    Angie Christensen 

    Love it!

  103. BL

    Beth L

    This is great. Thank you!

  104. KK

    Kim K

    Thank you for a great product!

  105. JT

    Julie T

    Great to incorporate with some of my other activities

  106. JN

    Jeannette N

    These were wonderful for the end of the year

  107. CR

    Christine Ross 

    Great for the end of the year!

  108. KJ

    Kristy J

    Awesome resource! Thanks for sharing!

  109. AP

    Aleece P

    Fun activities!!

  110. RO

    Rhonda Okazaki 

    Lots of activities to end our year on a fun, worthwhile note

  111. BS

    Brittany S

    Great end of the year activities!

  112. MJ

    Megan J

    loved this

  113. DS

    Debra S

    fun activities for the end of the year.

  114. TL

    Teaching Little Meteors 


  115. S


    These are a life saver. Thank you

  116. GA

    Gordon A

    Worked well with my Grade 7s. A great way to add flair at the end of the year and a great way to reflect too.

  117. IT

    Inside the Schoolhouse 


  118. SD

    sarah D

    We are loving this countdown! Thank you!

  119. AD

    Amanda DeJournett 

    This is perfect for what I needed. Thank you!

  120. KN

    Kerry N

    Fun activites!

  121. TD

    Taneya D

    This is amazing and I’m grateful for the easy to implement writing activities. I used this packet to supplement other ABC activities this year. Thank You!

  122. NR

    Nichole R

    Great Resource!

  123. SS

    Sarah’s School Supplies 

    This is going to make the end of the year so easy.

  124. JT

    Jess Taylor 

    My students really like using this resource and look forward to the next day!

  125. MR

    Michelle R

    This end of year packet is an amazing resource. I am starting my countdown tomorrow and can’t wait to see the fun my student’s have with it!

  126. NB

    Nakita B

    I will not be using this completely this year due to time constraints but will be using some pieces of it! I plan on using it next year when I have planned ahead a bit more now that I have this resource and am sure it will be loads of fun!

  127. EK

    Erin Kennedy 

    So helpful and appropriate for upper elementary!

  128. EC

    Erica C

    My students have loved having a letter each day to focus on as we countdown to the end of the school year. The activities are great as they do not take a lot of time and most of them do not use extra materials.

  129. SA

    Stephanie A

    Great resource!! Kids love it!!

  130. HS

    Heather S

    Love the variety of activities that are available to use! Easy to use and do!

  131. MW

    Magical World of Mrs Green 

    Didn’t end up using it because I found a Google Slide resource that worked better for my online students. Thanks anyway.

  132. MB

    Misty Brandow 

    My students have loved all these activities for the last 26 days of school. My favorite one was the Kindness one. What a great activity to uplift everyone. Thank you so much!

  133. HC

    Hayley C

    This is good to kind of switch things up and keep them fun at the end of the year!

  134. LB

    Liz B

    My students loved this resource! Thanks so much!

  135. RV

    Rachel Volkmann 

    Thanks for this great resource!

  136. MS

    Maggie S

    Very well done!

  137. MM

    Marisa M

    My 3rd graders loved this at the end of the year!

  138. SC

    Sarah C

    This A-Z countdown is wonderful! I appreciated that some are more academic based to finish the last 26 days strong!

  139. RS

    R S T

    Thank you for this great resource my students loved to do.

  140. SB

    Susan B

    I loved this resource. It gave us an interesting and fun way to count down the school year. It kept my students using their brains and imaginations. Can’t wait to use it again this year!

  141. CW

    Courtney W

    Such a fun and engaging way to end the year! I just wish I had found it sooner to enjoy all the days provided.

  142. DP

    Donna Prunotto 

    Good resource.

  143. AC

    Alicia C

    It was good but I wish there was a way to modify it because I didn’t like all of the activities.

  144. DM

    Danielle M

    This was such a fun way to countdown until the end of the school year. Thank you!!!

  145. JW

    Jennifer W

    Great resource

  146. SL

    She Leads With Sunshine 

    Great Resource- Thanks:)

  147. AR

    Amber R

    Great resource!!!

  148. SA

    Stephani Ann 

    SO much fun!!! Thank You

  149. MK

    Margaret Kruseman 

    Thank you!

  150. B


    We had a lot of fun using this resource during our last 26 days of 5th grade. It was a little challenging to engage every student, but those that did it had fun!

  151. DA

    DeShunta Adams 

    Thank you.

  152. EB

    Elizabeth Bandola 

    It is difficult to find fun and engaging count down activities for my students. When I found this, I was so excited to introduce a countdown for my 4th and 5th grade students. We had a blast doing the activities, especially when it came to activities that were more hands on.

  153. SA

    Smart and Simple in Second 

    I had to change a few items up but excellent resource to have a fun and meaningful last few days with my students!

  154. CC

    Clinard’s Creations 

    Great way to end the year!

  155. KB

    Kelli B

    A great way to countdown to the end of the school year. My students are always excited to see what the activity of the day is.

  156. FG

    Fifth Grade State of Mind 

    My students have loved these activities so far! We still have three weeks left of school which gives us plenty of time to complete the list of activities! I suggest buying and using this resource. Thank you!

  157. SC

    Sara C

    I think a sample page for each activity would be nice. This would allow the kids to have a sample to see other than myself filling it out. Otherwise, kids liked the variety of the activities each day.

  158. CG

    Callan G

    Filled with engaging activities for the end of the year! I especially enjoyed the STEM activity with the toothpicks and marshmallows!

  159. CL

    Cassandra L

    This was a lofty purchase. I thought I would have enough time the final days of school to enjoy them each day with the class but our time was always cut short. I did a pick and choose on some of the days for a quick exercise if time allowed. My favorite activities were the interviews, they included different questions then the typical.

  160. KH

    Kendra H

    Great way to help end the year.

  161. NG

    Neoshea Goering 

    A lot of fun! Thank you!

  162. HS

    Hope S

    My students loved this! It was exactly what I was looking for!

  163. MP

    Mandy P

    These were great activities for my students. I didn’t get to them all, but the ones we did do kept them thinking. Thank you!

  164. AR

    Amy Rodgers 

    Thank you for this resource. I was so happy to find something that was at a higher level for high achieving and gifted students.

  165. OB

    Olivia B

    I’ve used this for two years now–my students love it!

  166. DL

    Danielle L

    My students enjoy this so much!!

  167. LB

    Liz B in Grade 3 

    My students really enjoyed this

  168. SH

    Stephenie H

    Lots of things to pick from to keep the students engaged. You can pick and choose!

  169. DA

    Donna A

    Fun countdown activities to use with a variety of grade levels.

  170. RB

    Randi B

    This resource is much fun! My kids absolutely loved all the activities! It was great filler for the last days of school when everyone is just done. It was a great way to keep them engaged! I have changed grades and I’m excited to try it with my 2nd graders!

  171. VG

    Valerie G

    This is a great resource and my students really enjoyed it!

  172. GS

    Gingerbread SchoolroomMay 1, 2019


  173. TF

    Traci Fear

    I love this resource! The activities are perfect for my class this year, and have made the end of the year so exciting and fun!

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