Alliteration Activities: Anchor Charts, Task Cards, and Worksheets


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This alliteration task card and class book activity was created for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. It will give you everything you need to engage students in fun and meaningful poems, activities, and worksheets as a figurative language introduction or review.


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Pages: 44 PDF pages + Google Slides

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  • figurative-language-activities-anchor-charts

    Figurative Language Activities, Worksheets, Task Cards, and Anchor Charts BUNDLE

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Alliteration Task Cards and Anchor Charts Activities for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade:

This alliteration task card and class book activity was created for 3rd-6th grade. It will give you everything you need to engage students in fun and meaningful alliteration poems, activities, and worksheets.

This file includes the following alliteration components:

  • Two alliteration instructional sheets
  • 20 task cards with varying student requirements
  • A task card answer sheet
  • An acrostic poetry exercise
  • A tongue twister partner activity
  • A class book template for an alliteration picture book
  • Number poetry
  • Alliteration in common phrases


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 44 pages + Google Slides.

153 reviews for Alliteration Activities: Anchor Charts, Task Cards, and Worksheets

Based on 153 reviews
  1. Claire K

    Great resource! My students really loved coming up with their own alliteration sentences.

  2. The Speech Meadow 

    This has been very helpful. Thanks!

  3. Tara Pruitt 

    Wonderful activities! We had fun coming up with our own sentences. Some were hilarious. Thank you for your fantastic product!

  4. Brittany A

    great alliteration activity with a parts of speech review. This really made them think!

  5. Ashley R

    Cute, Cute, Cute! My students loved using this!

  6. Trisha Gray 

    This is another helpful mini lesson to add to my figurative language lessons.

  7. Kathy Weiss 

    Great idea for center or seat work! Thanks!

  8. Mary Anderson 

    Thank you!!!

  9. carli W

    I can so excited to use this with my class. Thank you

  10. Kyleigh Christiansen  

    Amazing adorable activities for alliteration. Love it.

  11. School-Crazed 

    This made nice center work! Thanks.

  12. Christina G

    I used this with a small group of high flyer 5th graders. They then taught it to the rest of the class. It is a well made, great resource.

  13. Angela C


  14. Stefanie M

    I’ve used other figurative language products from this seller, and this one is great too!

  15. Lori E

    Thanks for your hard work!

  16. Amber Shelley 

    My students had a ball with these activities! They absolutely love alliteration now! Thank you!

  17. Caitlin F


  18. Polka-Dotted Teacher 

    Using this in my stations rotation.

  19. Cheryl Dahl 


  20. Marian P

    Thank you! This is great.

  21. Stephanie S

    My students did this as a center, they enjoyed it and it really helped them remember the meaning of alliteration!

  22. Teaching Whatnots 

    These are fantastic!

  23. Jessica Hollenbach 

    The kids loved this activity. Thanks!

  24. In Sunshine and Rain Resources 

    Lots of great activities! Thanks so much 🙂

  25. Amber H

    I like this.

  26. chrissie B

    Looking forward to using this resource with my class 🙂

  27. Diana J

    Great Resource!

  28. Janet M

    Great resource.

  29. Amanda Blumhoefer 

    Great product

  30. Mara A


  31. Rebecca Misla 

    Overall, good resource for teaching alliteration.

  32. Rebecca Misla 

    Overall, good resource for teaching alliteration.

  33. Keri L


  34. Janie Gutzmann 

    Wow. Alliteration can be a tough topic. Thank you for making it easier.

  35. Melissa Terrano 

    Loved this packet! Fun and creative for the kids

  36. Shannon T


  37. Michelle C

    This activity was very well done.

  38. Margaret M

    Very helpful!

  39. Jodi A

    The students loved this!!

  40. Hayley T

    Great thanks

  41. Cassie W

    All of your figurative language resources are wonderful! Love using them! Thank you!

  42. Lindsey N

    Thank you! 🙂

  43. Jodi C

    Great job on these task cards!

  44. Kyung Jin S

    The kids loved this!! Thank you!

  45. Daisy Chain 

    Fantastic resource, very thorough! My students loved it!! Thanks so much!

  46. Michelline G

    The pages have helped students learn about alliteration more in depth.

  47. Monica S

    Fantastic resource.

  48. Jennifer R

    This is a fabulous resource, thank you!

  49. Heather N

    I love this!

  50. Risoli’s Reading Room 

    Although this is a great product, it was not what I really was looking for.

  51. Kimberly Childs 

    Loved it!

  52. Michele Slusher 


  53. Positively Posch in Fourth 

    Great addition to our figurative language unit! Thanks

  54. Julie L


  55. Kathleen R

    Great task cards! I use the whole set!

  56. Sharon C

    Such a fun way to get some extra practice on alliteration! Thank you!

  57. Virtual Glitter 

    Wonderful resource. Thanks!

  58. Elena C

    Great! Thanks!

  59. Ryheem B

    Love the resource!!!!

  60. Sarah Partyka 

    Love all of these task cards!

  61. Lisa R

    Thanks for these activities!

  62. Kathleen B

    Really enjoyed using this product to support student learning! The students gained a great deal from this product in a positive and meaningful fashion…

  63. A Latte Literacy 

    Loved this! My students were so engaged while doing this activity it was awesome 🙂

  64. scott S

    Great resource!!!

  65. Amanda G

    LOVE this….so much fun!

  66. cynthia M

    This was a wonderful resource for my classroom!! Loved it!

  67. Shelley S

    Great addition to our ELA program!

  68. Patrick Dougherty 

    Nice resource

  69. Renee W

    Great resource! Thank you!

  70. Mark L


  71. Christina Foster 

    Great, thanks!

  72. Sarayu M

    nice task cards!!

  73. Pamela M

    Another great figurative Language activity. Will be buying the similies and methaphors

  74. k n 

    Thank you! Great resource.

  75. Lindsey H

    We used this to today and it was a hit! Great differentiation for scaffolded thinking.

  76. Figuring It Out In Fourth 

    Great product to use with my students!

  77. Janet P

    My students loved the activity. Thank You!

  78. Kasey B

    An other great bundle!!!

  79. Krista Z

    Fun way to reinforce these skills…thank you!

  80. Virginia U

    Great tool!

  81. Maria M

    Good independent practice for kids during a figurative language unit.

  82. Berine’s Things 

    Perfect for my middle school Resource ELA class!

  83. Ginger Keith 

    Wonderful resource

  84. michael M

    Perfect for teaching !

  85. Hilary N

    My kids loved coming up with silly alliterations to fill your starters! Great product, thank you!!

  86. Donna O

    My students love alliteration. This was a great tool.

  87. samantha H


  88. samantha H


  89. Rebecca H


  90. Amber S

    Great resource!

  91. Lindsay T

    Great resource. Thank you

  92. Mia S

    great resource! thank you!

  93. Amanda C


  94. Rebecca B

    These are a great resource. I love reviewing with the task cards.

  95. Elly S

    Great resource! Thanks!

  96. Amy S

    so much enjoyment from these, and so much learning, too. Great Activity.

  97. Kylie K

    thank you

  98. Paige K

    These are brilliant to help my kids with alliteration. Well laid out resource. Thank you

  99. Heidi L

    very easy to use.

  100. Jessi S


  101. Heidi L

    very easy to use.

  102. Kathleen H

    Great resource! Thank you!

  103. Dana Sudhoff 

    Love it!

  104. Diana Chapman 

    Can’t wait to use with my students!

  105. Lyndsay L

    Great edition to my unit!

  106. Alicia S

    Love this product

  107. Amanda M


  108. Priscilla M

    My students used this resource as a review before their assessment and they rocked it! They also enjoyed using these task cards!

  109. katherine B

    My students love this resource! They had so much fun using the interactive online activity during our distance learning. It was a great review of alliteration.

  110. Marie M

    Great fun with this resource and easy to use.

  111. Deborah G

    Great resource to use with students!

  112. Despoina A

    This is great – thanks!

  113. Kimberly Ruiz 

    Fun way to teach this skill! Engaging!

  114. Kimberly Embry 

    The students enjoyed using this resource to learn about alliteration. Very easy to use with distance learning.

  115. Jane P

    Fantastic Resource

  116. Charity M

    My students loved these task cards!

  117. sandra S

    It was easy to use and convert to google slide presentation. I was also able to assign homework from this resource. I have also used the simile and metaphor resource and It was very accessible to my 5th grade ENL students

  118. Lyndsie Daines 


  119. Jennifer S

    I have enjoyed this entire bundle. I do some of the slides with the students and then assign the others. SUper easy to use and make copies of for the kids:)

  120. Allison Key 

    This was a great resource to use with my figurative language unit and students enjoyed the activities.

  121. Allyson J

    Good resource!

  122. Christine B

    It was fun to read the sentences that my students came up with!!

  123. Knitting Needles and Notebooks 

    Great resource…thank you!

  124. marla S

    Students enjoyed the activities.

  125. Katie Rafter 

    Great resource to use! I used this as a review for my students that are remote learners. Students enjoyed the work. Thank you so much for this!

  126. Lisa M


  127. Kelly C


  128. ashley B

    My students loved these resources. They made for great small group rotating experiences to consolidate students learning about alliteration

  129. Soaring in Fourth Grade 

    Thank you!

  130. Elaine M

    The students really had a lot of fun with this resource!

  131. Amy V

    Great resource to reinforce alliteration!

  132. Penny M

    Nice resource. Thank you.

  133. Noelle T

    This was a great way to start the students using alliteration. It was fun to hear the different versions of alliteration with the same starting words.

  134. Michelle B

    This was great to use during my poetry unit.

  135. Susan P

    Great resource

  136. Blair G

    I love to use this resource during remote learning. I break up the slides over the week to review skills.

  137. Melissa Franklin 


  138. Colleen F

    Fun resource for a fun topic!

  139. Christina S

    Great resource!

  140. Heidi L

    Great way for students to show their knowledge of alliteration! My students love being able to work and move around the room with task cards.

  141. Margaret S

    Very helpful in teaching figurative language!

  142. Shelley McAvoy 

    I was in desperate need of some help with using alliteration in writing as a technique to assist us with poetry. This resource was fun to use and easy for me to give feedback to my students. Our standards are different here in Canada so I can’t be specific using the above choices.

  143. Carolyn M


  144. Patience is a virtue 

    This resource was excellent to support the lesson that was given. My students were engaged in this, and they were excited to share their learning. Loved it! Thank you!

  145. Stephanie M

    This is a great resource!

  146. Brian H

    Excellent resource!

  147. Nerissa G

    Excellent resource- thank you!

  148. Trina Faulkner 

    A little too hard for 2nd graders but I love the set up and it is a great resource

  149. Emma C

    I thought it was a little expensive for what you get, but the resource overall was great!

  150. Goodwin G

    This was a great resource, thank you!

  151. Jodie E

    Great Resource

  152. Amy Royal 

    Excellent resource!!! Students enjoyed using the activities, lessons, and assessments.

  153. MissjclassroomOctober 24, 2020

    Fantastic product!

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