Gratitude Challenge for Students: Bulletin Board and Activities


110 reviews

This gratitude letter-writing challenge activity for students is perfect for any time of year but is particularly timely for Thanksgiving in November and/or any December holiday. It can be used for any grade level.

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Pages: 74 PDF pages + Google Slides

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Gratitude Challenge for Students: Letter-Writing Gratitude Activities

This gratitude challenge activity for students is perfect for any time of year but is particularly timely for Thanksgiving in November and/or any December holiday. It can be used for any grade level.

Grab this gratitude challenge with a gratitude journal in a money-saving bundle here:


Research shows that expressing gratitude has a positive effect on mood, peer relationships, and an overall higher quality of life. Gratitude ignites the parasympathetic nervous system, which leads to feelings of calmness. Expressing gratitude releases dopamine and serotonin, which also results in a more pleasurable state of mind.

This gratitude challenge file contains the following:

  • bulletin board letters that spell “GRATITUDE CHALLENGE” as well as letter to spell “RIP-N-RECOGNIZE” (these are optional for the bulletin board)
  • 20 RIP-N-RECOGNIZE Gratitude Challenge posters in full color and black and white
  • teacher tips
  • a gratitude challenge points page
  • letter writing templates

Ideas for classroom use:

  • Use these posters on a bulletin board, classroom display, counseling office, or common area in your school.
  • Set a goal for students to reach, but issue a “challenge” for students to go above and beyond the recommended goal. Each challenge (poster) is worth TWO points. Students get one point for writing the letter and an additional point for sending or delivering the letter/note. Some posters DO REQUIRE students to research an address. NOTE: The second point on any challenge CANNOT be earned until the letter is dropped off at the post office or delivered in person.
  • You will find a challenge sheet for students to keep track of their points. You can structure the challenge in whatever way works best for your class. You can ask students to RIP-N-RECOGNIZE as an early finisher activity, a bell ringer activity, a gratitude exercise in Social Studies, or as a writing activity during your ELA block.
  • You may choose NOT to use the points as an incentive and instead teach students that expressing gratitude is an inherently rewarding experience all by itself.
  • Each challenge sheet has enough space for five challenges. Simply offer copies of the same sheet for students who complete more than five letters/notes.
  • Students should rip ONE CHALLENGE AT A TIME. Their next challenge can’t be “ripped” until they finish the first challenge they chose. This will eliminate issues with students ripping too many challenges at a time, losing the little ripped notes, and “biting off more than they can chew”.
  • There are 20 challenge options for students. Some challenges might not work for some students. Honor and respect a student’s choice NOT to do challenges that don’t work for their life circumstances. For example, you might have students who don’t know any other family members outside their immediate home, students who are in a foster situation, or students who are homeless. Requiring students to complete ALL the challenges will surely put some students in a vulnerable position and that is not the goal of this activity.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 74 pages + Google Slides™.

110 reviews for Gratitude Challenge for Students: Bulletin Board and Activities

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  1. S


    Great resource! Can’t wait to use it with my students 🙂

  2. AL

    Ashley L

    Great Product! Was glad to snag it at 50% off. Thank you!

  3. JF

    Jennifer F

    Love this idea! Thanks

  4. SC

    Sarah C

    Very visual attractive on my bulletin board/

  5. DL

    Diana LaBrose 

    I love this idea! The students will be so excited! I love that there are 20 challenges. Thanks!

  6. JQ

    Jessica Q

    This is going to be perfect to build community and spread kindness and gradititude! Thank you!

  7. LM

    Lauree M

    I absolutely adore this resource! Such a great way to get kids to practice empathy and show kindness in action! Thank you!

  8. MC

    Mary C

    I put this in the teachers lounge on a bulletin board – very positive feedback!

  9. AE

    An Elementary Purpose 

    Loved it!

  10. VL

    Verna Lynn G

    Can’t wait to use this – thanks!!

  11. LR

    LISA R

    Great product!

  12. RM

    Rachel M

    Absolutely the best project for my kiddos for Advent. It was so wonderful to see how they recognized that not everyone gets the gratitude they deserve! Wonderfully done!!

  13. EE

    Elizabeth E

    Not only did my kids LOVE this, but the recipients of the letters thought it was a great idea!! Can’t wait to do it again year after year.

  14. FG

    Fourth Grade Flair 

    What a wonderful idea! Can’t wait to implement this!

  15. KH

    Kelly Hilgeman 


  16. VP

    Veronica P

    Several of my students really took to this and were super excited when I told them that I know soldiers and police officers to send their notes to!

  17. DK

    Danielle K

    Great resource to get kids thinking about being grateful for others.

  18. CL

    Caitlin L

    My students were very excited to write letters of gratitude. It helped with their friendly writing skills.

  19. NM

    Noelle Mauri 

    This is all set up to run off and implement in your classroom. My students are very excited about doing this challenge. This can be done any time of the year.

  20. NM

    Noelle Mauri 

    This is all set up to run off and implement in your classroom. My students are very excited about doing this challenge. This can be done any time of the year.

  21. KM

    Kristen McGonagle 

    Great resource. Thank you!

  22. MS

    Mary Smiley Tucker 

    I absolutely loved this activity… the kids got letter writing practice and made others feel great. I will use this again and again!!

  23. NS

    Nikki Savage 

    Did this as a Christmas challenge with my students, and they really loved it. Such a great way to teach the students about gratitude.

  24. CI

    Caitlin I

    This was such a meaningful activity to do right before the holidays started. My students walked away with a great understanding of what gratitude is. Thank you for such a great product!

  25. T5

    The 5th Grade Renegade 

    This was a very meaningful and much needed activity for my 5th graders! Thank you!

  26. JH


    Great Resource

  27. LD

    Lisa D

    Especially liked the letter writing portion. Another awesome resource created by you!

  28. AT

    A T

    I love using this product in my classroom.

  29. AL

    Amber L

    I applied this gratitude challenge to high school positivity week activity. The banner is beautiful and challenges can be aged up if necessary.

  30. M


    Can’t wait to see what happens!

  31. JP


    Great resource! Thank you!

  32. BK

    Barbara K

    I used this in December as part of a gratitude challenge during the holidays with my first to third graders. Made a bulletin board and put up the resources so that the students could select them and work on letters throughout the year. It is a great resource and my students are still writing letters of gratitude. Thank you!

  33. TM

    Tabetha M

    Awesome Resource!

  34. CC

    Chayale C

    Great resource to teach gratitude!

  35. CC

    Chayale C

    Great resource to teach gratitude!

  36. LW

    Liam W

    Very happy with this product. Really has helped to keep my students thinking about using gratitude inside and outside of the classroom. Looks fantastic in our room as well.

  37. HB

    Heidi B

    I absolutely LOVE this product and concept! We will be doing a board in November and I cannot wait for students to see it and use it!

  38. HS

    Heather S

    I love this!

  39. AR

    Amber R

    Love it!

  40. KS

    Kimberly Sullivan 

    We have been working on gratitiude as a strategy for when you feel stressed. This is going to be the perfect culmination to that!

  41. SM

    Shelley M

    So cute! Thanks

  42. SD

    Shelly D


  43. SB

    Sabrina Back 

    Used as part of a Thanksgiving bulletin board, and this resource made it super easy!

  44. LJ

    Lois J

    awesome resource–love the many options! Thank you for the great ideas!

  45. KW

    kristi washburn 

    These are a great way to have students help others and feel good about their helpfulness.

  46. BB

    Beth B

    Perfect for the month of November! I’m using this product in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving for center work and early finishers. Love it!

  47. DC

    Danielle Costa 

    The students (and adults) on my campus loved this! I posted it in the hallway and let the whole school participate!

  48. AE

    Akilah Ellison 

    It was a great resource for the month of November!

  49. AJ

    Adriana Jaurigue 

    It was so nice and easy to put up! Just print, cut, and staple! Thank you for a great resource.

  50. AM


    My class loves using these each week!

  51. HF

    Holly F

    I started this with my class and put the display up in the hallway. Then, the rest of my grade level wanted to participate, and it is now being done building wide! Spreading gratitude! Thank you !!

  52. CS

    Christina Siebert 

    What a great idea to keep the Christmas spirit alive! I can’t wait to do this with my class!

  53. AN

    Amanda N

    Amazing resource!

  54. NP

    Nichole P

    Great resource!

  55. KH

    Kara H

    Great resource. Thanks.

  56. CC

    Cynthia C

    I absolutely love this! We are focusing on positives in this and taking away from negativity. I love that while learning to write letters, my students can do some good around the school and at home and truly think about what others do for them.

  57. SW

    Samantha W

    Thank you!

  58. LJ

    Lynnette J

    This was a wonderful resource that we used during the holidays. My students absolutely loved doing this project.

  59. SR

    Stephanie R

    LOVE THIS! Used in my classroom and my middle school grades sunday school class

  60. JS

    Janice S

    Used school wide and it was a big hit Thank you!

  61. ST

    Sara T

    This looked great on my bulletin board for November. The kids and staff enjoyed the challenged. I had thank you notes available in the library to make it easy to send gratitude notes around the school. Thanks!

  62. CU

    carleen U

    I am currently using this and challenging my 6th graders to write one letter a week. They are enjoying it and I’m sure the recipients are as well. Great SEL!

  63. D


    Excellent resource!

  64. IA

    It’s a Little Known Fact 

    Colorful and fun addition to our gratitude challenge.

  65. EE

    Elizabeth E

    LOVED this!! Great for building character around the holidays and practicing letter writing skills.

  66. SH

    Stephanie H

    This is a beautiful resource to help kids practice gratitude. Well done!!!

  67. MW

    Michelle W

    We wrote thank you cards with the prompts and touched so many hearts

  68. HC

    Holly Cline 

    Where do I begin? I love the colorful display! It looked so good against my black bulletin board. The students LOVE choosing and completing the activities. I used it prior to Thanksgiving to focus on gratitude. Our district teaches growth mindset, so this complimented our putting those into practice! Great resource!! Easy and beautiful – got it all set up in a matter of hours.

  69. LH

    Laurie H

    This is great and very practical to include in our routine.

  70. SM

    Stephanie M

    Cute bulletin board. I tried challenging my students to do the letter writing during Nov/Dec time period. I just need to push it out and engage the teachers a little better next time I put it up.

  71. MS

    Melanie S

    Thank you

  72. RK

    Rebecca Klosterman 

    Came together and looked amazing

  73. AP

    Abbie P

    It is beautifully designed and great idea!

  74. MB

    mary b M

    I use this product as extra credit bulletin board that went along with our schools theme. I have really enjoyed their letters and seeing the smiles on the faces of those to receive them.

  75. BT

    Brightminds Teaching Resources 

    My students enjoyed the gratitude challenge!

  76. BW

    Brenda W

    Very appealing display. The children liked the challenges and learned about being thankful!

  77. SP

    Sara P

    This was a great way to get the whole school involved! This was made into a bulletin board where most students pass. They were given the opportunity to write letters or notes to friends, teachers, family members, etc. What a great way to show some gratitude!

  78. GK

    Grace K

    Great way to engage students in conversations and acts of gratitude. It was easy prep and looked nice on display.

  79. MS

    Michelle S

    Each month we are going to focus on a different aspect of mindfulness and the first one is gratitude. This bulletin board was a great way to start our year. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

  80. MB

    Mary Beth C

    This was a great resource!

  81. RC

    Renee C

    Very interactive and engaging activity for students! Highly recommend this product!

  82. AR

    Amy Richmond 

    This is a great way to promote positive thinking towards others!

  83. JM

    Jessica M

    My daughter is a virtual learner, and sometimes struggles to see the good in each day. I am having her use this to focus on the good-and to remind all of us to be thankful.

  84. TS

    Taylor S

    Great resource that I can use with my students. We talk about gratitude lots in our classroom and this will go great with our talks.

  85. ML

    Mme L 

    This gratitude challenge was a great way to encourage everyone to write and also be grateful to everyone in our community, things that we often take for granted. They were SO eager to write their little notes and share appreciation to either that family member, mail courier person or teacher (so many examples to choose from). Thank you!

  86. AT

    Ashley T

    I used this during homeroom for our #ThankfulThursday activities for the month of November

  87. MB

    Melissa B


  88. TS

    Terra S

    What a great resource to show gratitude and kindness! It brought some great things to my classroom.

  89. WC

    Wilmsmeyer’s Classroom 

    While few students took this challenge on voluntarily, I did witness students take on the challenge I did not expect. It was a great motivator for gratitude and sparked many students to show kindness!

  90. VB

    Valarie B

    so engaging! thank you!

  91. M


    This is such a great resource! It was very well made and the students absolutely loved it. This kept their attention and that can be hard to do virtually:) Thank you so much for this!

  92. SH

    Stacey H

    I used this as a device free activity for the students to do over Thanksgiving.

  93. MC

    Morgan Chapman 

    Great resource for learning about the impact that students can have on the world around them!

  94. LR

    Lisa R

    The kids loved it! We use Google Classroom.

  95. AK

    Amanda Kennon 

    My students loved this…Great resource!

  96. EK

    Emily K

    just what I needed thank you!

  97. KC

    Kimberly Childs 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  98. LS

    Linda S

    My students are enjoying these!!

  99. RW

    Randi W

    Used on hallway bulletin board

  100. SA

    Stickies and Sharpies 

    Growth mindset has changed the atmosphere in my classroom! I am continually using these resources to teach the kids they can do anything they set their mind too! Such a great resource!

  101. BT

    Bluegrass Teacher 

    I used this activity as a challenge for the month on November. Students participated and enjoyed it.

  102. WV

    Wendy V

    Loved it

  103. MV

    Melanie V

    This was perfect fr my class last year! They were often taking everything they had for granted and they needed some perspective in their lives. This challenge was fun for them to complete, but also kept them focused on appreciating what they have and those around them.

  104. CR

    Curtisy Resource 

    Great Resource!

  105. JH

    Julie H

    Great resource…. can’t wait to use it again next year.

  106. JM

    Jessica M

    This was just what I was looking for.

  107. BJ

    Britni J


  108. JD

    Jessica Duthie 

    Awesome resource! My students loved it.

  109. DS

    Deana S

    This is a great resource to use this time of the year. It made a great bulletin board and it made my students reflect on their gratitude.

  110. SS

    Samantha S

    I love this resource! It is a great way to get students thinking positively about the people around them, and students/teachers/parents love receiving the thoughtful letters.

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