Growth Mindset Posters: Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids Bulletin Board Mirror Notes


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Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Posters: Positive Affirmations for Kids

Are you looking for a growth mindset bulletin board? Create a culture of success, perseverance, and motivation with these growth mindset affirmation posters, trading cards, and printables.

With a list of teacher suggestions for product use, you can utilize every page.

This file includes the following:

  • 22 full-color growth mindset affirmations posters
  • the same 22 posters in black and white
  • trading card-sized posters in full color (6 per page)
  • the same trading card-sized posters in black and white (6 per page)
  • two printable worksheets
  • 8 pages of bulletin board letters in rainbow colors that match the posters


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no-prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 117 pages + Google Slides™.

653 reviews for Growth Mindset Posters: Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids Bulletin Board Mirror Notes

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  1. DM

    Dolores M

    Good product for special need students.

  2. DM

    Dolores M

    Good product for special need students.

  3. JT

    Julie T

    Great posters! This is our book study and focus this year so these will be perfect for my room!

  4. DS

    Deborah Steurer 

    Thank you for sharing the posters!

  5. SI

    Sarah I

    I enlarged these amazing posters and will post a new one each week by the door as students come in.

  6. TB

    Teri B

    The posters are great!

  7. AL

    Anne L

    Great job! Thank you!

  8. KO

    Kimberly O

    Very in-depth! I like the color option!

  9. KW

    Kim W

    Can’t wait to use this in my classroom!

  10. JG

    Janet G

    We’re using the PBIS Behavior Management Program in our district, so this is perfect and fits in nicely. One of the strategies with the program is to teach the students how to give out affirmations and have them give 2 affirmations to anyone they may put down. This is perfect with introducing affirmations. And, I love the nice, bright colors!! Thank you.

  11. TK

    Tracey K

    love the growth mindset statements!

  12. KM

    Kristen Matherne 

    These posters are wonderful! I am excited to use them with my students!

  13. PI

    Patricia I

    Excellent, I love this!

  14. F4

    Flexing 4th  

    Great resource! Thanks!

  15. SB

    Shirley B

    Excellent Resource. I love the posters!

  16. AM

    Amy M

    Thanks for these amazing posters!

  17. JP

    Jenny Pancake 

    These are fantastic. Thank you so much!

  18. PM

    Primary Melting Pot 

    This is an amazing resource. I can’t wait to put it to use as my kids become familiar with the terms.

  19. DH

    Diane H

    This is an excellent resource!!

  20. LE

    Lilian Ericksen 


  21. KS

    Karen S

    I am really excited about these posters. I love the colors and the messages! I teach 2nd grade and my kids can’t read cursive. Is there any way you can or I can replace the cursive words with printed ones?

  22. AS

    Angelina Scull 

    We are learning to use growth mindsets to perservere through hard work. These colorful quotes help!

  23. NA

    Nilda Allen 

    Beautiful product! Cannot wait to use it!

  24. KW

    Katey W

    I can’t wait to use these with my students!

  25. MJ

    Melissa J

    Great resources that are ready to go!

  26. DF

    Dreama F

    Can’t wait to start using this!

  27. GM

    Groovy Math Moments 


  28. KA

    Kim Anketell 

    Fantastic lot lot of posters. Colourful. Attractive. Appropriate for classrooms. Great choice of mind growth quotes.

  29. HC

    Holly C

    Wonderful posters for my class. Thank you!

  30. RH

    Rhonda H

    Perfect for my classroom of 2nd graders to introduce Growth Mindset.

  31. CH

    Crystal Harris 

    I am absolutely loving this and am using it daily to talk about our affirmations. I am using it weekly with a new affirmation, although some stay up longer because we need to work on it more. Thank you for creating this!

  32. KE

    Kara E

    These are wonderful – got a great complement from my principal for my bulletin board!! THANK YOU!!!

  33. LH

    Laura Hobby 

    one of my favorite things ever from tpt

  34. VE

    Vickie Emanuel 

    So perfect to reinforce my growth mindset lessons and activities.

  35. JM

    Jessica McCarty 

    So colorful and inspiring! I like the small black and white tags. I’m sending them home with students to put on their refrigerator as a reminder and hoping parents will begin to act on them too.

  36. KM

    Kathrin M

    Great package, student friendly!!

  37. EI

    Everyday is a Learning Adventure 

    These posters have worked so well with my 7 year old perfectionist. He was so hard on himself when he didn’t get it “perfect” the first time. These posters help remind him that it’s all a learning process! Thank you!

  38. TC

    Tonya C

    Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

  39. RW

    Rita W

    Thank you for making my life easier!

  40. AD

    Andrea D

    These have been great for introducing Growth Mindset to my second graders. Thanks!

  41. SS

    Snazzy Science 

    Okay, so this is something my kids are really struggling with and I’m so excited to use it. In this packet, there are nomination cards. Students can nominate others to receive affirmation cards and they can also determine if they believe they should receive an affirmation card. They have to tell what affirmation and WHY. It really helps students to think of others and highlight positive things in the classroom.

    The affirmation cards can be built up to a reward. The class as a whole can decide the reward or the student with a card or certain number of cards can pick a prize from options. This can easily teach older students (grades 3 and up) responsibility if you make them keep up with the cards. Younger grades might just love having their name on a card posted on the wall.

    I love that this has big cards (8.5x11in) for a focus for the day/week/month (I’m using them for the month) and smaller ones. I plan to put the smaller ones (after they’ve been discussed and the month is over) around the current month’s focus. This idea is simply amazing and there is so much in this package! BUY IT. If you’re on the fence, this is worth the money!

    Note: BW are good for coloring pages, especially for younger grades.Show more

  42. DS

    Danielle S

    Love the posters! Will be posting more than one in my room.

  43. TD

    Tricia D

    This has been a great resource! One of my goals this year is to move my students from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. The posters and everything in the packet have been extremely helpful.

  44. MS

    mj S

    Perfect resource to use when implementing our school initiative of having a Growth Mindset!! Thanks so much!

  45. LH

    Laura H

    These are awesome! I just laminated them for my classroom. Thanks!

  46. MS

    Mary S

    Love this set…made a huge impact on the bulletin board!

  47. SN

    Stefanie N

    Love these and will use them in my classroom all the time.
    Just wish I had seen the non-cursive ones! Phhoey. Next sale…
    Thanks for doing all the work for me!

  48. JM

    Jo M

    Thank you so much….can’t wait to print.

  49. CS

    Cindy S

    I have your posters all over my classroom…LOVE them!

  50. KA

    Karen A

    “Growth Mindset” seems to be the key phrase this year. Thank you so much for these awesome posters!!!

  51. KC

    Krysten Case 

    These are great affirmations, and I love how bright and colorful they are. One suggestion I would make would be to replace the cursive font with another cute print. My 2nd graders have trouble reading cursive on their own.

  52. CU

    Celeste U

    Just started using Growth Mindset this year and this is a great addition. Thank you.

  53. SB

    Shelley B

    Perfect timing as we are working on our growth mindset 🙂

  54. KC

    Krysten Case 

    These are great affirmations, and I love how bright and colorful they are. One suggestion I would make would be to replace the cursive font with another cute print. My 2nd graders have trouble reading cursive on their own.

  55. SR

    Susan R

    These are a perfect addition to my classroom. After reading about Growth Mindset this summer I was determined to teach it to my kids and use the message all year long. I printed the messages and laminated so I could use them for years to come. Thank you!

  56. KT

    kristin T

    Great foundation to start the year! The posters are hanging up in my room with students handprints next to the affirmations they demonstrate. So much effort and positivity, love this!!!!!

  57. CM

    Candace Mikkelsen 

    Taught my students about Growth Mindset recently! I look forward to focusing and narrowing in on certain ones more specifically throughout time. Thanks!

  58. SH

    Shawn H J

    I am focusing on this with my class this year. It is great to show them the science on learning and the brain!

  59. HH

    Holly H

    I am sohappy with these growth mindset posters. I have had them laminated and am using each of them as a weekly focus and reminder for thinking forward. Great find!

  60. MC

    Megan C

    One of my absolute favorite purchases this year!

  61. JG

    Jill G

    I love this. I can really see where this might make a difference in my learning environment and how my students think.

  62. S


    Love this! I have a class with several very negative thinkers in it. This is very helpful to get them thinking more positively about their learning and their abilities.

  63. JB

    Jennifer Biggar 

    Awesome! Thank you!

  64. NM

    Naadia M

    Great product. Would also like to a copy of it when the cursive has been removed. My students love it.

  65. JG

    Jessica G

    I love these posters! It is so nice that I can change and focus on something different every week without having to do much thought besides looking what affirmation comes next.

  66. LC

    Lily C

    Thank you for creating this great resource!

  67. SL

    Sarah L

    I am excited to use this wonderful high quality product, as my school continues to move forward with Growth Mindset! Thank you.

  68. CS

    Chella S

    These are great for my third graders!

  69. BB

    Beckey B

    Thank you for all your hard work

  70. BK

    Barb K

    Making this for my 3rd grade grandson’s teacher as a Xmas present. I love it!

  71. KD

    Kate Downs 

    Great product!!!

  72. AM

    Angie M

    Great item

  73. TH

    Traci H

    These are great!! I get many compliments when other teachers see these posters in my room!

  74. NB

    Norika B

    Made a great bulletin board!

  75. CD

    Christine D

    My Class found this resource very useful

  76. VH

    Victoria H

    Great messages and addition to our curriculum. Perfect for bulletin boards as well as student binders.

  77. AW

    Amanda W

    Love this! Thank You!

  78. NG

    Nicole G

    Great resource. Can’t wait to use in my classroom!

  79. CJ

    Chenae J

    These posters are really helping me change mindsets!

  80. CC

    christina C

    Great Resource! Thanks

  81. HS

    Heather Scholfield 

    The kids love getting to have the little cards taped on their desks! Great reminder!

  82. NT

    Nicole T

    We love looking at these each week

  83. CH

    Clare H

    These are just what I have been looking for!!

  84. JV

    Jennifer V

    Love using these with my students

  85. EA

    Erine A

    Wow! Helps me be positive and helps my students remember a climate of kindness!

  86. CP

    Cynthia P

    Love the Mindset concept and these activities are awesome!

  87. MC

    Melissa C

    Great just what I was looking for.

  88. AM

    Amanda M

    I love this product! My room is brighter and it is nice to hear the kids use the phrases!!

  89. LH

    Lynda H

    Thanks, I love this resource!

  90. LH

    Lynda H

    Thanks, I love this resource!

  91. SW

    Swimming with the Rest of the School 

    I have been pushing Growth Mindset with my 4s. This package with all the affirmations was great! I have some of the ones we have talked about and practiced up in the room.

  92. LB

    Laurie B

    I am encouraging my students to have a growth mindset and these posters and cards have really helped. I send cards home with students and they love it! Thanks!

  93. NS

    Nancy S

    Great to use in my classroom since we are very Growth Mindset oriented! Thanks!

  94. SP

    Sara P

    Love this. It is a great resource!

  95. LP

    Linda P


  96. EC

    Elizabeth C

    Great growth mindset supplement!

  97. SC

    Susan C

    This is a great reminder to me and my students as we stretch our minds and grow with our learning!

  98. SG

    Second Grade Stories 

    I put up one of these each week and we refer to it all the time!

  99. AM

    Anne Marie G

    These posters will be a wonderful addition to my classroom!

  100. GH

    Gayle H

    These are just perfect for my students. They go right along with taking responsibility for our learning.

  101. EP

    Erika P

    Love these student affirmations! The layout is nice and the designs are so bright and colorful!

  102. AK

    Ashley Kerns 

    Love these for my classroom!

  103. JK

    Judy Krafft 


  104. JI

    Jeri I

    These are awesome!!!! Thank you!!!

  105. JB

    Jennifer B

    Great resource to use and display!

  106. MH

    Mrs Harts Happy Store 

    Super excited for this!

  107. DM

    Donna M

    I am very pleased with everything I purchased from your store! Thank you for creative, colorful, USEFUL resources!

  108. KA

    Kathleen A

    I like how colorful and complete the set is.

  109. EW

    Erika W

    Great way to inspire students! Thanks!

  110. HW

    Hayley W

    My class “chants” these every morning during our morning meeting. We do a different one each week. Thank you so much for this!

  111. TT

    Todd T

    Wonderful and colorful. Thanks.

  112. AH

    A Higgins 

    Great growth mindset resource 🙂

  113. MS

    Mama Stacey’s  

    These are great and I really appreciate the black and white pages so that my creative kiddos can color them.

  114. KC

    Kathy C

    Great resource. Saved me heaps of time!

  115. KC

    Kathy C

    Great resource. Saved me heaps of time!

  116. MJ

    Melissa Jackson 

    Thank you! I can’t wait to add these to my Growth Mindset Wall!

  117. CS

    Corrie S

    Great resource that has paired well with our MindUP curriculum!

  118. BW

    Beth W

    My students LOVE these! I have them ALLLLL around my room!

  119. KM

    Kathleen M

    my students love reading these every week!

  120. JC

    Judy C

    Thank you. Love these.

  121. AS

    Ayesha S

    So many options and extreme thoroughness!

  122. M


    This a great addition to the different growth mindset activities we’ve been implementing in my classroom. Each week I rotate the affirmation that’s displayed. Thanks!

  123. KL

    Kendra L

    I love the posters! 🙂

  124. ML

    Ms Lil 

    Excellent resource for Growth Mindset.

  125. AK

    Amy Knight 

    These are fabulous! I use them to take pictures of my kiddos to use on my weekly newsletter! The kids love to see themselves and the parents enjoy seeing their child’s spotlight on a success in class! Thanks!

  126. RC

    Rose C


  127. AC

    Amber C

    I’m so excited to use these in my classroom!

  128. KH

    kathleen H

    Great push for when we get back from break. Thanks!

  129. CS

    Christy S

    Colorful posters that are easy to read and visually appealing to my second graders. Love sharing growth mindset with them. Thanks for the tools to do so!

  130. JD

    Jennifer D

    I love these, thank you!

  131. KS

    kenya S


  132. RC

    Randi Cozad 

    This was the perfect addition to my Growth Mindset unit. Now I have a wonderful bulletin board and cards for resources. Thank you!

  133. AT

    Angela T


  134. GM

    Genevieve M

    I absolutely LOVE these!! Thank you so much.
    We use a different Growth Mindset poster every week and each child gets a small version to stick on there desks for the week.

  135. AP

    Andrea P

    Love the idea of daily, weekly, or monthly affirmations! I’m starting them this week!

  136. PS

    pamela S

    thankyou for this great product. Love your suggestions and looking forward to my student’s interactions with them. This is such a great area to work with

  137. JD

    Jessica David 

    Perfect for my Growth Mindset group!

  138. MN

    Mary N

    This product is very helpful

  139. NF

    No Frills in First 

    Great product to add to classroom displays.

  140. CT

    Carolyn T

    The class loves these colorful posters. Thanks!

  141. MW

    Maggie W

    So very cute!

  142. AC

    April C

    This is just what I was looking for -thank you!

  143. MC

    Ms C from Sydney 

    Cannot wait to print these out – growth mindset is going to huge in my classroom this year. I prefer yours than than others I have seen on here.

  144. AW

    Ashleigh W

    We’ve had a push for growth mindset in our school and I was looking for something that would allow me to have a mantra of the week! This product was perfect, thank you!

  145. ME

    Mary E S

    Love these! Thanks!

  146. RA

    Renee A

    I like being able to have the visual reminders of how we can change our mindset. The posters are colorful with great messages! Thanks

  147. ED

    Erin D

    With the focus on growth mindset in our district, these posters liven up my speech room! The wording is simple for kids of all ages, and I even used a few at home so my own kids can begin to understand the growth mindset!

  148. CH

    Carolyn H

    I am so excited to see a resource for building self esteem in students! Thank you!

  149. TJ

    Theresa Jones 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  150. AG

    Ashley G

    Perfect display for my growth mindset board. I love the variations of the affirmations and my students enjoy them!

  151. MS

    Monica S

    Bright, colourful, interesting – I love that there are individual cards that cna be laminated and used to reinforce behaviour

  152. AW

    Alisha W

    We discuss growth mind set with our students, this resource is perfect for this!

  153. JL

    Jennifer L

    These have been a great addition to my classroom. I use these with the students all the time. Thanks for sharing these.

  154. FC

    Fiona Connelly 

    Beautiful graphics and easy to give kids a quick boost on difficult days. Thanks!

  155. DM

    Denise M

    I love the colors- they are bright! Thank you for sharing your hard work.

  156. MA

    Megan A

    These are awesome! Thanks!

  157. JW

    Jana W

    I began January with these posters. Really helped with getting back into the swing of school and getting focused on the “I Can” attitude. Thanks.

  158. SG

    San G

    Great resource. Loved it!!

  159. SO

    Sarah Olson 

    Thanks for sharing!

  160. TA

    The Accidental Academic 

    I love, love, love these posters! Very good quality and definitely worth purchasing.

  161. GH

    Glenda Hancox 

    Love it, love it!

  162. CL

    Carolyn L

    This is a fabulous resource that helps develop student self-worth.

  163. DC

    Deanne C

    Love this great for growth mind set work

  164. JL

    Jane L

    Nice job!

  165. AL

    Ashley L

    This is a great support for Leader in Me!

  166. SH

    Stephanie H


  167. CL

    Catherine L

    Great Activities! Thank You!

  168. AS

    Amanda S

    I absolutely love these! I highlight one a week on my growth mindset board. Thank you!

  169. JB

    Jennifer B

    Great for reinforcing growth mindset with students!

  170. CL

    Christina L

    LOVE these posters. They are a perfect addition to any classroom.

  171. KP

    Karen P

    So bright & fresh! Thanks for these creative affirmations!

  172. KH

    Kris Haygood 

    I have loved these! We refer to them often!!

  173. SH

    Sharon H

    Great reminders for all of us!

  174. ME

    Melissa E

    My school is big into positive behavior so this fits right in. Thank you. ME

  175. TK

    The Kiwi Curriculum 

    These are wonderful, we focus on a different one each week, thank you very much!

  176. CH

    Cindra H

    Colorful and easy for the kids to understand.

  177. PS

    Paula Sides 

    These are currently all over my “brag tag” growth mindset bulletin board.

  178. CT

    Courtney T

    Great resource, thanks!

  179. BF

    Bernadette F


  180. MN

    Michelle N

    Look great in my room.

  181. MD

    Myrna D

    Started this a bit late but well worth it.

  182. LS

    Lisa Shields 

    This is a wonderful resource for teaching the Growth Mindset. Thank you!

  183. EB

    Elizabeth B

    These are great ! I copied them and hung them all over our school hallways! Thank you!!

  184. AQ

    Abby Q


  185. KA

    Kristen A

    They glued these in their notebooks!

  186. KD

    Karen D

    Love this work!

  187. KT

    krystal trevino 

    Perfect for my classroom!!

  188. JG

    Jennie G

    I have used this all year!

  189. JP

    JaTorra Patterson 

    What a great way to incorporate positive statements within my students’ thinking everyday.

  190. RB

    Rebecca B

    I love these affirmations, thanks!

  191. LB

    Linda B

    These are sweet, thank you!

  192. MM

    Melissa M

    I created a growth mindset board in the hallway for the whole school to see!

  193. LR

    Linda R

    Great resource to display in my classroom!

  194. DC

    Debbie Casburn 

    Love it. Thanks

  195. NC

    Nichole C

    Excellent product! Thank you so much!

  196. JG

    Jennifer G

    Excited to use this resource on my new bulletin board and as part of my Mindset Mondays!

  197. AW

    Amber Whitson 


  198. AN

    Allie N

    This has been so great to have up in my classroom this year! Thank you for making this.

  199. AP

    Anne P

    Love these posters! Great addition to the classroom!

  200. PM

    Powerful Math Minds 

    Students truly felt very special when they received the small notes. It was simple for me print and cut. Thank you!

  201. PM

    Powerful Math Minds 

    Students truly felt very special when they received the small notes. It was simple for me print and cut. Thank you!

  202. MH

    Miranda H

    Excellent. Such a time saver for me. I use it everyday!

  203. VH

    Victoria H

    My kids love these!! Thank you!!

  204. ML

    Monica L

    Great for my bulletin board outside the classroom. The whole school enjoyed them!

  205. ET

    Erinn T


  206. TK

    Teaching Kids Growth Mindset 

    Great time saver! I’m going to include these into an interactive notebook that we will use through out the year.

  207. AH

    Amanda H

    I love these!! I hang my weekly mindset right outside my door for my students to see as they come in.

  208. OH

    Olivia H

    Thank you!!!

  209. JH

    Jean H

    Love these.

  210. SQ

    Sugey Q

    I found it useful to promote positive environment in our class.

  211. AF

    Andrea F

    Love it – what a time saver!

  212. MC

    margaret C

    Your work is bright, colorful, and so positive! I can’t help but smile when I enter my room and see these hanging on the walls. Growth Mindset is a habit of mind!
    Thank you for your hard work!

  213. AH

    Amy H

    So helpful!

  214. RB

    Roberta B

    Bright, colorful, thought provoking! Love them in my classroom!!

  215. JV

    judy vizzini 

    these are great for my growth mindset wall!

  216. BH

    Brittany H

    Great resource for establishing a growth mindset culture.

  217. LJ

    Lynn J

    A great way to brighten up the room and spread the growth mindest!

  218. AM

    Adria M

    I used this all year and will do the same next year! Thank you!

  219. SC

    Susannah C

    I am excited to use this resource at the beginning of the school year!

  220. CS

    Cynthia S

    Can’t wait to use these this year!

  221. CB

    Christine B


  222. JC

    Justin C

    This product is amazing. I’m using it again next year!

  223. DM

    Dee M

    Wonderful! Students love these.

  224. TA

    Tracey A

    The best tags are a great idea!

  225. AL

    Ashley L

    These are amazing! Thank you.

  226. NP

    Nichole P

    Amazing resource! I can’t wait to use it during the upcoming school year!

  227. DL

    Dianne L

    I love the activities to help build a Growth Mindset!

  228. MG

    Megan Gurchiek 

    Very cute!

  229. MA

    Mary Ann W

    Loved these!! Thank you so much!!!

  230. LA

    Leigh Ahrendt 

    These look great in my room!

  231. JH

    Julie H

    LOVE this! Thanks!!

  232. MF

    Monica F

    Great addition to my unit!

  233. SF

    Sam F

    I can’t wait to use these posters with my third graders!
    Great Job and thanks for offering them to us!

  234. JL

    Jayde L

    So perfect!

  235. AT

    Allison T

    Love these colourful posters. They are already up in our Junior Secondary Department. Thank you.

  236. ST

    Stephanie Traverse 

    Thanks for doing this. Can’t wait to use it!

  237. SJ

    Shirley JF T

    Love these! I read them out loud as a book to the kids and then we focus on 1-2 each week and then post them in the classroom while the kids paste a ‘card’ in their interactive notebook. They then can go back during journal time and write about how one of these is helpful in real life. Love it!

  238. AB

    Amy B

    Great posters.

  239. BP

    Bethany P

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  360. VM


    I started the school year with an affirmation bulletin board that was a hit with other teachers and especially the counselors. I am using one affirmation a month since I have 2nd graders and I’m thinking I may switch to 2/month after winter break so they can be exposed to all of them.

  361. ST

    Shawnice T

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    Kelly D

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    Timothy L

    These are so helpful! I am a disabled Veteran who struggles with mental health. I printed off your affirmations and read them aloud at least once every day. As I face challenges and experience failure, I hear these words that you brought to life and I persevere. “I do not give up when I don’t succeed!” Because of how impactful this is for me, I came back to this site to purchase more copies to share with others. Thank you for being so helpful!

  432. LM

    Laurie M

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  445. LU

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    Teaching with an Aussie 

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  486. TW

    Teaching with an Aussie 

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    nancy gandy 

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    Sarah M

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    I love this resource! The design is so crisp and clean and goes perfectly with my classroom theme. This product kept my students engaged and saved me hours in planning and preparation. I highly recommend this!

  503. CA

    Christy A

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