Growth Mindset Bookmarks Positive Affirmations for Kids


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Growth Mindset Bookmarks for Kids:

These Positive Affirmations Bookmarks are perfect for any 2nd-6th grade classroom!

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset and fixed mindset? This growth mindset bookmarks file creates a culture of success, perseverance, and motivation.

This product contains the following:

  • 22 different bookmarks
  • Each bookmark comes in full-color and black-and-white
  • Four bookmarks per page

You can find growth mindset positive affirmations posters (using the same affirmations you see here):

You can use these bookmarks as incentives or you can provide them as a way for students to practice a positive mindset.

This PDF file contains 46 pages.


137 reviews for Growth Mindset Bookmarks Positive Affirmations for Kids

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  1. kevin warnimont 

    Love it! I can’t wait to use them.

  2. Debbie Lee 

    I love these bookmarks. I printed them out immediately and will begin giving them to students next week!


    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

  4. Hanne Skoeien 

    Perfect for my 6th graders.Thanks

  5. Roberta B


  6. Buyer

    Great way to remind students about Growth Mindset ideas!

  7. Vicki P

    I will be using Growth Mindset in my room this year. These will be a great addition.

  8. Johanna R

    So excited to use these!!

  9. Alice S

    Can’t wait to give these to my students. Thank you!

  10. Teacher MM

    These bookmarks will be a great addition to the unit I teach on growth mindsets. I like the black and white as the students can colour their own! Thank you!

  11. Gaye M

    Perfect! Thank you for the resource!

  12. Jackie H

    Excited about giving these to my kiddos at the beginning of the year.

  13. Elizabeth Allen 

    These are fantastic!

  14. Busy B’s Work 

    Great for the kids when reading!

  15. Michelle H

    Students love using these

  16. Kimberly O

    Love the crispness of the message presentation!

  17. Jena N

    Love it

  18. Susan Wagner 

    Thank you.

  19. Tammy B

    These are awesome!!

  20. Krista D

    Wonderful resource! Thank you 🙂

  21. WoobieJarCreations 

    These are great!

  22. Michelle V

    Fabulous everyday reminders to my students of growth mindset.

  23. Marcia P

    This makes my life so much easier! Thanks for a great product!

  24. Karen S

    Love these

  25. Anne G


  26. Alicia Espriella 

    This was such a great thing to have at the beginning of the year.

  27. Renee W

    Great for student prizes!

  28. jeanette C

    I love these bookmarks! They are a useful reminder to my students!

  29. Angela F

    I love the colorful positive affirmations and so do my students. Thank you!


    So cute!Thank you!

  31. maria S

    great resource!

  32. Jana S


  33. Deb M

    thank you

  34. Lauren H

    LOVE these!

  35. Jacquie M

    My students loved picking out the bookmarks after our lessons on growth mindset.

  36. Laura T

    Thank you very much for the wonderful bookmarks! Your work looks great!

  37. Rebecca G

    I printed these on card stock. From time to time, I write a personal note to a student on the back, laminate it and place it in a book a student is reading. THEY LOVE IT.

  38. Elizabeth M

    Can’t wait to use with my mentor group!

  39. Deborah S

    Love these!!!

  40. Ashley Aper 

    These are wonderful! Thank you!

  41. Tracey Sutton 

    I love these and so do my students.

  42. Jackie Roth 

    My students loved these!

  43. KReininga 

    Love these for our library!

  44. Liane D C R

    This makes for an awesome bulletin board once done with the lesson.

  45. Kristen C

    love, love, love these! There are different ones, so they dan taylored to each iidvidual chid and make the feel so proud of themseves! what a great idea
    Thank you
    krisen c

  46. Mary E S

    This was very helpful in my classroom as we try to move our kids in a direction of independence.

  47. Denise W

    I LOVE the bookmarks! Thank you so much!

  48. Jennifer D

    For anyone teaching mindset, these are super cute and a frequent reminder.

  49. Julie N

    Great product!

  50. Stephanie A

    good resource 🙂

  51. Tanith G

    These are great, and it is very useful to have the black and white as well as the colour.

  52. Texas Teacher Techniques 

    My kids loved these as rewards!

  53. Lisa H


  54. Melanie M

    These are so cute! They are in color and black and white so it works for everything you desire!

  55. Stephanie B

    These are perfect to use in my Growth Mindset room!

  56. Rebecca R

    I loved these! I actually laminated and taped them to their desk each week as a reminder! Then they could use it as a bookmark when I put the new one on!

  57. Neysa M

    I can’t wait to use these!

  58. Tessa W

    Very colorful and kid friendly. My students really liked the bookmarks.

  59. Lindsay P

    Amazing Product!!!

  60. Cynthia Carroll 

    The kids will always have a reference to help them.

  61. Sharon H

    Great resource! I plan to use these as rewards or incentives. I found them very attractive and loved the messages on them.

  62. Tania O

    I find that students are always needing a bookmark and these are the perfect addition to my Growth Mindset theme this year.

  63. Jaimielynn L

    Thank you! Your hard work is appreciated!

  64. Kaye G

    Great product! Can’t wait to use them in our library!

  65. Sarah A

    Can’t wait to use. I have a few students this year that really need this change in thinking.

  66. Nahil V

    Great resource! I plan on using these an incentives as well.

  67. Heidi G

    I love these bookmarks! I only wish that there were more variety on each page rather than multiple copies of the same bookmark on each page. I work in a resource room with only 12 students on my caseload, so I don’t need a lot of bookmarks at one time and it would be nice to have lots of different ones for them to choose from at once. I love the growth mindset theme for my students and these bookmarks will be great reminders for them every day!

  68. Heidi G

    I love these bookmarks! I only wish that there were more variety on each page rather than multiple copies of the same bookmark on each page. I work in a resource room with only 12 students on my caseload, so I don’t need a lot of bookmarks at one time and it would be nice to have lots of different ones for them to choose from at once. I love the growth mindset theme for my students and these bookmarks will be great reminders for them every day!

  69. TheFriendlyTeacher 

    Too colorful but useful.

  70. Heather S

    Perfect addition to our growth mindset lesson!

  71. Cynthia Slevin 

    Loved this! So clear and a great resource! Thank you!

  72. Anna H

    Awesome! Thank you.

  73. Suzanne Sharpe 

    I love this resource and the bookmarks are great! My students really like using them!

  74. Jessica W


  75. Flexing 4th  

    A fabulous resource! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  76. Beth S

    Thank you!

  77. Jamie Hoek 

    My kiddos love these

  78. Michelle Schor 

    Students love these book marks

  79. Jennifer M

    I love these!!!

  80. Lisa R

    Excellent resource, thank you!

  81. Victoria V

    My students love getting these bookmarks!

  82. Victoria V

    My students love getting these bookmarks!

  83. Susan H

    Beautiful work!

  84. Letce D

    Kids loved it! Super excited about them.

  85. Letce D

    Kids loved it! Super excited about them.

  86. Isabella B

    My kids loved these bookmarks! They were easy to use and practical!

  87. Wendy D 

    My students loved these!!!

  88. Courtney H

    My students really enjoyed these bookmarks.

  89. K Teach 

    We use these everyday in my classroom.

  90. Sue B

    I printed these on cardstock and gave them to my kiddos during our unit. They LOVED them.

  91. Michelle A


  92. Learning with Rose 

    Love Love Love! My Year 2 class had them on their desks and it kept them motivated and on track! Thank you

  93. Erica T

    Can’t wait to use these

  94. Trista S

    Well done!

  95. Kathleen F

    I can’t wait to share these bookmarks with my students!

  96. Amy B

    These bookmarks really brought smiles to my student’s faces! Thank you so much!

  97. Ms Tees Treasures 

    Thank you!!! Used these bookmarks as end of the year gifts for students.

  98. Patrice T

    I hand these out to all 500 of my students during my intro lesson. The students really like them!

  99. DEBBIE P

    These have been really helpful to my students and they enjoy coloring them as they like.

  100. Carmen Canalez 

    First year of using the growth mindset and my students are happy!!!!

  101. Ellen A

    A+ resource.

  102. Wendy L

    My second graders love these. We do affirmations for each other every week.

  103. Toshia Widener 


  104. Dawn P

    Students love these!

  105. Mama Stacey’s  

    My students loved working with these as we were studying the Brain and the Growth Mindset before schools were closed. Thank you!

  106. Katelyn M

    My students love using bookmarks! Great for rewards. Thanks!

  107. stacie M

    I used these bookmarks to send to my students in the spring. I thought they were motivational and were very positive thoughts.

  108. Playful Pursuits 

    These were so cute!

  109. nora J

    My students look forward to receiving the bookmarks from me. It motivates them to be the best that they can be. They put in their best in whatever they do ever since I recognize the effort that they put in. Thank you.

  110. Michelle M

    My students had a great time coloring these and working on mindfulness.

  111. Task Cards Galore and More 

    These book marks are a great tool for students to remember Growth Mindset. Each of our schools students received a book mark in the beginning of the school year. Their great.

  112. Ariane O

    These are so lovely (visually and emotionally lovely)!

  113. MsOReadsBooks 

    Pleasantly surprised at how popular these have been. Kids can really use the reminders!

  114. Cathy Nelson 

    So many options for printing! My students loved them. They reinforced what we had been working on in class. They printed off really nicely.

  115. Kelly B

    I love these bookmarks! Super cute and perfect to print out on cardstock or paper and laminate.

  116. Boilermaker 

    Awesome resource! Thank you!

  117. Megan W

    Great sayings, I used black and white copy so they personalized it- perfect for them to use while reading larger books.

  118. Kristen G

    great resource

  119. Amy W

    As my students become readers they really like receiving bookmarks and have liked the colorful ones in this set!

  120. Jennifer A

    Nice resource for reinforcing growth mindset daily.

  121. Rebecca Hull 

    These are terrific bookmarks that reinforce the concepts and thinking style of growth mindset.

  122. arianna O

    So many choices. These bookmarks are great for student who need a reminder to think positive.

  123. Tara R

    Super cute!!

  124. Daily Classroom  

    cute and positive bookmarks to have in class for students to use as reading.

  125. Brianna D

    Great Resource!

  126. Misty G

    Great resource for students to have on hand to remind them to have a growth mindset. Thanks

  127. Rebecca M

    Great way to remind the students of those growth mindset ideas!

  128. Mary Heller 

    These are great to give students as a gift or a reward. My students get so excited when receiving these. It really reinforces their growth mindset and overall positivity!

  129. Cheryl R

    We used this in a school wide growth activity. Worked well.

  130. Melissa O

    These are a great “treat” to give my students. We use them as a daily lesson and then they love to see which one they will get.

  131. Susan Lehner 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  132. Cassandra H

    Make a great Valentine’s day gift!

  133. Jennifer K

    Great tool for students to have and serve as a reminder. Thanks!

  134. Melissa G

    Great resource!

  135. Sarah H


  136. Amy Summers 


  137. Heather M

    I use these with Capturing Kids Heart.

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