Growth Mindset Privacy Office: Test-Taking Folder with Positive Affirmations


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Growth Mindset Privacy Folder for Test-Taking:

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? This privacy folder kit is a perfect way to encourage your students and to keep growth mindset concepts fresh in their minds.

What better way to encourage their strengths than by providing messages for them in the space where they work? Most classrooms utilize privacy folders, and these growth mindset folders allow your students to set goals and identify strengths and strategies when dealing with frustration or difficulty.

Each file contains the pages needed to create the privacy folders including:

  • Positive affirmations
  • Two pages of fill-in blanks for students to create goals and reflect on strengths
  • Several images congruent with growth mindset

The entire file is also available in black and white for printer friendliness.

PLEASE NOTE: This file is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!  File folders will NOT be sent to you via snail mail. You must provide your own file folders.

This PDF file includes 33 pages.

582 reviews for Growth Mindset Privacy Office: Test-Taking Folder with Positive Affirmations

Based on 582 reviews
  1. LJ

    Linda J

    THANK YOU! I am so looking forward in using this great visual and reminder for students this school year.

  2. PP

    Penny P

    My students are so excited about making their own privacy folders and this works great with our growth mindset theme.

  3. HH

    Heather Harrison 

    Students love their privacy folders during independent work and testing time.

  4. WM

    Whitney M

    This is a great looking product. My kids loved making them and now it is awesome to have them as resources. Thanks!

  5. KS

    Kristin S

    My kids loved making these and can’t wait to use them regularly!!

  6. BP

    Brandi P

    Thank you for the RSS

  7. LG

    Lynn G

    Looks good.

  8. KD

    Kim D

    Compliments writing station I currently use.

  9. JS

    Jennifer S

    The myths and facts were a hit!

  10. WR


    kids love them !!

  11. DC

    Dawniele C

    Great resource. Thanks.

  12. KH

    Kimberly H

    This looks great! Can’t wait to use it with my students.

  13. SZ

    Shea Z

    My kids loved making these folders!

  14. PP

    Primary Prep 

    I love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. BW

    Brenda W

    The kiddoes are in love with these-they take everything so seriously when we put up our offices!

  16. KW

    Kimberly W

    Such a great way to help kids stay focused and not use privacy folders to doodle on.

  17. RF

    Rachel F

    I have used other “offices” before and LOVE these too!

  18. MJ

    Molly J

    Can’t wait to make and use these. Thanks

  19. DJ

    Deb J

    We are using this with half of a project board for privacy during tests and whenever students need it.

  20. HH

    Hilarie H

    Great addition to our Growth Mindset focus this year! Love the pictures!

  21. MS

    Mama Stacey’s  

    We are going to start this right after Mid-Winter break in order to reaffirm the Growth Mindset. Thank you!

  22. CM

    Catherine Mlodzik 


  23. JL

    Jenna L

    My kiddos loved this project and I refer back to it all the time!

  24. JA

    Jenna A

    I am very excited to use this in my classroom! Thanks 🙂

  25. SD

    Simone D


  26. FI

    Fun in Teaching 

    These are fantastic! I love the growth mindset concept!

  27. AD

    Amy D

    Looking forward to putting these together for my students.

  28. SJ

    Sandra J


  29. PW

    Paula W

    Great idea! Very useful!!

  30. AC

    April C

    This is an excellent activity. Thank you for taking the time to make it.

  31. LF

    Lisa F

    Creative idea! I love it! 🙂

  32. SH

    Sally H

    An invaluable resource to help today’s student understand how to be an overcomer when challenges and tasks appear insurmountable. This provides so much positive language to use in our class room conversations that it is changing students’ mindsets about learning new concepts. Thank you!!

  33. LW

    Laura W

    These turned out beautifully and the students enjoyed making and using them!

  34. SH

    Sarah H


  35. JN

    Jena N

    Love the resource!

  36. M


    Can’t wait to use this with my kids next school year

  37. CG

    Cassie G

    Just what I was looking for, thanks!

  38. DO

    Darlene O

    Great !!!

  39. NP

    Nichole P

    Amazing resource! I can’t wait to use it during the upcoming school year!

  40. BP

    Beth P

    Can’t wait to use this as a reminder for students when working or taking tests.

  41. MD

    Michelle D

    Thanks this will be so helpful!

  42. KF

    Karisa F

    I love this! This will be a first week activity for the kids.

  43. EM

    Erin M

    I look forward to using this!

  44. RW

    Rockin’ with Books 

    This is wonderful! Can’t wait to incorporate this in my class this fall!

  45. SB

    Suzette Baeza 

    We made these just before testing last year!

  46. MW

    Marie W

    Thanks this is such an important focus of education

  47. MP

    MaryEllen P

    Absolutelt Adorable!! Love it!! So creative…
    Thank YOU!!

  48. CR

    Cessie R

    This is a great resource! I am looking forward to using it with my students.

  49. LY

    Leigh Y

    Great resources

  50. LY

    Leigh Y

    Great resources

  51. KH

    Kara H

    Excited to make in my classroom this year!

  52. KD

    Kathleen D

    Love this! Thank you!

  53. AD

    Alyssa D

    I know the kids will love these!

  54. DM

    Dacia M

    Awesome !

  55. KA

    Kathryn A

    we made a few for our quiet zone seats

  56. TT

    The TechieGuru 

    Love this. Can’t wait to use this!

  57. KM

    Kay M

    So bright and inviting. I look forward to using it this year.

  58. JR

    Johanna R

    I’m ready to assemble these and put them to use right away!

  59. KA

    Kerrie Ann D

    I’m looking forward to trying this in the upcoming school year!

  60. MP

    Melinda P

    Love this product. Thanks for sharing!

  61. TF

    Tori Fenton 

    so fun to jazz up my privacy folders

  62. DM

    Dayna M

    My students enjoyed creating their own office. They loved all the options. They chose the messages that ‘spoke’ to them.

  63. CJ

    carole J

    Worked great for my privacy screens

  64. CT

    Cyndi T

    I love the possibilities with this product. I can combine this with some other resources for Growth Mindset I have gathered over the years and create some really cool “privacy folders” (which I call “Cheater Beaters”.) My kids love using these–particularly during tests.

  65. AJ

    Amber J

    This is awesome! I cut and laminated my pieces so that they will be more durable for the years to come!

  66. BM

    Bobbie M

    I am very excited to use this in class. I love that I have the option of color or black and white. Thanks.

  67. JS

    Julie S

    Great Idea. Love this!

  68. CM

    Caroline M

    Can’t wait for my students to make their privacy folders!

  69. JP

    Joy P

    I love this! Thank you!

  70. CC

    Coral C

    Love these! I too, wish the power of “yet” was included, but can easily see how to add it.

  71. VS

    Veronica S

    Can’t wait to use this next week.

  72. TE

    Tammie E

    I LOVE these. The only think I wish was in there was the power of yet! I will add it in somehow. LOVE it!!! Thanks!

  73. EM

    Emily M

    Thank you!! 🙂

  74. TC

    Tiana Crute 

    I haven’t used this yet, but I am very excited to use this year! Thank you.

  75. SA

    Stephanie A

    Great stuff!

  76. AM

    Amy M


  77. JM

    Jamie M

    I love the idea of the student personalizing their own privacy folder. Ownership is very powerful motivation.

  78. MS

    Marion S

    Can wait to make and use it. Thank you.

  79. KP

    Kristy P

    used this for one of my first days of school activites.

  80. TW

    Teach with Lindsie 

    This is such a great visual for the students to have handy at their desk as a great reminder to have a positive mindset throughout the year.

  81. KR

    Kara R

    Yay!! Love this

  82. KB

    Kristi B


  83. CM

    corine M


  84. KR

    Kara R

    Yay!! Love this

  85. KH

    kelcey H

    Love these! We are making these this week!

  86. WP

    wendy perez 


  87. DB

    Debbie B

    Can’t wait to try it.

  88. DC

    Danielle C

    This is going to be perfect for my students!

  89. JT

    Janet T

    So excited to use this with my 4th graders! Great idea, everything you need is included, and I love the student response pages.

  90. CF

    Christopher F

    So many choices

  91. JB

    Jennifer B

    I can’t wait to use this in my classroom this fall!

  92. SH

    Sarah H

    Thanks for this!

  93. BT

    Brittany T

    This is something I am going to love making with my classroom each year. What a meaningful reminder of growth mindset when using for privacy in the classroom.

  94. EA

    Elizabeth A

    I think it being surrounding with these messages will have a positive impact on my students!

  95. SM

    stephanie M


  96. BV

    Brett V

    loved it!

  97. JV

    Janneth V

    This is a great idea. I do not regret buying this product, and I can’t wait to begin making privacy folders with my students!

  98. CS

    Caroline S

    I’m so excited to create these in my classroom!

  99. LD

    Lindsey Downing 

    Can’t wait to start building these on Monday!

  100. MS

    Michelle S

    Love the goal setting and questions.

  101. EP

    Elizabeth Powell 

    Looking forward to using this!

  102. SA

    Stop Accommodate and Listen 


  103. ST

    Stacy T

    My kids are really enjoying making these. I love the fact that it feeds positivity to them while they are taking tests, working, etc.

  104. KO

    Katherine O

    I love these! My students have been working on these for the first week of school. I love that each student puts their own touch on their folders. Thank you!

  105. JT

    Julie Tarsio 

    I have been looking for something like this! Thank you!

  106. MM

    Michelle McFadden 

    I’m looking forward to using this with my students!

  107. TM

    Tamara M

    I’m really looking forward to doing these once school starts

  108. RA

    Rachael A

    I’m using this for my homeschoolers. I love this product! It came out beautifully! I really liked the option of a color and and black/white print out. I am definitely going to laminate it so that we can use them all year long. Thanks!

  109. MM

    Melissa M

    These posters/reminder pictures are perfect for our Growth Mindset PBL unit! Thank you!

  110. DL

    Donna Larson 

    helpful in supporting our growth mindset goals in class

  111. DL

    Donna Larson 

    helpful in supporting our growth mindset goals in class

  112. RA

    Rebecca A

    Use as study shields!

  113. JC

    Jamie C

    I can’t wait to use these in my resource room for testing. These are great! Thank you!

  114. VH

    Valery H

    My kids loved making their privacy folders!

  115. WW

    Wendy’s Words 

    I have always used privacy folders in my classroom. These will encourage the growth mindset while working on activities.

  116. WW

    Wendy’s Words 

    I have always used privacy folders in my classroom. These will encourage the growth mindset while working on activities.

  117. KB

    Kelsey B

    When my students get discouraged during testing, these growth mindset folders are key to them not giving up!

  118. GM

    Growing Math Minds GMM 

    Love this resource!

  119. AB

    andrea B

    This is fantastic! My students love these!

  120. MA

    Magdalena A

    I used this resource to do a beginning of the year activity to reinforce the growth mindset with my students.

  121. MC

    Melissa C

    Awesome product!

  122. BJ

    Becky James 

    Very excited to use this resource in my classroom this year!

  123. YC

    Yvonne C

    I love that these growth mindset activities are something that can be displayed on the privacy testing folders and used continuously throughout the year. I cannot wait to start using these in my classroom.

  124. KL

    Karyn L

    Cannot wait to do these with my kids.

  125. CS

    Cynthia S

    These are a great reminder for the students to think about growth mindset while taking a test!

  126. RM

    Rayna M

    I can’t wait to use these in my classroom!

  127. E


    I love this product, thank you! I’m going to have the kids use it during assessments as their “dividers” between desks. 🙂

  128. SS

    Stacy Sikkema 

    My kids enjoyed making these and are so excited to have them to use throughout the year.

  129. KS

    Kristin Sherry 

    Used on existing privacy folders and they look great!

  130. NR

    Nycole R

    LOVE these! We use these for testing. I like that it provides students with positive affirmations as they are testing.

  131. DO

    Dawn Olson 

    I like this resource. I wanted to print some of the pages in black and white because access to the color printer here is a challenge, but the pages that I tried printing came out with huge streaks through them. I’m going to try again.

  132. LB

    Latrina B

    This activity helped with my 1st week of school lesson plans!

  133. SF

    Stephanie F

    LOVE this! My kids all have their own privacy office!!!

  134. LN

    Laura N

    Great start to the year!

  135. NW

    Nikki Walters 

    My students enjoyed making the folders. It’s a great reminder to work through their problems and keep trying.

  136. LE

    leah E

    Better than any book on any shelf- fun and useful and awesome- going to make this every year!

  137. JP

    Jennifer P

    I’ve enjoyed watching my students talk about their privacy folders.

  138. CA

    Carolyn Ann B

    This is a great visual reminder for students learning about Growth Mindset.

  139. IA

    Ilyce A

    Great resource! Thanks!

  140. TM

    Teaching Memoirs 

    My kids love these while taking tests and working on independent projects!

  141. JS

    Jamie Swenson 

    Really made a difference for my kiddos! Thank you!

  142. SF

    Syvena Fairbairn 

    This is an amazing product to use with teaching growth mindset. My students love their offices and I absolutely love the personalization of it!

  143. CW

    Cheryl W

    Students love these!

  144. DL

    Demitria L

    My students absolutely love that they have positive messages for themselves at their finger tips!

  145. WS

    Wanda Scott 

    This is an excellent resource that is truly helping my LD students who feel they will “never get it!” Thank you so much for creating this excellent reminder that they can learn.

  146. SM

    Surviving Middles in the Sunshine State 

    This is amazing and such positive reminders for the students!

  147. KC

    KMG Creative Teaching 

    This is amazing! My kiddos loved getting to personalize their folders and applying their knowledge of the brain to their folders.

  148. CM

    Christina M R

    My students loved making their folders!

  149. SM

    Sharla M

    These are amazing! My students love them and they get to take it with them to the next grade, where they can add to it. 🙂

  150. BB

    Brittany B

    I’ve gotten so many compliments on these privacy folders! The quotes really help my students stay positive! 🙂

  151. JJ

    Jennifer J

    I can’t wait to create these with my students. I love all the positive messages about growth mindset! Thanks for the awesome resource!

  152. MV

    McKenna V

    Many different things for the students to create with! Great way to motivate them!

  153. KB

    Kimberly B

    I have had to filter through to find what was most useful for my 2nd graders. Even though they are young, I want to begin setting these concepts into practice. Great resource.

  154. DC

    Denise C

    We loved making these the first week of school!

  155. JA

    Jonda Axthelm 

    My students love when we get to use our privacy folders. I love that they got to make them their own instead of just using basic cardboard! Thanks so much!

  156. TL

    Tracey Lake 

    I forgot I had this, but now I plan on the students making it this week!!

  157. AT

    Alexanderareese T

    I really enjoyed this

  158. PA

    Plant a Seed Watch it Grow 

    LOVE this! My kids really enjoyed putting them together!

  159. JK

    Jennifer K

    I’m going to add this information to the privacy shields I have already. Great resource.

  160. SM

    Shantal Masikewich 

    Fantastic resource. Student’s enjoyed every minute.

  161. KL

    Kate LaMonaca 

    I love this product, and so do my students!

  162. KS

    Kristie Summerfield 

    Working on our privacy folders today. Kids are excited!

  163. JS

    julie S

    Love that the students see these reminders every day! Thanks

  164. MB

    Margaret B

    wonderful classroom resource!

  165. JM

    Jessica M

    Awesome! Can’t wait to use these with my class!

  166. TE

    The Ed Tech Teacher 

    What a great idea!

  167. LW

    Lynda W

    Super Cute

  168. TF

    Terry Friis 

    #family discovery

  169. DG

    Dulce G

    I really like this product. The privacy folders help students focus 🙂

  170. NS

    Nicole S

    Students loved making their own privacy folder.

  171. GP

    Geri P

    My principal loved these….

  172. MS

    Melissa S

    Love this for privacy folders! What a great tool!

  173. MS

    Monique S

    Great product! Thank you!

  174. JR

    Jacqueline R

    Students love creating their own office space walls. This was a great closer to our Mind Set lessons.

  175. BB

    Bowman’s Book Bits 

    I love this! Thank you

  176. HD

    Hannah D

    I love this for our privacy folders. Gives them that extra confidence boost!

  177. SF

    sharon F

    this is great!!!!!

  178. LT

    Laura T

    My students are going to LOVE making and using their privacy offices! Thank you for such a great idea!

  179. MH

    Marilee H

    This is great! Thanks!!

  180. NK

    Nicole K

    Wonderful resource thank you!

  181. JL

    Jaclyn L

    Love carrying the growth mindset into their privacy folders during test taking as well.

  182. AW

    Amy Werly 

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  183. JT

    jennifer T

    My kids loved this!!

  184. MC

    Miss Collins Curriculum Corner 

    Just bought this product along with a bunch of other growth mindset products. I can’t wait to use this at the beginning of the year next year! Thanks for all your hard work!

  185. DE

    Dawn E

    Purchased this but have not used it yet, think it is time to pull it out for a mid year reminder.

  186. AA

    Angela A

    I can’t wait to get these made!

  187. RM

    Rubi M

    kiddos loved it!

  188. PS

    Pamela S

    Can’t wait to use this in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for all your hard work on this and for sharing this great product!

  189. DD

    Digging Deep to Soar Beyond the Text 

    I have Privacy folders with a nutrition message on the outside. I can’t wait to have my students decorate the inside with these amazing messages and goals.

  190. ER

    Elizabeth R

    Thank you for this great resource!

  191. CC

    Carly Clifford 


  192. CW

    Carla W

    My students love their privacy folders! Thanks for creating such a great product!

  193. SS

    seth S

    Great reminder after winter break to keep up the growth mindset!

  194. BG

    Brianna G

    I love this activity and my students did as well!!

  195. EB

    Erin B

    We love our Growth Mindset Privacy Folders! We use them every day!

  196. CC

    CC’s Cool School 

    Great resource! Thanks for sharing. I used this with my 4th grade students. It worked well.

  197. SB

    Stephanie B

    This is perfect! I can’t wait to use these in my classroom next year!

  198. TK

    The Krabbe Classroom 

    So much fun and great to use throughout the year!

  199. SO

    Stephanie O

    Great reminder for students!

  200. SB

    Shawna B

    I’m excited to use this next year!

  201. EI

    Especially in Elementary 

    A summer project! Thanks!

  202. LH

    LauraLee Huber 

    I use them everyday!

  203. KH

    Kris Haygood 

    My student loved these this year!

  204. BG

    Barbara G

    Can’t wait to use this next year! 🙂

  205. MG

    Minerva G

    I loved it. I would have preferred a different font, some words had capitals in the middle. That really bothers me! deterMiNatioN

  206. JW

    Janae Williams 

    Such an inspiration for my students! Thanks for the encouragement!

  207. SN

    S Nicole H

    I made these in color and they look amazing. Thank you!

  208. JA

    Jesse Atkinson 

    These took awhile to put together, but they worked great once they were all assembled.

  209. CW

    Christine W

    Great resource! It looks fantastic in color.

  210. WB

    Weenona B

    Great resource. Kids will love to put it together.

  211. MF

    Miss Fanning 

    I LOVE this. I let my students pick what they added to their folder so it was personalized to their needs. Such a good motivational tool during testing.

  212. FI

    Failure is Success in Progress 

    It took a lot of time and I don’t know how much it trasfered

  213. FI

    Failure is Success in Progress 

    It took a lot of time and I don’t know how much it trasfered

  214. AR

    Ann R

    Great resource for growth mindset.

  215. AB

    Amy B

    We loved making these.

  216. CN

    chris N

    Beginning of the year activity

  217. BM

    Barbara M

    Thanks for this resources.

  218. SB

    Stephanie Bessant 

    Can’t wait to use these with my grade 2s this year!

  219. JA

    Jennifer A

    Awesome resource!!

  220. BT

    Brooke Tunget 

    This is amazing!! I’m so excited to use this for my privacy folders this year!! Thank you!

  221. KB

    Katrina Baker 

    Love this! Can’t wait for the kiddos to be back at school and we can make these.

  222. SB

    Sarah B

    So excited to make these!! I love it!!!

  223. DB

    donna B

    awesome resource

  224. KC

    Karen C

    Can’t wait to make these!

  225. LB

    Lorraine B

    An excellent classroom resource.

  226. JO

    jana onyiriuka 

    I can’t wait to do this with my class! It’s perfect for my social emotional group.

  227. SI

    Sandra I

    Very motivating!

  228. MC

    Marci C

    Our whole school is doing growth mindset and I am excited to try these out this year. Thank you!

  229. PA

    Penny A

    Our class loved making these folders.

  230. CA

    Conner’s All Star Shop 


  231. CH

    Cristina H

    Great product! So many options that makes it appropriate for all grade levels.

  232. TW

    Taylor Welson 

    This will be perfect to go with our Growth Mindset we’re practicing this year!

  233. CM

    Cassandra M

    Thank you.

  234. CS

    Christina S

    I am excited to have my students make these. They will love them!

  235. MJ

    Melicia J

    I love this resource. It takes some time (multiple days) but worth it.

  236. KG

    Kaylee Gallagher 

    My students enjoyed making these!

  237. MA

    Ms Arredondo 

    I am looking forward to putting these together!

  238. VT

    Valena T

    Great thanks!

  239. AF

    Ashley Fernandez 

    AMAZING! Thank you so much 🙂

  240. JK

    Jessica Kelley 

    Love it to keep students positive during a test!

  241. AT

    Amy T

    I can’t wait to use this with my students.

  242. CS

    Cynthia Slevin 

    Loved this – so did my principal when she saw it! So clear and a great resource! Thank you!

  243. TH

    The Happy Apple Teacher  

    Love the graphics. As students finished their work they colored cut out and assembled their folders.

  244. TH

    The Happy Apple Teacher  

    Love the graphics. As students finished their work they colored cut out and assembled their folders.

  245. NB

    Nancy B

    Awesome product. The kids love these.

  246. LG

    Laura Guimond 

    All I can say is WOW!!!! What an excellent support for Growth Mindset and SEL learning! My scholars are so incredibly proud of their GM privacy offices and worked so hard to create goals and positive self talk as well as color the pieces and cut and decorate! I printed one out in color and set up a model for an example and you would have thought I was showing them a new special edition secret Fortnite skin!!

  247. AH

    Anna H

    Love these folders! We use them for testing and they fit perfectly around laptops for CBMs. My students love them. They are so encouraging. We use them every year. Thank you!

  248. LL

    Little Learners Activities 

    Loved making these with my students!

  249. PT

    Paula T

    I love growth mindset graphics – these are so bright and colorful, with great fonts and the students love them!

  250. JD

    Jessica D

    Great Product! My students loved it

  251. KO

    Kaci O

    These were helpful for a beginning of the year activity.

  252. EM

    Elaine M

    Works great for testing. Kids personalized with THEIR OWN goals and revisit them every testing period!

  253. LR

    Lisa R


  254. LM

    Laura M

    Loved this resource!

  255. IG

    Isabella G

    Love it and so do my students!

  256. EL

    Elizabeth L

    perfect for our privacy shields!

  257. JD

    Julie D

    Bright, colorful, and encouraging.

  258. JH

    Jamie Hoek 

    I love these

  259. SN

    sarah N

    A great resource to provide a privacy screen during evaluations. They really enjoyed completing this task.

  260. SP

    Stacey P

    Love the visuals.

  261. AR

    April R

    Love this resource

  262. KR

    Katie R

    Motivating and awesome for my kids who need reminders to live in the growth mindset!

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