Hyperbole Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets Activities


248 reviews

This hyperbole task cards activity includes engaging anchor charts with examples and worksheets for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. This activity is perfect as an introduction to figurative language or as a review for figures of speech in reading and writing.

Delivery Method: Instant Digital Download 

Pages: 38 PDF pages + Google Slides

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    Figurative Language Activities BUNDLE: Task Cards, Anchor Charts, Worksheets, and Bell Ringers

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    Figurative Language Activities, Worksheets, Task Cards, and Anchor Charts BUNDLE

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Hyperbole Activities: Task Cards, Anchor Charts and Worksheets

This hyperbole activity for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade is perfect for students who are learning figures of speech. You will find anchor charts with hyperbole exaples, task cards, and worksheets.

This file includes the following:

  • Four hyperbole instructional pages and examples
  • 36 task cards (students identify the hyperbole on 12 cards, finish hyperbole sentences on 12 cards, and create 12 hyperboles from regular sentences)
  • Three activity pages
  • Answer sheets
  • Answer keys where appropriate

Note: Many answers will vary because students are creating their own hyperboles.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 38 pages + Google Slides.

248 reviews for Hyperbole Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets Activities

Based on 248 reviews
  1. CK

    Claire K

    Great product! thanks.

  2. TR

    Tracy R

    Students enjoyed this. Great product, thank you!

  3. TS

    The Speech Meadow 

    Very well thought out. Thanks!

  4. S


    We had a great time with this activity! Thank you!

  5. MV

    Michele V

    The task cards are perfect for hanging around the room and letting the students walk around with a clipboard to complete. Thanks!

  6. KC

    Kyleigh Christiansen  

    I can’t wait to use these when I teach hyperboles on Monday!

  7. DT

    Donelle T

    Kids really enjoyed the task cards!

  8. SM

    Stefanie M

    Love this resource! Useful for small groups or partner activities.

  9. KL

    Kara L

    My 5th graders enjoyed playing Scoot with these task cards. Great resource for extra practice.

  10. SB

    Sherry B

    Very happy with this!

  11. KL

    Kate LaMonaca 

    So cute and useful!

  12. DN

    Denise N

    Love this product!

  13. NY

    Natalie Young 

    They were nice and colorful.

  14. CB

    Chantay B


  15. ES

    Evidane Slaughter 

    Great for centers!

  16. AJ

    Alexandria J

    Awesome. Thanks a mill

  17. JR

    Joy R

    great center

  18. SS

    Stephanie S

    Students loved doing this as a center!

  19. RC

    Rebecca C

    Great resource! Going to use this for an observation! Thank you!

  20. KT

    Knapp Time Tech-Knowledgy  

    Love this resource!! It is a must-have resource for reading. It is the independent practice I need for students to master skills. Beautiful, thorough and rigorous!!

  21. SB

    Sara B

    This was a great addition to our tall tale unit. Thanks!

  22. SD

    Sandra D

    Saved me lots of time and the students enjoyed these resources. Thanks

  23. M


    awesome activities thanks!

  24. MP

    Molly Peterson 


  25. EG

    Emily G

    Another great resource for figurative language!

  26. KL

    Kristy Luperon 

    LOVE IT 🙂

  27. JK

    Jennifer K

    Fun activity to reinforce hyperbole!

  28. MC

    Michelle C

    My kids had a blast!

  29. SL

    Simply Lovin’ It 

    Thank you.

  30. JW

    Jacquelyn W

    Great examples!

  31. CM

    Cortney M

    Fun resource

  32. DR

    Debra R

    Helpful for review!

  33. HH

    Hillary H

    Used all year long!

  34. EW

    Emily Walsh 

    Great resource – thanks!

  35. KG

    Kerri G

    Love this packet

  36. TS

    The Speech Zone 

    Worked great with my students. Thanks!

  37. DC

    Daisy Chain 

    This is a great resource, exactly what I was looking for! My students have loved completing the activities! I love the easy print & go aspect! Thanks!

  38. CB

    Colton B

    These are great!

  39. GS

    Ginger Schwab 

    Can’t wait to use with my students! Thank you!

  40. MF

    Maureen F


  41. LJ

    Loni Jackson 

    Excellent addition to my figurative language unit – thank you!

  42. JT

    Jayla Teel 

    This was a great activity to use during our figurative language unit.

  43. CH

    Chelsea H

    Perfect for homeschool

  44. AH

    Amy H

    Great! Thanks!

  45. CJ

    cari J

    Love it!!

  46. MR

    Monica Rogers 

    Great! Thanks so much!

  47. JC

    Jodi C

    Nicely created task cards! Thank you!

  48. JK


    Can’t wait to use this with my students!

  49. KG

    Kristen Griffiths 

    My kiddos enjoyed these as a review during center time!

  50. BB

    Brittney Bell 

    If you haven’t bought any, I recommend the bundle. Now I need the six I don’t have!

  51. MC

    Marsha C A

    Very helpful!

  52. MB

    Melina B

    Engaging and differentiated! Very helpful for all levels of students!

  53. DM

    Donna M

    I am very pleased with everything I purchased from your store! Thank you for creative, colorful, USEFUL resources!:)

  54. AP

    Amey P

    Great for my figurative language stations!

  55. JB

    Joyce B

    I bought many of your literary cards as they are a great review!

  56. JK

    Joanne Kapsaskis 

    Love this!

  57. AS

    Alexander S


  58. EB

    Elisa B

    great product thank you!

  59. KB

    Karen B

    Perfect for my fourth graders. Thank you!

  60. IK

    It’s Kristen’s Klassroom 

    love love love love love

  61. SB

    Stephanie B

    My students loved these!

  62. MP

    Morgan P

    This worked well in a small group!

  63. AD

    Andrea D

    I loved this and so did my 3rd graders! I will be using this year after year, thank you!

  64. JL

    Julie L

    Such fabulous resources! Kids love them.

  65. JB

    Jennifer B

    Just what I was looking for! Kids had fun with these! Thanks!

  66. TS

    Tara S

    I’m excited to use this station when we do tall tales next week and learn about exaggeration. 🙂

  67. LN

    Lizette N

    Great Resource. My kids enjoyed completing this during centers.

  68. AW

    Amanda W

    Loved this!!

  69. NF

    Nicole Fisher 

    Students loved the resource!

  70. VG

    Virtual Glitter 

    Wonderful resource! Thanks.

  71. TB

    Tiffany B

    Great resource!!! Thanks!!

  72. SC

    Sharon C

    Another great set of task cards, thank you!

  73. LC

    Lori C

    Great resource 🙂

  74. KR

    Kathleen R

    Love these so much!

  75. WB

    Whitney B

    This was great! Thank you:)

  76. MS

    melody S

    My students love this

  77. KB

    Kathleen B

    Well done resource! I will continue to use this in my classroom next year.

  78. PR

    Phonics Resources 

    Excellent, thank you.

  79. JS

    Jamie S

    Great resource for hyperboles! My students love the task cards! Would love to get the bundle and use the other lessons!

  80. AE

    Alanna Edging 

    My kids had a great time using this!

  81. SS

    scott S

    Great resource!!!

  82. DO

    Darlene O

    Great ideas!

  83. AL

    Alison Locke 

    I used this for a lesson that I was observed on and my students and I loved it and my principal thought it was a great lesson!

  84. T



  85. JH

    Jennifer H

    My students really enjoy scoot activities like this!

  86. EM

    Eve M

    Great tool for teaching. Thank you

  87. TM

    Teach Math Like a Unicorn 

    Thank you for creating these amazing resources!

  88. KN

    k n 

    Thank you! Great resource.

  89. KB

    Katherine B

    My students have loved practicing with this. Thanks!

  90. LM

    Loren Mowers 


  91. TL

    Tiffany L

    excellent resourse

  92. AA

    Ashley A


  93. FI

    Figuring It Out In Fourth 

    Great resource! I am looking forward to using it with my students.

  94. EW

    Erin W

    Loved the different types of questions

  95. AC

    Alicia Caiola 

    Great product! Thank you!

  96. MM

    Maria M

    I love these task cards.

  97. BT

    Berine’s Things 

    Perfect for my middle school Resource ELA class!

  98. MA

    Michael Ann B

    Excited to use these!

  99. CO

    Confessions of a Teach Freak  

    Good resource

  100. JM

    Jamie M 

    My students love to create their own hyperboles

  101. HN

    Hilary N

    I love all the different areas of hyperbole these task cards cover. This is a great resource!

    Thank you!

  102. BT

    Beyond the Board 

    I love all of your figurative language resources!

  103. MS

    Melodee S

    Wonderful, thank you!

  104. MG

    Marla G

    Great Visuals!

  105. CF

    Corinne Fenstermacher 

    Great for quick assessments!

  106. AW

    Amanda W

    I love the activities that come in this bundle!

  107. MJ

    Mrs Jones’ Class 

    Great resource. Thank you 🙂

  108. AH

    Andrea H

    Great resource, thanks!

  109. CS

    Corey S

    Great! So useful & organized. Thank you!

  110. LW

    Leah W

    Kids loved these

  111. J


    I love this resource! Thank you!

  112. RB

    Renee B

    This activity was very helpful to use during my MTSS time.

  113. SA

    Sara A

    engaging resource

  114. SB

    Sabrea B

    fun activities

  115. KM

    Katherine M

    My students thoroughly enjoyed this activity. I’m so glad I purchased it.

  116. LW

    Lacie W

    Great resource thanks!

  117. AC

    Agnes C

    Fun to do as a whole class activity!

  118. CP

    Camia P

    Enjoyable resource for students working on figurative language

  119. JM

    Jessica Metz 

    This is great! Helped me survive my first year teaching!

  120. JP

    Janet P

    Thanks, I love your tasks cards. Excellent quality!

  121. TB

    The Basic Life of Brooke 

    This is going to save me so much prep work for my hyperbole lessons coming up, thank you!

  122. NH

    Nicole H

    Great hyperbole activity.

  123. CJ

    Caitlin J

    This was a great way to practice hyperboles for my ELLs! I am going to purchase the rest to us as well!

  124. MS

    Margaret S


  125. BL

    Betsy Leppink 

    Great!!! Thanks!

  126. DC

    Dianne C

    Excellent resource for my 3rd graders!

  127. EC

    Emily Cooper 

    Kids loved these!!! Great examples!!!

  128. KW

    kaitlyn W

    This is a great way to review this skill! I think that I will use this in the years to come!

  129. KW

    kaitlyn W

    This is a great way to review this skill! I think that I will use this in the years to come!

  130. GJ

    Gavin J

    great for centres, thanks

  131. CL

    Carrie L

    Great resource for hyperboles!

  132. AH

    Allison H

    Kids loved the task cards

  133. GM

    Greg M

    Awesome resources! Kids love the task cards and walking around the classroom to complete their sheets.

  134. DM

    Danielle M

    Thank you!

  135. CS

    Corey S

    This is great practice!

  136. JD

    Judi D

    Excellent resource!!

  137. DJ

    Donna Jones 

    Just what I needed

  138. WB

    Wendy B

    I used these to help teach hyperbole to my speech and language students. They helped make my job easier. Thank you!

  139. SF

    Sarah Fash 

    So easy to use

  140. LB

    Lauren Burke 

    Loving these resources for extra practice!

  141. DC

    Diana Chapman 

    Can’t wait to use with my students!

  142. MD

    Michelle D

    Great product

  143. CP

    carolyn paradiso 

    Thanks for this great resource!

  144. KE

    Kristina E


  145. MC

    Michelle Cirrone 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  146. CT

    Charley T

    This is exactly what I needed! Thanks!

  147. MM

    michael M

    This resource worked well !

  148. AS

    Alicia S

    Thank you! Love these packets

  149. WD

    Wendygale D

    Great activity.

  150. WD

    Wendygale D

    Great activity.

  151. RG

    Renee G

    My students were very engaged and enjoyed the task cards.

  152. AR

    Ashlee R

    Good examples for students

  153. KB

    katherine B

    My students love this resource! They had so much fun using the interactive online activity during our distance learning. It was a great review of hyperbole

  154. JC

    Julio Cesar de Campos Rodrigues 

    Great product! I can’t wait to use it! :0)

  155. JM

    Jennifer M

    I used this for a small enrichment group and the students were very engaged. Thanks!

  156. VE

    Vicki E

    This is a great resource

  157. CW

    Cherilyn W

    This was a fantastic resource. I have only one suggestion. I would LOVE if you could turn the pages to landscape and have only one task card on each page. A lot of my students work on Chromebooks and having two task cards on a page makes the text REALLY SMALL. If you zoom in they have difficulty scrolling through the pages because it skips really easily when you are zoomed in. If you could make that improvement it would be five stars. Thank you!

  158. PP

    Positively Pink 

    Excellent resource for teaching hyperboles.

  159. SS

    stacy S

    This was perfect. It was easy to use and the kids loved it!

  160. ST

    Sarah the Specialist  

    Great skill practice for 4th grade!

  161. TW

    Trent W


  162. MB

    Michele Bright 

    My students and I loved this resource.

  163. DL

    Daphnie L

    A great resource! It’s very thorough and has many different, engaging activities to further the students’ understanding in hyperboles and how to make their own!

  164. DI

    Deanna I

    I love the task card practices for the skills! I print them out as two slides per page so the questions are a lot smaller and it is not so overwhelming for students. Thank you!

  165. JB

    Jodi B


  166. DH

    Dara H

    The task cards are great to use for a quick virtual assessment.

  167. JW

    Janay W

    This was very helpful for my students! So glad it was easy to use online 🙂

  168. CB

    Christine B

    So easy to use and my students enjoyed it!!

  169. TT

    Teach to the heart 

    I used the Google Slide format of this activity through distance learning and Google Classroom. It was extremely easy to use, edit, and assign. The ONLY thing I would improve is that there only be one question per slide because on Chromebooks, the slides are quite small.

  170. KF

    Kimberly Fisher 

    Great review! THANKS

  171. WT

    Whitney T


  172. BL

    Beth L

    very satisfied

  173. CC

    Christine Crawley 

    Great resource.

  174. MS

    marla S

    This is a great resource.

  175. MH

    Megan H

    This was a wonderful resource, thank you!!

  176. MD

    Mandy D

    This was a great resource! I students loved the task cards!

  177. AK

    Alison K

    great for use for our foundational skills.

  178. HE

    Helena E

    very nice and laid out resource thank you

  179. KD

    Kelsey Durfey 

    Such a great resource!

  180. CH

    Christina H

    These slides are great. I like the different presentations of the questions. Easy to assign and use.

  181. LP

    Lori P

    Hyperbole is one of my favorite types of figurative (or nonliteral) language to teach. However, it is often the hardest type for my students to recognize. I used this with my 3rd and 4th grade ESL students during virtual guided reading. It has really helped them understand the concept and begin to recognize hyperbole when they hear or see it.

  182. ML

    MaKayla L

    Thank you! This was great practice for my students

  183. AH



  184. MG

    Michelle G

    I loved that this had everything that I needed to help my students understand hyperbole.

  185. AO

    Ariane O

    This resource has been SO FUN! It was easy to use, kid friendly, very vibrant. Best part: my students have been calling out their naturally occurring hyperboles ever since! So cute! I love getting individual resources while they are on sale. They really put my eyes on those awesome bundles they are apart of. Great work!

  186. MS

    Myrtie S

    My students love this resource.

  187. CL

    Christy L

    Thank you for such an awesome product!

  188. JC

    Jennifer Cook 

    Thanks for a great resource!

  189. LW

    Lizbeth W

    Easy to use and the kids enjoyed it!

  190. TR

    Tamara R

    Great digital practice for students. It’s nice that there are multiple task cards so I can do one or two with them and then assign others for independent work. I also like that there’s multiple choice as well as fill in the blank and an anchor chart for introducing it! Thanks!

  191. TL

    Tina L

    Great activities. Thanks!

  192. LK

    Lori K

    These were great to use as a station activity!

  193. DC

    Daily Classroom  

    fun and meaningful activities!

  194. KG

    Kristen G

    great resource

  195. AM

    Alexis M

    Love your resources-thank you!

  196. KK

    Katie Kirby 

    Great practice for the skill!

  197. AB

    Amanda B

    Love it!

  198. TK

    Tracy King 

    I love this resource for Zoom class as it’s fun for us to do together. Then the Google Classroom activities for independent work are engaging and push them to be creative and think of their own examples, which I’m hoping they’ll begin to use in their writing!

  199. MM

    Megan Maness 

    My students were very interested in this resource.

  200. JR

    Jose R

    Good product.

  201. KH

    Karlene H

    Great practice!

  202. KM

    Krista M

    My student and I both LOVED using this resource in the classroom! It was both engaging and easy to work with. My favorite way to use this resource was during our center activities. I recommended this to some of my colleagues to purchase also!

  203. IA

    It’s a Teacher Thing 

    This was exactly what I needed to support our learning of figurative language. Thanks for a quality resource!

  204. JK

    Jennifer K


  205. GC

    Gina C

    Super resource!!

  206. SG

    Suzanne Garcia 

    Very fun!

  207. JM

    jenny M

    Worked on it together in google classroom.

  208. TR

    Tara R

    I used this in small groups and the kids loved it!

  209. LP

    Lindsay P

    Thank you for a wonderful resource! Figurative is fun, but can be tricky. I love finding new resources to use with my students!

  210. T


    Highly engaging for teaching figures of speech.

  211. AF

    Ashley’s Favorite Items 

    Great review for hyperbole!

  212. BR

    Brittany R

    Great resource!

  213. CW

    Cori W

    Great way to introduce and practice hyperboles!

  214. BG

    Blair G

    I love that this resource can be used throughout the week and review!

  215. JM

    Jordan M

    Loved that this had an online version!

  216. JO

    Jessica O

    Thanks so much – this was exactly what I needed!

  217. AR

    Antonetta R

    My kids love these and loved doing this review!

  218. MF

    Melissa Franklin 


  219. NF

    Nikki F

    Great resource to make figurative language fun and engaging for students.

  220. EG

    Elsa G

    Loved this resource

  221. CC

    Cynthia Cotes 

    Great Resource!!

  222. KB

    Kimberly B

    Great fun for the kids for the poetry unit. Made poetry fun and relatable!

  223. CR

    Cheryl R

    A great addition to my figurtive language resources.

  224. SD

    Shelbie D

    Fun with hyperboles!

  225. BH

    Brian H

    Excellent content. Pairs great with other FL topics!

  226. AJ

    Ashley Jackson 

    My students loved this presentation. This resource is very detailed and engaging. It is a great way for students to practice this skill. They can refer to this resource throughout the school year.

  227. FM

    Fringy M

    Thank you

  228. JL

    Jennifer L

    Great Resource!

  229. NM

    Nafeesah M

    Great resource! Thanks

  230. GP

    gina parnell 

    Engaging lesson pages

  231. CO

    Camille O

    This worked well for my students. Thank you!

  232. EZ

    Emily Z

    My students enjoyed this activity when we used it for a review. They worked in groups to come up with answers to the task cards.

  233. NB

    Nicole B

    Great product!

  234. JB

    Jackie B

    Awesome resource!

  235. NG

    Nerissa G

    Excellent resource- thank you!

  236. MC

    Mason C

    Loved this resource and so did my kids

  237. JH

    Jessica H

    Used it with my 6th grade online as I was sick (sub plans in a pinch!) and then used it in the room with my 5th grade. Both methods worked very well! Thank you for a great resource!

  238. JK

    Jennifer K

    Great resource for extra practice and anchor charts for teaching hyperboles! Thanks!

  239. AB

    Alexandria B

    great review!

  240. KV

    Kelly V

    Perfect for reinforcing figurative language. Loved the fact that it took multiple approaches to help them understand.

  241. MM

    Mallory M

    Great resources to teach figurative language.

  242. EC

    Emma C

    A little expensive, but a great resource!

  243. TB

    The Bailey Bunch 4th 


  244. NA

    Nichole A

    Great resource

  245. AR

    Amy Royal 

    Excellent resource!!! Students enjoyed using the activities, lessons, and assessments.

  246. DA

    Dots and Dashes 

    This is a wonderful resource! My students really enjoyed it!

  247. RF

    Rosalind F

    Thanks so much for sharing this resource! I co teach and this is adaptable for all learning abilities.

  248. PS

    Press Start EducationMay 15, 2016

    Super resource! I loved the designs as well!

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