Persuasive Writing Prompts and Graphic Organizers for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade


187 reviews

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Pages: 60 PDF pages + Google Slides


Persuasive Writing Prompts and Graphic Organizers:

This no-prep printable Persuasive Writing Prompts activity covers 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade standards. There is a brief overview of the purpose of persuasive writing on the reference pages, followed by 24 persuasive writing prompts.

These are original prompts that are highly engaging and interesting for students.

The graphic organizers include space for students to:

  • State their position or opinion
  • Provide a list of reason
  • State evidence or examples
  • Dispute claims for the opposite opinion

The second page (which could be the back side if copied) gives students space to complete their persuasive writing essay.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 60 pages + Google Slides.

187 reviews for Persuasive Writing Prompts and Graphic Organizers for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade

Based on 187 reviews
  1. TK

    Tara K

    Students have loved the prompts!

  2. PG

    Paula G

    Just what I needed

  3. BM

    Brooke M

    Very helpful and organized. Thank you.

  4. MW

    Michelle W

    Thanks 🙂

  5. SC

    Shirley C

    Awesome Product – Thanks!

  6. RM

    Rebecca M

    Fantastic! Very organized. I loved the graphic organizer!

  7. DB

    Deborah B

    My class loved to choose a topic that meant something to them and the lined paper!

  8. MF

    Melanie F

    Even though my students were VERY persuasive last year, writing in this style was very hard for them… Excited to use this for my incoming 3rd graders in August.

  9. DS

    Diana S

    I love, love, love this product! It was one of my go-to resources for my opinion writing with my third graders. Thank you!

  10. FF

    Finding Friday 

    Just what I needed! Thank you!

  11. EL

    Elizabeth L

    Very helpful product!

  12. DM

    Dawn Morgan 

    Very helpful!

  13. KH

    Kate Huschke 


  14. LW

    Lindsay W

    A great resource!

  15. S


    great thanks!

  16. TB

    Thomas B

    I love the questions and layout of this resource. Thanx for making my life so much easier!

  17. JL

    Judy L

    Thank You! Great go to resource

  18. CL

    Cynthia L

    I really like this for my 5th graders. It is one of the MN standards and I needed new ideas for prompts. This was great because the prompts were up-to-date and of interest to 5th graders. It also has a graphic organizer, so they can organize their essay.

  19. CL

    Cynthia L

    I really like this for my 5th graders. It is one of the MN standards and I needed new ideas for prompts. This was great because the prompts were up-to-date and of interest to 5th graders. It also has a graphic organizer, so they can organize their essay.

  20. AB

    Amy B

    My kids loved this. Very easy to use.

  21. DR

    debra R


  22. EH

    Emily Holt 

    Love the deep thinking prompts!

  23. PH

    Priscilla Hightower 


  24. MN

    Marlene N

    Easy to use for my students to understand how to complete a persuasive writing. Thanks

  25. LB

    Lisa B

    love it

  26. PG

    Paula G

    Great job!

  27. CL

    Christine L

    Some good ideas to help in practicing persuasive writing

  28. MB

    Molly Burgess 

    Thank you! Great resource!

  29. NK

    Nancy K

    I loved this! Very interesting topics!

  30. KW

    Kate W


  31. KW

    Kate W


  32. KW

    Kristen Weisman 

    loved it 🙂

  33. EH

    Erin H

    These were perfect to prepare for state testing. Thank you.

  34. HD

    Heidi Dennison 

    These were great!

  35. SP

    Sarah P

    Great ideas for persuasive writing!

  36. SJ

    Stephanie J

    Great starter for persuasive writing!

  37. SJ

    Stephanie J

    Great starter for persuasive writing!

  38. EL

    Engaged Learning 

    Super! Thanks!

  39. TF

    Thrilled for Third Grade 

    Great writing prompts!

  40. KR

    Katelyn Russell 

    These were very interesting, and they helped me get some great writing out of my kids!

  41. JN

    Jenna N

    This was such a great resource I used with my students! Thank you!

  42. BG

    Bilma G

    Awesome topics! The outline is also very simple to follow.

  43. AN

    Aimee N


  44. CJ

    Cheryl J

    I love your products.

  45. CJ

    Cheryl J

    I love your products.

  46. TL

    Tara’s Language Arts Resources 

    This is a great resource!

  47. MD

    Marcy Deam 

    So helpful!

  48. LB

    Laura B

    So much variety to choose from here. Excellent. Thanks.

  49. RW

    Roy W

    Very useful and user friendly.

  50. JG

    Jill Grusing 

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  51. KR

    Kelly R

    This is great for when I am completely out of topics to use.

  52. JJ

    Jacqueline J

    Awesome resource!

  53. MB

    Meredith B

    Love the variety of prompts!! Planning on using them next week during our Writer’s Workshop Persuasive Writing Unit. Thanks!! 🙂

  54. CO

    Cheryl O

    Great topics to discuss and get my 4th grade students to begin their interest to WRITE 🙂

  55. SE

    Stacie Edwards 

    Thank You!

  56. HR

    Haylee R

    Great resource – thank you!

  57. RE

    Rhylee E

    Fantastic resource! Thanks so much! Very helpful with Naplan prep.

  58. BG

    Baitzy Got Books 

    Great topics!! Thank you!

  59. MS

    Meghan S

    Thank you!

  60. MS

    Meghan S

    Thank you!

  61. JG

    Janine G

    Great product!

  62. RB

    Robin B

    GREAT!!!!!! Thank you!

  63. JR

    Jennifer R

    It gave me new ideas/topics to present to my small group.

  64. C


    I love this!

  65. CF

    Corinne F

    Something new to add to my program this year! Great choices.

  66. JO

    Jennifer O

    Love love love!

  67. NH

    Natalie H

    We used this resource in 3rd grade! The kids loved it!

  68. SC

    Sabra C


  69. MF

    Michelle F

    Great resource and very interesting topics. It helped me introduce persuasive writing to my students in an engaging way.

  70. KK

    KA’s Korner 

    Thank you for the wonderful resource!

  71. TF

    The Flexible Classroom 

    My students loved this persuasive writing unit!

  72. TF

    Tools for Busy Hands 

    These are just what I needed for my higher level writing group. The planning part is well organized and really has the student think about everything. The prompts are also very appropriate for the age groups listed.

  73. BD

    Beth D


  74. RW

    Read With Devine 

  75. MM

    mary morlando 

    Great graphics – worked great

  76. TM

    Terri M

    This is a very thought out plan. Loved it!

  77. TL

    Terri Lynn Tessier 

    Loved this resource. We used the organizer for all our writing during the persuasive unit. The topics given where creative and helpful as well. Thanks!

  78. KP

    Kristine P


  79. LO

    Land of Enchantment Teacher 

    Thank you for these!

  80. EP

    Elizabeth P

    great resource for my students!

  81. MW

    Melissa Wade 

    My kids love this!

  82. TB

    Trenna Beauregard 

    Loved this! Great resource!

  83. JD

    Jaclyn D

    These are great for Daily 5!

  84. EP

    Eileen Pasturczak 

    SO helpful for writing stations this year!

  85. CC

    Caroline Cruz 

    Provided great structure for my ELL’s & how to plan, organize their writing

  86. DS

    Dayshawn S

    Very helpful with having my students organized their thoughts in a clear way!

  87. MC

    Michelle C

    Great resource for many levels.

  88. MC

    Michelle C

    Great resource for many levels.

  89. LC

    Lindsay Colip 


  90. CK

    Courtney K

    Great product! Deep thinking prompts

  91. KB

    Kathy B

    Love the graphic organizers

  92. SM

    Sarah M

    Exactly what I was looking for!

  93. AD

    anne D


  94. DR

    Debbie Ridley 


  95. KD

    Kathryn D

    So helpful! The kids really enjoyed using these to create persuasive arguments!

  96. VS

    Valerie S


  97. BK

    Beth K

    Thank you!

  98. PP

    Primarily Positive 

    Thank you.

  99. TR

    The Rainbow Room 

    Love it! Thanks

  100. CC

    Chelsea C

    The prompts are great!

  101. FT

    For the Love of Teaching Blog 

    This is very helpful!

  102. PH

    Pam H

    Graphic organizers helped to make writing easier for some of my kids!

  103. AW

    agnes W

    Cannot wait to have students use these

  104. ES

    Erika S

    This resource provided many relevant topics for my students to choose from. I used the graphic organizers to help my students stay on topic. Very useful!

  105. TL

    Teach Littles Love Others 

    These prompts and organizers are amazing! They have helped both my students and I! Thank you!

  106. MM

    Mary M

    This is a great resource to help students organize their thoughts.

  107. JK

    J K

    This was so helpful for my students to learn persuasive writing. It gave them a reliable format to use and really enhanced the quality of their writing.

  108. JT

    Jeanne’s Teaching Gems 

    I used these prompts with templates to teach students the elements of persuasive writing online. They then completed their own persuasive writing paragraph. Great template! My students understand persuasive writing now!

  109. ES

    Elaine S

    This resource was great for distance learning, however it was a little above my students’ grade level.

  110. JG

    Jennifer Goudreau 

    This was very helpful to use for writing and having the digital format to be able to model and teach this unit! Thank you!

  111. MS

    Megan S

    Very easy to implement. Great resource!

  112. TP

    tara P

    loved the organizers and the questions. very engaging! thanks 🙂

  113. LM

    LaToshia M

    A great resource to help guide students writing. Many of the parents really liked how this helped them with their child.
    Thanks so much for the resource….

  114. MR

    Martina R

    Great resource for home or distance learning.

  115. JM

    Jessica M

    Perfect for our daily writing.

  116. JN

    Jeniffer N

    Today my students told me that they enjoyed the topic assigned about what age they think children should be able to have cell phones. They came up with some pretty good arguments both for and against, but mainly for the use of cell phone at an early age. Personally, as the educator I loved the variety of topics in this resource. Thank you for this resource. It will be a tremendous help with my students.

  117. 4G

    4th Grade Jungle 

    Thanks for this great resource!

  118. TS

    Taylor S

    Wow!! I can’t say much more about this resource except for wow!! It comes with so many topics that you can have your students write about. The topics are extremely engaging for the students to write about. I fully enjoyed this product.

  119. JS

    Jill Salinaz 

    Great resource for distance learning and in class.

  120. SC

    Sarah C

    I think this was great for teaching persuasive writing.

  121. AC

    Andrea Cooley 

    The easy to use formatting set students up for success with the organizers to write. Very helpful!

  122. DD

    Debbi D

    Thank you for all of the digital resources. It made it easier to teach writing using this resource.

  123. PM

    Patricia M

    Great resource

  124. TT

    Teacher Tasia 

    These graphic organizers are perfect to scaffold students through persuasive writing.

  125. DL

    Danielle L

    this was helpful

  126. JN

    Jessica Nieves 

    Love it! Great purchase.

  127. SN

    Sped N Sparkles 

    Great resource, thanks!

  128. KM

    Kyle M

    Takes the thinking out of it. I always have trouble coming up with prompts

  129. B


    Such a fabulous resource! Thank you!

  130. MB

    Merry B

    A little young for 5th grade…cute and easy to use!

  131. PH

    Pamela H

    Awesome resource

  132. JS

    Jessica Schoffel 

    This was really helpful, thank you!

  133. MM

    Marissa M

    This is a great resource for my students!

  134. LN

    Lee N

    This was extremely helpful when I was teaching opinion writing through distance learning. I really liked the graphic organizer!

  135. AE

    Auntie Em’s Classroom 

    Summer school kids found this engaging and totally doable. They loved choosing a topic to persuade me on!

  136. DC

    Diana C

    Excellent resource for teaching persuasive writing. I used this resource during the school closures in the spring and they were effective and engaging. I will be using this resource again.

  137. AJ

    Angela J

    I used this resource with my above grade level students during Reading/ELA Block.

  138. JR

    Jacqueline R

    Great resource for opinion writing.

  139. JR

    Jennifer R S

    Great resource…requires teaching time, but product is well worth it

  140. NP

    nancy P

    Great organizers and templates.

  141. RT

    Rachel T

    We are doing in-person school, but are doing a lot of our activities online in order to reduce the amount of paper being printed and handled, as well as preparing students for the possibility of distance learning. These are very helpful to use as we accomplish both tasks.

  142. B


    Love it!

  143. MB

    Muhd Bismilla 

    This resource was indeed useful!

  144. SH

    Suzie H


  145. AD

    Always Doin Something 

    This resource has helped us review the topic of persuasive writing. It’s easy to use and thorough. Thank you.

  146. AM

    Ashlyn McNeal 

    This was an excellent resource that my students loved!

  147. DJ

    Denise J

    I used this for distance learning in the spring using Google Classroom. I’m going to use it much more throughout the rest of the year to work on our persuasive writing. Great resource! Thank you!

  148. FM


    Great for test prep!

  149. DC

    Donna C

    This was very helpful when working with my remote students.

  150. FL

    Felicity L

    Thank you for an easy-to-use resource!

  151. SJ

    shawn J

    Easy to use and share with students. Thank you!

  152. JF

    Jennifer F

    These prompts, organizers, and writing templates were perfect for my students. The prompts were engaging for their age level, and the organizers were just the right amount of scaffolding needed for my students.

  153. CO


    This resource is great to use with your distance learners and your face to face kiddos. Easy to set up and students were engaged.

  154. JM

    Jeannie M

    This was a great product. Excellent for third graders. Well worth the fee!

  155. MJ

    mary J

    I love all the different ways that students can continue and extend their learning , and in such a creative way as well. Thank you so much.

  156. JB

    J B


  157. AE

    Anne E

    This is just what I was looking for—thank you!

  158. LM

    Lisa Mingone 

    awesome resource!!

  159. TI

    Teddy I Love 

    This has made it easy for my virtual students to keep their ideas organized. Thank you.

  160. CT

    cheryl T

    This was an excellent resource.

  161. KM

    Krista M

    My student and I both LOVED using this resource in the classroom! It was both engaging and easy to work with. My favorite way to use this resource was during our center activities. I recommended this to some of my colleagues to purchase also!

  162. MM

    Megan M

    Very helpful scaffolds!

  163. AB

    Andrea B

    Great for ELs.

  164. MH

    Melissa H

    Very engaging! love this resource!

  165. RD

    Rihana D

    This has been an engaging way for my students to work on persuasive writing in the classroom.

  166. MH

    Margaret H

    Used the Digital Option – it was very engaging! Students loved it!

  167. GI

    Gwendalyn Iversen 

    This is a great resource. I love using graphic organizers for writing.

  168. KR

    kristin R

    Easy to use

  169. DZ

    debra Z

    Great resource for Gen Ed. Wished it was a little more structured or guided step by step for SPED

  170. JK

    Julie K

    Incredible Resource! Thanks so much!

  171. RM

    Rachel M

    I used this with my first graders who needed an extra challenge.

  172. TS

    Tricia S

    Great resource!

  173. SM

    Serena M

    This is an excellent resource for persuasive writing. Great topics that are engaging to students.

  174. D


    Thank you! Great activities for students to complete!

  175. JF

    Jill F

    Great graphic organizers and good topics for the students to choose from. Thank you.

  176. TW

    Teaching with Melissa G 

    I loved using your resource! It was so helpful. Great work!

  177. CC

    Crystal C

    Great resource!

  178. SH

    Sarah H

    Great resource

  179. HE

    Heather Eldridge 

    I needed something to help my students with their persuasive writing, this was the perfect resource! Thanks!

  180. HP

    Hilary P

    Great resource! Very easy to use.

  181. JM

    JoAnn M

    Great resource- easy to use and kids loved it.

  182. JE

    Joy E

    I love the real-world topics and how engaging they are. My students loved being able to find something they were interested in and write.

  183. SS

    Stacey Smart 

    This is a great resource! Thank you

  184. BS

    Brooke S

    These were an excellent tool for working with young writers. The visuals and prompts made life a lot easier when you get writer’s block!

  185. KW

    Katrina Williams 

    I love this resource! My students did too! Thank you so much!

  186. SC

    Shana C

    My students loved the persuasive prompts! It was a wonderful resource to use with my self-contained LLD students. Thank you!

  187. M


    This is such a great format for practicing writing persuasive paragraphs.

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