Personification Task Cards and Anchor Charts Activities


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This personification activity includes 3 a personification word list (2 pages with over 150 words) for common human traits and actions that can be used to personify writing, 36 personification task cards with a variety of questions, a task card answers sheet (2 pages), a task card answer key (2 pages), and 4 pages of engaging worksheets.

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Pages: 40 PDF pages + Google Slides

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Personification Activities Task Cards and Anchor Charts:

These personification task cards and anchor charts are perfect for teachers who want their 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to understand better how figures of speech are used to enhance the written and spoken word.

The 2-page personification word list is a fantastic reference and resource for students writing stories. The anchor charts can also be hung up on a bulletin board for quick reference.

This product includes the following:

  • Three instructional pages
  • A personification word list (2 pages with over 150 words) for common human traits and actions that can be used to personify writing
  • 36 task cards with a variety of questions
  • A task card answers sheet (2 pages)
  • A task card answer key (2 pages)
  • Four pages of activities.

This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This product contains 40 PDF pages + Google Slides.

505 reviews for Personification Task Cards and Anchor Charts Activities

Based on 505 reviews
  1. MT

    Making Teaching a Little Easier 


  2. KI

    Kellye I

    Students loved these!

  3. TR

    Tracy R

    Students enjoyed this. Great product, thank you!

  4. TS

    The Speech Meadow 

    Great job!

  5. SE

    Sarah Elizabeth 


  6. D


    Super useful and detailed! Love the whole pack!!

  7. KF

    Kelcie F

    This was awesome! I used in small groups for students in 3rd-8th.

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    Rebecca D


  9. MV

    Michele V

    New favorite TpT seller. This is awesome, I know my students are going to love these!

  10. NT

    Natalia T

    This is a great resource! I used it with my small reading group and they had so much fun with it! Thank you 🙂

  11. CA

    Carried Away 

    Fantastic introduction and resource!

  12. RM

    RoseMarie M

    Such a fun way to practice this skill.

  13. KI

    Kickin’ It With Kaple 

    Great resource. Students loved it!

  14. SB

    Sherry B

    My students really enjoyed this!

  15. KP

    Kristen P

    Great activity to use for practicing the skill! Students loved it!!

  16. SM

    Stefanie M

    Kids loved working in partners with this activity!

  17. MD

    Melissa D

    Wonderful resource! Very cute too 🙂

  18. MG

    Melody G

    I am so excited to use these activities!

  19. HZ

    Haleigh Zapata 

    perfect! thanks!

  20. 5G

    5th Grade Follies 

    Excellent resource for personification!

  21. EE

    Engaging ELLs 

    Really nice! Thanks 🙂

  22. RS

    Robin S

    My students loved the task cards and the activities to follow it!!

  23. MJ

    Mary Jane W

    Using it this week. Thanks

  24. AR

    Alexandra R

    I think this packet was amazing!

  25. AR

    Alexandra R

    I think this packet was amazing!

  26. AF

    Abby F

    Great set!

  27. AC

    Anita C

    Great resource! I used this as a workstation and my kids enjoyed it. Thank you.

  28. IW

    In With Ms Quinn 

    Loved this as extra practice for rotations 🙂 Thank you for your hard work!

  29. JH

    Julie Hynes 

    Love this! Tons of great information and material to use when teaching personification. Kids loved it too!

  30. DW

    Danielle wingler 


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    Ximena Leyrer 


  32. CA

    Cynthia A

    So much fun!!!

  33. CA

    Cynthia A

    So much fun!!!

  34. HV

    Holly Vogler 

    Very helpful resource!

  35. T5

    Teaching 5th in IL 

    My students loved playing games with the task cards. Thanks!

  36. KL

    Kristy Luperon 


  37. MG

    Meghan G

    My class loved working with this!

  38. TM

    Tyra M

    My kids really enjoyed this. Thanks.

  39. JF

    Jenna F

    Very helpful and appropriate! 🙂

  40. TG

    Taylor Gatrost 

    My teaching partner and I have both used this for our classroom and absolutely loved it! We have a very large ESL population, and the multiple examples and interactions with them made personification accessible to everyone. Thank you so much!

  41. TG

    Third Grade Cupcakes 

    What a clever and comprehensive activity! Thank you!!

  42. JK

    Jennifer K

    This was a great activity! Very helpful!

  43. MA

    Michael A

    Used as a SCOOT activity. Students loved it.

  44. CO

    Cindy O

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  45. SS

    Shuandrekia S

    Loved these.

  46. JE

    Jessica Eastwood 

    My students loved this!

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    Cassie W

    Wonderful resource!

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    Kelly K


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    Maureen F


  50. GS

    Ginger Schwab 

    Thank you! Excellent resource!

  51. DC

    Daisy Chain 

    Just exactly what I needed!! Really helped my students understand figurative language! Thanks!

  52. AS

    andrea S

    terrific resource

  53. DT

    Dana T


  54. CJ

    cari J

    helpful thanks

  55. KM

    Kristy Marcus 

    I love task cards and these are great! 🙂

  56. MR

    Monica Rogers 

    Great! Thanks so much!

  57. LC

    L-O-Owl Creations  

    I absolutely love this and can’t wait to use it with my students!

  58. ST

    Shaena T

    Loved these task cards fit personification!

  59. JK


    Awesome resource! Thank you!

  60. KA

    Kimberly A


  61. LD

    laura D

    great product!

  62. TT

    Texas Traveling Teacher 

    Very good and easy to use! 🙂

  63. KG

    Kristen Griffiths 

    My kiddos enjoyed these during center time as a review!

  64. BB

    Brittney Bell 


  65. JW

    Jami W

    This provided excellent practice for my kiddos!

  66. CV

    Chanda Vochatzer 

    This was a very good resource and it is something I used when I had sub. Very helpful and useful.

  67. DM

    Donna M

    I am very pleased with everything I purchased from your store! Thank you for creative, colorful, USEFUL resources!:)

  68. KB

    Kayleen B

    Love this so much!

  69. KB

    Kayleen B

    Love this so much!

  70. JD

    Julia D

    Great practice for learning Figurative Language!

  71. TC

    Teach Create Collaborate 

    Thank you! 🙂

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    Jessica Phillips 


  73. CM

    Caitlyn M

    Thank you!!

  74. JB

    Joyce B

    Great review of personification!

  75. WE

    Whitney E

    Great for fourth graders!

  76. JO

    Jill O

    Great resource to add to my figurative language collection!

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    Kristen Alburn 


  78. KC

    Kimberly Childs 

    great resource!!

  79. MT

    Marlana T

    Great Resource!!

  80. LW

    Learning with BIG MOMMA 

    Thank you

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    Christy D


  82. MB

    Monique B

    Thank you for creating this resource.

  83. MP

    Marguerite P

    Thank you so much!

  84. RW

    Renee W

    My students enjoyed this activity!

  85. MC

    Miss Chesley 

    These task cards were a perfect way to assess my students. Love the differentiation within them, too!

  86. DA

    Deanna A

    Awesome thanks!

  87. JS

    Janie S

    Kids loved this. Thanks

  88. CO

    Cassandra O

    Clever activitiy! My students enjoyed personifying multiple items!

  89. SS

    stacie S

    Great review!

  90. SG

    Sara G

    Love these task cards!

  91. SC

    Sharon C

    As soon as the children see me getting out your task cards, they can’t wait to get started. Thank you!

  92. LC

    Lori C

    Great resource 🙂

  93. JC

    Julie C

    Great review and practice resource!

  94. MS

    Makeda S

    This was an excellent resource to use with my students. I absolutely love it.

  95. MS

    Makeda S

    This was an excellent resource to use with my students. I absolutely love it.

  96. KR

    Kathleen R

    I love these task cards…bought the whole set!

  97. EC

    Elena C

    Wonderful! Easy, clear and very useful!

  98. C


    Excellent resource! Thank you:)

  99. AP

    Annette P

    love this

  100. SP

    Sarah Partyka 

    Great resource for review and practice!

  101. KB

    Kathleen B

    Well done resource! I will continue to use this resource in my classroom each year.

  102. PR

    Phonics Resources 

    Excellent, thank you.

  103. KT

    Kimberly T

    Always looking for ways to spice up Figurative Language, so thank you for this great resource!

  104. NE

    Nancy E

    Great resource, thanks for creating!

  105. SS

    scott S

    Loved this!!

  106. EY

    Erika Y

    Perfect resource to modify for my virtual 6-8 middle school class!

  107. TL

    The Learning Hive 

    My students love these task cards!

  108. SH

    Stephanie Herring 

    Great resource to use when teaching poetry and author’s craft!

  109. BS

    Briana S


  110. BR

    Brandi R

    Love this and will definitely use it in my classroom!

  111. SO

    Sarah O

    I’ve had a hard time finding a great personification resource. Thanks for providing this one!!!

  112. TB

    Tamara B

    Thanks this recourse is wonderful! Thank you!

  113. SJ

    Samantha Jensen 

    Great for students that need extra practice

  114. MN

    Margaret Nice 

    Great! Got my students up and walking!!

  115. KL

    Karen L

    Not appropriate for my lower functioning kids

  116. KL

    Karen L

    Not appropriate for my lower functioning kids

  117. BK

    Betsy K


  118. BH

    Bethany H

    Very nice!

  119. BL

    Brandy L

    Absolutely love this!

  120. NC

    Natasha Cox-Magno 

    It is teacher and student friendly. Assists with my school’s curriculum and is aligned to the common core standards

  121. JH

    Jennifer H

    Super fun way to practice!

  122. E


    This is a great product for 5th grade. It is broken up well into sections and grade level appropriate.

  123. KN

    Karon N

    Another great purchase!

  124. CW

    Celise W

    Great pack!

  125. SJ

    Samantha J

    Great for my older kiddos!

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    Danielle Mercer 

    Great resource!

  127. DM

    Danielle Mercer 

    Great resource!

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    Jill Richmond 

    Loved this resource! Very cute!

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    Tiffany L

    great resourse

  130. LD

    Last Door On The Right 

    Thanks for providing another great resource. Kids enjoyed the task cards.

  131. KC

    Kathryn Calafiore 


  132. TF

    tracy F

    wonderful resource for both individual, group or whole class activities. My class loved using it!

  133. RB

    Robin B

    My class had a great time using these cards. Great Product!

  134. MV

    marisa V

    Fantastic resource! I really like the definition, the personification examples, the task cards, and activity sheets. I use this as part of my “Figurative Language” unit material.

  135. LG

    Lori G

    This is great!

  136. FI

    Figuring It Out In Fourth 

    Great resource! I am looking forward to using it with my students.

  137. JU

    josephine U

    This was very useful!

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    Courtney W

    Great activity for our literacy group rotations! Thanks

  139. TS

    The Science Nest 

    These are colorful, engaging, and fun. Students learned a lot using them.

  140. BS

    Brittany S

    great way to review personification!

  141. BT

    Beverly T

    Great product. Thanks!

  142. LC

    Lisa C

    Thanks for this fun and colorful resource!!

  143. CV

    Cynthia V

    My reluctant brain-injured/ ADHD learner needs fun, quick and easy when it comes to learning and this fit the boot!! I loved the work pages -with an example or worksheet per 1/2 page. We did 1 page a day to really spread it out, so he would remember what the term “personification” means. Although, he still has a hard time remembering the actual term – he learned the skill and without complaining either: Quite the opposite -he rather liked it.

  144. WH

    Whitney H

    Great resource for teaching an often difficult concept!

  145. LW

    Lauren W

    I lay these out on the desks and play Scoot. Kids love it!

  146. MM

    Maria M

    This was a big help when teaching this tricky form of figurative language.

  147. BT

    Berine’s Things 

    Perfect for my middle school Resource ELA class!

  148. AG

    Amanda G

    Great for a station.

  149. DC

    Dianne C

    Great resource!!!

  150. HN

    Hilary N

    I just couldn’t stop purchasing these! My figurative language unit was so much better thanks to these awesome taskcards!


  151. KC

    Kathy Carroll 


  152. KK

    Kyle’s Kiddos 

    Awesome! Great resource!! The kids loved it.

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    Beyond the Board 

    Just what I was looking for!

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    Mallory G

    These were perfect for playing scoot and practicing personification! My kids loved it!

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    Super Speech Lady 

    I love this and honestly should have purchased the entire bundle. The various worksheets allowed me to easily differentiate.

  156. KK

    Kellie’s Koalas Coffee and Crayons 

    thank you

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    Amanda W

    Very engaging activities!

  158. DN

    Dylan N

    Great activities

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    Gayl B

    Great resource! Thanks!

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    Nikki S

    I love using these task cards to review concepts.

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    Ashley D


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    Natalie E

    Fabulous resource. Thank you!

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    melissa S


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    Elizabeth Love 

    These were a great addition to my ELA stations!

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    I love these task cards! My students have so much fun with personification. Thank you!

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    Ashley B

    Great product to use during centers!

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    I love this resource! Thank you!

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    Casey Haarlow 

    Thank you for a great resource!

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    Jessica Whetstone 

    Nicely made. Makes for a great practice and review!

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    Stephanie George 

    Excellent practice

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    Kirsty M

    I love these. They were a great way to practice what we learned about Personification! Thanks!

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    Mallory T

    Perfect way to help teach personification.

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    Christina D

    Great for use in centers!

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    Allison Mandl 

    This activity pack is just what I need to help me teach this topic!

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    Agnes C

    Fun to do as a whole class activity.

  177. AC

    Agnes C

    Fun to do as a whole class activity.

  178. T


    This made for an engaging up-and-around-the-room activity for my class. Thanks!

  179. TM

    The Merry Seller 

    This is exactly what you would expect. I loved it. The kids had fun with it, and we were able to discuss our favorites at the end.

  180. MM

    Miss Meg in Sped 

    Easy to use – I love this for Figurative Language centers.

  181. A


    great extension task

  182. AW

    Antoinette W

    My kids loved these. It’s a great way to practice personification.

  183. YH

    Yuvonne H

    Great resource for small group instruction.

  184. KJ

    Kerri J

    These are AWESOME!!!

  185. GM

    Gina Miyamoto 

    My students really enjoyed these activities! It’s difficult to find good resources for teaching personification. Thank you!

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    Brittany S

    Great resource. Easy to use!

  187. MP

    Mary P

    Students enjoy around the room activities.

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    Kelli P

    Thanks for a great resource!

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    Amy S

    Very useful!

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    Lydia S

    Great resource! Thanks!

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    Nikki Dillehay 

    Great resource for my workstation time!

  192. TQ

    Theresa Q

    Was able to use for 4th and 5th grade in conjunction with mentor sentencez.

  193. IK

    It’s Kristen’s Klassroom 

    you have saved me so much time. thank you..truly grateful!

  194. JP

    Janet P

    These are great task cards to review and to assess what my students have learned. Thank You!

  195. JW

    Janet W

    Good resource

  196. PM

    Payton M

    Going to be using this resource for years to come!

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    Staci S

    Thank you

  198. SS

    Staci S

    Thank you

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    Brianne Buckley 

    Thank you!

  200. PG

    Patty G

    Used for review

  201. MN

    Mickayla N

    I have been looking for a great hands-on resource to use with my students. This is perfect for them to use and work collaboratively on.

  202. KR

    Kavita R

    I adore this resource! Thank you for creating it!

  203. KS

    Katelyn S

    Really great extra practice for my students.

  204. SS

    Steffiny S

    Love task cards!

  205. GW

    Grow With Me 

    Perfect for station practice. Thanks!

  206. NP

    Nicole Poore 

    Made teaching personification super easy!

  207. JL

    Jessica L

    There are so many ways to use these resources. I set up personification centers and incorporated several of the ideas and activities while I led small-group lessons.

  208. KS

    Kristie S

    Thanks for the resource!

  209. TF

    Trish F

    Thank you,

  210. BS

    Brenda S

    good resource.

  211. SP

    SCB Productions 

    Very helpful in getting students actively engaged in their learning.

  212. RF

    Rachel F

    I used this during my ELA block as a center. The students really enjoyed the activity!

  213. KP

    Kristin P

    Just what I was looking for

  214. JF

    Jessica F

    Great resource! Added bonus- love that it got my kids up and moving!

  215. CA

    Corey A

    great practice

  216. HB

    Heather B

    Thank you! This is a great resource to use to go over personification.

  217. CP

    Coffee Plan Teach Repeat 

    Great activity that got all my students engaged. I post them all around my room so the students are up and moving

  218. NJ

    Nichole J

    This saved me when teaching figurative language to ELD students with no curriculum provided – great resource!

  219. SP

    Stephen P

    Great quick activity for kids to review.

  220. LG

    Lindsey G

    My kids thoroughly enjoyed this activity!

  221. KS

    Kelly S

    Great product

  222. SR

    Sandra R

    A great resource to have students use in small groups to practice/reinforce skill.

  223. BP

    Brittany P

    Great to use in my reading centers!

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    cindy B

    Thank you.

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    Task Card Queen  

    Thanks! This is great!

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    Teaching Right Along 

    Thanks for a cute, easy to use set of cards with kid friendly examples.

  227. JP

    Jabria Parker 


  228. LK

    Lori K

    I am excited to use this with my reading stations!

  229. MS

    Monica S

    GReat asset

  230. AF

    Andi Foster 

    We divided these out and used so many a day. I taped the cards around the room and students were up moving and answering the questions.

  231. ME

    Mary Ellen F

    Good value to practice this skill!

  232. CA

    Carol A

    This will make a great addition to my figurative language unit.

  233. SS

    Sarah S

    Good for extra practice.

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    Laura Watts 

    I love this!

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    Julio Cesar de Campos Rodrigues 

    Thank you very much! :0)

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    Janine May 

    Excellent resource! Excited to use!

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    Jessica Wash 

    Great product!

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    Megan N

    Great! Thanks.

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    Kelsey Durfey 

    We’ve looked at these a little and they are great! Can’t wait to fully use this resource!

  240. SS

    Simon Says Teaching is fun 

    Time Savor

  241. DB

    Diane B

    I’m looking forward to using this with my class! Thanks!

  242. CM

    Camie M

    I am excited to be able to take our learning of personification to the next level and have them practice with these activities. Thank you.

  243. JJ

    Jessica J

    Great resource to review figurative language!

  244. DC

    Diana Chapman 

    Can’t wait to use with my students!

  245. PM

    Patricia M

    Great resource

  246. AH

    Amy H

    Great resource that I will use each year. My kids loved it and it was a great way to introduce personification.

  247. MS

    Michelle S

    Great resource to supplement.

  248. LL

    Lyndsay L

    Great edition to my unit!

  249. RG

    Ryan G


  250. DV

    Dale VanWashenova 

    Students really had fun with this!

  251. KK

    Katie K

    I love having task cards in the classroom. This is an amazing resource to have!

  252. HS

    Haylee S

    super helpful

  253. AS

    Alicia S

    Love these products

  254. TH

    Tracy H

    This has helped teach this standard. Thank you!

  255. NK

    Ngareta K

    The questions re analysing the example were very helpful and supported the teaching of ‘flipping a question’.

  256. SP

    Shannel Perez 

    My students loved these activities!! Thank you!

  257. LE

    Laurie E

    My students loved the activities in this. The examples really helped. We were able to find examples in our daily reading and we were able to add personification to our historical fiction stories.

  258. JC

    Jason C

    My students had fun and learned with these cards

  259. MB

    Maeve B

    Fun and easy way to learn personification. Thank you!

  260. MM

    Melissa M

    Great resource! I decided to turn the task cards portion into a “scoot” game. The students loved getting up out of their seats and moving around the classroom to answer each task cards. They were engaged the entire time.

  261. DG

    Deborah G

    Great resource to use with students!

  262. BJ

    Beau J

    This was a great resource for my 5th graders! Thanks for sharing!

  263. CM

    Christie Miles 

    Thank you for a great resource!

  264. JM

    JoAnn M

    My students enjoyed this resource

  265. TL

    The Leopard Print Teacher 

    Used this in class via Google Classroom. Kids loved it!

  266. AH

    alicia H

    This is a fun activity to reinforce personification!

  267. ST

    Sarah the Specialist  

    Great skill practice for 4th grade!

  268. CH

    Christina H

    A number of my students struggle with figurative language. This resource was great in helping them distinguish personification.

  269. CK

    Classroom Kitty Kat 

    Love this resource because it is hard to find quality items about personification. Thanks!!

  270. SD

    Shannon D

    Great addition to my figurative language unit!

  271. CC

    Cindy C

    As an ESY Distance Learning educator and previously a 3rd Grade Special Ed inclusion teacher (next year unknown), I need resources that would both work with my diverse group and be engaging. Students will be able to work independently and with the group throughout the use of this resource. They can be focused and on task. Thanks for offering it during the sale

  272. AS

    Ashlyn S

    Loved it!

  273. MR

    Megan R

    It’s great!

  274. KM

    Katrin M

    Great resource!!

  275. TL

    Tina L

    Great resource that kept students engaged and it’s also really nice to have both print and digital options. Thanks!

  276. CB

    Charise B

    This resource provides wonderful examples.

  277. ES

    Emily S

    These task cards are such a helpful review.

  278. AF


    This was fun and easy to use!

  279. KM

    Kerrie M

    Perfect for teaching personification. Great resource! Thank you!

  280. AV

    Araceli Villareal 

    Great resource! My students really enjoyed reading the sentences and manipulating the highlighted boxes to cover up their answers.

  281. KA

    Kelly Alexander 

    Used this activity with Google Classroom and easy to use.

  282. KK

    Katie Kirby 

    Great way to practice!

  283. AM

    Amber McClimens 

    Thank you for this excellent product!

  284. MB

    Michele Bright 

    We loved this resource.

  285. JT

    Jordan T

    thank you!

  286. DH

    Dara H

    Really easy to use and the students loved it.

  287. ER

    Elizabeth R

    I paired up students with cards and they loved working on these and coming up with their own examples of personification.

  288. TP

    Theresa P

    My students needed more practice identifying personification.

  289. TD

    The Disnerd Teacher 

    Amazing resource!!

  290. AS

    Adriana S

    Love this resource! Can’t wait to use it with my students this coming school year.

  291. CJ

    Chris Jaglo’s Brush-Up 

    I used this “in distance learning” with a few of the students I tutor. They enjoyed it and they were able to rapidly identify the personification. I used it as a review, but appreciated the instructional posters that were included as “re-introduction” tools. We then went on to make our own personifications which were so much easier after the review….the kids got into “grove of it”.

  292. AB

    Alyssa B

    This was very beneficial in helping my students understand personification amongst the types of figurative language. Looking forward to using it in person!

  293. GT

    Gabriella T

    Fun resource to reinforce personification!

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