Proverbs and Adages Activities: Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets


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Proverbs and Adages Activities: Anchor Charts, Task Cards, and Worksheets

These proverbs and adages activities for the 3rd-6th grade are perfect for teachers who need task cards, sample proverbs, their meanings, and worksheets! This is a fantastic figurative language review!

This task cards, anchor charts, and worksheets file includes the following:

  • Two instructional pages
  • Seven pages of common proverbs and adages
  • 24 task cards
  • An answer sheet
  • An answer key
  • Three activity sheets

Please note that this packet does NOT focus on the difference between proverbs and adages, but instead on the contextual meaning of proverbs and adages.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 35 pages + Google Slides.

275 reviews for Proverbs and Adages Activities: Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets

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  1. DN

    Deborah N

    Really creative and fun. My students had a great time with these activities.

  2. EZ

    Eleanor Z

    This is a great resource! Perfect activities for whole or small groups. Thanks for your hard work!

  3. AS

    Aquita S

    Wonderful! Thank you! 🙂

  4. TD

    Tracy D

    Useful and helpful resource!

  5. DF

    Donna F

    Great activity

  6. JG

    Jen Gentzler 

    All your products save me so much time. thanks!!

  7. TG

    Trisha Gray 

    Very useful resource for writing!

  8. SS

    Stephanie Sosnowski 

    Very helpful!

  9. KG

    Kelli G

    Thank you this is wonderful and my students loved the task card activity!

  10. DC

    Dana C

    This was the perfect resource!

  11. JK

    Jessica K

    Students loved to practice proverbs and adages using this resource!

  12. DC

    Deborah C

    Great product! Colorful and appealing to my students. Easy to understand examples. Thanks

  13. JV

    Jamie V

    Awesome Find!!

  14. PM

    Polly McCoy 

    Great resource for practicing proverbs & adages! Thank you 🙂

  15. HS

    Heather Sorg 

    This was great to use for a community builder activity!

  16. LC

    Lynn C

    Used as a center activity! Wonderful resource for teaching adages and proverbs. Thank you!

  17. AW

    Angela Waldrop 

    Great activity !

  18. CD

    Courtney D

    Very detailed! I’m really excited to use this with my students!

  19. LA

    Leslie A


  20. BT

    By the Moon Design Co 

    can’t wait to try

  21. JR

    Jennifer R

    My students loved the task cards and the activities.

  22. KZ

    Karen Z

    My class and I really enjoyed this unit.

  23. SM

    Susan M

    Great way to introduce these concepts!

  24. AH

    April H

    I used these in workstations to go along with the lessons we worked on.

  25. JB

    Jennifer B

    These were very helpful! Thank you!

  26. HW

    Heather Wicker 

    Good job! Thank you!

  27. TR

    Tara R

    My kids loved this. And I LOVE the page layout.

  28. RF


    Use this along with curriculum and the kids loved the activity. I broke them into groups for one class and used it as a center for another.

  29. SM

    Stefanie M

    Love this whole series!

  30. CM

    Charlsie M

    Thank you. This is a wonderful resource for my ESL students.

  31. HR

    Heather R

    Great resource for teaching and reviewing!

  32. HM

    Heather M

    Bought the whole series!

  33. DS

    Deborah S

    loved this

  34. NI

    NeuraSights Inc 

    Awesome resource!

  35. DW

    Down With Learning 

    Thanks for sharing!

  36. BH

    Beth H

    Awesome activity!

  37. HZ

    Hunter Z

    Loved this with my 4th graders… excellent resource.

  38. AP

    Alissa Pinne 

    Perfect resource that was ready to go! Love the color choices and graphics!

  39. RV

    Renee V

    Thank you so much! It’s perfect!

  40. AJ

    Amanda J

    Just what I needed. 🙂

  41. SB

    susan B

    I’m always amazed at the things we take for granted that kids know, when in reality they either have misconceptions or no clue whatsoever! I kept samples of what my students thought these sayings meant. Priceless! I may write a book. Thanks!

  42. KI

    Kellye I

    Great introduction and review. Used beginning description for struggling students to match adage with meaning. Worked well!

  43. MI

    Magic In Teaching

    Loved this activity, thank you!

  44. DW

    Diane W

    My kids are having fun with these in the independent group! Thanks so much for a great resource!

  45. AB

    Aviva B

    Kids loved this.

  46. 3G

    3rd Grade Fun 

    Great practice for my 3rd graders!

  47. ND

    Nicole D

    Great activity!

  48. LC

    Lauren Cannon 


  49. KS

    Kathy S

    Great way to review and see different proverbs/adages!

  50. NS

    Nicole Swisher- All Things Apple in 2nd 

    This was a perfect center activity!!! Thank you! 🙂

  51. LL

    Lisa L

    My fifth graders love these task cards. Me too!

  52. SB

    Stacy B

    Great to use to support the 5th grade standards involving this topic.

  53. PB

    Paige Beasley 

    Can’t wait to add this to my collection! Thanks for creating.

  54. CS

    Caitlin S

    These are awesome! Thanks!

  55. RN

    Ricky N

    A great supplemental resource, or to add to anything a program is lacking!

  56. NO

    Nicole O

    Resource is packed with proverbs and adages. I can’t wait to use more of this resource next year!

  57. MD

    Melissa D

    This is great! Thanks so much!

  58. BP

    Bridgett PhillipsMoore 

    Loved these. The were great for centers.

  59. RH

    Rachel H

    My students LOVED this unit and we spent a lot of time, I even made them little books of the proverbs and adages.

  60. AH

    Amelia H

    Nice resource!

  61. SN

    Stacy N

    This is a great product

  62. ST

    Stephanie Tice 

    Great resource!!

  63. SS

    Smith’s Super Students 

    My students LOVE task cards–not to mention, these are cute and fun to see around the room!

  64. MM

    Molly M

    Beautiful product. She gave the explanation for them and is very useful. Great product.

  65. SB

    Shannon B

    This is such a great activity to review this standard!

  66. SH

    Stacey H

    Great item!

  67. ET

    Embracing the Gift 

    Great resource! The task cards were great for repeated practice! Thank you!

  68. MJ

    Melissa J

    This is such a hard concept for the kids, and your resource really helped fill in the gaps. Thanks,

  69. TL

    Tracy LeGrand 

    Thank you for sharing! This is a tricky standard to cover, because resources seem a bit hard to find. We enjoyed it!

  70. RR

    Rebecca R

    This was so fun and a great activity to work on proverbs and adages!

  71. JT

    Jennifer T

    Excellent resource.

  72. T


    Perfect addition to my lesson. Thanks.

  73. LB

    Lorie B


  74. DC

    Daisy Chain 

    Another excellent figurative language lesson pack! Thanks!

  75. TW

    Tonya W


  76. C


    A challenging activity. Fantastic and fun!

  77. BC

    Brittany C

    Great Resource, Thanks!

  78. KB

    Kristi B


  79. SB

    Sheena Biddix 

    very helpful in teaching adages and proverbs

  80. CB

    Christie B

    Love it!

  81. MM

    Meaghan McKee 

    My students love task cards, and this was a fun way for them to practice proverbs and adages! Loved the layout and the kids loved the colorful design!

  82. TB

    The Barber Shoppe  

    wonderful. I love the list of common proverbs and adages!

  83. IE

    Ivonne E

    A great resource that simplified it all for me. Thank you!!

  84. TT

    Tish Tools 

    Great resource to teach these standards. Thank you!

  85. JK


    I was lacking activities for this standard. Very helpful.

  86. LW

    Laura W

    Excellent product! Thank you!

  87. AC

    Adrienne Cook 

    My students loved this activity.

  88. KK

    kim K

    Students enjoyed these

  89. FF

    Factually Ficticious in Learningland 

    After reviewing this year’s standards yet again I went searching for a product that would really drive this home for my students and I feel like this is definitely it. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  90. GM

    Gold Minted Teacher 

    I like that the proverbs and adages are in context. Thank you!

  91. KP

    Kristin Potter 

    Excited to use this on Monday!

  92. LN

    Luanne N

    A terrific resource! Very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much!

  93. BH

    Brandy Huneycutt 

    I love when I can find a reading lesson that gets my kids out of their seat. They travel around the room to solve these task cards and love it!

  94. AK

    Anita K

    Great timesaver!

  95. AK

    Anita K

    Great timesaver!

  96. BB

    Brittney Bell 

    Love all of these so much! Your page is the best page and your resources are the most incredible. Thank you x3597487!

  97. TS

    Tammy S

    Great for my small groups.

  98. BB

    Bess Bellomy 

    So fun to use this resource to teach my students all about this in a quick way!

  99. LH

    Lindsay H

    Love these~

  100. SJ


    Thank you for this great resource. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this. Your task cards rock! I’ve been able to change many into a Plickers format.

  101. JB

    Joyce B

    Good practice for centers or paired learning.

  102. MB

    Michelle B

    Thanks!! These task cards were great!!

  103. TO

    Tinya O

    Really nice variety of activities. Thanks!

  104. LR

    Lisa R

    My class loved learning these concepts with this resource. Thank you!

  105. MH

    Michele H

    Awesome product!

  106. NR

    Nicolle R

    Great review, thanks!

  107. LG

    Lisa G

    Very good quality product!

  108. GV

    Gena V

    I turned this into a PowerPoint slide and presented it to my students and loved it!

  109. AD

    Adriane D

    This was awesome!

  110. CM

    Caitlin M

    My students loved this resource. It was a great reinforcement tool.

  111. MJ

    Meryl Jefferson 

    Excellent product!

  112. LH

    Lisa H

    Great resource to help my class better understand proverbs and adages – thanks!

  113. RB

    Rebecca Bettinger 

    This was great!! Thanks!

  114. AR

    Alexandra R

    Great follow up activity for my students!

  115. WR

    We’re Ready to Learn 

    Exactly what I needed!

  116. MH

    Melanie H

    Love that the proverbs and adages are embedded into meaningful text!

  117. MB

    Meg Butterfield 

    Provides the extra practice needed for my students.

  118. FS

    Faith S

    This is a great activity that I will use in reading!

  119. TL

    The Learning Hive 

    A great resource. Thank you!

  120. MK

    Michelle Kendall 

    Great resource for my fifth graders when we move to theme. Some are too hard for them to understand, yet they always want to choose them. I would love to be able to reorder them so they can be given the easier ones first, and build their way to the more advanced concepts.

  121. MK

    Michelle Kendall 

    Great resource for my fifth graders when we move to theme. Some are too hard for them to understand, yet they always want to choose them. I would love to be able to reorder them so they can be given the easier ones first, and build their way to the more advanced concepts.

  122. M


    A well constructed resource that can be adapted for all types of classrooms. The task cards in particular are very well written.

  123. JA

    Juliana A

    Loved it!

  124. RA

    Robyn A

    This is an excellent resource to use when teaching proverbs. The students love getting up and moving around. It was interesting to me to see what they know and don’t know. I think we assume a lot about language and our students!

  125. AE

    Allison English 


  126. AD

    Amy D

    Good quality resource

  127. DS

    Danica S

    My students enjoyed these, thanks!

  128. AR

    Alexandra R

    Can’t wait to use this!

  129. BM

    Brittany M

    I made this into a partner scoot activity, and the kids think it’s so much fun! It’s a great way to expose them to a variety of proverbs/adages without the monotony of worksheets.

  130. SR

    Sherri R

    Perfect activity for our curriculum.

  131. KC

    Kelly C

    A very fun activity!

  132. JB

    Jennifer B

    Great Lesson!

  133. IE

    Iris Espinoza 

    Great resources. Well done.

  134. KG

    Katherine G

    Very useful! Thank you

  135. MB

    Melanie B

    I look forward to using these with my students.

  136. HR

    Hailey R

    Great resource! Thank you!

  137. JB

    Jessica Bruck 

    Thanks so much for this fun and educational activity!

  138. SA

    Sweet as a Georgia Peach 

    Great review!

  139. BM

    Beatriz Martinez 

    Easy way to explain adages and proverbs… Great resource!

  140. KH

    Karen H

    Perfect for our notebooks. Thank you!

  141. ES

    Elizabeth S

    Very useful. The kids love the task cards as a center. You can see a difference in their understanding.

  142. TJ

    Tammy J

    Used these in centers! Great!

  143. TN

    tia N

    my students (and i) really loved these! and so helpful since i am new to 5th grade. great scenarios!

  144. SJ

    Selina J

    Super small group activity! The students had fun with this!

  145. CL

    Casi L

    Great resources for students to use! The colors were wonderful. Really enjoyed the product and would definitely use it again with students.

  146. MC


    Good product

  147. SD

    Sarah D

    SO helpful! Thank you!

  148. LI

    Learning in Morris Code 

    I love these! Thanks!

  149. JL

    Julie L


  150. AR

    Amanda R

    Such an awesome resource! Thanks!!

  151. NB

    Norine B


  152. SJ

    Sarah J

    My students really liked doing these. They have started to notice them in literature as they read!

  153. EB

    Elisa Bennett 

    Excellent resource!

  154. II

    Inspire in 5th 

    This is absolutely perfect for what I need for my lesson! Very organized and easy to use.

  155. EG

    Erika G

    My students had a lot of fun with these. They are highly needed as it’s part of state standards, but we are not given any resources for these.

  156. CP

    Carrie P

    A great resource that is easy to use!

  157. AW

    Amanda W

    Wonderful! Easy to use and my students enjoyed!

  158. LJ

    Leisa J

    Task Cards were great to use as exit/entrance activities.

  159. KS

    Kellee S

    Great resource.

  160. SP

    Susan P

    Awesome resource

  161. JW

    Jacob W

    My fifth graders will love these!
    Thank you!

  162. RB

    Rebecca B

    My kids love doing board wars with these. Thanks!

  163. ET

    Emily’s Teaching Goodies 

    Great product

  164. JE

    Jodie E

    Great resource for a center

  165. HA

    Hannah A

    I used this as a center in my room and the kids couldn’t get enough of it. Every since I used it I noticed more proverbs and adages appearing in their writing. Thank you!

  166. AC

    A Colorful Classroom 

    Great resource! Thank you.

  167. LS

    LaTanya Smith 

    Great resource for stations and morning “know”!

  168. LA

    Loving and Learning in 3rd 

    Awesome resource…thank you!

  169. KP

    Kathleen P

    Thanks for putting this together! Will definitely be buying more from this store!

  170. SM

    Stephania McCormick 

    Great activities

  171. LS

    Lacy Saxon 

    Great resource 🙂

  172. AD

    Angela D

    So fun using these task cards in my classroom! Thank you.

  173. KA

    Kelsey A

    This is a great resource!

  174. AD

    Abigail D

    These were very helpful to teach students about meanings and context clues with proverbs

  175. BH

    Brooke H

    I LOVE all of your products!!! THANK YOU for making my life easier 🙂

  176. DM

    Denise M

    can’t wait to use this with my social group

  177. MH

    Megan H

    Proverbs and adages are fun to teach, and this activity helps make it interactive and gets this students talking and asking questions. Super fun activity!

  178. JM

    Joni M

    Great resource. My students had so much fun learning about proverbs and adages! Thank you!

  179. MT

    Melanie T

    Great resource to help my students understand !

  180. KC

    Kristen C

    Quick, easy, and highly engaging

  181. JC

    Jennifer C

    Great task card practice!

  182. JC

    Jennifer C

    Great resource for getting the kids to move around and share ideas

  183. GW

    Grow With Me 

    Very good resource!

  184. BV

    Britt V

    Great resource for applying what students have learned! Used for independent practice and small group instruction.

  185. AH

    Amy H

    This is perfect

  186. SK

    Sheri Kinnett 

    My fourth graders were challenged with these task cards…loved it! Great discussions and learning!

  187. CA

    Corey A

    great tool

  188. MV

    Megan V

    Great resource.

  189. MV

    Megan V

    Great resource.

  190. MF

    Meagan Fox 

    This was an excellent resource!

  191. SE

    Sarah E

    Great Resource!

  192. CO

    Confessions of a Teach Freak  


  193. RB

    Ruth B

    My students actually had difficulty with this concept UNTIL…. I purchased your Fabulous resource. Thank You

  194. WO

    Wendy O

    Love this for paired work during reading block!

  195. SO

    Sarah O

    The task cards provided engaging practice with figurative language.

  196. VV

    Vesna V


  197. KW

    Katie W

    I love the variety of skills this set covers!

  198. SH

    Stacy H

    Very useful product.

  199. JJ

    Janet J

    Fun way to practice and review the topic. Students loved that they were able to be out of their seats.

  200. TL

    Teach Love Leverenz 

    This is helpful for an overview on adages and proverbs.

  201. TD

    Tia D 

    This was a great way to examine some lesser known adages and proverbs!

  202. PS

    Pamela Smith 

    Thank you!

  203. CP


    This was a great station activity, and my kids love working in pairs on the task cards.

  204. TB

    tameka B

    Thank you for this product!

  205. VM

    V M 


  206. HL

    Heather L

    Excellent resource for my students to help deepen their understanding of proverbs and adages.

  207. CV

    Catherine V

    Great product!

  208. AP

    Amanda P

    I used this to introduce proverbs and adages. I feel that it helped my students to understand proverbs and adages more clearly.

  209. TO

    Tara O

    Great resource for my students

  210. AB

    Alex B

    Great Tool for enrichment!

  211. MM

    Mickaela Muir 

    Perfect for remote learning! Easy to use, and easy for the students and I to navigate. It was very compatible with Google Classroom. I loved it so much that I plan to use it again when we are in the classroom as usual– not just for remote learning.

  212. CD

    Carissa DeWitt 

    Easy to use! Thanks!

  213. MN

    Michiyo N

    I was struggling to find a way to teach proverbs and adages, and this was perfect!

  214. KN

    Keri N

    Love this!

  215. SP

    Stacey P

    Great resource. Excited to use it with digital learning this year.

  216. LM

    Lauren M


  217. CM

    Casey M

    Love this resource!

  218. AS

    Amy S

    My students loved this. I loved how simple they are to use.

  219. JB

    Jill B

    Great extra resource to reinforce proverbs and adages.

  220. LS

    Lynn S

    Students loved the resource-helpful

  221. SM

    SheriAnn M

    I used this to supplement the curriculum I use. It’s been challenging to find rigorous, grade-appropriate activities on proverbs and adages for my students, until I saw this. Thank you for this!

  222. AB


    Fun way to teach this content

  223. BW

    Brittany Wynn 

    This resource was great! Proverbs and adages are difficult for students to understand and I felt like this resource gave students materials to be successful with this particular standard. Thank you for a great resource.

  224. TW

    Teaching with Tone 

    Great resource! Thanks

  225. RG

    Rebecca Garcia 

    Great way to assess my students’ understanding.

  226. GT

    Gabrielle T

    So engaging! Kids and I loved it! Thank you!

  227. AC

    Ashley Chimahusky 

    I absolutely LOVED using this!! I used it in person and digitally, and it was great for both ways!!!

  228. EP

    Erika P

    My students enjoyed using this resource during our study of figurative language.

  229. DG

    Denise G

    My students loved using this resource as they have learned new proverbs and adages. Parents also enjoyed the resource as some of the information was new to them. They’ve been asking for more.

  230. AH

    Audrey H

    This was a great resource that engaged students.

  231. NM

    Nichole M

    Easy to use and exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  232. JD

    Jennifer D

    My students loved these task cards! I had my students use them independently as well as in a group.

  233. MM

    Megan Maness 

    This resource was very easy to use.

  234. TS

    Teresa Sheahan 

    I used this as practice for a standard check.

  235. RN

    Rosemary N

    Great for centers or extra practice.

  236. MM

    Magical Materials  

    Very helpful. My students love the task cards.

  237. TM

    Tyra M

    Thank you

  238. LW

    Lori W

    This activity was perfect for the standards I was teaching!

  239. JP

    James P

    Used this for a small group in grade bands 3-5 loved working with the kids on this.

  240. KF

    Karen F

    The anchor charts are thorough and very helpful in my students understanding of this standard. Thank you.

  241. SB

    Sylvia B

    Great variety of activities! Kids loved them.

  242. MF

    Melissa F

    These were hard for the students! I love watching them struggle and learn. So kudos to you for making it engaging and challenging!

  243. EE

    Emily E

    I have bought some of her other resources before, and when teaching adages I knew I had to have this as my students have loved her products!

  244. LW

    Lindsey W

    This resource offered a great way for me to discuss adages and proverbs with students. It made it easy for me to show students adages and proverbs that are seen commonly in life. Students were engaged and were interested in discussing what they actually meant.

  245. NB

    Nancy B

    Students loved this resource to show their knowledge of Adages and Proverbs! I liked the variety of cards where students chose the meaning or they had to decide what proverb would go with the situation.

  246. EC

    Elda Carrion 

    Great resource

  247. LB

    Lori B

    The students loved this and I liked the activities.

  248. WS

    Wendy S

    Great in stations!

  249. KM

    Kathrin M

    I used these resources as tools for my students to supplement Wit&Wisdom grade 5 module 2. Great for my doodling kidos too!

  250. TF

    The Flying Pig

    This was a great time-saving resource as I was able to incorporate the images and examples into my Figurative Language lesson presentation for both in-person and virtual students. Thank you!

  251. KP

    kevin pacciano 

    This is an area that my students struggle because they have not been exposed to many of these proverbs and adages. This was a great resource for my students.

  252. AK

    Amy K

    Great resource

  253. JD

    Jardin de Aprendizaje 


  254. JF

    Jessica Foster 

    This is a great resource to use!

  255. BL

    Bloomin’ Lilly 

    Thanks for the resource!

  256. BD

    Brittany D

    Loved this for sub plans!

  257. MC

    Margaret C

    My students enjoyed this learning activity.

  258. SC

    Sarah C

    This was great- I used it during my Greek Mythology unit, and the kids enjoyed it.

  259. HW

    Heather W

    Engaging and well-received

  260. AH

    Angi Harvey 

    This is a great resource to teach about proverbs and adages.

  261. SR

    Sarah Richardson 

    Thank you! I loved using the task cards as a SCOOT so my kids could get up and move around while still working.

  262. KM

    Katie Maley 

    This was a great resource to use as a review and to assess students.

  263. JG

    Jamie G

    Great resource that hit exactly what I wanted.

  264. AS

    Ashley S

    Great resource! Thanks!

  265. AA

    Ashlee A

    Thank you so much for the amazing resource!! this was very helpful for my students. Love it!

  266. AS

    Allison Sims 

    Awesome resource! Thank you so much!

  267. JH

    Jamie Hartle 

    Thanks for creating this resource!

  268. TR

    Tara R

    This is a great resource.

  269. AG

    Ayleen G

    Thank you for the resource!

  270. LC

    Lindsey Cota 

    Nice tool!

  271. SD

    Sherri D

    Great product! Kids really enjoyed it l Thank you!

  272. SR

    Sheryl R


  273. LS

    L Starett 

    Great resource!

  274. B2

    BuyerOctober 23, 2017

    Thank you! This is perfect for meeting our standards!

  275. NB

    Natalie BraultMay 16, 2016

    Thank you! Perfect for teaching the standards!

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