The Book With No Pictures Activities: Literature Unit for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grade


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The Book With No Pictures Activities:

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak is the focus of this literature unit for K-2nd grade and is packed with fun projects and resources for this fantastic NO PICTURE book. You can cover several standards for your students using this literature companion resource.

This file includes the following activities:

  • Rhyming words
  • Make a word find
  • Writing prompts
  • Vocabulary
  • Acrostic poem
  • Contractions
  • Compare and contrast
  • Class book templates
  • Making Bluurf (GOO)
  • The Book With No Pictures writing activities


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 33 pages + Google Slides™.

163 reviews for The Book With No Pictures Activities: Literature Unit for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grade

Based on 163 reviews
  1. AG

    Angela G

    I was trying to come up with a lesson to add to this read aloud during library. The writing prompts were perfect for a small lesson for my 1st and 2nd graders during library.

  2. MM

    Maggie Mac’s 

    Absolutely love this!!!

  3. TT

    Tattle Tales 

    Great ideas! Can’t wait to use this!

  4. VR

    Verna R


  5. TR

    Tiffany R

    My littles LOVED this book and using these activities brought the book even more to life for them.

  6. PA

    Pippa’s Aussie Resources 

    A fantastic resource for this wonderful book!

  7. SG

    Stephanie G

    Love this book and love this great resource! I loved the variety of activities. Thank you!

  8. SS

    Shelbi S

    I read this book as part of Read Across America day and did several of the activities and the students loved it!!

  9. CC

    Clark’s Classroom 


  10. RH

    Regan H

    Great selection of activities! My students love this book.

  11. JK

    jennifer K


  12. ML

    My Lesson Designer 

    Can’t wait to share this book with my students!

  13. LC

    Lisa C

    Love this book!

  14. CH

    Claire Honeychurch 

    Great Resource!

  15. CB

    Cathy B

    We loved doing these activities with our new favorite book!

  16. AL

    Ashley Lorko 

    So fun! My kids LOVED these activities – thanks!

  17. IC

    Ina C

    Great addition to my casual teacher resources.

  18. 2G

    2nd Grade Dragons 


  19. JB

    Julie B

    Awesome, can’t wait to use!

  20. KM

    Kate Mason 

    Essential companion to the book!

  21. SM

    Samantha M

    I love this!

  22. ES

    Elizabeth S

    This is fun book! Thanks for the follow up to it!

  23. JG

    Joan Greene 

    Love this book! Using some of the activities for Reading night. We are dressing up as monkeys.

  24. KF

    Katie F

    Love it!

  25. LK

    Lauren K

    Thank you!

  26. JM

    Jill M

    Thank you!!!

  27. KH

    Kathryn H

    Great companion for the book! Thanks so much!

  28. CC

    Casey’s Classroom 

    A great support document for a great book!

  29. ST

    Sarah T

    Thanks for sharing!

  30. EC

    Elyse C

    Love this book and this was a perfect activity to follow up with.

  31. DM

    Dorothy M

    Love it

  32. RK

    renee K

    My kids love this book. Can’t wait to use these!

  33. SS

    Shandra S

    My favorite!

  34. FC

    frances C

    Thank you

  35. FC

    frances C

    Thank you

  36. MG

    Miss G’s Teacher Resources 

    Fantastic resource. Thank you!

  37. LA

    Lee Anne M

    This book is a hit! Thanks for making activities to go with it! Awesome resource!

  38. NL

    Nicole L

    Wonderful and easy to follow. Thanks.

  39. BW

    Beth W


  40. CP

    Christina Petrides 

    Awesome! Can’t wait to make the Blurf!

  41. KM

    K M 

    A wonderful set of lessons!

  42. AB

    Allison B

    Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

  43. PG

    Paulina G

    Wonderful resource, and variety of activities. Thanks!!

  44. CL

    C Lundy 

    Great book – Great product!!!

  45. MR

    Mary R

    This was the favorite book of my class last year! Thanks for the great resource.

  46. LL

    Lori L

    Students loved this activity. They learned a lot.

  47. PD

    Patricia D

    Thank you so much!!!

  48. B


    Great and thanks a lot!

  49. JC

    Jennifer C

    This was fantastic! My students loved the book and the activities!

  50. MH

    Monica Hyre 

    Great activity for my emergency sub tub!

  51. DR

    Daisy’s Room 

    Literally, my students favorite book.

  52. AB

    Ann B

    Thank you

  53. CM

    Chris MDE 

    soo cute

  54. BC

    Brittany Coverstone 

    My favorite book! Awesome activities to go along with it!

  55. HF

    Heather F

    Thanks for the ideas for our Book with no pictures unit!

  56. SP

    School Psychologist 

    I love this resource! Thank you!

  57. KB

    Kelly B

    Great product!

  58. BF

    Brittney F

    The kids had a wonderful time with this activity!

  59. JK

    Jane K

    My students loved The Book with No Pictures. They really enjoyed creating their own book with the pages you created. Thank you.

  60. TG

    Tegan G

    Great item! Thankyou!

  61. RR

    Renee R

    Thanks so much!

  62. RW

    Rebecca W

    thank you

  63. TD

    Tina Deitrich 

    My kiddos loved creating their own version of the book!

  64. NM

    Natilie M

    My students loved this book and the activities that went with it were perfect. Thank you!

  65. PM

    Paige M


  66. JS

    Joycelyn S

    My students really enjoyed these activities.

  67. SM

    Sabrina M


  68. JG

    Justus G

    Great ideas and activities! It takes awhile to get through all of them so plan it for at least a week! The kids loved them!

  69. VL

    Victoria L

    Thank you!

  70. VL

    Victoria L

    Thank you!

  71. SM

    Sarah M

    Thank You, my kids had so much fun with these activities!

  72. CA

    Coffee and Firsties 

    Thank you~

  73. KH

    Kelly H

    A great interactive resource, especially for my kids after state testing!

  74. AT

    A Teacher and Her Dog 


  75. MJ

    Margaret J

    This was perfect for the kids to work on in those days after grades were due but before school was out!

  76. SS

    Stacey Smith 


  77. KK

    Kelly K

    So much fun!!!

  78. AM

    AKwaela M

    Loved it!!

  79. BE

    Brenda E

    Fun activities for this story.

  80. LN

    Linda N

    Perfect activity for the first week back to school!

  81. JB

    Janelle B

    Great resource

  82. JB

    Janelle B

    Great resource

  83. ED

    Emily D

    Great activities for ELLs!

  84. EH

    Elizabeth H

    Love this!

  85. BS

    Belinda Solomons 


  86. BS

    Belinda Solomons 


  87. SK

    Stephanie Kearns 

    Very helpful!

  88. MK

    Monica K

    So very cute! I can’t wait to use it with my speech students!

  89. TL

    Terri Larson 

    Great. Thank you!

  90. FD

    Florida Dreamin 

    This was absolutely amazing!!! You seriously should charge more for this product, because it is THAT good. I loved seeing the different stories that my students came up with. And at the end of the week we all made Bluurff together, and it was a HUGE hit. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!

  91. BK

    Brianne K

    Great resource thanks!

  92. EM

    East Meets Speech 

    Love this book and this resource.

  93. LR

    lisa R

    Wonderful resource, thank you!

  94. SB

    Sarah B

    Fun activities!

  95. AG

    Amanda Grisham 

    Perfect and thoughtful activities to go along with the book.

  96. TP

    Tiffany P

    Love this to accompany the book! this book is a favorite

  97. AT

    Amanda T

    Fun activity with a sub or guest reader!

  98. KJ

    Karen J

    Great ideas thanks.

  99. YL

    Yvonne L

    This was fantastic for my FDK’s!! Loved it!

  100. KL

    Kelly L


  101. AS

    Amy S

    This is such a fun book! Thanks for the resource.

  102. LS

    Lorelei S

    Great ideas!

  103. DT

    Deborah T

    My class really enjoyed this book and the activities.

  104. SM

    Saundra Miller 

    Great activities!

  105. MA

    Mandi A

    This is great! Kids loved it.

  106. B


    I’m not a teacher. I was just trying to purchase “The Book With No Pictures.” Guess my browser moved me to the wrong location. If I could get a refund, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you for your time and trouble. I would love to have 4 copies of just the book, for my children to read to their children.

  107. DG

    Daniela G

    nice worksheets

  108. CG

    Catherine G

    Great activity for my kinders FAVORITE book!

  109. JO

    Jennifer O

    A fun product for a fun book!

  110. JH

    Jodi H

    Used this for a school-wide lesson and every student loved this from K-4

  111. RH

    Rebecca H

    A great resource!

  112. TC

    Trina C


  113. KP

    Kelli P

    Thanks for the great activities!

  114. CT

    Christina T

    I loved this resource!

  115. TC

    Teaching Creatively with Annika 

    Perfect for my first graders to complete!

  116. IK

    It’s Kristen’s Klassroom 

    thanks so much for such a great resource!

  117. SM

    Stephanie M

    Perfect thanks!

  118. CC

    Caitlin C

    My kids loved this book and the activities were amazing! Great resource – Thank you!

  119. JS

    Jennifer S

    Thank you!

  120. GG

    Gurty’s Group 

    This is a fun book to work with and these activities are great extensions!

  121. KT

    kimberly thompson 

    Lot’s of fun!

  122. MH

    Mendy H

    Some of this was a bit hard for Kindergarten. I shared with our 3rd grade teacher.

  123. CF

    Christina Flagg 

    Loved this resource. One suggestion would be to add more pages for the make your own book. I did this as a small class and it would have been fun to have more pages. I don’t have the printing resources to do one book per student, so we did it as a whole group and needed additional pages.

  124. CF

    Christina Flagg 

    Loved this resource. One suggestion would be to add more pages for the make your own book. I did this as a small class and it would have been fun to have more pages. I don’t have the printing resources to do one book per student, so we did it as a whole group and needed additional pages.

  125. RJ

    Raleigh J

    Used as a last week of school book and the students loved the activies

  126. JC

    Jessica C

    Wonderful resource for a great book!

  127. HT

    Heather T

    Excited to use this book in the classroom!

  128. JF

    Jennifer F


  129. AJ

    Amanda j G


  130. KC

    Kirsten C

    This worked very well with the book

  131. LA

    Life’s a Hoot in 1st 

    Thank you !

  132. AR

    Amanda Rodgers 

    Students loved this!

  133. EP

    Erica P

    Worked great with the book!

  134. BC

    brandon C

    Great Resource

  135. LC

    Lisa C

    Great resource! Just what I was looking for!

  136. LS

    Lindsay Speech

    My 1st and 2nd grade students loved this companion to one of my favorite books 🙂

  137. MM

    Monica M

    Great activities

  138. LM

    Lauren M

    My students love this activity.

  139. RB

    Randy B

    I love this book and so does my 1st grade class. A great way to follow-up the read-a-loud.

  140. TM

    Treana M

    I used this as a reliever. It was fantastic!

  141. MP

    Miss Painter 

    Oh how my students LOVE this book. I really enjoyed having this resource to go along with the reading. It was so fun to see my students really engaged with this resource.

  142. JG

    Jessica G

    Great resource

  143. RS

    Ria S


  144. CR

    Christina R

    Great resource!

  145. AE

    Auntie Em’s Classroom 

    Summer school kids LOVED this! They loved having activities that tied in to the book. I found it easy to use and get set up.

  146. JS

    Jordan S

    Love this resource that accompanies the book and students can have their own attempt at writing a book

  147. AL

    Amanda L

    My students loved this book and were so excited to do the acitivities that go along with it!

  148. KT

    Kelley T

    My students had a lot of fun with these activities.

  149. KC

    Kayla C

    This was great and the students love this book.

  150. PS

    Primarily Shad 

    My first graders enjoy making their own stories with this resource!

  151. KO

    Katherine Orsini 

    My students enjoyed the activities. I liked that there was a variety of different content. My student’s favorite activity was creating their own word search.

  152. CI

    Chelsea I

    Thank you!

  153. KZ

    Karen Z

    Such a great resource! I especially love making the class book!

  154. SM

    Sarah M

    Love this

  155. KP

    Kayla P

    My students loved this unit! It was hands on and got all students engaged. My students especially enjoyed making their own bluurrf and creating their own Book With No Pictures.

  156. AO

    Amanda O

    One of my favorite read alouds! Thanks for creating some fun activities and resources to use with this book. My kids had a blast.

  157. SA

    Sarah A

    My students really enjoyed this! It is one of their favorite books and activities!

  158. KG

    Korey G

    My students really enjoyed the activities in this resource along with the book.

  159. SD

    Samantha D

    This is a great activity paired with The Book With No Pictures. Fun activity!

  160. AC

    Alison C

    so much fun

  161. RG

    Ryan Gianni 

    It was a fantastic resource to go along with our book of the month. Students loved the writing activities.

  162. BJ

    Brenda J

    This book is a great book and this resource compliments it very much. My students had fun and were very engaged.

  163. SH

    Sarah H

    A great resource. Thank you for your hard work in creating this.

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