Ivan The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla Activities


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Ivan The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla Activities:

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla by Katherine Applegate is a narrative non-fiction picture book.

With various literacy activities and a flip book, this easy-to-use literature unit is standards aligned for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade. It was born out of its fiction counterpart, The One and Only Ivan.

This literature companion includes activities in the following areas:

  • Genre
  • Character, setting, plot
  • Sequencing
  • Opinion writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Compare and contrast
  • Letter writing
  • Research
  • Fact and opinion
  • Comprehension
  • Summarizing
  • Empathy

Answer Keys are included where necessary.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 47 pages + Google Slides™.

209 reviews for Ivan The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla Activities

Based on 209 reviews
  1. AT

    adrienne T

    I loved using this resource with my students. They really enjoyed the activities from your package. Well done!

  2. B


    Excellent!!! So many great activities.

  3. SG

    Sherry G

    Thanks for sharing this resource. It will be used as we read Ivan in class.

  4. SA

    Stories and Songs in Second 

    I just bought both the novel and the picture book about Ivan, and cannot wait to use this resource with my narrative non-fiction lessons! Thank you!

  5. VT

    Vicki T

    Thank you for these great ideas to use with the book! I just got the book and was looking for ways to make this read aloud more meaningful!

  6. JG

    Jill Glass 

    I just received this book as a gift, and I’m really excited to implement the activities you’ve provided! Thank you so much!

  7. WN

    What’s Not To Love About School 

    I can’t wait to use this.

  8. DL

    Darlene L

    This is comprehensive packet will make the read aloud more meaningful. Thank you!

  9. KS

    Kathleen S

    i used some of these for a school wide reading initiative we did using The One and Only Ivan

  10. KS

    Kathleen S

    i used some of these for a school wide reading initiative we did using The One and Only Ivan

  11. JS

    Julie S

    Terrific unit, love this book!

  12. KB

    Karen B

    Thank you.

  13. DB

    Danielle B

    Loved having this to go deeper with such a great story! Thank you for the great unit!!

  14. CR

    Cawley R

    The book is fantastic…it was nice to have a teaching resource to use along with it!

  15. LF

    Lisa F

    I can’t wait to use this in the fall. Loved the book…love the activities I now have to go with it! Thanks!

  16. JR

    Jessica R

    This was a great resource to go along with this story – the students really like this book!

  17. KC

    Kristin C

    Love this! Thanks!

  18. BL

    Bonnie L

    This is a great set to go along with the book. Can be used from grade k-4. Can also be a useful tool for special education students.

  19. SK

    Sarah K

    Wow! I am so impressed with this product 😀 My students loved it for our book study and I loved that it made planning simpler! Thanks for sharing your talent as a teacher author. I’m looking forward to exploring your store for other resources!

  20. JD

    Jaclyn D

    Did this with 1st graders and really got them to understand the point of view aspect in this story. I must say, I did cry at the end of reading this. I love the opinion piece with this, too. There are some great resources online about Ivan. Such a touching story.

  21. JS

    Jacquelyn S

    LOVE! This was prefect! I used 1 page with some students for a Grad School Class, as I did not have them for long. The fonts & graphics make these engaging! I had another teacher ask me where I got it!

  22. KE

    Kathy E

    Perfect for my students!

  23. ER

    Erin R

    This was a great resource to use along with this book. My students enjoyed the activities.

  24. LS

    Leanne S

    The great activities in this package helped us dive even further into the book! Thanks!

  25. TT

    Teresa Tretbar – Amazing Literacy 

    I love every page of this product.

  26. KD

    Katrin D

    Wonderful story…this will work well with all age groups 🙂

  27. AE

    Apple-y Ever After 

    Amazing unit! I can’t wait till we complete the whole thing! Thanks 🙂

  28. BH

    Brandie H

    Excellent product! Looking forward to using it with my students to enhance our book study.

  29. LS

    Louise S

    Good ideas!

  30. JR

    Janet R

    In another packet, so I purchased twice…the other packet has 2 other Narrative NF book lessons, I did not realize this…My fault because I did at 2-3 am

    Loved the lesson.

  31. CS

    Caitlin Smith 

    One of my favorite books to read! Great product!

  32. KK

    Kirsteen K

    Thank you so much. I look forward to using this with my class.

  33. TT

    Trapp’s Teaching Triumphs 

    thanks! great unit

  34. KH

    Kathryn H

    This is an excellent unit! Great help planning and good activities for rich reading!

  35. SH

    Sandra H

    Thanks for the great resource

  36. SS

    Susanne S

    Awesome resources! We are doing a “One Book, One School” with this book and the fiction version for the older kids. These skills sheets are perfect for our first grade needs!

  37. ES

    Elizabeth S

    This was great practice for my 3rd graders. Thank you!

  38. LK

    Lindsay K

    This is great. Thanks.

  39. MK

    Michelle K

    Perfect, exactly what I was looking for with this book!

  40. JT

    Jennie Taylor 

    so cute! My kids loved this!

  41. LN

    Linda N

    Awesome unit.

  42. JO

    Joanie Ownby 

    LOVE this book, and my students do too! Thank you for a great resource!

  43. KH

    Karlene H

    Love it!

  44. JM

    Jill Motluck 

    Used this as a pre-reading activity to the chapter book…very helpful.

  45. AH

    Alia Harland 

    Used parts of this with my upper level book club. Thanks!

  46. DC

    Deborah C

    Very relevant, used during our review of the book for our NC Children’s Book Award Unit.

  47. TC

    Tara C

    Loved it!

  48. S


    great resource!!!

  49. JP

    Jordan P


  50. MM

    Melanie M

    Great activities!

  51. MC

    Mary Comunale 

    My kids loved this book and these activities were perfect for my second graders.

  52. CA

    christina A

    Lots of resources to choose from. This is a wonderful set for a wonderful story.

  53. JR

    Judy R

    Love this unit, will be using it next year! Thank you!

  54. TB

    Tracy B

    Amazing resource! My students loved this. Thanks!

  55. AS

    Allyson S

    This resource was a great addition to our novel study.

  56. BR

    Brielle R

    An amazing resource. Thank you! ANDDD the cutest gorilla EVER! 🙂

  57. TF

    Tara F

    Great resource for my colleagues and I to use this year!!!

  58. MM

    Melody M

    Great companion to a wonderful story. Great writing topics.

  59. FF

    Faith F

    Love! This is a great support for a wonderful story that inspires great conversation

  60. SD

    Starla D

    Love this.

  61. KP

    Kathy P


  62. KM

    Kristin McDonald 

    I can’t wait to read this story and do these activities this week! I think my kids are going to love it!

  63. YA

    Yanin Alonso 

    So helpful for my ESL students!

  64. LL

    Lesli L

    Love this story and the resources.

  65. TY

    Theresa Y

    This was an awesome resource my Firsties have loved it!

  66. MM

    Margaret M

    This resource was great for my struggling 4th grade readers. Fun graphics and large print.

  67. KF

    kelly F

    Perfect, thanks!

  68. WY

    When You Wish Upon a Wendell 

    Cannot wait to use this resource to dig into this book with my class!

  69. NN

    Nicole N

    Thanks! Cute!

  70. T


    This is very cute to use with the novel study.

  71. AB

    Angela B

    Great activities to go with the book for 2nd and 3rd graders. Thanks!

  72. KL

    Kimberly L

    I love this book & the message. There are great teaching points with this story & these resources were very helpful in assisting my student’s learning.

  73. JM

    Jill M

    This is going to go great along with us reading the story!

  74. AM

    Amber M

    Wonderful ideas and handouts that helped keep my students engaged! thanks!

  75. HM

    Hillary M

    I use this with my first graders to end our animal unit. They love it! Some activities are challenging, so I put them in centers for my most advanced students. Love this resource!

  76. BF

    Brandie F

    Excellent! Thank you!

  77. DS

    Debbie Smith 


  78. KP

    Kathryn P

    Well done!

  79. JE

    Jayme Eldred 

    Great resource, thank you!

  80. MS

    Miss Speller 


  81. LS

    Lindsey Stapleton 

    My students are currently enjoying these materials. Saved me so much time!

  82. JP

    Jennifer P

    My students LOVED this book!

  83. DH

    Deborah H

    Loved this resource and the book!

  84. SD

    sarah D

    This was perfect to go with our read aloud. Thank you!

  85. KP

    Kristen Price 

    Another great resource from Kirsten. Her activities always compliment the books really well.

  86. KW

    Kori W

    I can’t wait to use this product!

  87. CC

    chelsea C

    Great resource to support a beautiful text.

  88. KD

    kanina D

    Good Resource!

  89. BP

    BackPocket Printables 

    Excellent product!

  90. JP

    Jennifer P

    Love this! Thanks so much!

  91. AF

    Amy Fuqua 

    This was a perfect companion for the book!

  92. ED

    e D

    I can’t wait to use it this school year! Thank you!

  93. KH

    Karen H

    I look forward to sharing this with my students. Thank you.

  94. AS

    A Small Town Teacher 

    Thank you! I love this story and so do my friends!

  95. SB

    Sandra Barron 

    There are so many activities that this can be used for a whole week. I love the vocabulary and that there are answer keys to everything. It has a writing component and social emotional learning (empathy). It is a great, well rounded product. Thanks!

  96. KM

    Keli Matthews 

    Adjusted this for 1st grade. Now teaching 3rd and will use it again. Great!

  97. JM

    Jennifer Miller 

    My students loved this flipbook! It was very challenging, but also engaging for them.

  98. MG

    Michelle G

    LOVE this story for gorillas and kindness!

  99. CA

    Cathlene A

    I love The One and Only Ivan and I also loved the nonfiction companion. It was a great way to compare and contrast the two texts in a fun way. Thank you.

  100. NM

    Nicolle M

    This was great! My students loved doing the activities. Thank you for sharing.

  101. TT

    Tara T

    cant wait to use this

  102. CM

    Callie M


  103. AL

    Amy LB 

    Thank you for this resource!

  104. LK

    Lauren K

    Great activities !

  105. LS

    Laurel S


  106. PJ

    Primary Junior Party 

    Such a great resource! The flip book is awesome!
    Thanks for this resource, my students absolutely loved how it went with the book!

  107. JA

    Jessica A

    A great resource for my classroom, I can easily adjust it for some of my grade 1 students

  108. JA

    Jessica A

    A great resource for my classroom, I can easily adjust it for some of my grade 1 students

  109. AM

    Amanda M

    Great supplement for an awesome story!

  110. SM

    Shanna M

    Students loved this!!

  111. HB

    Heather B

    I loved using this when we did our Ivan book study!! Thanks so much!

  112. JS

    Jill S

    Great resource.

  113. FT

    For the Love of Library 

    Fun and thought-provoking activities that my students loved! Thank you!

  114. JS

    Jill S

    Great resource.

  115. VG

    Virginia G


  116. JL

    Jennifer L

    Excellent for use when reading the novel in class!

  117. JL

    Jessica L

    Good resource! I wish it had chapter specific comprehension questions after every chapter, but this is a great resource for other novel type activities.

  118. SL

    Stephanie L

    Can’t wait to use!

  119. BR

    Brittany R

    This is great! Thank you!

  120. FC

    Florencia C

    This was an excellent companion to the book.

  121. MD

    Melissa D

    Great tool! This has been a huge success in my classroom.

  122. LG

    Lauren G

    Wonderful resource for teaching multiple reading skills.

  123. KM

    Kim M

    LOVE this story and am so glad to have activities to go along with it.

  124. LR

    Linda R

    This product was so perfect for my 2-3 SPED students. They loved all the activities. Thank you so much. Often literature products are so boring. Great job!!

  125. MB

    Molly B

    Good resource

  126. AC

    Ann C

    Great activities to go with this book. Easy to do with the students.

  127. VJ

    Victoria Jenkins 

    We did this as a mini unit after reading “The One and Only Ivan” and my second graders loved it! The different activities kept their attention and I loved that I had a week’s worth of reading plans. I will definitely use this again next year.

  128. CW

    Christina W

    My students loved the book and this was great. Thanks!

  129. SR

    Sharon R

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you 🙂

  130. KC

    Katelyn Cody 

    Great extension activities for our school’s “book of the year!”

  131. CM

    Chrissi McKown 

    Loved this!

  132. KP

    Kimberly Peabody 

    this was a great addition to our narrative nonfiction unit!

  133. JK

    Julie K


  134. RR

    Rebecca R

    wonderful story companion

  135. TM

    Teacher Mommy 7 Store 


  136. R


    This was a great way to teach narrative nonfiction. My kids and I loved it.

  137. GP

    gail P

    Great resource thank you

  138. TP

    Taylor P

    Fun way to show what was learned.

  139. VS

    Valerie S

    My students enjoyed all of the activities.

  140. CN

    Charity N

    My kids loved these activities! Thank you! 🙂

  141. JG

    Jennifer G

    Very helpful!

  142. DA

    Denise A

    The perfect activities to go along with our Novel Study for The One and Only Ivan.

  143. RM

    Rebecca M


  144. AS

    Ashley Sedgwick 

    Great for narrative nonfiction

  145. EH

    Emily H


  146. TP

    Taylor P

    Great, thank you!

  147. TS

    Teaching Special Heroes  

    My kids really enjoyed this! Thank you.

  148. R


    Thank you so much!! My students loved this book.

  149. FB

    From Bling and Sashes to Bilingual Classes 

    great companion for the book!

  150. PW

    Polly W

    Good resources!

  151. SK

    Stephanie K


  152. NF

    Nicole F

    Very well done! I teach ESL in Quebec to French speaking students and enjoy using picture books in the classroom. How can you miss with a story about a gorila?

  153. MS

    Monica S

    This was the perfect project to share one of my favorite books with my class!

  154. SS

    Stephanie S

    Great resource!

  155. KR

    Kirsten riggert 

    Thanks for this resource- I can’t wait to use it!

  156. JS

    Jill S

    Great addition to my Ivan unit!

  157. SS

    Susan S

    loved it!

  158. SS

    Susan S

    loved it!

  159. EG

    Emily G

    Loooove this resource! My students love to research animals and Ivan was an amazing animal to learn about. This flipchart was a neat way for students to display their understanding and work!

  160. RA

    Rebecca Allen 

    We so enjoyed the book and these beautiful activity pages made it so much better. Thank you!

  161. MO

    Myrna Osuna 

    These is a great way to show comprehension during the reading of The One and Only Ivan.

  162. MO

    Myrna Osuna 

    These is a great way to show comprehension during the reading of The One and Only Ivan.

  163. AA

    Ashley’s Activities  


  164. CS

    Cynthia S

    Excellent resource with so many great activities!

  165. JS

    Jennifer S

    This is a wonderful resource. Thank you!

  166. JM

    Jacquelyn M

    Can’t wait to use it.

  167. KS

    Kelly S

    This was the perfect resource to really dive into the book for my firsties!

  168. AE

    Amy E


  169. WM

    Whitney M

    This was so great to have facts and opinions and to make sure the students were following along in the book.

  170. SH

    Sheena H

    My students had so much fun with these activities. We love Ivan 🙂

  171. BE

    Brady’s Education Store 

    My students loved this, it went great with the book

  172. KW

    Kim W

    This was a great resource for our book study in first grade.

  173. CM

    Christina M

    This was a good resource to analyze the story.

  174. KS

    Kristin Schultz 

    My students LOVED learning about Ivan. We read the picture book together and completed this flip chart. My students were begging for more Ivan and more work by the end of the week.

  175. SC

    Sarah’s Collection 

    My students loved this! Great book as well.

  176. KS

    Kate Summers – KS Curriculum 

    My students used various parts of this resource to help us in our narrative nonfiction unit. I paired this resource with a read aloud of the matching picture book. Was able to differentiate based on student needs with this resource.

  177. JM

    Janice M

    I used some of the worksheets along with a video about Ivan’s life at the zoo in a Nearpod lesson. We had previously read the book and saw a play about The One and Only Ivan.

  178. RG

    rebecca G

    Very helpful for what I wanted to do with my students

  179. CD

    Chelsea Dysko 

    Great resource to go along with our book study, thank you!

  180. AM

    Ann Marie P

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this activity! I used it during our jungle themed literacy week. My students loved the book and loved completing this activity!

  181. T2

    Teachin’ 20

    I used this for summer school on Zoom. It was so easy to screen share and assign on Seesaw!

  182. KW

    Kellie W

    This is an excellent resource, I love this story!

  183. DF

    Dora F

    My students are English Learner and have a difficult time to reading and comprehension and vocabulary This resource is a great practice reading comprehension skills and interacting with text.

  184. JG

    Jenn G

    My son loved this book, and had a lot of fun working through the different activities and writing prompts. 🙂

  185. SF

    Savannah Farris 

    Awesome resource!

  186. KB

    Kelly Barnhart 

    Thanks for your hard work!

  187. JS

    John S

    Great resource. My kids loved creating these activities.

  188. LB

    Leslie B

    Great resources!

  189. MJ

    Maria J

    such a great resource thank you!

  190. DD

    Dora Diaz 


  191. CG



  192. D


    Excellent Resource!

  193. TB

    Tammie B

    Great resource

  194. LE

    Lindsay E

    This resource is perfect if you are reading The One and Only Ivan to your students. This resource is so useful and has so many engaging activities for students to do during and after the reading of the novel.

  195. CT

    Christine Townsend 

    Thank you

  196. MS

    Meghann S


  197. CM

    Cora M


  198. TI

    Teaching is My Game 

    Great pairing with novel study on The One and Only Ivan.

  199. LL

    Laura Lee M

    My students loved the novel and this resource was a valuable tool to help them further develop their comprehension skills.

  200. TL

    Tracey L

    Great resource using a great text.

  201. ES

    Elizabeth S

    Good resource to go along with the book

  202. CB

    Courtney Brooks 


  203. KK

    Kacy’s Korner 

    This is a great resource! Thank you so much!!!

  204. JW

    Joanne Warner 

    Super helpful resource! Thank you!

  205. HH

    High Heel Teacher 

    Thank you!

  206. KW

    Katara Walker 

    The story of Ivan is great and this is a great tool to accompany the story.

  207. EP

    Elizabeth P

    Great resource!

  208. KI

    Kickin’ It With Kaple 

    This went great with the story. Thank you!

  209. SH

    Stacy Henson 

    Great resource for the book!

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