Welcome Back to School Letters from the Teacher for Students and Parents


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Back to School Letters from the Teacher for Students and Parents:

This welcome back to school file includes a letter that teachers can send home to parents and a letter that teachers can send home with students. Each letter comes in a variety of border choices and black-and-white versions.


THE BODY OF THESE LETTERS ARE NOT EDITABLE. THERE ARE EDITABLE FIELDS IN THE GREETING AND SIGNATURE ONLY! If you are looking for a letter with an editable body, this is NOT the product for you!!

This welcome back to school product includes a letter that teachers can send home to parents and a letter that teachers can send home with students. Each letter comes in a variety of border choices and black-and-white versions.

  • The letter to parents comes with a boy, girl, and gender-neutral version (the pronouns are changed throughout the letter). This letter has three color background options and the corresponding backgrounds in black and white.
  • The letter to students comes with three color background options and the corresponding backgrounds and clip art in black and white. Note: This letter does not require gender options since the teacher uses the pronouns “you” and “I” throughout the letter.

All versions of each letter have editable text boxes in the Greeting Field and the Signature Field. You can edit these two places on each letter if you choose. THE BODY OF THE LETTER IS NOT EDITABLE!

BOTH Back to School Letters from the Teacher ARE ORIGINAL! I have NOT copied a letter that I found online and retyped it. This is important because you may want to mix things up and send a new letter home this year.

If you have any questions about this product, please ask before purchasing. If you aren’t sure how to edit text boxes, I’ve included a page of instructions at the beginning of the product for your convenience.


This PDF file includes 34 pages + Google Slides.

292 reviews for Welcome Back to School Letters from the Teacher for Students and Parents

Based on 292 reviews
  1. SA

    Sue A

    Great resource! Thank you

  2. NH

    Nancy H

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. BG

    Bilma G

    Great resource for the beginning of the year!! I absolutely love the letter and the different designs.

  4. SN

    Shelly N

    Thanks for creating innovative and interactive resources that my 1st graders love! Awesome materials!

  5. VW

    Valerie W

    I like the letters to the students. I plan to use them soon.

  6. EE

    Elizabeth E

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. HP

    Hillary P

    Thanks for sharing these!

  8. MS

    meredith S

    awesome resource

  9. KL

    Katie L

    Great letters!

  10. TA

    tracy A

    Super helpful! Thank you!

  11. JO

    Janet O’Clair 

    A great resource

  12. KP

    Kristen Price 

    This is super cute!!

  13. KM

    Kimberly M N

    Thank for this great product! I can’t wait to use it when we head back to school in the fall!

  14. DE

    Debra E

    Love these!!

  15. DB

    Dianna Badgett 

    Great resources I will use and will save me time!!!

  16. BC

    Breann Crocker 


  17. PL

    Paula L

    What a great idea!

  18. CV

    Christine V

    These are adorable! Perfect for teachers. Thank you!

  19. SB

    Sheila Burke 

    Very thorough and helpful.

  20. LL

    Lorrie Livingston 

    Super awesome and helpful!

  21. WA

    Wonder and Spark 

    Thank you – this was perfect for my back to school needs.

  22. MS

    Mrs S Special Learners 


  23. MS

    Marilyn S

    Just what I’m looking for. Thanks

  24. JH

    Jillian H

    Very helpful-thanks!

  25. ML

    Michelle Lehman 

    Nice Resource!!

  26. AB

    Anne B

    Thanks for the resource!

  27. KB

    Kathryn B

    Very useful! Thank you!

  28. HE

    Hannah E

    Perfect! Thank you!

  29. KL

    Kristin L

    These so perfectly capture my thoughts and are the perfect way to send a message to students and parents the first day! Thank you!

  30. SD

    Starletta D

    I included some of the printouts with my parent/student packets. Worthwhile to have.

  31. T


    so cute

  32. JH

    Jessica H

    Thank you for sharing!

  33. CC

    Caitlin C

    Had some serious “writer’s block” in trying to write my introduction letter to students and parents this year and this has been a massive help. Thanks so much.

  34. LH

    Leeann H

    Great letter and made my life easier.

  35. KY

    karissa Y


  36. TT

    Tesoriere Tesoriere 

    These are fantastic – so helpful!!!

  37. MS

    Margaret Solomon 


  38. BM

    balarie M

    My students loved getting this letter.

  39. ME

    Merie Elise S

    wonderful resource!

  40. BC

    beth C

    Very Nice!

  41. MB

    Mark B


  42. PR

    Paula R

    Great resource.

  43. MD

    Michele D

    Doesn’t seem first grade friendly.

  44. CC

    Carr Creations 

    Great product!

  45. DE

    Devon E

    I like the option of addressing parents and students separately

  46. BB

    Basha Beach 

    Great! Thanks!

  47. AF

    Amy Ferre 

    Very cute. Hard to edit.

  48. AF

    Amy Ferre 

    Very cute. Hard to edit.

  49. SF

    Sandra F

    Thank you for making life easier!

  50. DF

    Danielle F 

    Super cute and user-friendly!! Thank you for saving me SO much time!

  51. AT

    Ashlee T

    Good product for the price

  52. AW

    Amanda W

    These letters are perfect! Thank you very much!

  53. SB

    Shannon B

    Thank you for the time saver! Week one is always crazy!

  54. JC

    Jill C

    Very nice product. Shows compassion and willingness to work with parents and students.

  55. CM

    Christa M

    Looking forward to using these in the September!

  56. TF

    Tamara F

    I tweaked the letters a little bit to fit my needs, but they worked great!

  57. CC

    Christina Cachon 

    Love the gendered options! This made my letters to parents and students feel very personalized! Easy to use!

  58. MB

    Maureen B

    It’s not a good letter and you cannot edit.

  59. TT

    Teaching Truly 

    Perfectly worded! Thank you!

  60. JT

    Jessica T

    Great resource! Love it!!

  61. ML

    Melissa L

    Meets grade level standards.

  62. CK

    Chad K

    Easy to use. The options provided give a personalized touch.

  63. SL

    Sheena Lightell 

    Excellent resource!

  64. JB

    Jessica B

    Perfect time saving resource for back to school.

  65. KF

    Karen Franklin 

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I am thoroughly, amazingly impressed with your Back to School letters!!!! I was thrilled to find your product that included the COVID-19 topic!!! Everything you mention in your letters is exactly how I feel about my students, but haven’t been able to find the right way to word it as you have eloquently done here!!!! Thank you so very much!!! You have made my day!

  66. JH

    jackie H

    great distant learning resource!

  67. DL

    Deanna L

    Thank you!

  68. IT

    Ivy Thorne 

    Great resource for back to school!

  69. TB

    Tami B

    Great for communication!

  70. MR

    Megan Roy 

    Thank you! I was planning on typing up a letter and this saved me time!

  71. KU

    Keepin up with the Kinders  

    Amazing resource!

  72. KR

    Kelli R

    great welcoming letter to parents to distance learning and in person!

  73. ES

    Elizabeth S

    This is a great letter! It is well written and covers everything!

  74. KB

    Kelly B

    Very detailed letter! Thank you!

  75. AE

    Ann E

    These are so helpful. Thank you so much.

  76. BM

    Brynn M

    Thank you for adding a gender neutral letter!

  77. AA

    Alexandria A

    This was perfect to send to parents on the first day of school. I was looking for something that talked about Covid-19 and this was the best one I could find. Thank you for sharing this!

  78. KH

    Katie H

    Very cute, thank you!

  79. DS

    danielle S

    Thank you:)

  80. MG

    Mimi’s Growing Little Minds 

    lOVE IT

  81. KK

    kelli K


  82. HK

    Heather K

    Great! Thank you!

  83. AY

    Ana Y

    Love that this address the COVID issue with parents. Will definitely be using this in the Fall.

  84. DP

    Donna P

    easy to apply

  85. MM

    Melissa M

    Took all the work out for me. This is great!

  86. JL

    Jamie L 

    Very helpful for creating a letter for my parents/students during distance learning. Thank you!

  87. SA

    Stacie A

    The letter was perfect for messaging my students and parents and letting them feel more comfortable with the distance learning!

  88. WM

    Wendy M

    Thank you for creating something that includes COVID

  89. NR

    Nichol R

    This was a great letter to put inside my students’ bag of materials that they needed to pick up for distance learning.

  90. RR

    Rosemarie R

    Thank you for these! They were very helpful.

  91. HJ

    Helen Jo Morse 

    Beautifully phrased letters for my families! I struggle with putting my thoughts into the exact right words. DONE!

  92. AF

    Afaneh Falcon 


  93. JC

    Jalisa’s Classroom Creations 

    Thank you.

  94. MM

    Meredith McCorkle 

    Very helpful resource! Thanks!

  95. ST

    Sparkling Thinkers 

    Great letters that I gave to my families and students to welcome them to my class this year!

  96. KP

    Kristine P

    Thank you for this resource.

  97. JW

    jennifer W

    Wow!!! This was a great letter to send home with the students and parents.

  98. MI

    Merrily in the Middle 

    Thank you for sharing this. I hardly knew where to start. You saved me lots of time. Thank you!

  99. TW

    Tiffany W


  100. MM

    Marissa M

    This resource worked well for my students.

  101. HL

    Holly L

    Very Positive and informative letter to parents.

  102. CB

    Camille B

    Thank you for some great ideas!

  103. GU

    gayle U

    Thank you! The wording was perfect!

  104. TF

    The First-Kinder Pack  

    Very nicely done. Love your wording.

  105. JO

    Jennifer O

    I was looking for a back to school letter for parents and students, and these were great! I love the choice of designs, too.

  106. AR

    Angelica R

    This was a great resource to help with communicating with my teachers! I love it!

  107. YB

    Yasna B

    A wonderful resource for my “Back to School”.

  108. LI

    libby I

    I don’t know how to put into words the classroom changes Covid-19 is causing. This is a good starting point.

  109. MH

    Meaghan H

    What a wonderful way to welcome families back to the school year!

  110. SB

    shannel B


  111. MN


    Thank you for this!
    Was looking for something to send home and this was truly perfect!

  112. CD

    Courtney D

    Just what I was looking for.

  113. DC

    Dawn C

    This was a wonderful resource. I used it as part of my welcome packet for parents.

  114. LP

    Letha P

    Excellent resources!

  115. SP

    Stacy P

    Helpful for virtual learning.

  116. NG

    Nancy Gudknecht 

    This resource was very useful in guiding my wording of my back to school letters!

  117. KM

    krista M

    Great to use in my distance learning class!

  118. JD

    Julia D

    Thank you so much for creating this. Great way to make parents feel better 🙂

  119. AF

    Andrea F

    Very nice and looks great in my room.

  120. LA

    Little Apple Boutique 

    This helped me write a very difficult back to school letter this year. Thank you.

  121. DP

    Danielle P

    This saved me so much time and was very well written. TY!

  122. M


    Thank you! I am so glad I found this. All I needed to do was copy the Welcome Letter. It was perfectly worded.

  123. HL

    Heather L

    Loved these for use during covid.

  124. LM

    Lori M

    This was a beautifully written letter.

  125. CC

    Cari Curasco 

    Thank you! Very nice.

  126. AT

    Alice Tallackson 

    Extremely helpful, even though I teach Kindergarten!

  127. DF

    Deidre F

    Great resource to communicate with parents!

  128. DB

    David B

    This worked really well when I was in a time pinch trying to get letters out to my parents!

  129. JC

    Jamila Colin 

    Thanks for this timely resource.

  130. LO

    lynn O

    This resource was geared for beginning of the year for teachers. Since I couldn’t edit the script, I didn’t use it but still love the resource for future use.

  131. JW

    Jasmine W

    ? great

  132. KW


    Beautifully summed up all that I wanted to say.

  133. LE

    Laura E

    Thank you…very helpful

  134. DK

    Denise K

    WOW!!!!!! Five stars is not enough!!! I could not have been more impressed with the quality of this product!!!! Do not hesitate to purchase from this seller!

  135. SV

    Sarah V

    Used this for my welcome letters

  136. DB

    Diondrea B

    Great letter to parents!

  137. CG

    Claude G

    My students very much enjoyed this resource.

  138. AH

    Ashelyn Hazel 

    This resource gave me a great layout.

  139. AD

    Amanda D

    Great introductory letters to incoming families.

  140. EE

    Elizabeth E

    It was a good letter. However, I would have liked to be able to edit some of the text to make it a little more personal to my class.

  141. RP

    Robin P

    This was helpful. thanks

  142. PC

    Patricia C

    Very helpful!

  143. KR

    Kathleen Roy 

    This was great and helpful at the beginning of the year to send to parents.

  144. ST

    Shelby Temples 

    Wonderful choices to help send a letter to parents during these strange times.

  145. KS

    Kesarin S

    These letters are very well written but I wish it was a little more editable so I can make it more personal for my class, especially because I loop with my some of my students.

  146. MC

    Melissa C

    Thank you so much! I appreciated all the options available.

  147. JS

    Jamie S

    Wonderful and easy to use!

  148. JR



  149. IS

    ivette S

    Great product!!

  150. KL

    Katie Lea 

    Great resource! Thanks!

  151. SK

    Stacy K

    I absolutely loved these letters. They were perfect!

  152. TD

    tammy D

    Great easy letter for welcoming families back to school. Great resource.

  153. NM

    Nicole M

    Nicely written letter, however, I wish it was more editable!

  154. EO

    Erin O

    These were amazing! It was hard to put into words remote learning! This resource did it for me and I appreciate all the effort that went into creating it.

  155. LG

    Lisa G

    I was struggling to write a letter to my parents who were sending their students to school in person. This letter was perfect and shared my thoughts in a much clearer way than I would have been able to write. Thank you!

  156. SB

    Sarah B

    I loved having the message be so eloquently written. Saved me heaps of time!

  157. CF

    Carmella F

    Awesome and time-saving!!

  158. AR

    Alex R 

    Used this resource to help me create a welcome back to school letter. Thank you!

  159. JE

    Jennifer E

    I loved using these letters for back to school through digital learning.

  160. VA

    Veronica A

    Great product!!!

  161. MK

    Mary Kosareff 


  162. JD

    Jessica D

    This is amazing!

  163. MM

    Maria Maida F

    This is a great resource for back to school!

  164. KM

    Kellie M

    Very helpful during school closures to keep students and families reassured.

  165. AH

    Alyssa H

    Great letter for back to school!

  166. EG

    Earl G

    I liked the end of the year one that I had to buy this one too!

  167. MV

    Marisa V

    Just what I needed, thanks!

  168. SW

    Sherica W

    Letter were well written and thoughtful…thank you for this source!

  169. JN

    jennifer N

    This was great to use at the start of the year.

  170. AH

    Ashley H

    I loved this resource!

  171. SL

    Suzanne L


  172. AM

    Andrew M

    Great back to school resource, thanks!

  173. RS

    Rebecca S

    This is a great resource for distance learning. Thank you!

  174. SB

    Sarah B

    This was very helpful!!

  175. AM

    Angela M

    Awesome resource! Thank you!

  176. LB

    L B 

    Was a well-written letter to the parents at the beginning of the new year during COVID 19.

  177. HH

    Heather H

    EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you!

  178. CJ

    Courtney J

    This wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but I did end up using and loving this product!

  179. LS

    Laura S

    Very good, easy to use, and personalize.

  180. CC

    Conrad Castles 

    This is a fantastic well written letter. I would love to have been able to edit it, but it was still a wonderful letter to send home at the beginning of the year

  181. JD

    jaqueline duran 

    Great resource. Thanks!

  182. EM

    Eva M

    This was well written and very sweet. I wish more of the text was editable, however.

  183. CB

    Cori B

    My students loved this activity. It was very engaging! Thank you.

  184. ED

    Emily D

    Love this resource!

  185. MM

    Maria M

    These letters came in handy and saved me so much work.

  186. MB

    Mary B

    Not what I expected, but was able to use some of it!

  187. DD

    Diana Dixon 

    Nice resource.

  188. LS

    Lisa S

    These were great letters for disance learning!!!

  189. NC

    Nicole Cerrone 

    This was great for these unprecedented times! Thank you for this!

  190. ND

    Nicola D

    Perfect resource for DL.

  191. CV

    christina V

    Awesome resource, loved all of the materials!

  192. JS

    Jill S

    Helpful resource for the beginning of the year when I was overwhelmed trying to figure everything out.

  193. LM

    Laura Mattle 


  194. AG

    Angelica G

    Great resource that provides excellent end of the year letters.

  195. AB

    Ashley B

    Wonderful letter for parents

  196. AT

    adrienne T

    Thank you for providing such a well written beginning of the year letter!

  197. TC

    This Classroom Runs On Dunkin 

    Extremely helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  198. KA

    kimberly ashcraft 

    This was helpful in preparing to start school using a virtual platform.

  199. SW

    Shelly W

    Loved this Back to School helper.

  200. B


    During distance learning I sent these letters out to my families via email to introduce myself and to let parents know that we are in this strange school year together. I really liked the wording the author used.

  201. SG

    Sara G

    This was a fantastic resource! I only wish that it was editable so I could make it more personable and tailor it to my class! Other than that it was great!!

  202. DB

    Debbie B

    A little too advanced for second grade parents, but I was able to use some f her words.

  203. AM

    Adeline Miron 


  204. ML

    Melissa L

    Loved this!

  205. CN

    Cheryl N


  206. CP

    Cindy P

    Used to inform parents about new processes. Loved that I could edit it.

  207. WW

    Wendy W

    These are great letters for starting off the year distant!

  208. KA

    Kristine A

    Helped generate grade appropriate letters.

  209. NW

    Nanette W

    This resource helped me compose my own class letter, especially during this pandemic. Thank you!

  210. CF

    Cindy F

    It was very helpful to have something ready to go at the beginning of the year.

  211. DG


    Very useful for communicating with parents

  212. ME

    Marcy E

    This was a great resource to use during the start of a challenging year. It helped me put into writing what I wanted to say about the upcoming school year!

  213. MD

    Marie D

    Great ideas for my planning. Thank you.

  214. LH

    Laura H

    This made connecting with my parents so much easier at the beginning of the school year.

  215. KB

    Kathryn B

    This was a good resource.

  216. JA

    Jill A 

    Great resource!!

  217. LM

    lauren M

    Easy to use and no prep! Win-win.

  218. TW

    Teaching Where You’re Called  

    This was the perfect resource to start the year. The letter was extremely articulate in helping me convey everything I wanted to share at the beginning of the school year. Highly recommend!!

  219. DT

    Derek T

    Good resource.

  220. JD

    Jessica D

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  221. KB

    kelly B

    My students loved using this resource! Thank you.

  222. CM

    Chelsea M

    A great resource!

  223. TL

    This Little Piggy Loves to Read  


  224. OS

    Our Schoolhouse Treasures 

    Soooo helpful! Thank you!

  225. DD

    deborah D

    I think this would be nice if it were fully editable. This just didn’t work for me because it only lets you edit a little bit. There were parts of the letter I needed to cut out and places where I wanted to add to it but that simply isn’t an option.

  226. JJ

    Jessica Jones 

    Thank you so much for creating this! ! I couldn’t find the words I wanted to say to parents. This was so helpful. I’m excited to use it again. Thank you for updating it!

  227. KN

    Kristen Norland 

    This was such a time saver for me!

  228. TC

    Tracey C

    This a great resource to assist in me to communicate with parents during these unprecedented times.

  229. MS

    Michelle Southerington 

    Great resource. Very helpful!

  230. AG

    Adabel G

    Love this!

  231. TR

    Tara R

    This letter was perfect to send out to my students and parents before the start of the school year. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  232. GK

    Grace K

    Loved sharing these letters with families to start the year!

  233. JW

    Julia W

    Outstanding resource!

  234. CK

    Carly K

    This resource was just what I needed to start the COVID school year with my students. The language was just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

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    Jenna S

    Very helpful thank you!

  236. BL

    Brenda L

    great resource- used in the calm classroom.

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    Great product!

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    Was the perfect resource.

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    nicole T

    This was very helpful with beginning of year communication with parents. The letters are well written and were well-received by parents. Thank you!

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    My students loved how colorful these letters were!

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    Nicole P

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    Heather T

    I LOVE all the different choices!! This is well worded to make everyone feel welcome!

  246. TO

    Tales of Patty Pepper 

    Loved the end of year letter so much I had to purchase the back to school letter!

  247. EN

    Erica N

    Helpful resource. Thank you.

  248. KZ

    kathy Z

    This was an awesome document. Thank-you

  249. KS

    Karla S

    Extremely helpful.

  250. KH

    k H

    Great resource

  251. RL

    Rachel L

    I loved using this resource. Parents really appreciated it as well!

  252. SG

    Susan G

    Loved these letters! Thank you!

  253. ER

    Esmeralda R

    Wonderful and useful thank you!

  254. RW

    robbin W

    Awesome resource!

  255. OI

    One in a Millhausen 

    Great resource.

  256. AR

    Amy R

    Just what I was looking for to start the year off on the right foot with families. Thank you!

  257. MG

    Mollie G

    Excellent resource.

  258. DD

    Deanna D

    very helpful

  259. KD

    Katherine D

    Very useful!

  260. KR

    Kimberly Rowe 

    I used this resource in my intellectually delayed classroom. My students responded very well to the strategy outlined in this resource. Very nicely put together.

  261. JG

    Jenna G

    Great resource!

  262. GV

    Gloria V

    AMAZING resource! Thank you!!

  263. CL

    christine L

    This makes the beginning of the year so much easier.

  264. RN

    Rachel N

    Love this resource! Thank you so much!

  265. RD

    Ruscel D

    I had a great time preparing my letter to my students’ parents. I would recommend the purchase.

  266. CM

    Cynthia Mintz 

    This was a nice resource to have as I prepped for back to school night.

  267. BR

    Brandon Rotondo 

    Thank you!

  268. RO

    Rainbow of Possibilities 

    I had such brain fog with all the back to school deadlines. Thank you for saving the day!

  269. MR

    Moneta Redecker 

    This resource was very helpful!

  270. TM

    Tamra M

    Love these! Made my life simple!

  271. JJ

    jessica jenkins 

    This is a great resource.

  272. MM

    Megan M

    Thank you for this resource! It was a great resource for my first year of teaching!

  273. SL

    Sedya L

    Thank you!!!

  274. LC

    Latrice C

    This was well aligned and students enjoyed using this resource.

  275. TB

    Teaching by the Teaspoon 

    Love these!

  276. MF

    Maylee F

    Love this resource! Being able to edit it is wonderful!

  277. MS

    Marissa S

    Great resource! Easy to use and print.

  278. MD

    Max D

    Great resource! Thank you!

  279. MG

    Maclovia G

    An excellent resource for my class.

  280. YM

    yolanda montejano 


  281. SB

    Sarah B

    Thank you!!

  282. RM

    Rebekah M

    This helped me a lot with a letter in a pinch!

  283. BT

    Beverly T

    Great resource. Several colors and styles to choose from.

  284. KW

    Kristen W

    Thank you

  285. MW

    Mariah W


  286. T


    Last year, I purchased this as an end of the year send off and my students and their families loved it. I couldn’t start the year off without this and I’m so glad I purchased it! Such a hit! If possible, is there a way to tailor the letter to say “welcome to school” ? (i.e. kindergarten?)

  287. KD

    Kelsey D

    Loved that there was a letter for parents and a version for students, which added a personal touch for each kid!

  288. KC

    Kimberly C

    Very helpful resource.

  289. PP

    Parker’s Party in 2nd  

    I love it!

  290. RB

    Rose B

    Great resource!

  291. R2

    RileyAugust 21, 2016

    Love these! Thank you!

  292. YO

    Yemisi Ogunbowale


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