Compare and Contrast Passages and Graphic Organizers Activities


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Compare and Contrast Passages and Graphic Organizers Activities:

These compare and contrast passages and activities include anchor charts, no-prep printables, and nonfiction reading passages. Students will practice using Venn diagrams and writing complete sentences to show their understanding.

This compare and contrast passages and graphic organizers activity includes the following:

  • Table of Contents
  • two instructional pages that delineate compare and contrast activities
  • teacher notes (suggestions for using this product)
  • six pages of simple compare and contrast pages using what the students already know (as well as Venn diagrams)
  • four nonfiction reading passages about animals (each passage contains two paragraphs about two animals)
  • NOTE: This is the only part of the product with an answer key, as answers will vary on the other pages.
  • four pages that correspond with the nonfiction passages (created to be copied on the back side) that require students to use complete sentences to compare and contrast
  • four research pages using animals
  • one blank research page to let the student or teacher choose what they’d like to compare and contrast


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 40 pages + Google Slides.

262 reviews for Compare and Contrast Passages and Graphic Organizers Activities

Based on 262 reviews
  1. VI

    Virginia is for Learners  

    Students enjoy these!

  2. SV

    Shari V

    very cute….useful

  3. JO

    Joyce Ohannasian 

    This is a nice product when introducing campare and contrast to young students.

  4. SJ

    Sarah J

    Great! Used this in my classroom!

  5. HM

    Heather M

    Liked the ideas of this compare/contrast.

  6. DB

    Diressa B


  7. LR

    Lindsay R

    This has been a big help to us as we begin our compare & contrast essay writing unit. The practice is fun and it’s great for the kids to be able to use their background knowledge AND pull information from brief articles!

  8. CM

    Curious Minds at Work 

    This was fantastic to use with my students!

  9. RR

    Radical Reading Ideas 

    My students loved the nonfiction passages where they had to compare and contrast! Thanks!

  10. SK

    Sarah K

    This resource is great for DI and small groups!

  11. TT

    Taylor T

    Great enrichment for my high babies!

  12. DL

    Dawn L

    Great!! 🙂

  13. MH

    Madonna H


  14. BT

    brenda Tuncer 

    loved it

  15. GG

    Gail G

    Great learning tool. it supported my students’ learning that led to mastery of content.

  16. AC

    Alicia C

    Fabulous resource! Thanks!

  17. KW

    kara W


  18. DG

    Debbie Griffin 

    This was very helpful for my students last year and I can’t wait to use it again this year.

  19. RH

    Roberta H

    Very helpful.

  20. C


    I can’t wait to use this

  21. MM

    MrsDTeaches Me 

    Starting this unit after Christmas

  22. CB

    Christel B

    I love how this scaffolds from familiar topics to using text for comparing and contrasting.

  23. DM

    Darci Mosher 

    Haven’t used yet but adding to my compare/contrast materials bank.

  24. DM

    Darci Mosher 

    Haven’t used yet but adding to my compare/contrast materials bank.

  25. AS

    Ashley S

    Great resource! Thanks!

  26. KC

    Kristen C

    Grade appropriate text!

  27. NL

    Nicole L

    Love these for our state’s alternate assessment!

  28. EC

    E C

    Thanks! Great resource.

  29. DF

    Demetra Fogleman 

    Thanks! Great resource for 2nd graders!

  30. CS

    Christopher S

    Great activities and reading passages. Thank you.

  31. BD

    Brianne D

    Great activities! Thanks!

  32. JA

    Jessica A

    Perfect for what we needed.

  33. MH

    Melanie H

    Great resource for centers

  34. LC

    Lynett C

    I’ve been using these for the last couple of years and they really give good practice for the students.

  35. SM

    Shirley Markey 

    Great resource to use as homework or station work practice!

  36. FP

    Fanny Pack Friday 

    Can’t wait to use! Thanks so much!

  37. PF

    Paula F


  38. ED

    Elizabeth D

    Very helpful!

  39. FI

    Fab in Fifth 

    Thank you! Great resource!

  40. GD

    Georgina D

    loved the writing component with this activity

  41. AS

    Angela S

    Great resource for compare and contrasting for my 3rd Graders.

  42. PC

    Patricia C

    Thanks. Great resource to use with guided reading groups.

  43. SA

    Susan Ashton 

    Thank you. Everything I need to teach compare and contrast is in the packet. Excellent resource.

  44. SK

    Staccy K

    Great to use with my 2nd graders during small group. Thank you

  45. CL

    Courtney Ludwig 

    love this!

  46. CE

    Courtney E

    I can’t wait to use this resource after winter break!!

  47. KE

    Karen E

    Helpful – used in small strategy groups – thank you !

  48. RB

    Renee Black 

    Just what we needed!

  49. DC

    Dianne C

    Great resource!!!

  50. TD

    Timari D

    We love this!

  51. BL

    Belle L


  52. BM

    Brittany M

    This was such a great resource and a way for us to practice comparing and contrasting! Thank you 🙂

  53. K


    Good Resource!

  54. MM

    Maj Methods 


  55. MM

    Miss Mackie’s Room 

    Great way to review this important skill!

  56. KC

    Kelly C

    Great, lots of valuable information.

  57. AH

    Angela Hunt 


  58. CM

    Christina M

    Thank you

  59. MT

    Maura T

    Nice extra resource for re-teaching.

  60. MT

    Maura T

    Nice extra resource for re-teaching.

  61. LP

    Leandra P

    Awesome resource

  62. KD

    Kurielle D

    Very Useful!

  63. MC

    Mary’s Creations 


  64. HJ

    Helena J

    Great practice

  65. JB

    Jennifer B

    Just what I was looking for!

  66. SL

    Sandy L

    Perfect tool for centers!

  67. KD

    Krista D

    We used this resource to focus on our short term data cycle. It helped so much.

  68. MC

    Mrs Casellas Classroom 

    I absolutely love this product and my students did, too! Thank you!

  69. EM

    Emilie Morris 

    A great resource!

  70. DH

    Debra H

    This document is really wonderful for explaining and getting to the heart of comparing and contrasting. I love the examples that are provided.

  71. CP

    candance P

    This is a great addition to my classroom resources!

  72. KG

    Karla G

    I loved this. I had my students do a research project with this resource and they seemed to enjoy it!

  73. AK

    Alexis Kulesza 

    Great options for all academic levels.

  74. G'

    Glitter ‘n Glue 

    Thank you very much!

  75. FH

    Frances H

    Love this resource!! Thank you!

  76. SB

    Susie Buell 

    Great way for kids to practice those compare & contrast skills!

  77. HB

    Heather B

    Just what I needed!

  78. KP

    Kendra P

    Love this fun and engaging way to teach comparing and contrasting

  79. LJ

    Lovina J

    I plan to use this for morning work

  80. JB

    josefa B

    My third graders enjoyed this product

  81. KE

    Kaitlin E

    These were great! Thanks!

  82. JP

    Joy P

    Great resource! This will be very useful in my classroom.

  83. SA

    Sunshine and Sweetness 

    These are perfect to use when introducing comparing and contrasting nonfiction texts. Thank you!

  84. B


    This resource worked well for my inclusion class!

  85. MK

    Michelle K

    Great resource! Used to introduce compare and contrast.

  86. DZ

    demetra Z

    Absolutely no prep and love that they were differentiated too. Thank you!

  87. CL

    Codie L

    This resource was fantastic and provided the extra support my students needed to practice comparing and contrasting. Thank you!!

  88. LW

    Learning with my Gnomies 

    Appreciate the anchor charts

  89. EH

    Erin Herringdine 

    good resources for the classroom

  90. JF

    Jessica F

    These were great passages to practice comparing and contrasting. My kids enjoyed the topics. Thanks.

  91. CG

    Cullen Giampetro 

    These are great! Thank you!

  92. EV

    Edith V

    Good resource for more practice on compare and contrast

  93. AM

    Amy M

    Great resource full of ideas!

  94. BS

    Brenda S

    Great for small group or whole group.

  95. SC

    Samantha C

    Great resource for comparing and contrasting

  96. KJ

    Karen J

    nice job!

  97. VW

    Vauna W


  98. KW

    Kaylee W

    Great topics! My students are going to enjoy these passages, very interesting!

  99. MV

    Melissa Verrilli 

    Thank you!!

  100. WB

    Whitney Brelje 

    Exactly what I needed! Thank you for sharing!

  101. BS

    Brandi S

    Great resource!!

  102. CQ

    Courtney Q


  103. RG

    Rhonda G

    Exactly what I needed.

  104. KL

    Katherine L

    Great practice!

  105. MB

    Melissa B


  106. SA

    Sheryl A


  107. CM

    Carolee Mearon 

    Great product- made the skill of teaching compare and contrast so easy!

  108. CK

    Cynthia K

    A great help to my students as they were learning this standard!

  109. FE

    Frances E

    Very helpful resource! A++

  110. CJ

    Cheryl J

    Will be helpful in getting my students to understand compare and contrast.

  111. AR

    Adilene R

    My students enjoyed these passages. Thank you!

  112. PF

    Percy Finds His Place 

    Great for interactive notebooks!

  113. MG

    Michelle G

    This worked great for my students

  114. LG

    Laura G

    Great resource, thank you.

  115. JB

    Jennifer B

    Easy to use and engaging. Thank you. 🙂

  116. CS

    Catherine S

    Useful resource.

  117. CS

    Catherine S

    Useful resource.

  118. LL

    Lacy L

    Easy to use and great resource.

  119. DG

    Donna G

    Great for Centers!

  120. H



  121. SS

    Shelley S

    Fantastic resource. It has helped my struggling workers still understand venn diagrams and comparing and contrasting!

  122. KS

    Kelly S


  123. AR

    Amanda R

    Great, thank you.

  124. BW

    Brittany W

    Used this for students who needed more of a challenge for cause and effect.

  125. MD

    Megan D

    Great resource.

  126. NM

    Nafeesah M

    Excellent resource for my guided reading class. Thanks!

  127. CC

    Caroline C

    A must have when teaching this unit.

  128. SB

    Sales By Seitz 

    Loved this resource! It has varied levels depending on your students.

  129. EO

    Emily Owens 

    Saved myself a ton of work. Thanks!

  130. TH

    Tammy H

    This is perfect for what I needed!

  131. DR

    Deanna R

    The different levels of worksheets was just what I was looking for!

  132. SC

    Serena Craft 

    I love using this!

  133. SA

    Sonya Austin 

    Great resource. This worked perfectly for my 2nd and 3rd grade sped students.

  134. AM

    Ann Marie P

    Very useful!

  135. IL

    iHeart Learning 

    Great practice for C and C.

  136. DA

    Dilma A

    love this resource. Thanks so much!

  137. ES

    Erin S

    Great reading resource

  138. KG

    Kaylie G

    This was extremely helpful for my students! It is also differentiated which was super helpful!

  139. TW

    Taylor W

    Absolutely loved this resource!!

  140. KG

    Kelli G


  141. SB

    Sarah B

    A great product!

  142. 3G

    3rd Grade Shenanigans 

    These are awesome!

  143. AK

    Andrea Kelleher 

    Great resource! My class was having a little trouble with comparing/contrasting and this put it in an easy to do activity!

  144. BM

    Beth M

    Great resource, thank you!

  145. TC

    Terrin C

    Really helped in my classroom. Thank you!

  146. AV

    Ashley V

    Wonderful Resource!

  147. AM

    Ally M

    The students enjoyed this activity and I enjoyed that they had to use full sentences.

  148. KL

    Kathryn L

    My students loved reading these compare and contrast passages. They are fun, informative, and easy to read. The anchor charts, teacher notes, and answer keys were also greatly appreciated and helpful!

  149. MT

    MO Teaching and Learning 

    Wonderful to use for reading rotations!

  150. KS

    Kaitlin S

    Worked great!

  151. MB

    My Big Brain 

    There passages are excellent for my special ed students who are in the 5th grade, but reading at a 3rd or 4th grade level. The text is not too long and the information and evidence they need to get from the text to answer the questions is not to frustrating for them.

  152. KG

    Katie G

    My students loved it!

  153. EI

    Elevating In Elementary 

    My students very much enjoyed these. Thank you!

  154. TT

    Tiffany T

    I am a special education teacher and I used this learning material to reinforce the lesson being taught in the regular education classroom.

  155. SH

    Susan H

    This is a great resource to use with Grade 3, Units of Reading: Research Clubs. It compliments the compare and contrast lessons and provides clear, concise, interesting passages, Venn diagrams as well a work space for students to write sentences on how the two animals are alike and how they are different.

  156. TH

    Teresa Headtke 

    This is a great resource that I can easily adapt to distance learning as we practice our compare and contrast skills. I like the variety of topics!

  157. RZ

    Regina Z

    Thank you for a helpful resource.

  158. KS

    Kim S

    Easy to use activities to work on comparing and contrasting.

  159. KD

    Kristine D

    I loved the compare and contrast activities that included the reading passages. I just wish more of the compare and contrast activities included in this product had the reading passages instead of having students do their own research or just compare and contrast from things they already knew. Especially for distance learning, it helps to have the passages of things to compare and contrast included.

  160. CY

    Carson Y

    This is great for distance learning!

  161. JB

    Jeuelle Benjamin 

    Thank you, this is exactly the resource that I needed to assist my students with comparing and contrasting. Love that the passages contain signal words to assist the students with comparing and contrasting. The passages are engaging for students. Great resource!

  162. DH

    Dara H

    Resources was easy for students to understand and loved how students could write on resources where as others claimed that they were distance learning and expected students/parents to print out sheets.

  163. SC

    Small Class Teaching 


  164. MG

    Melissa G

    Great passages that were interesting to my students!

  165. TA

    Tom A

    It was a great resource

  166. LP

    Lourdes P

    My students loved this activity. I used it in my reading class to use with comparing and contrasting. I liked that the passages were short and this helped the students understand what they had to compare and contrast. It was a very helpful resource.

  167. TL

    Teisha L

    Thanks for such a valuable resource.

  168. WC

    Wesley C

    Loved it!

  169. ED

    Ewa D

    I used this for distance learning on Seesaw and appreciated how well designed and laid out this was. The articles/passages were interesting and engaging. Thank you!

  170. TH

    Tamara H

    This is a great addition to my digital collection of resources! Thank you so much!!

  171. T


    The passages are simple and fun to read. This is a great way to teach compare and contrast.

  172. BS

    Bass Shop 

    Great resource for practice.

  173. RB

    randy B

    I liked that the activities are scaffolded. There are activities just comparing familiar items that student know, like a hat and a mitten using a Venn diagram. Then students read passages and compare and contrast the objects in the 2 passages on a Venn diagram. After they write 2 sentences about how they are similar and how they are different. My only issue is that the passages were a little blurry on the google slide.

  174. CW

    Christina Wilson 

    This was very useful when teaching my kiddos. I can’t wait to use it again this school year.

  175. HH

    Hein’s Harvest 

    Loved using these passages for compare and contrast! No prep!

  176. AS

    Amber S

    My students enjoyed doing these papers! What a great resource to use to help compare and contrast two different animals.

  177. GH

    Genevieve H

    Great product!

  178. CM

    Cindy M

    Fantastic resource! Love that there are plenty of stories to choose from!

  179. JO

    Janet O

    This is an excellent product.

  180. CM

    Caitlyn M

    Perfect at home practice for students to be able to do independently. Also there is quiet a good amount of work included.

  181. SR

    Sheila Ramos 

    Great resource for my ELLs.

  182. JG

    Julie G

    Love the graphic organizers attatched with lines. So many of my students struggle with writing neatly

  183. AM

    Angela M

    I love this resource! Thank you!

  184. CB

    Catherine B

    great way to practice compare and contrast

  185. CJ

    Claire Ji 

    This was so helpful for my students!

  186. AO

    Amanda O

    This was a great resource!

  187. VJ

    Velvet J

    Passages were engaging.

  188. TL

    Thomas L

    My students loved these!

  189. JD

    Jessica D

    Thank you! Very helpful!

  190. LD

    LaTasha D

    Great small resource for small group, independent, and whole group assignments.

  191. DD

    Dora Diaz 


  192. CS

    Cary Stroface 

    Thank you so much.

  193. JH

    Jennifer H

    This was very helpful for my students.

  194. MH

    Miss Hogan’s Heroes 

    This resource worked well for a homework assignment. I also displayed it for the whole class while we did an example together.

  195. DC

    deborah crowder 

    This resource is perfect for teaching compare and contrast with informational text. The texts are highly engaging. My students really like using this resource.

  196. AP

    Amanda P

    Such a great resource! Perfect for my 2nd graders!

  197. JB

    Jamie B

    Very helpful

  198. K


    Great for distance and in person! Easy to use and interact with!

  199. KS

    kim S

    I liked this product.

  200. MB

    Michele Brasher 

    Great for Compare and Contrast practice!

  201. KP

    Kristy P


  202. LK

    Lori K

    Love the graphic organizers!

  203. MD

    Maureen D

    This was very useful!

  204. DC

    Deanna C

    Awesome resource!

  205. AW

    ashley W

    Easy to use on google classroom.

  206. VB

    Valerie B

    These are great. I like the started Venn diagrams having them compare two things and then moving up to the reading passages.

  207. D


    Great resource! Thank you for making it easy to plan for and follow!

  208. SN

    Susan N

    My students loved the passages. They were a great center activity.

  209. ST

    Scooting Through 4th Grade 

    I have been using these articles as a early finisher activity and my students have seemed to be highly interested in learning about what they are reading.

  210. AS

    Adriana S

    This will be a great resource to use with my students!

  211. LW

    Learn with Lesli 

    Thank you!

  212. HE

    Helena E

    This is a nice detailed resource thank you

  213. TC

    The Crafty Teacher 

    Great resource

  214. ER

    Erika R

    This was a great resource for my small group 3rd and 4th graders. Perfect story length for a quick read.

  215. JE

    Joy E

    Great resource that is engaging and fun!

  216. MM

    Margaret M

    This is such a hard skill for students to learn and these allow me to keep them practicing all year. I pull them out whenever we have few minutes or use at the start of a lesson. Very engaging and well done.

  217. KC

    Kimberly Cochrane 

    My students enjoyed this unit. Full of age appropriate activities.

  218. LT

    Lupe T L

    We had a great deal of fun with this product! It is engaging and my students truly enjoyed and got excited each time. It made leaning more interesting for the whole class. Thank you very much! definitely coming back for more resources! Super easy to follow.. Lots of fun!

  219. HP

    Holly P

    Great practice exercises!

  220. SF

    Stephanie F

    I love these worksheets. There is plenty of variety, and they are kid-friendly.

  221. AG

    Ashley G

    Love this resource!

  222. RG

    Robin G

    Great practice for this skill.

  223. RK

    Renee K

    Great resource! So helpful in the classroom.

  224. MM


    I love this resource!

  225. JC

    Jann Cobb 

    This helped my students practice compare and contrast

  226. SB

    Sharon B

    Great Resource.

  227. DD

    Deborah D

    Great way to practice this concept!

  228. JF

    Julia F

    Great! Made things easier for me!

  229. JT

    Jennifer Tucker 

    Great resource!

  230. GP

    gina parnell 

    Engaging lesson pages

  231. SA

    Suzanne A

    I love this and have used it with ease. It is perfect for a sub tub too!

  232. RW

    Robert Walls 


  233. MB

    Megan B

    My student loved using this resource to deepen their understanding of this essential skill. Super easy to prep and easy for students to do independently!

  234. TS

    Teach Sparkle Pop 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  235. MM

    Michelle McKain 


  236. AT

    Around the World Learning  

    This was an amazing product to use with my high school Level 1 ESL students for a unit on comparing and contrasting. They also learned biology at the same time.

  237. AB

    Anne B

    This is a wonderful resource for practicing a very difficult skill!

  238. GE

    Gigi’s English Cottage 

    An excellent resource for my ESL students.

  239. KD

    Kelsi D


  240. KC

    Katrina C 

    Great resource!

  241. SB

    Sara B

    This a great resource to use.

  242. SS

    Sierra S

    My students truly enjoyed this activity.

  243. HO

    Hannah Orlowski 

    Students enjoyed the topics and the format of the assignment.

  244. RB

    Rachael Benefield 

    Great practice for end of the year writing on state tests

  245. LH

    Lisa H

    Great resources!

  246. RS

    Renea Starbuck 

    great resource

  247. SH

    Sarah H


  248. SG

    Shanna G

    This gives a step by step process for teaching comparing and contrasting.

  249. AC

    amber C

    Great resource to review!

  250. HS

    Heather S

    Great resource for my 2nd grade classroom.

  251. SL

    Susan Lehner 

    Great resource! Thank you!!!

  252. SK

    Susan K

    Interesting topics and great for practice comparing and contrasting.

  253. PH

    Patricia H

    Used or state text prep

  254. KL

    Kristen L

    loved it!

  255. CD

    Corey Dexter 

    This is a great resource for extra practice and review.

  256. KK

    Koffee Kurls and Kiddos 

    Thank you

  257. TK

    tammy konarska 

    Used when introducing compare and contrast.

  258. TH

    Tina Howie 

    Great resource, thank you

  259. SD

    Sabrina D

    Love the simplicity of the articles while still being able to teach into the standard.

  260. JT

    JS T 

    Thank you so much…this was a great resource and super helpful!

  261. DB

    Debbie B

    Great resource! Thank you for taking the time to create it!

  262. B2

    BuyerNovember 29, 2016

    One of my all time favorite Language Arts sellers on TPT, always creating engaging and challenging products. This is one of your BEST resource, thank you for taking the time to produce superb quality materials : )

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