When You Enter This Classroom Bulletin Board for Building Community


161 reviews

This “When You Enter This Classroom” bulletin board set is perfect for ANY classroom, counselor’s office, or common area in your school. There are 33 inspirational posters with phrases that start with “YOU ARE…” followed by words or phrases that show students how much they are valued.


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Pages: 139 PDF pages

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When You Enter This Classroom Bulletin Board for Esteem-Building:

This “When You Enter This Classroom” bulletin board set is perfect for ANY classroom, counselor’s office, or common area in your school!

There are 33 inspirational posters with phrases that start “YOU ARE…” and are followed by words or phrases that show students how much they are valued.

There are several different titles (letters for bulletin board titles) included.

Depending on where you would like to display the posters (inside a classroom, outside a classroom door, in a hallway, in a common area of the school, in an office, etc.), you can choose from the following titles in full-color or black-and-white:


Please see the preview and thumbnails for a sample of the letters (EACH LETTER TAKES UP 1/2 PAGE)!

This file contains 33 posters (in full color, black-and-white, smaller card versions of full color, and small card versions of black-and-white). You will also find an ideas sheet for teachers and counselors.

This file contains 139 PDF pages.

161 reviews for When You Enter This Classroom Bulletin Board for Building Community

Based on 161 reviews
  1. SN

    stephanie N

    Loved It!

  2. TW

    Teaching With Mrs Kropp 

    Such an amazing resource to show that each and every child in the class is loved and that they are so much more than they tend to think they are. Thanks for making this resource, loved the fonts, colours and clipart used.

  3. BM

    Barbara M

    I love this resource. The posters make great discussion starters.

  4. MM


    I am looking forward to implementing this resource into our classroom. We have had some less that desirable behavior choices happening outside the classroom and I’m working hard to keep and strengthening the classroom community we have created!

  5. MM


    I am looking forward to implementing this resource into our classroom. We have had some less that desirable behavior choices happening outside the classroom and I’m working hard to keep and strengthening the classroom community we have created!

  6. JJ

    Jo J

    I absolutely love this resource and cannot wait to use it! These positive affirmations are so beneficial for all children and will help them believe more in themselves!

  7. KS

    Katie S

    Love this product for a bulletin board!

  8. TC

    The Curly Q Teacher 

    I can’t wait to use this!

  9. DR

    Deborah Roper 

    Great colors! I plan to put this on my bulletin board in the hall. I love it!

  10. LR

    Lisa Rounds 

    Love this! I had a board similar but this is so much neater and more colorful! Can’t wait to put it up next week. Love all of the options to print as well. Thanks for the time and effort you put into making this.

  11. KD

    Karen D

    Positive encouragement for kids! Thanks

  12. MK

    Melanie Kline 


  13. PT

    Pamela T

    Love all of the options for You Are…..

  14. JB

    Jonda B

    Great for a back-to-school board!

  15. AM

    Ann M

    Perfect for back to school – easy to use. Thank you!

  16. HA

    Holly A

    This is what will be going up outside my classroom. So excited for my students to have ownership of their thinking.

  17. TR

    The Right Write Stuff 

    Good resource to hang outside my classroom at the beginning of the year. I appreciate that there are color and black and white versions.

  18. DC

    Diane C

    I was looking for a meaningful, bright bulletin board to welcome my students to their new classroom. This was the exact message I wanted. It turned out perfect! 🙂

  19. HS

    Heather Seegert 

    This is a great back to school bulletin board to welcome new kiddos!

  20. JB

    Jody B

    Great product! Thanks!

  21. KH

    Kara H

    I love this! I put it up today and it will be perfect for back to school! Thank you!I used a blue background on mine. Very cute!

  22. KC

    Kimberly C

    Great for Bulletin Board

  23. RA

    Robin A

    Love the choices of words and bold colors!

  24. CO

    Chellie O

    I added a mirror and used this to decorate my door. It is so cute!

  25. KT

    Kay T

    My kiddos love reading what they are !!!!

  26. JA

    Joyce A

    Love this

  27. AF

    Alyssa Frohnhoefer 

    Love this.

  28. KC

    Kimberly C

    Great product

  29. MW

    Mary W

    Love It! I have gotten so many compliments on it.

  30. KE

    Karen E

    I love this resource!!! It is currently hanging up in my room as i welcome students back to school. Hopefully it will help in conveying the message that my classroom is a safe and welcoming place where everyone is valued.

  31. JC

    Jernae C

    Great resource!!!

  32. MR

    Melody Ramsey 

    super cute!

  33. MG


    Love this! It is colorful and a great message

  34. CD

    Counselor Delgado Create 

    Was a quick an easy bulletin board to put up and super cute. Parents took a lot of pictures in front of it.

  35. RH

    Robyn H

    A visual reminder of what it means to have a growth mindset. You can refer to it easily in the everyday classroom.

  36. BH

    Bethany H

    This was a great start of the school year bulletin board and so easy to put up.

  37. BH

    Bethany H

    This was a great start of the school year bulletin board and so easy to put up.

  38. KO

    Kerry O

    EASY – Time saving – and colorful- THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  39. MS

    Melissa S


  40. SP

    sara P

    Love this! It was the cutest bulletin board!

  41. MS

    Melissa S


  42. SF

    Starla Fogleman 

    Exactly what I needed for my back-to-school bulletin board! It is beautifully done and has gotten many positive comments.

  43. CH

    Claudia H

    This product is awesome! It really completes my classroom and it really makes my students feel welcomed and loved. I recommend this to every teacher!

  44. LK

    Lexy K

    This looked great on my school entry way bulletin board. Thank you

  45. SL

    Susan L

    The materials are easy to copy and make an attractive, professional looking bulletin board!

  46. VC

    Victoria C

    Love this bulletin board!

  47. B


    Love it! It made an amazing bulletin board. My only wish would be that all alphabet letters were included so I could personalize it with our school name.

  48. KB

    Katherine B

    I used this for my back to school board with all of their names! Everyone loved it! Now the posters are in my room.

  49. HW

    Heather Willcut 

    Wonderful decoration for our hallway!

  50. BS

    Brooke S

    I LOVE this bulletin board! It is exactly what I needed in the beginning of the school year for a fresh, new, welcoming board where everyone can see it. Perfect for helping create that positive school culture and climate. Thank you!

  51. TL

    Teach Live Love 


  52. HC

    Heather C U

    Love, love, love these!

  53. JH

    Jessica H

    Love all the options included!

  54. CC

    Chandee Chidester  

    Great resource, thank you!

  55. RV

    Robin V


  56. ES

    Elizabeth S

    I love this bulletin board! I have it on my door and my students love to read them as we are lining up. It is a great reminder for them all.

  57. M


    Great resource!

  58. TI

    The International Traveling Teacher 

    Super Easy to put together!! Thanks for making my classroom beautiful!! 😀

  59. CT

    Cortney T

    Thank you

  60. HK

    Hannah K

    This has been on my bulletin board all year and I absolutely love it! Easy and simple to use and looks great.

  61. JM

    Julie M

    Makes a great display for the new school year!

  62. DH

    Deborah H

    Very colorful and it made the students read it.

  63. LP

    Lynne P

    I loved this! It was a great way to set the tone while welcoming students back to school. Thank your for creating it!

  64. KB


    I LOVE this bulletin board set. It has a great message and inspires and encourages students!

  65. SE

    Sarah E

    Got lots of compliments

  66. AR

    Anna R

    Great display! I used this for a bulletin board at the beginning of the school year.

  67. DB

    Dianna B 

    We love this so much! It is a great way to start the day with a few reminders. Excellent resource!

  68. AG

    Abbi G

    This set was awesome! We are using at a Welcome Back bulletin board in our school entrance. So easy to print, trim, and put up.

  69. RA

    Renee A

    This was straightforward and easy to use. Great resource!

  70. JP

    Jill P

    In the picture it shows “In this classroom…” But when I purchased it and printed it showed “When you enter this classroom…” I’d rather have it say “In this classroom…” Any chance I can get what is shown in the preview?

  71. DH

    Debora H

    This was exactly what I was looking for. I used it at the door of our classroom and during Meet and Greet parents loved it and read it to their children.

  72. KC

    Kaitlyn C

    This was an amazing set and the color printed off perfectly!

  73. HD

    Hayes’s Dollar Store 

    Simple and cute for decorating the classroom.

  74. JS

    Juliane S

    Love this bulletin board!!

  75. AA

    Amy Ansley 

    Easy to use and looks awesome.

  76. JT

    Jenesta T

    Great resource for your bulletin board.

  77. AC

    Abby C

    This looked amazing in our school hallway as students entered the building. Super easy to print, laminate and decorate! Thanks so much!

  78. RH

    Rachel H

    Perfect for a back to school bulletin board

  79. LB

    Linda B

    We were able to put up a bulletin board in the classroom and in the cafeteria. Nice visual and reinforces character traits.

  80. KG

    Kristen G

    Great for outside resource room.

  81. DZ

    Darcy Z

    Great easy bulletin board for the hallway.

  82. ML

    Meghan L

    My favorite bulletin board purchase ever! I love how it looks all put together, will be staying up all year!

  83. KB

    Kristina B

    This is such a cute and vibrant resource for a hallway bulletin board.

  84. LM

    Leigh Murray 

    I bought this for our board in our school outside the office. So many compliments from teachers!!! We put mirrors on board and the small prints were the border around it. and the words were on a rope with clothes pins.

  85. CG

    Corinna G

    Awesome distance learning activity for special education students with emotional disturbances! Thank you xoxoxo.

  86. CC

    Christina Cody 

    Used these on a bulletin board. looked cute.

  87. LC

    Lauren C

    Cute and simple bulletin board, easy to assemble with options to fit each person’s preferences!

  88. KK

    Kymberly K

    I love how bright and happy this is. It stayed up much longer than I was originally planned.

  89. SN

    Shelby N

    Looked great in my office!

  90. CR

    Celina R

    I used this for a bulletin board in my school to welcome back students (we’re finally transitioning to a hybrid model). The whole staff loves it and it looks amazing! I love the theme!

  91. LJ

    Lisa J

    Super cute! Thank you!

  92. LO

    Lauren O

    Beautiful bulletin board!

  93. LW

    Lauren W

    Thank you!

  94. MC

    Michelle Clavelle 

    This Bulletin board brightened up our room! We choose one of the statements and I read it to the class each day to remind them that they are VIP!

  95. DD

    Domonique D

    I used this for my first bulletin in my classroom. I got so many compliments on it!

  96. MM

    Makeisha M

    Very cute and easy to use!

  97. CT

    Cheryl T

    Easy to use, looked great in the hallway!

  98. MB

    Marcy B

    Great display!! Putting up outside our library to greet students as they return to school.

  99. KG

    Kelly G

    Very positive message!

  100. MB

    Maya B

    Teachers and loved seeing this on the bulletin board. Students would always stop book to read

  101. JY

    Jenni Yingling 

    This makes a great hallway display!! Wonderful product!!

  102. AS

    Ami S

    This display looks great outside my door, I can’t wait for it to inspire my kids.

  103. LP

    Linda P

    Thanks for having printing options!

  104. AG

    Anita Goenner 

    I am so excited to find a resource like this where I can choose what goes on the door, instead of a poster or chart that can’t be altered.

  105. RM

    Robyn Mitchell 

    I can not be more happy with the board. The banner is crazy easy to cut and the colors match my scheme perfect! Thank you

  106. MH

    Megan H

    This is an awesome set! It has different sizes for use in different size areas. This is really going great in our AVID and MLSS school.

  107. KL

    Kathy Law 

    Looks GREAT on the wall outside of my classroom!

  108. KC

    Katherine C

    I do the Throw Kindness like Confetti theme and am excited to use this outside my room this year.

  109. KC

    Kimberly Clay 

    All ready for the first day. i am excited to use this with my students.

  110. MM

    Mary M

    Very colorful display that I could easily create for back to school!

  111. DK

    DanaLei K

    I love this and it turned out great! Thank you!

  112. KK

    Karlie K

    As a first year teacher, I wanted to look for ways to remind my students how important they are to me in case I forget to tell them each day. I am planning to use these posters on my door so that students see them right away in the morning when they come into the classroom and throughout the day as quick reminders of how special they are!

  113. MS

    Megan S

    The banner letters looks so nice and were easy to cut out. Love all the different positive affirmations. I could choose the ones that best fit my students. Plan to leave up all year!

  114. LR

    Leslie R

    This was wonderful! Thanks 🙂

  115. KD

    Kayla Davis 

    This is perfect, thank you!!

  116. JC

    Jennifer Cairns 

    This saved my life right before open house! I didn’t have the time to throw together what I wanted and this last minute save was amazing!

  117. HS

    Hope S

    Super cute and colorful display!

  118. MT

    Moorewood’s Tiny Humans  


  119. MB

    Michelle B

    Love having these positive affirmations in my classroom for the kids to read at all times. They are so cute too!

  120. VR

    Victoria R B

    It is so awesome and easy!

  121. MW

    Melanie W

    Love all the positive notes to leave around for my students to see (and hopefully feel and know) that they are more than “just kids”. Thank you for this resource!

  122. SS

    Susan Slattery 

    My board came out BEAUTIFUL! Thank You!

  123. KB

    Katelyn B

    This turned out wonderful as a bulletin board in my classroom.

  124. AJ

    Anabel J

    I love this resources to engage the motivation of my students

  125. ML

    Marcia L W

    Used as a visual in the classroom to remind students how important they are. Cards are easy to print and give to students when they are having a tough day.

  126. LB

    Lisa Barrentine 

    Love this resource! Second-year in a row that I am using it on my hallway bulletin board. I have found books to connect with all the different adjectives and we go over many of them. The students love to tell me how they match up with all the words.

  127. MK

    My Kinder Garden 

    Great item!

  128. AC

    Alex Casey 

    so vibrant and welcoming for students!

  129. CS

    Christina S

    Love this! Do bright and colorful! Definitely recommend. The kids love reading it.

  130. KE

    Katelyn E

    We put this resource outside of our classroom! I love that we can have these posters outside to build up our K kiddos but also the kids in the rest of the building as well when they are walking by. AWESOME resource, thank you!!

  131. KH

    Kelli H

    Love it

  132. SV

    Staci V

    I love this resource. It is hanging on my wall, so my kids see it when they walk in my room. It helps them understand just how important they are to me and my staff. They love looking at it and reading each sign.

  133. KW

    Kate W

    I put this up at the beginning of the year, but ended up keeping it up all year. I loved the positive affirmations it gave students every day.

  134. RK

    Renee K

    Great resource! So helpful in the classroom.

  135. JK

    Jennifer K

    Love it!

  136. AP

    Acacia P

    Easy to use!

  137. AA

    Amanda A

    I used this on our hallway bulletin board. It is cheerful and encouraging!

  138. JG

    J G

    Thank you!

  139. LE

    Liza E

    I used this for a bulletin board to build self confidence.

  140. AN

    Abbey N

    I absolutely LOVE this display! It has created such a welcoming atmosphere in my class and my students will often refer to it when they are having a bad day. Thank you so much for this!

  141. BB

    Barbara B

    Beautiful way to set up a bulletin board for young children to see and read every day. The affirmations are wonderful and it looks great in the classroom.

  142. CG

    Carlee G

    I love to have this to hang in my office! Thank you!

  143. FB

    Fanny B


  144. HB

    Heidi B

    Money well spent on this product! I love all the color it adds to my room and the students are reminded how loved they are! Thank you for this beautiful product!

  145. NH

    Natalie H 

    Just what I needed! Easy to print and use.

  146. HP

    Holley’s Printables 

    Great resource, thanks!

  147. JR

    Joana R

    This is a great way to set the tone for the school year. Each student got one of the sayings. We talked about them over the week and put them on our class community board.

  148. SR

    Stacy R

    I love how bright this set is. I can’t wait to set it up outside my classroom.

  149. ST

    Shenise Tett 

    Great Resource!

  150. CA

    Click and Teach 

    Just what I needed to help build a sense of community. Thank you!

  151. TW

    Teaching with Passion with Ms Passons 

    Love this colorful bulletin board! Get compliments and my students love it too!

  152. KD

    Krystalle Dickson 

    So cute! I saw another teacher with these in their hallway and I had to get a set for myself!

  153. KB

    Kat B

    This looks so beautiful on my hallway bulletin board! High quality!

  154. KG

    Kristina G

    Love the colors, love the positive messages! I used this for my door to welcome my students back and to remind us of our mindset while in the classroom.

  155. LR

    Lauren R

    I loved using this as my welcome board for my students for the year!

  156. MP

    Meghan P

    I loved this to decorate my door!

  157. SP

    Steph P

    Love this!

  158. AH

    Andrea H

    I love this resource! Thank you so much! The visuals are appealing to my students and looks great in our main hallway. It is attractive, hardly any prep involved and can be remain up all year!

  159. JW

    Julie W

    This came out so beautifully on my bulletin board. It really conveys the message I want my students to feel when they enter my room!

  160. MD

    Marianne De Jager

    Excellent product! Just love it!

  161. SM

    Sharon Meagher

    I am very impressed with the quality of the artwork. I’m putting up my bulletin board tomorrow!

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