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Making Inferences Reading Passages and Activities:

These making inferences and activities contain reading passages and inferencing riddles for 3rd-5th grade.

These no-prep, print-and-go activities give students practice searching for clues to make inferences. Creating riddles to be “on the other end” of inferencing takes students to a deeper level.

This inferencing product contains:

  • Two instructional pages with examples and explanations (anchor charts) of making inferences
  • Ten worksheets with passages and related questions designed to show students how inferencing works (these pages also incorporate the inferencing equation with the puzzle pieces)
  • Ten pages of riddles where students use inferencing skills to solve the riddle as well as space on each page to create their own riddle (using the same category as the riddle that they solved)

Creating riddles helps students use inferencing skills at a deeper level.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This file contains 31 pages + Google Slides.

719 reviews for Making Inferences Reading Passages and Worksheets

Based on 719 reviews
  1. AP

    Amanda P

    This helps my kids to think deeper and put the “pieces” together.

  2. DS

    Dana S

    Great activity and very helpful for students that had trouble understanding inferences!

  3. MT

    Marian T

    My students really enjoyed this product

  4. RD

    Ruth Domago 

    Thank you, for doing the work.

  5. RD

    Ruth Domago 

    Thank you, for doing the work.

  6. MS

    meredith S

    WONDERFUL resource…. Really improved my student’s understanding of inferences! Thank you so much!

  7. BL

    Bettina L

    Used for my Masters work sample! Thanks!

  8. MP


    Very useful

  9. PP

    Piera P

    great resource!!

  10. SL

    Sabrina LeBlond 

    My students loved this resource…me too!

  11. CW

    Claire W

    My students enjoyed both activities! My concern with accuracy comes with the description of the airplane. It said two wheels, and my students were associating the landing gear at the front as a third wheel. I didn’t know what your thoughts were. Thank you for great activities!

  12. AM

    Ashley M

    Great passages to use with our inferencing unit!

  13. CW

    Claire W

    My students enjoyed both activities! My concern with accuracy comes with the description of the airplane. It said two wheels, and my students were associating the landing gear at the front as a third wheel. I didn’t know what your thoughts were. Thank you for great activities!

  14. CS

    Courtney S

    Great for the holidays!

  15. AG

    Angela G

    Can’t wait to use these!

  16. MC

    Marcia Combs 

    Very good

  17. JC

    Jenelle C

    Excellent resource! Gets students thinking. Thanks!

  18. KH

    Kimberly Hallberg 

    I really like the format and my students like the riddles. Great strategy for teaching/reinforcing inferences.

  19. KB

    Karen B

    A terrific resource!

  20. JS

    Janice S

    Super tool

  21. ET

    Elementary Teacher’s Pet 

    Can’t wait to use this for our upcoming review unit!

  22. KB

    Kathleen B


  23. BM

    Boxer Mom and 3rd Grade Teacher 

    This is great! Thanks!

  24. JG

    Jenny G

    Loved the jigsaw format

  25. ME

    Marilyn E

    Great product and fun to use

  26. SH

    Stephanie H

    This packet is full of excellent short scenarios and riddles!

  27. NA

    Nazira A

    One of my top 2 favorite sellers for Language Arts unit. Absolutely loved these printable. I really appreciate you taking the time to ALWAYS include definition / explanation & examples pages in the beginning of each unit ! That is a tremendous benefit : )

    This unit is truly amaZing, eXactly what I was looking for !!!

  28. BL

    Brittany Lindsay 

    Great tool for teaching inferences with my 2nd and 3rd graders. Thanks!

  29. NI

    Nazmunnisha I

    Excellent product!

  30. PC

    patricia corrado 

    Terrific resource that the kids and myself loved

  31. KB

    Kathy B

    Wishing I had read the description more carefully. Too hard for my 2nd graders.

  32. TM

    Tracy M

    great resources

  33. RB

    Rebecca B

    Great resource! Students loved them…helped understand inferencing! Thank you

  34. SG

    Suzanne Gibbs 

    This was a great way to give my kids another way of looking at inferencing, and having some “mini-reads” to help them practice. Thanks so much for this great tool!

  35. JG

    Jodi Gabriel 

    Helpful work on a tough subject!

  36. LS

    Laurel S

    inferring made easy, thanks

  37. RT

    Rebecca T

    These were great inference practice for my small groups, thanks for a wonderful resource!

  38. CB

    Chantelle Bombardier 

    Very helpful resource!

  39. JJ

    Jasmine J

    I used this as a practice before the state assessment. The kids loved playing!

  40. JS

    Jamie S

    This was great for my 2nd graders. I love the puzzle pieces that you included with the passages. It matches my anchor chart in my room so the kids connected with it pretty quickly!

  41. EL

    Energized Literacy and More 

    Wonderful resource for small groups . . . thanks!

  42. SS

    Sobo’s School House 

    My students LOVED getting to create their own inference riddles, great product

  43. DR

    Denise R

    Thanks for this! Can’t wait to use it with my students!

  44. VL

    Victoria L

    Awesome, thank you!

  45. PR

    Pamela R

    Thanks for sharing!

  46. MS

    Michelle S

    Such a great resource. The kids really struggle with this, so we need lots of help like this!

  47. DW

    Dayna W

    Great resource 🙂

  48. RM

    Rebecca M

    Great resource, thank you!! 🙂

  49. MB

    Marcy B

    Love this graphic organizer, thank you!

  50. AB

    Andrew Bishop 

    I love using this along with teaching inferences! Great for small group!

  51. SK

    Saundra K

    This is such a great resource. It challenged my kid and helped to start putting things into perspective for social skills.

  52. RP

    RPM Primary Creations 

    I like the activities.

  53. WW

    Wild West Humanities 

    great product

  54. SS

    Sloane S


  55. BB

    Brittney B

    Great to target a tricky skill!

  56. SW

    Sarah W

    great resource, love the riddles!

  57. WH

    Williamina H

    My kiddos loved this resource!

  58. KR

    kristin R

    Great activity. Kept the students engaged.

  59. SR

    stephanie R

    Thank you!!

  60. TT

    The Texas Techie 

    Good resource! Thank you!

  61. LH

    Lauren H

    Perfect resource to help my ESL 5th Graders with inferencing.

  62. SG

    Sheryl G

    Great resource!

  63. SP

    Samantha Porter 

    Awesome, thanks!

  64. AU

    Amanda U

    This material was excellent to help teach inference skills. It was interesting and created good discussions! Thank you!

  65. RS

    Rocio SuarezRuiz 

    Awesome resource to reinforce skill.

  66. CD

    Claudia D

    Loved it!

  67. KN

    Kelley N

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  68. KP

    Karlie P

    great to use during unit on inferencing. really enjoyed it

  69. MH

    Michelle H

    Perfect for review for three weeks!!!

  70. MP

    Maryann Peik 

    Great resource- thank you!

  71. PB

    Patricia Bergamini 

    Excellent resource. I love it! Thank you.

  72. SS

    Stephanie S

    Great resource! Perfect with interactive notebooks.

  73. LC

    Lauren C

    Thanks for the activity!

  74. JB

    jobeth bocock 

    great visuals and the kids seem to really understand the concepts

  75. NW

    Naphtali W

    Loved this and my students did really well with it!

  76. MG

    maria G


  77. KM

    Kayla M

    Great resource! Thank you 🙂

  78. MM

    Maestra Meyers 

    Great practice and homework

  79. NN

    Nichole N

    Great for giving extra practice. Thanks!

  80. LB

    Leanne B

    Great in small groups!

  81. MS

    Misti Sprouse 

    Great Job.

  82. MS

    Misti Sprouse 

    Great Job.

  83. TC

    The Clever Teacher 

    Great product! My students enjoyed it.

  84. AG

    Alicia G

    I’m excited to use this resource!

  85. TD

    Tawni D

    Used for centers…..worked well

  86. TD

    Tawni D

    Used for centers…..worked well

  87. SB

    Shayla Branch 

    Great for partner work

  88. SG

    susan G

    Wonderful resource to help your students understand inferencing better. Thank you!

  89. MR

    Michaela R

    This is a really great graphic organizer for some of my fifth graders who are working on inferencing. Thank you for the resource!

  90. JF

    Jennifer F

    Love it!!!

  91. MS

    Megan Samora 

    great resource for extra practice. I like the puzzle pieces visual!

  92. AC

    Amanda C

    My kids love it!

  93. L


    Great resource! Thank you!

  94. LH

    Lindsey H

    Just what I was looking for! Provides a great breakdown for learning how to inference, which is a very popular goal for many of my students. Thank you!

  95. MV

    Michelle V

    Excellent resource!

  96. AL

    Alexis L

    Easy to use.

  97. TT

    Traci Tury 

    My kids did so well with these. It was a great visual for them to highlight where they find the answers and then put it in the appropriate puzzle piece.

  98. TR

    The Reading Factory 

    very nice and happy I found this!

  99. SP

    Sara Pewett 

    My kiddos were struggling with incorporating what is stated with what they know. This is a great way for them to visually see the connection while practicing with quick scenarios. Great resource!

  100. AS

    Amy S

    Great way to explicitly teach this skill!

  101. JG

    Julie G

    Looking for inferencing activities to use in small group.

  102. MS

    Melissa Scott 

    These were great! I loved the concrete, puzzle image to help students remember the three parts of an inference, and the passages helped students get the practice they needed, and made for a great assessment.

  103. KD

    Katrina D

    Terrific Resource! Thanks!

  104. HD

    Haylie Dial 

    I love this resource! It was exactly what I was needing to add to my inference instruction.

  105. JH

    Jennifer H

    Great resource! My students are going to love it.

  106. DL

    Daniela Lubbe 

    The layout is such an effiective way to build understanding.

  107. KW

    Kelsi W

    This was a great resource for my small reading groups to reiterate making inferences!

  108. KC

    Kali Cummins 

    These were easy to use! Thanks for the great product!

  109. MR

    Mona R

    Very helpful!

  110. PL

    Patricia L

    Have not used these yet, but plan to use them for homework soon. I like the way they are designed to make students think, as they should, when finding inferences.

  111. LM

    Lori M

    Very useful.

  112. AO

    Alex O


  113. DA

    Diane A

    Students need a lot of practice at inference

  114. JG

    Jennifer G

    This resources was awesome for my literacy skill groups! I like that I had different options for my different levels of students.

  115. EW

    Erin W

    This is a great tool for teaching inferences. It is a skill most of my students need to work on!

  116. JM

    Jackie M

    Another amazing resource that I can implement immediately!

  117. SC

    Shannon C

    Great job!

  118. SP

    Sarah P

    Easy for students to understand how to put an inference together.

  119. SP

    Sarah P

    Easy for students to understand how to put an inference together.

  120. MP

    Mandie P

    Just what I needed to help a student that I tutor…thanks!

  121. MF

    Megan F

    Such a great resource!!! Thank you for including all the details!

  122. TH

    TIna H

    Thank You

  123. CM

    caitlin M

    Great resource! Thanks

  124. PK

    Pauline K

    Very easy to follow. Perfect for my student who is working on making inferences.

  125. LP

    Laura P

    Perfect supplement! Thank you!

  126. JN

    Jillian N

    Great resource! Thank you!

  127. RG

    Rafael G

    great tool used

  128. RG

    Rafael G

    great tool used

  129. EC

    Erica C

    I like the association of the puzzle pieces to putting it all together.

  130. SD

    sandy D

    Love this resource! Can’t wait to try it out. Super good price too!

  131. MB

    Melonie B

    I can’t wait to use this next year!

  132. BB

    Brittany B

    Can’t wait to try this out!

  133. CB

    Carla B

    Thank you, getting started early.

  134. LE

    Lisa E

    Great resource for targeted practice! Thank you 🙂

  135. KS

    Kelli Santos 

    Nice intro resource for inferencing.

  136. AH

    April H

    I love that these are no prep.

  137. DD

    Debbie Diatte 

    Great Standards based work!!

  138. SS

    Suzanne Sharpe 

    Really great resource for working on inferences!

  139. LI

    Learning Is Something To Treasure 

    Can’t wait to use this next year! Thanks!

  140. ND

    Nancy Diestler 

    This is a great way to support instruction about inferences and give the kids who need it a bit of extra practice.

  141. MT

    Mary T

    Great resource.

  142. CM

    Catherine M


  143. CB

    Catherine B

    Great resource.

  144. LM

    Lynn M

    Cannot wait touse these with my SWD as we introduce inferences. These are very good visuals for differentiation. Thank you

  145. MB

    Miss Berard 

    Making inferences is so difficult for so many kids, and I think this resource will help! Thanks!

  146. LB

    Lisa Bennett 

    Looking forward to using this resource next school year! Thank you for your hard work.

  147. SD

    Stephanie Dec 

    Super value!

  148. JB

    Janna B

    Love this!

  149. KA

    Kerrie Ann D

    I look forward to using this resource next school year!

  150. CA

    Carol A

    This resource is great; love that it provides lots of practice and the opportunity to create their own riddles!

  151. TN

    Teacher Nikki 

    I’m looking forward to using it in my classroom during the upcoming school year. Making inferences always seems to trip up my students each year. This will be the perfect addition to help them. Thank you!

  152. KC

    Karie C

    Definitely a great resource!!

  153. HB

    Heather B

    We enjoyed using this resource. Thank You.

  154. EF

    Erin F

    I’m so grateful for these because I’m always struggling with teaching inference!

  155. CN

    Carrie N

    Great resource to provide practice for my students!

  156. DJ

    Deenita J

    A great tool to help with understanding how to inference which tends to be a difficult skill for many to understand. Good for review.

  157. AM

    Anna Marie Woloszyn 

    Great practice resource!

  158. SS

    Stephanie S

    Great resource for inferencing!

  159. M


    Love this! So perfect for my different leveled learners.

  160. JN

    Jordan Northenor 

    I am very excited to use this product this coming school year.

  161. JC

    Joanne C

    Thank for these useful and easy to use resources.

  162. JR

    Jennifer R

    Great visual activity!

  163. BT

    Brittany T

    Great resource! Can’t wait to use.

  164. SD

    Sunny Days in School 

    Thank you! 🙂

  165. R


    I love the riddles! I think my kids will really love them. Plus, they can practice by writing their own in the same format.

  166. JM

    Jayna M

    Great! Thank you!

  167. S


    Thank you for all of your hard work.

  168. YS

    Yolanda S

    This is a wonderful resource to use with students to help with inference.

  169. LS

    Laura S

    I like that this includes the anchor charts!

  170. DW

    Daniela W

    Great independent practice and assessments

  171. MM

    McKenna M

    My students really loved these, and I loved the no prep 🙂

  172. KK

    Katie K

    Thank you–this is great!!

  173. KL

    Kristal L

    I enjoyed this resource, overall I would recommend to other ELAR teachers!

  174. JP

    Julie Pirtle 

    Even though they make inferences every day dozens of time a day, when asked to specifically make them in reading, 4th graders freeze. This resource helped my students. Thank you

  175. MM

    Markia M

    Inferences are tough- I am hoping these help out my students this school year!

  176. SG

    Shannon Gregg 

    Looking forward to using this resource!

  177. KL

    Kristal L

    I enjoyed this resource, overall I would recommend to other ELAR teachers!

  178. NF

    Nicole F

    I cannot wait to use this!!!!

  179. MG

    Michelle G

    Great Resource! Thank you!

  180. TL

    Tonya L

    This will be a great activity for my students this year!

  181. BT

    Brenda Thompson-Positive Possibilities 

    Can’t wait to use when school starts. Thank you!!!

  182. TJ

    Teri Jolly 

    Can’t wait to use it.

  183. AW

    Adriana Wilson 

    This resource is one I can’t wait to use. Thank you

  184. CW

    Christina W

    Great resource, thank you!!

  185. MJ

    Melinda J

    This was a great supplement to my reading curriculum!

  186. AS

    Audrey Scarbriel 

    Looking forward to using next year!

  187. SD

    Stephanie D

    Can’t wait to use this. My students struggle with this. I am hoping this will be helpful.

  188. JB

    Jenna B

    I can’t wait to use these as a resource with small groups!

  189. ML

    Mr Lee’s Learners 

    Great resource to work on a difficult reading skill! Perfect for whole group or small group instruction.

  190. RS

    Ronda S

    These look great to help the kids learn inferencing.

  191. MR

    Michelle R

    I will be using these in my lit centers during reading group time as a review, and can’t wait to see how well they work out.

  192. MB

    Megan B

    Awesome to get students brains working!

  193. F


    Great resource! I can’t wait to use it!

  194. MM

    Mallory M

    Great resource to support your teaching with inferences!

  195. TS

    The STEM Collaborative 

    I love this! Going to be very helpful this year!

  196. AJ

    Alexis J


  197. GK

    Gabrielle K

    Good resource

  198. SB

    Stephanie Blackton 

    Looking forward to using this this upcoming school year!

  199. RS

    Rhiannah S

    I look forward to using these in my classroom.

  200. KT

    Kayle T

    Great Resource! Loved using in small group.

  201. TS

    Toni S

    Thanks for sharing a great resource!

  202. MV

    Melody Vann 

    Can’t wait to use this!

  203. GL

    Gloria L

    Great activity!

  204. SP

    Stefanie P

    Terrific Product!

  205. BF

    brittany F

    These really helped my struggling readers with understanding inferences!

  206. WR

    Wendance’s Resources 

    Excellent inferencing activities!! Thank you!

  207. AH

    alicia H

    Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to use this in the upcoming school year!

  208. PG

    Penina G

    Looking forward to using this great resource with my students in September.

  209. LD

    Lotus D

    Great way to introduce a tricky concept. Thanks!

  210. JM

    Janine May 

    Awesome Resource! Would definitely recommend purchasing!

  211. MM

    Melissa M

    I’m so excited to use this resource with my inferencing lessons!

  212. SA

    Shannon A

    Great Resource

  213. JK

    Jorene K

    Great product

  214. JF

    Jessica Fletcher 

    Great for inference practice

  215. MS

    Marisa Stolte 

    This was a great resource to break down inferencing and have students work on their goals.

  216. TA

    Teaching at Club Mac 

    Great resource for anchor chart and interactive notebooks.

  217. HK

    Heather K

    Helpful product!

  218. BB

    Brittany B

    Great resources for students who need some extra practice on inferences.

  219. KK

    Kelsey K

    I swear everything you make is gold! Thanks for another fantastic resource!

  220. MN

    Missy N

    I love teaching students how to infer. This resource has been a great help!

  221. HW

    Hallie W

    Making inferences can be a hard concept for kids to grasp. This product helped my students better understand what inferencing meant.

  222. HW

    Hallie W

    Making inferences can be a hard concept for kids to grasp. This product helped my students better understand what inferencing meant.

  223. KB

    Kristin Berg 

    Students ask me all the time, what does infer mean? This resource should solve that problem!

  224. AL

    Andi L

    The was a fun way to practice making inferences.

  225. MP

    Melissa P

    Great resource! Students loved the visual of the puzzle pieces. Definitely using again!

  226. KH

    Karen H

    A great resource to help students understand inferences.

  227. KM

    keelyann miller 

    I use it for the older students 4-5 graders

  228. TG

    Theresa G

    Very helpful.

  229. AQ

    Ashlene Q

    Thanks so much for your creativity!

  230. LF

    Lori F

    A great way to help students understand inferences in a way that was engaging.

  231. LH

    Lisa Hamler 

    Nice resource.

  232. AT

    Amanda Thomas 

    I love the puzzle piece visual! This really helps students practice inferencing!

  233. LH

    Lisa Hamler 

    Nice resource.

  234. SJ

    Sincerely Jilly 

    Thank you! We practice as much as possible with making inferences.

  235. IG

    Ina G

    Thank you.

  236. KV

    Kellie V

    Great for small group guided instruction or self-guided practice!

  237. JR

    Jennifer R 

    Can’t wait to use! Thank you!

  238. IG

    Ina G

    Thank you.

  239. BS



  240. DI

    Dive into Fourth Grade 

    A fantastic resource, engaging, and well organized. Thank you!

  241. SC

    stephanie C


  242. AW

    Amber W

    Great resource, very easy to follow.

  243. AW

    Anita W

    I am looking forward to using this with my 4th graders! It’s been 8 years since I taught 4th grade, so anything to help a teacher out. 🙂 Thank you!

  244. BF

    Bonnie F

    Can’t wait to use with my students.

  245. TW

    Teaching With Motherbird 

    This is a great resource to go deeper into defining inferences!

  246. SH

    Shavonn H

    can’t wait to use

  247. SP

    Sonya P

    Very informational for students.

  248. KA

    KINDER and so FOURTH 

    This is going to be great when we get to this topic! Thank you!

  249. KB

    Katrin B


  250. CF

    Casey F

    Great resource– thank you!

  251. TJ

    tj J

    Wonderful resource! I appreciate how the directions were so detailed! Thank you!

  252. MR

    Melissa R

    perfect for my needs

  253. F


    Awesome resource!! Thank you~!

  254. DD

    Dianna D

    Nice compliment to our unit.

  255. EG

    Elsa G

    Love this, thank you

  256. A


    Helpful resource, thank you.

  257. SH

    Shawn Holey 

    This was a great resource to accompany the skill taught that day.

  258. DA

    Deon A

    Great resource

  259. CN

    Cara Natkin 

    great resource, especially writing their own riddles

  260. CK

    Christie Kerbow 

    just what I was looking for

  261. FI

    Flying into 4th 


  262. EW

    Elizabeth W

    Really helpful!!

  263. VM

    Valerie M

    A very helpful resource.

  264. SF

    Susan F

    Students will like the puzzle graphic

  265. CH

    Christina H

    Thank you for a great resource!

  266. ML

    Magical Learning with Miss Mindy 

    perfect for my reading centers! Thanks!

  267. CB

    Charise B

    great value

  268. NN

    Nicole N

    Excited to try it! Thank you

  269. PB

    Patricia Ball 

    Great practice for students. Thanks!

  270. SR

    Stephanie R

    I love this resource! Fun for the kids and easy to use.

  271. LG

    Laura G

    Useful resource.

  272. RT

    Rebecca T

    thanks! This will be helpful!

  273. JE

    jody E

    Such a difficult strategy to teach AND understand. Love how you break it down to build a foundation! Looks to be so engaging and fun, and sure to help my students better understand inferences. Thanks so much!

  274. LD

    Lindy D

    I’m looking forward to using this!

  275. PB

    Patrizia B


  276. DA

    dawn A

    Great product to help “piece” together inferencing.

  277. MP

    Melissa Preston 

    Perfect to help students think a little deeper when they read!

  278. YC

    Yelitza C

    This is perfect for small groups and tutorials. I love it!

  279. TK

    The Key Therapy 

    Using this with 3rd grade and 4th and we love it!

  280. MP

    Mandy P

    Thank you for this great resource!

  281. EM

    Evelyn M

    Great resource for inferences

  282. DN

    Debra N

    Perfect for my resource students!

  283. OT

    Outside the Lines  

    This is a wonderful unit!

  284. M


    Great resource, Thank you!

  285. EB

    Elizabeth B

    Thank you.

  286. LS

    lynn smallwood 

    Great resource

  287. MH

    Molly H

    Used this resource the SECOND I printed it out!

  288. LW

    Lauren W

    This a wonderfully clever way to help students make the connections needed for inferencing!

  289. LP

    Lindsey Pitts 

    Great practice with plenty of options!

  290. KC

    Kenna C

    Exactly what I have been looking for!

  291. EP

    Elena Perrotta 

    Great resource

  292. LT

    Liz Teaches Magic 

    Great Resource!

  293. LT

    Liz Teaches Magic 

    Great Resource!

  294. JA

    Journaling and Teaching Bonanza 


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