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What Do You Do With a Problem Book Activities:

These activities for What Do You Do With a Problem by Kobi Yamada are perfect for 1st-4th grade. This picture book works perfectly with What Do You Do With an Idea? and What Do You Do With a Chance?.

The activities in the book companion focus more on the concepts presented in the story and less on the content (although comprehension questions are included in list form and task card form).

In addition to the task cards and worksheets, you will also find a variety of activities where students can practice finding opportunities in real-life problems and a growth mindset reflection page.

Instructions are also included on how to set up a “Problem Patrol” in your classroom to assist students in solving problems (or receiving suggestions on how to manage problems).

I hope this product will help your students learn how to find the gems of opportunity in problems. There is also a focus on how to deal with worries that students can control and worries that students can’t control (and it would even be perfect for a counselor facilitating a group for students that focuses on anxiety, worries, or problem-solving skills).

This file includes activities about the following:

  • Discussion questions and task cards
  • Solving problems anchor charts
  • Opportunities
  • Growth mindset
  • Problem Patrol
  • Journal Writing
  • Problems create worries
  • Problems on pendants
  • One problem, three opportunities
  • Go away worries

Here are individual links for each Kobi Yamada Literature Unit:


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF product contains 37 pages + Google Slides™.

322 reviews for What Do You Do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada Book Activities

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  1. LR

    Lisa R

    This was just what I was looking for to add to my math instruction. I find with multi-step too many of my students solve part of the problem or do not understand all the steps that must be followed. This work will provide valuable additional practice on this challenging skill.

  2. MW

    Michelle W

    This packet is the perfect companion to the book!! I can’t wait to share with my 2nd grade kiddos!!

  3. NA

    Nicole A

    I absolutely love the book and I was super excited to see this great resource that goes with it! Thanks so much!

  4. KE

    Kimberley E

    Fabulous resource and fantastic customer service! Thank you.

  5. KP

    Kelsey Pace 

    Great unit, great story! Thanks!

  6. TW

    Teach with Tya 

    I’m soo excited to begin my school year with this unit. Thank you.

  7. MT

    Michelle T

    So excited to use this as part of my beginning of the year program this year for setting the growth mindset with my students.

  8. HA

    Heather A

    I love this book and the material goes great with it.

  9. OS

    Olga S

    Love this book

  10. DA

    Danielle A


  11. AB

    Amanda Butera 

    Love this book and resource!

  12. AL

    Anne L

    Great job! Thanks so much!

  13. JT

    Juli T

    Great resource to use with the book!

  14. CM

    Chris MDE 


  15. SP

    Susan P

    After buying the book I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Now that my whole school is reading it, I have one up on everyone by using the book as a whole unit. Thank you!

  16. LM

    lori M

    Love this book!

  17. KM

    Katherine M

    Great resource! Thanks!

  18. LH

    Lisa H

    This helped my students understand that you can see a problem as an opportunity.

  19. DS

    Diane S

    Great addition to this book

  20. DS

    Diane S

    Great addition to this book

  21. RK

    Rachel K

    Excellent resource, thank you!

  22. CM

    Carol M

    Wonderful work to use as a resource! Thank you!

  23. SH

    Sandra H


  24. JO

    Jennifer O

    Just what I needed to start the year!

  25. CC

    CK’s Classroom 

    This was amazing accompaniment to the book!

  26. LP

    Laurie P

    Great unit

  27. MT

    Monica Tracey 

    Wonderful unit

  28. DG


    Love! Thanks!

  29. J


    I placed the scenarios around the room and let the students answer all of the questions, in any order that they chose. Then we discussed their answers together. Thanks!

  30. CC

    Caroline C

    My class love this!

  31. EA

    Elementary and Elephants 

    I used this literally the day after I bought it! My kiddos did the pennant banner and the discussion we had about problem solving was amazing! I am beyond excited to use the rest of the resources this week! If you have the book, this is a fabulous resource! If you don’t have the book, you can still use this product to facilitate discussions on problem solving!

  32. WT

    Windup Teacher 

    I like the fact that you gave problems and then gave a list of possible opportunities to the problems. Great product!

  33. TL

    Tara Leithold 

    Love this product. It is very well done.

  34. JA

    Jenna A

    This is a great package. I like the “opportunities” portion and strategies provided. Thank you!

  35. NR

    Nora R

    This is a wonderful accompaniment to the book. Thanks for such a good product.

  36. NR

    Nora R

    This is a wonderful accompaniment to the book. Thanks for such a good product.

  37. NG

    Natalia G

    A great way to bring the book to life in our class!

  38. FO

    Focused on functional 

    Great materials!

  39. RK

    robin Knowlton 

    I love that it is based on a book and uses genuine literature.

  40. HH

    Heidi H

    I purchased this book this summer so was very excited to find the unit you offered! Thanks!

  41. DL

    Diane L


  42. DL

    Diane L


  43. SK

    Sara K

    Lots of options here to use with kids to further understanding and learning. My kids enjoyed the activities.

  44. LE

    Lauren E

    Thank you, this is a great resource! My students are really enjoying it!

  45. LC

    Lynda Courage C

    I am LOVING this and using it with my Fourth graders.

  46. GE

    Georgena E

    Perfect book and activities even for 5th grade! thanks

  47. EW

    Emma W

    Thank you, great resource!!

  48. EB

    Elizabeth B

    This was a great resource to use with the book! Thank you!

  49. EM

    Elsa M

    This will be such a valuable resource for my classroom! I love all of the different activities; they will help give this book the thought and discussion it deserves. Thank you so much!

  50. LJ

    Laticia J

    This is great!

  51. DS

    Danielle Schols 

    This review was left prior to the new ratings system. See rating breakdown.

  52. SN

    Sharmane N

    Phenomenal resource.

  53. CB

    Crista Bacarella 

    I did a lesson on problem solving in third grade and read the book. Thank you for providing a solid lesson to use

  54. KD

    Kimberly DeLongchamp 

    This is an amazing unit to go with an amazing book. It was the answer to students making less than desirable choices in the classroom.

  55. JS

    Jill Salinaz 

    Just bought this book and now I am excited to turn it into something fun and exciting in the classroom. This will really help me do that.

  56. LW

    Lindsay W

    So cute! Great resource.

  57. CG

    Caroline G

    I have several students who really needed this unit on a personal level. They loved it!

  58. IC

    Inventive Counseling

    This has been a great resource after reading the book. It really seemed to help the students understand how to problem solve. Thank you!

  59. AS

    Avery S

    I love that I can use the book for multiple activities.

  60. MB

    Marianne Bynum 

    Great to go along with our schools growth mindset focus this year!

  61. CS

    Christine S

    Thank you!

  62. SM

    Skylar M

    This is a good unit to get my students realize they can solve their own problems without tattling.

  63. AG

    Ashley G

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  64. KK

    Kelli K

    Went along great with the book.

  65. AW

    Amanda W

    Love the book! Can’t wait to get started on this with my students!

  66. CM

    Christina M

    I will be utilizing this with my middle school students with Autism. Such a great resource.

  67. KH

    Kerrie H

    I loved the book and this resource is an amazing companion for it. Kids loved activities. SUPER!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  68. JR

    Jessica R

    I love this to go along with a great book!

  69. KR

    kelly R

    Excellent resource for self contained class

  70. SG

    Second Grade Stage 

    thank you, we did a literature study and used some of these ideas.

  71. SS

    sarah S


  72. CW

    Cheryl W

    This resource is AMAZING!!! I love the variety of questions and activities to be used with the book.

  73. DM

    Dina Marschke 

    Love this package as well as the others you made! Great ideas for the kids to do!!!

  74. LY

    Lisa Y

    I used it as introduction lesson to my 2nd guidance unit on Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution. I used the problem situations and the pennant activity. The students loved it!

  75. KG

    Karen G

    Great lesson.

  76. JP

    Jennifer P

    Excellent resource

  77. KT

    Katie T

    well thought out and wish I found it earlier in the year to use the problem patrol!

  78. BM

    Bridget M

    Perfect companion for the book! Great for social skills!

  79. TH

    The Helpful Hendersons 

    Wow – a ton of activities to choose from when reading this amazing book.

  80. KG

    Kate G

    This is so great for students to hear!

  81. MP

    Michelle P

    Loved this unit!!

  82. SL

    Steven L

    This product is great and very comprehensive! Used it recently for classroom lessons – it was very effective with my students. Love that it ties in growth and fixed mindsets to problem-solving. GREAT product!!!

  83. KC

    Kadie C

    My students struggled with conflict management this year, so this was very helpful for them to help work through some of these problems!

  84. SL

    Sandra L

    Great worksheet…Thanks for sharing

  85. LT

    Libby Thomas 

    Absolutely perfect for introducing growth mindset. We referenced this book so much during the school year and I rotated some of the worksheets in our language arts center time.

  86. ME

    Michelle E

    Awesome product. Thank you!

  87. PM

    Pamela M

    Excellent resource for teaching a wonderful book!

  88. KF

    kristi flood 


  89. MD

    Megan Dumais 

    Love this product!

  90. KK

    karen K

    Thanks for your work!

  91. DK

    Darci K

    I’m excited to use this in my classroom!

  92. CE

    Cara E

    Can’t wait to use in my classroom with the book. Thank you!

  93. AV

    Anne V

    My small study skills/affective group of students found the materials easy to understand. It was easy to use. Thanks

  94. SB

    Stephanie B

    This is a great supplement for such a sweet book.

  95. MK

    Marissa Katz 

    Can’t wait to use this!

  96. ML

    Melissa L

    This is great for a range of year groups.. love the kids thinking of the ‘opportunities’ in front of them!

  97. KW

    Kaylee W

    I really enjoyed using this in my classroom!

  98. KB

    Kelly B

    Can’t wait to use this.

  99. PP

    Possibility Perch 

    Great resource- thank you!

  100. KJ

    Kyung Jin S

    These activities are perfect following the story.

  101. KM

    kailey majewski 

    This is awesome!

  102. MW

    Madilyn W

    My kids loved this book and this resource!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  103. KS

    katherine S

    bought the book, cannot wait to use the lessons in the classroom!

  104. KS

    katherine S

    bought the book, cannot wait to use the lessons in the classroom!

  105. CG

    Caquandra G

    This is great. I used this throughout the second half of the year. My students loved the activities.

  106. KS

    Kelley S

    Great resource with a lot to choose from.

  107. KS

    Kelley S

    Great resource with a lot to choose from.

  108. TT

    Teaching Tiny Tigers 

    Thank you! A great resource to extend this amazing book!

  109. AG

    Ann G

    This is an excellent book to use in the classroom and these activity ideas provide terrific follow up activities. Great work.

  110. KD

    Kathleen D

    I cannot wait to use the problem activity cards. Thank you.

  111. AR

    allyson R

    Loved it!

  112. KB

    Kristin B

    Great for use with story

  113. SS

    Susan S

    Using for my leadership class. Very excited

  114. CL

    Christina Lassigne Vargas 

    Perfect supplement for my read aloud.

  115. AH

    Amanda H

    Wonderful resource! Thank you so much for sharing

  116. B


    Can’t wait to use it!

  117. PD

    Polka Dots and Fifth Grade

    Great supplemental material, thanks so much! We loved reading the book and following up with the activities and questions.

  118. TS

    Tiffany S

    Fantastic resource! Thanks!

  119. CH

    Claire H 

    Excited to use this!

  120. SF

    Sarah F

    Super recource!

  121. EF

    Emily F

    Love this book! Recommend this for any classroom!

  122. EF

    Emily F

    Love this book! Recommend this for any classroom!

  123. CB

    Carrie Burns 

    Good activity to go along with the book.

  124. HC

    Holly C

    Students loved this book and activities.

  125. KN

    Kari N

    Thank you so much! Love the problems and opportunities.

  126. HC

    Holly Clevenger 

    Great discussion questions and graphic organizers!

  127. LS

    Lauren S

    Great unit!

  128. BH

    Brianne Hirsch 

    awesome materials

  129. EB

    Erica B

    Great resource that can be used in a lot of different ways!

  130. AR

    Alexis R

    Loved using this with the book! It was a great way to get my students to be more comfortable talking about their feelings.

  131. T3

    Thriving 3rd Grade 

    Love this resource! I think it fits older elementary best.

  132. LK

    Linda Kahn 


  133. JM

    Jenna M

    I liked the graphic organizers provided and I think it helped my students visualize and process.

  134. MH

    Melissa H

    My students loved this!

  135. JM

    Jill M

    Thank you so much!

  136. HF

    Heather Frankfort 

    great for whole growth social emotional lesson!

  137. TF

    Traci F

    Loved this unit, thanks!

  138. MG

    mistie gantt 

    nice tool for problem sub

  139. MG

    mistie gantt 

    nice tool for problem sub

  140. MG

    Melissa G

    Thank you for such an amazing product to support a wonderful text!

  141. MK

    Margaret K

    Nice extension activities after reading the book! Thank you.

  142. CC

    Catherine C

    Thank you for creating this resource. Looking forward to using with my students.

  143. KM

    Kristy M

    Excellent product for classroom guidance!

  144. JM

    Jenni M

    Thanks fantastic program

  145. CW

    Courtney Wiater 

    Great resource!

  146. RL

    Rhonda L

    Excellent resource. Children enjoyed the activities

  147. TT

    Trongone’s Teaching Corner 

    A great resource!

  148. EC

    Elisabeth Crawford 

    Thank you so much! Just what I needed!

  149. FM

    Fiorela M

    Great resource. Can’t wait to use.

  150. JL

    Jenna Laird 

    I love using this activity in the fall and again in the spring time because my students undergo different problems each time of the school year. It has helped with a lot of difficult discussions in my small social groups. Thanks for a quality product!

  151. HO

    Houtz of Learning 

    EXCELLENT resource! I loved the discussion questions and scenarios! This was a very helpful resource that correlated directly with the book and was awesome with my special education population!

  152. SS

    Stock’s Superheros 

    I do these books twice a year. Beginning and after Christmas. They’re perfect.

  153. JW

    Jennifer Wilson 

    Love this resource for a great book!

  154. KD

    Kathleen D M

    Loved the book and the literature unit.

  155. MK

    Mary K

    I loved this! Thank you!

  156. KM

    Katie M

    My class loved this paperwork that went with the book!

  157. MA

    Melissa A

    Great for bulletin board activity!

  158. DV

    Debbie Vonderlin 

    Yes these are great worksheets to use with with great story. Thank you for sharing.

  159. DV

    Debbie Vonderlin 

    Yes these are great worksheets to use with with great story. Thank you for sharing.

  160. KI

    Kostick in Second

    I’ve been looking for a quick activity to do with the book What Do You Do With a Problem for in between modules with our reading curriculum, and I think that this is perfect! Thanks!

  161. EB

    Erin B

    Great resource. I thought that I would use more activities from this, however; I ended up just using the situations and making the lesson using them.

  162. EB

    Erin B

    Great resource. I thought that I would use more activities from this, however; I ended up just using the situations and making the lesson using them.

  163. JL

    Jenifer L

    Very helpful

  164. RB

    Rebecca Barajas 

    I used this ideas for my library classes.

  165. CM

    Catherine M

    Great product! Thank you!

  166. KO

    Kristan O

    Great product! Perfect accompaniment to the book.

  167. RL

    Rachel Lackey 

    Thank you

  168. DR

    Debra R

    Great activity!

  169. NG

    Nicollette G

    Love this book and love this resource! Thank you!

  170. TS

    The Sleep Deprived Teacher 

    Love this! Thank you!

  171. TR

    Tessa R

    So excited to use!

  172. KZ

    Krista Z

    Adding this to my Growth Mindset file…thank you so much!

  173. PC

    Prue C

    Thanks for the great resource!

  174. CA

    Carmelene A

    Excellent resource!

  175. MB

    Michelle B

    Great Product

  176. CW

    Caitlin W

    I can’t wait to use this resource this year! Great for BTS!

  177. AP

    Amy P

    I used this in the beginning of the year to set classroom expectations.

  178. TT

    Teach To Cultivate 

    Love using this with my Social Group!

  179. AT


    Great idea!

  180. SB

    Sherri B

    Great activities to go with this beautiful book. Thought provoking and meaningful- the book and these resources. Thank you!

  181. DC

    Denise C

    Great back to school activities.

  182. RR

    Rebecca R

    Great for growth mindset

  183. MG

    Michaeleen G

    Fun and helpful!

  184. JW

    Jeslyn W

    Awesome resource. Thank you!

  185. BN

    Briana Nicole 

    Perfect for back to school!

  186. ER

    Elizabeth R

    Matched this with a book and it was a success! The book and activity seemed to belong together.

  187. SP

    susan P


  188. PW

    Priscilla W

    A really good resource to teach problem solving! Loved the drama part of it! 🙂

  189. SE

    Suzanne E

    Excellent Resource! Thank you!

  190. JS

    Jessica S

    Great addition to my beginning of the year routines.

  191. LH

    Laura H

    Wonderful addition to my growth mindset – thank you!

  192. CB

    Caitlin B

    This is a great resource that goes with the book! Thank you!

  193. JM

    Jennifer M

    This was helpful. Thank you! I appreciate it.

  194. MR

    Miss R Sped Teacher 

    Great product – very creative! Kids loved it.

  195. AD

    Allison D

    My students loved this activity. Perfect for the first week of school.

  196. CE

    Cathy E

    Great resource. Thank you!

  197. JB

    Jen Bonofiglio 

    Very easy to use….you can accommodate any level of learner.

  198. CF

    cindy F

    Loved the book and the activities!

  199. AG

    Adrien G

    Fun, easy, and the kids understood the concept without spending weeks working on it!

  200. SK

    Sparkle K


  201. EG

    Elizabeth G

    My students really enjoyed these activities.

  202. HH

    Haley H

    This really helped build classroom community

  203. EK

    E Kersting Peterson K

    great book great resource

  204. JO

    Jessica O

    Great resources and activities to go along with the book.

  205. JV

    Jessica V

    Excellent resource!

  206. RN

    Rebecca N


  207. SM

    Simone M

    great companion to “what do you do with a problem”

  208. LG

    Laura G

    Great resource for a great book!

  209. SG

    susan G

    This was so awesome! My kiddos loved these activities…Thanks so much for a great product!

  210. AF

    Adam F


  211. MA

    Moore Achievement 

    Great for the BOY. Thank you!

  212. CB

    Catherine B

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  213. LM

    Linda M

    Great resource to help students examine how they can be proactive when faced with a problem.

  214. JL

    Jamie L

    Great resource! Thank you!

  215. FA

    Fourth and Fantabulous 

    loved this

  216. KL

    Kelly L


  217. CH

    Caitlin H

    Good resource that goes with the book

  218. AG

    Ashley Garcia 

    Perfect for my class!

  219. JK

    Junelle K

    Thorough and easy to understand.

  220. AN

    Andrea N

    Great! My students loved it.

  221. KW

    Kathleen W

    great resource – easy to use

  222. PB

    Paula B


  223. SM

    Stephanie M

    This is great! Will definitely be using again.

  224. CY

    Corey Y

    Loved being able to dig deeper into the message of this text with my 1st graders. Thank you for this resource!

  225. GK

    Grace K

    I liked this product as a supplement to the story. My kids enjoyed working through the activities as well.

  226. GH

    Gabrielle H

    Such a great resource. It helped my students connect even more with the book.

  227. TL

    Tracy L

    Our school shared this book with grades K5-5th. I used it specifically with 2nd grade to talk about problem solving. The students especially enjoyed creating the pennants!

  228. PP

    Penguin Pearls 

    Nice lesson.

  229. MG

    Melanie G

    Great resource to go along with an excellent book

  230. JE

    Jennifer E

    Very easy to use!

  231. AS

    Amanda S

    Super cute/academic! Implemented in a junior high SPED self contained class. 🙂 Thanks!

  232. MS

    Melanie S

    Perfect for teaching growth mindset! Thanks!

  233. JS

    Jekaterina S

    Great product—- my students loved it!!!!

  234. CK

    Claire K

    Great product- I love the pennants!

  235. MM

    Melanie M

    Thank you for the resource

  236. KS

    Katrina S

    Great resource to go with the book!

  237. ML

    Misty L

    Awesome. I love this series.

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    Anuka D

    This was a fantastic resource! Thanks.

  239. CV

    Connie V

    Great resource.

  240. SH

    Sydney Hinkle 

    My students enjoyed doing this at the beginning of the year! Thank you!

  241. CS

    Christine S

    Great resource, but my first graders are not ready for this yet.

  242. AC

    andrea C

    Great to go along with book “What do you do with a problem”!

  243. AA

    Alia A

    Some great activities to use to go along with the book. I loved using these for my social groups! Thank you!

  244. JS

    Jane Shomberg 

    Great resource-thank you!

  245. RM

    Rebecca M

    Thanks for the resource!

  246. JC

    janelle C

    Super happy with this purchase.

  247. CR

    Carey R

    A variety of activities to do with the book.

  248. BT

    B T

    Great accompaniment to the book!

  249. BT

    B T

    Great accompaniment to the book!

  250. AW

    Alison W


  251. LL

    Lisa L

    I used the brainstorming sheets with the class and they worked with a partner to think of opportunities. They loved the activity!

  252. SK

    sarah K

    Great as a resource to follow up with the book!!

  253. CW

    Cassidy W

    I love this book and this resource. I use almost all of it at the beginning of the year when I talk about growth mindset and problem-solving.

  254. AG

    Amanda G

    Thank-you! This was very helpful for discussing positive problem solving with my class.

  255. T


    Great product!

  256. DC

    Deborah C


  257. CO

    Colette O

    Great companion to the book.

  258. IA

    I Am Second 

    This is a great resource!

  259. AW

    Amanda W

    This was awesome to use to pair with the read aloud! Thank you!

  260. VE

    Vickie E

    My students really enjoyed the activities.

  261. Z



  262. KL

    kelly L

    This is a great resource to go along with the read aloud.

  263. CW

    Courtney W

    This is great! Thank you!!!

  264. TL

    Tina L

    Great unit! Thanks!

  265. AM

    alicia M

    I love using picture books throughout my classroom each day. In addition, I like to tie in lessons and this helped me tremendously.

  266. JF

    Julia F


  267. RB

    Rebecca Bowman 

    Great file. The kids loved it.

  268. KQ

    Kaitlynn Q

    This is such a helpful resource!

  269. BF

    Brooke F

    Visually appealing and very engaging. Happy to have purchased this book companion for one of my new favorite books.

  270. SU

    Stephanie U

    This material works really well with my high school students who have intellectual disabilities. Although they are not as cognitively aware as their non-disabled peers, they still have typical teenage problems. This resource helps us work through dealing with various issues.

  271. JR

    Jessica R

    This resource was a great supplement to reinforce what we are working on in class.

  272. RH

    Rhonda H

    I love this resource so much. I bought it on a whim because I love this book and I can’t believe the amazing conversations that this resource has brought up with my grade fives!

  273. FV

    Freddy V

    Thank you. We enjoyed all the different activities.

  274. BW

    Barbara W

    Excellent product that is very thorough

  275. KB

    Kayleigh B

    Thank you for another easy to use resource!

  276. IS

    Inez S

    Nice activities to supplement the book.

  277. MM

    Mrs Mias Marvels 

    This is the year of problems, and this resource was excellent for the beginning of the year and teaching my children to see the bright side of things and think like problem solvers. Thank you!

  278. PP

    Patty P

    This is exactly what I was looking for!

  279. TS

    Tracey S

    I highly value problem-solving, so this was right down my alley!

  280. MD

    Melissa D

    I turned the cards in this activity into slides to use in Seesaw in 2nd-grade. After reading “What Do You Do With a Problem” I read the cards to the students. In Seesaw, there is a recording feature, so I also recorded the text for students who did not attend the virtual classes. I also provided the pages for students to complete. The student response to these cards was that of praise! I was moved to 3rd-grade during the week of Veterans Day, so I plan to use them again, this time in Google Classroom.

    Thank you for this awesome resource, Kirsten!

  281. TS

    Terra S

    This is a great companion after reading the book What Do You Do with a Problem.

  282. SG

    Stephanie G

    Thank you!

  283. SS

    Stacey Shaffer 

    Love this resource!

  284. KM

    Kimberly Mechling 

    Jam packed with super fun STEM learning options!

  285. GS

    Gretchen S

    I used this for character-building lessons that we do on Fridays.

  286. EG

    Elsa G

    My students loved using this resource. We used it digitally both f2f and virtual.

  287. ME

    Mary Ellen F

    Good for focusing on SEL. Wonderful book.

  288. E


    What a great way to teach and learn about Problems. This has been super helpful!

  289. CL

    Christy L

    Thank you for such an awesome product!

  290. M


    Great ideas for integrating a wonderful book into both core and SEL curriculum.

  291. DD

    Dee Dee 

    Helps student learn how to solve word problems. The steps can be used to approach any Math Problem.

  292. RB

    randy B

    Good resource to use after read aloud.

  293. SM

    Stephania McCormick 

    Great resource to compliment my SEl lessons about problem solving. We read the story and used the cards to help us to discuss about what is a problem and how the character handle his problem in the story.

  294. RF

    Roxanne F

    This is great for community building! Thanks!

  295. EW

    Elissa W

    We did a read aloud and then had a class discussion. I used this resource to follow up on their understanding and it was perfect.

  296. LH

    Lisa H

    Thanks! We used the book for our SEL lessons & these materials were great & helpful for our class to use.

  297. KO

    kathleen O

    Matched up with the book with great activities

  298. KC

    Katie C

    Loved this!

  299. KW

    Katherine W

    This was an excellent practice activity to reinforce these skills. Easy to print and use. The students were challenged and engaged.

  300. DS

    Darlene S

    Awesome resource!

  301. CA

    Carol A

    I read the story and we discussed the problems and how they were resolved. Then we discussed problems we’ve encountered while remote learning and we could/ did solve them.

  302. MI

    Mindful in the Mitten  

    Great resource

  303. MV

    M V

    Great resource to support the text.

  304. AT

    Anna Turner 

    Great resource! Students loved it. Thank you!

  305. KC

    Kassidy Crenshaw 

    Such a great resource that is perfectly alined with the book!

  306. LA

    Linda A

    This was an engaging resource and easy to use during remote learning! It was a wonderful companion to the story.

  307. MM

    Margarita M

    Love it, thanks so much!

  308. SG

    Shannon G

    I did not end up using all of the resources in the bundle this year, but this is something I will definitely come back to and use each year! The bundle is great as is, but it can also be adapted for many different age levels. I love it!

  309. KA

    Karla Ariens 

    Perfect accompaniment to the book!

  310. JA

    Jennifer A

    My students really enjoyed this activity!

  311. JG

    Julie G

    I’ve used this with both 4th and 5th grade students. Both grades were very engaged and had some very meaningful discussions.

  312. RL

    Rae Lynn M

    My students loved using this resource.

  313. AS

    Amber S

    I love this book and loved using this companion to go along with it. It helped to start many deep classroom conversations and a lot of new deeper thinking.

  314. JS

    Jennifer S

    Very engaging and an informative resource. Thanks!

  315. PW

    Pamela W

    Great resource to accompany text!

  316. LL

    Laura L

    Great resource!

  317. NR

    Nicole R B

    Great activities to extend conversations and thoughts about the story.

  318. MD

    Marisol D

    Great companion to this book!

  319. KF

    Kara F

    Love it!

  320. JB

    Jody B

    I appreciated the variety of resources available to choose from.

  321. JH

    Jennifer H

    Easy to use resource that helped deepen my instruction and students’ practice.

  322. KC

    Katy C

    great follow up with read aloud thanks

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