Making Inferences Using Pictures Activity and Worksheets


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    Making Inferences Activities: Task Cards, Worksheets, and Pictures BUNDLE

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Making Inferences Worksheets Using Pictures:

Making inferences using pictures allows students to use what they know about the world to infer what might be happening in the photos.

Do your students struggle with inferencing? No worries, I’ve GOT YOU!

This inferencing activity uses real-life photos to help students with inferencing. This making inferences worksheets file contains:

  • two instructional pages with examples and explanations of making inferences
  • 16 ready-to-use (no prep) worksheets with full-color photos
  • suggestions for use with the full-color images
  • 16 task card pages of full-color images and a worksheet that can be used with any of those photographs (along with a variety of delivery options and suggestions for use)


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 39 pages + Google Slides.

160 reviews for Making Inferences Using Pictures Activity and Worksheets

Based on 160 reviews
  1. PG

    Pamela G


  2. TP

    Terri P


  3. TM

    Tracy M

    These are great for young readers!

  4. KH

    Kathy H

    Love this format!

  5. KM

    Kelsey McClary 

    Awesome to introduce inferences

  6. MK

    Miranda K

    Great product

  7. BM

    Brittany Megonigal 

    Great for introducing inferences!

  8. HS

    Hristina S

    Can’t wait to use it with my students!

  9. AP

    ashley P

    All of my students love this activity!

  10. TL

    Teaching Little Minds – A Gale’s Journey 

    What a great way to make making inferences fun and interactive! My students loved these!

  11. AA

    Apples and Lattes 

    Love it

  12. DM

    Danielle M

    great product!

  13. AS

    ABA Shining Stars 

    Just what I needed!

  14. SS

    Sarah’s Speech Language and Literacy Spot 

    Another fun tool for inferring, great visuals.

  15. JT

    Jazzy Teaching DIVA 

    Love this resource. It has made teaching the skill make sense :).

  16. TR

    The Reading Factory 

    very nice and happy I found this!

  17. ES

    Erin Stripling 

    Love this! Saved me so much prep time and its a wonderful resource!

  18. GC

    Guthrie CSD C

    Just what I needed for my students and for me to use for my teacher evaluation

  19. PG

    Paula G

    It’s a great resource!

  20. JA

    Jenny and Teddy Designs 

    Very helpful resource! Thank you.

  21. TG

    Teresa G

    Great resource to practice skills

  22. TW

    Tuesday W

    Great resource! Thanks!

  23. MR

    Michaela R

    I’ve been working on inference questions with one of my third graders, and though he’s able to answer the questions he doesn’t understand how to cite evidence. These worksheets were a great way to start that. Thank you!

  24. SK

    Sanaa K

    Thank you for a great resource!

  25. LH


    These are great for my clients.

  26. MV

    Michele V

    Great to help with citing evidence for inference

  27. JR

    Jennilee Russell 

    This is a wonderful tool to use to help students with citing evidence to help explain their thinking and understanding.

  28. BS

    Brittany S

    My kids love doing these! We start out our reading unit with one and they really enjoy it! It’s great for learning and for reviewing making inferences.

  29. HA

    Holly A

    great resource for inferences!

  30. MM

    Maggie M

    My students really enjoyed practicing inferences with this activity!

  31. MM

    Maggie M

    My students really enjoyed practicing inferences with this activity!

  32. JN

    jessica N

    Great for extra practice to teach inference which can be difficult for some of my kiddos!

  33. JW

    Jennifer W

    So helpful!

  34. JA

    Journaling and Teaching Bonanza 


  35. MN

    Ms Nicholas’ Creations 

    Great intro to inferring!

  36. RL

    Rebekah L

    This was such a great resource to use! Super helpful!

  37. KD

    katherine D

    This really helped us with inferencing

  38. RA

    Roberta A

    My students enjoy using this to work on inference skills.

  39. RC

    Rosa C

    Very fun and interactive. Perfect for distance learning.

  40. SA

    Shannon Allen 

    My students LOVED this activity. It was so fun, and a great way to practice the standards.

  41. JG

    Jillian Gagne 


  42. AU

    Ashley U

    This was a wonderful resource! My students really liked it.

  43. DP

    Diane P

    Easy and fun for students to use.

  44. 1


    This resource was a perfect addition to my distance learning toolkit. Thank you!

  45. PG

    Paloma G

    I was able to use this resource with my students in the summer. My students enjoyed it! Thank you for the resource!

  46. LE

    Loving Elementary  

    Amazing resource! It was easy to use and the kids loved it!

  47. TM

    Tyra M

    Kids loved it!

  48. CC

    Carlie C

    I really appreciate your creativity. Thanks!

  49. RD

    Rianne D

    Great resource! Engaging for students of various abilities

  50. SC

    Sandra Campos 

    A challenging activity to spark conversations in speech therapy.

  51. SD

    Sarah D

    My students loved this activity! It has been a great Do Now activity to help remind students of how to make inferences and how to use context clues when doing so.

  52. DS

    Danielle Shupe 

    students enjoyed the pictures

  53. JE

    jennifer E

    My students have loved the engaging photos and activities in this resource

  54. KG

    Kelli G

    Great resource. My students enjoyed the activities.

  55. LT

    Learning Thru Wonder 

    What a fantastic resource! So detailed and thoughtful to help students engage in inferencing in a fun way. SO glad I purchased it.

  56. LW

    Lynn W

    Very easy to understand and engaging.

  57. CT

    Claudia Tabares 

    Great for my small ELL group.

  58. VM

    Very Mairey Educator 

    This resource was great and easy to integrate into Seesaw for my students to use. I like the outline and it was very nice how it broke the thought process down for the kiddos.

  59. JD

    Jennifer D

    My students love this

  60. JO

    Janet O

    Excellent product.

  61. JS

    Jennifer S

    This was an awesome way to start our unit on making inferences!

  62. I


    Great resource worked well for remote learning.

  63. WF

    Wanda F

    Great resource.

  64. KF

    Kimberly F

    Great resource!

  65. KO

    Kayla O

    Loved this resource!

  66. TW

    Trina Williams 

    A+ resource for students doing digital learning.

  67. KM

    Kendra Maly 

    Thank you! This helped with our review of inferencing skills.

  68. KB

    Kristine B

    Great resource

  69. ME

    Melanie E


  70. CD

    Carlye D

    I like using pictures to teach reading skills and this is a great resource to do that. I look forward to using this resouce when we return to in person as well.

  71. MS

    Maggie S

    I used this as an after lunch warm up. My kids loved this!

  72. OA

    Ofra A

    Great digital resource!

  73. KM

    Kimberly Mechling 

    Fun way to practice making inferences!

  74. AE

    Auntie Em’s Classroom 

    Prepped and ready to go. I teased it with my kiddos, and they’re excited!

  75. HE

    Helena E

    Nice resource nice layout thank you

  76. VT

    Vanessa T

    Great for the school closure with my ESL student

  77. MJ

    mary J

    I love all the different ways that students can continue and extend their learning , your images that you have chosen are outstanding ,and in such a creative way as well. Thank you so much.

  78. KJ

    Karen J

    Thank you so much for creating and sharing this!

  79. JM

    JoAnne M

    I used this resource with two of my students. One is intellectually disabled and the other has a reading disability and is an ELL. We discussed the picture and and “acted out” some of them out to help with their background knowledge. They enjoyed this task and are eager to do more.

  80. RK

    Ranjit K

    I really liked this resource.

  81. NH

    Nicole H

    This resource helped my students engage in inferencing in a fun way.

  82. MH

    Ms Hannahs Bananas 

    Thank you so much!! This has been such a big help!

  83. HH

    Heidi Hatch 

    This is an amazing resource for my students to use with their Wonders Instruction. My students are very engaged when using this activity, and it gives them many ways to demonstrate their understanding of the concept.

  84. TI

    Teddy I Love 

    The pictures are very helpful with my ESL students. Thank you.

  85. TL

    Teresa L C

    My students enjoyed this to review inference. The pictures made for a fun conversation for each example. Thank you!

  86. TI

    Tremendous in Third  

    This was a great introduction to infrencing! Thank you

  87. BB

    Brigette B

    Creative resource. The students had so much fun with the pictures.

  88. SU

    Sheri U

    Great resource!

  89. EE

    Extraordinary ELA 

    This worked perfectly for my students to practice inferring. I was able to take out any photos I didn’t think they’d have enough background knowledge about, so I was able to tailor it to fit the needs of my students.

  90. LW

    Laura W

    I needed a resource for making inferences to take the place of a hands-on activity for my virtual students. This resource was perfect!

  91. RF

    randi F

    Great resource for my students.

  92. MM

    Melissa M


  93. WB

    Wellness Bits  

    Thank you so much!

  94. TS

    Terri S

    Well done and great for centers.

  95. SP

    Susan P

    A great resource to use when teaching online. I used it with my 2nd-grade class.

  96. AV

    a V

    Great activity for the kids.

    Thank you

  97. BR

    Brandy R

    Super fun activity that spurred creativity while helping students to put pieces of inferring together.

  98. HW

    Heather Warfel 

    This is one of my favorite inference activity packs

  99. ST

    Sleep Teach Repeat 

    This is such a great resource!

  100. SK

    Sherese Karlsson 

    Great resource. Used in whole group and small group. Easy prep as a station or intervention add on.

  101. AK

    amber K

    great resource

  102. CV

    Carie V

    The class enjoyed the challenge of this activity

  103. BD

    Brianna D

    Great Resource!

  104. AS

    Alexis S


  105. KF

    Kimberly F

    Great product to teach inferencing. My students were very engaged.

  106. SH

    Sarah Hendry 

    Great tool for making inferences!

  107. HA

    Haley A

    A great resource with great information!

  108. TH

    Tanya H

    Great Resource

  109. TR

    Teachable Resourceful Learners  

    My students enjoyed using this resource. They prefer digital assignments over paper and pencil when I used this with concurrent teaching. Great resource to practice the skill.

  110. KT

    kimberly T

    KIds love this!! Great way to have fun and target skills

  111. MS

    Megan S

    Used this as a way to introduce inferences with my students. Making inferences was more of a review but they really enjoyed the pictures!

  112. KJ

    Katelin J

    This is a great resource to use with my students who aren’t a fan of writing or typically answer “I don’t know what it’s about.” This resource is very well scaffolded and makes a hard skill seem easy for some of my students. Thank you!

  113. TC

    Teri C

    This was a great help when teaching inferences.

  114. SH

    sandra H

    Excellent resource!

  115. PH

    Patricia Harwick 

    Good resource! Thanks!

  116. EN

    Everardo N

    Exactly what I needed!

  117. MV

    Mrs V 

    This was great! We incorporated this into a gallery walk and the kids were very engaged. Love this.

  118. MD

    Marilyn D

    Excellent resource! I used this during the teacher table station in my reading intervention class.

  119. DL

    Dual Language Treasures 


  120. AS

    Adriana S

    Love this resource!

  121. NT

    natalie T

    Love this, thank you.

  122. HS

    Heather S

    Excellent way to introduce the topic to my struggling readers! I will use again!

  123. LS

    Liz Strathman 

    This has been so great! Thank you!

  124. DD

    Donna D

    Great resource! Thank you!

  125. CT

    Colette T

    My students enjoyed this during small group work. The photos really help with learning for the students with ASD.

  126. TH

    Terri H

    This resource is a fun way to catch the attention of students while having them practice/learn inferencing skills.

  127. AA

    Audrey A

    Great way to introduce a inferencing lesson or use as a review of what inferencing is. Great to leave for a sub, too, when you are in a pinch. Thanks!

  128. EB

    Elizabeth B

    This was a fun way to get my kids to realize they are always making inferences, and that they can apply those skills to their reading!

  129. AG

    Anita Goenner 

    My students loved using this resource in small groups. It was interesting listening to the different perspectives.

  130. SS

    Sharyn S

    Great resource for teaching inferencing.

    Thank you

  131. LB

    Linda B

    Helpful tool.

  132. KM

    Katie M

    I used this resource to introduce how to makes inferences. My students loved the pictures and it was very engaging.

  133. CS

    Claire S

    These were helpful ways to introduce inferencing.

  134. TW

    Teaching Where You’re Called  

    Loved this resources for teaching inferences. I used in with one of my intervention groups, and the pictures made it so engaging. It really helped them to understand the idea of inferences. Thank you!

  135. MW

    Marisa W

    I love this resource! Inferencing can be a difficult strategy to teach but with this resource we had a lot of fun!

  136. RB

    Rosina B

    Great way to consolidate “inferencing” with students and the lead up to inferencing in writing.

  137. SL

    Sandra L

    Very engaging activity to complete in small groups or whole group using Kagan Strategies

  138. SH

    Susan H

    Very easy to use.

  139. SI

    Soaring in Fourth Grade 

    Thank you!

  140. AC

    Allison C Howard 

    Pictures were very relevant to students’ interests and they were engaged!

  141. AF

    Ashley F

    Perfect for my EL students! This was a great resource to reinforce this concept!

  142. HL

    Heather L

    Fun inferencing activity!

  143. CF

    Courtney F

    Wonderful resource! Thank you for sharing.

  144. KH

    Kelly H

    Love this resource! I like to use it when we are covering inferencing, or just to shake things up sometimes.

  145. NT

    Natalie Thornton 

    Great resource!

  146. DH

    Daniel H

    thank you

  147. MA

    Michelle A

    Great Resource….thank you!

  148. KK

    Kellie’s Koalas Coffee and Crayons 

    thank you

  149. RO

    Rebecca O

    Great resource.

  150. AW

    Amanda W

    This is a great resource to have!

  151. SH

    Sarah H

    Great resource

  152. PB

    Pam B

    Used this resource for my intervention students who were struggling with this skill to get them ready for state testing.

  153. AG

    amanda G

    Easy to use. Kids loved it. Great Review

  154. TB

    Toni B 

    Great resource. Thank you!

  155. DA

    Deanna A

    Loved this resources for teaching inferences. The pictures made it so engaging. It really helped them to understand inferencing.

  156. CB

    Courtney B

    The graphic organizers were helpful for my students

  157. BH

    Brittany H

    This is great!

  158. JR

    Jessica R

    Great resource for teaching inferences! Such a hard concept for some students and this really helps.

  159. SS

    Sims Safari 

    A great resource for my 5th graders! Very helpful! Thank you!

  160. VH

    Valerie H

    My students loved this resource! Thank you so much!

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