Newspaper Templates: Printable or Google Slides Newspaper Writing Activity


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Newspaper Templates | Newspaper Writing Activity with Digital Distance Learning

Newspaper Article Templates (printable or in Google Slides) are easy and no-prep worksheets that can be used for ANY subject area, writing assignment, or information-gathering activity in your classroom.

This newspaper templates product is so versatile that you can use it all year in multiple subject areas!

Newspaper templates can be used for any of the following: book reports, All About Me, science or social studies reports, expository writing, assessments of learning, or fun facts activities.

Some newspaper article ideas include:

  • Book reports
  • An All About Me Unit
  • Science or social studies reports
  • Expository writing
  • Assessments of learning
  • Reflection activities
  • Fun facts activities

There are 13 templates with the name of a newspaper printed on the front (The Chatty Commentator, The Social Studies Star, Book Report Times, The Babbling Bulletin, etc.). These are followed by 13 templates with varying borders, layouts, and phrases on the front (students create their own newspaper names).

Each of the 26 templates is followed by the back side with a matching border.

Each template includes doodle clip art for illustrations, images, or photos. Of course, an obvious option is for students to illustrate their own pictures on the printed pages. Other options might include printing pictures online, drawing diagrams, or creating information tables. In the Google Slides options, students right-click on the empty square and replace it with an image.

These newspaper templates can be used for the 2nd-12th grade, homeschooling, or camp/activities outside of school.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 63 pages + a Google Slides Option.

187 reviews for Newspaper Templates: Printable or Google Slides Newspaper Writing Activity

Based on 187 reviews
  1. SB

    Stephanie B

    Great resource! There is so much you can do with this. I look forward to using it.

  2. HH

    Heather Hinds 

    My students will love using these when we write Newspaper Articles! Thanks! Wonderful job!

  3. BK

    Bethany K

    I loved how many options there were!

  4. NR

    Nicole Reichbach 

    Loved this! Thank you

  5. PR

    Priscilla R

    Love this resource! I am able to use it with any subject! Thanks.

  6. NR

    Nicole R


  7. TC

    Tonya C

    These are beautifully crafted. And so many choices!

  8. JH

    J H

    My students love them. We use them a lot in Social Studies!

  9. GS

    Go Science 

    I love using these coupled with an article to read for my students when I have a sub. It ensures there is plenty for them to do and also provides an opportunity for them to be creative and increases motivation.

  10. KC

    Kimberly C

    great templates- thank you!

  11. LL

    Lapa’s Little Learners 

    super cute! a resource you can use over and over again

  12. CB

    Christine Brinker 

    Lots of great templates!

  13. BW



  14. KP

    Kelly Phibbs 

    Awesome resource! Love the headings. 🙂

  15. BB

    Barton’s Buzz

    These are great! Thanks!

  16. AG

    Anne G


  17. BB

    Barb B

    Great Literacy resource. Thanks

  18. FW

    Faye W

    Thanks! Very helpful!

  19. BV

    Bridget V

    Fantastic resource – love all the different template styles.

  20. AC

    Ashante C

    Great variety in this unit. Was a nice addition to my centers.

  21. AS

    Alyssa Strange 

    Thank you! 🙂

  22. MC

    Martha C

    Very cute newsletter!

  23. MM

    Marilyn M

    So much fun. Love that the students have multiple options to write about current events.

  24. SB

    Stefanie Betori 

    I am so excited for my students to get going with a little class newspaper!

  25. KC

    Kayla C

    Great product!

  26. HC

    Happy Crayon Designs 

    This is great!

  27. ES

    Erika Sanchez 

    This is a wonderful product! It really deepened my students understanding of the content. Thank You 🙂

  28. T


    Flexible and easy to use…great for writing in Social Studies and ELA (could be used in other subjects, too).

  29. EA

    Emily A

    Great Resource!Thank you!

  30. IR

    Iris Reyes 

    Time Saver!

  31. BO

    Brittany O

    Easy intro activity.

  32. BO

    Brittany O

    Easy intro activity.

  33. LS

    Lora Stoddard 

    Thank you so much for this amazing product. This is going to be a big asset to my class.

  34. AM

    Ashley McCarthy 

    Love it!

  35. LW

    Learning with Ms J 

    Just what I was looking for!

  36. SC

    shannon C

    Can’t wait to use this! Thanks!

  37. AE

    Accessing Education 

    I love all of the formatting options!

  38. CW

    Carly W

    This was a wonderful and engaging product. Thank you.

  39. SH

    Sandra H

    Thanks for the resource!

  40. EC

    Erin C

    Many great newspaper templates for writing. My kids are excited to use them to publish a social studies piece.

  41. AC

    Angela C

    Can’t wait to use this!

  42. PC

    Primary Chalk Talk 

    These are great! My 2nd grades found the templates easy to use. Such a great variety of templates too. Thank you!

  43. LC

    Lisa Coin 

    Great resource.

  44. JM

    Jenna M

    Awesome! Thank you!

  45. TJ

    Temetka J

    Just what I needed! Thank you!

  46. MC

    Michael C

    Can’t wait to use these to create newspapers with my class!

  47. DP

    Daisy Patricia S

    Excellent addition to my lesson plan. My students were engaged and having fun at the same time. Thanks!

  48. T


    loved this resource! I am able to use them for so many topics

  49. AL

    Angela L

    Helped me do a student newspaper for my class. Helped my evaluation for student-led stuff!

  50. EM

    Erika Marie 

    Thank you!!

  51. GL

    Gloria L

    Thank you for the great resource!

  52. RF

    Rebecca F


  53. EF

    Emily F

    Great resource for writing!

  54. MC


    Great product

  55. KT

    Kerri T

    Awesome newspaper templates – we use these all the time!

  56. C


    I can’t wait to use this!

  57. KL

    Kirsten Lewallen 

    Super fun with 5th grade!

  58. MC

    Megan C

    These are great for my class! I needed a Newspaper template for my students book report they were going to work on and these were perfect! I loved that I could mix and match, it made everything so much easier.

  59. CE

    Corinne E

    It should be editable so students can type on it. But other than that, it is super cute and is really a great product.

  60. CE

    Corinne E

    It should be editable so students can type on it. But other than that, it is super cute and is really a great product.

  61. LG

    Lisa G


  62. TA

    Teacher Act 

    These are incredible templates for writing expository or “news articles”. My only wish is that there was a way to make them editable online!

  63. KC

    Kent’s Class 


  64. AM

    Anne Marie B


  65. MZ

    Melissa Z


  66. LI

    Lessons in a Click 

    There are a great variety of templates and they are “no-prep needed”. 🙂 Thanks!

  67. NP

    Nikki P

    Haven’t had a chance to use this yet but I am excited to use it with my upper graders.

  68. SK

    Sara K

    This is great. Very useful and makes students’ final work fun to read.

  69. JS

    Jessica Smith 

    great resource

  70. JS

    Jessica Smith 

    great resource

  71. SC

    Susan C

    Able to have the children use all the different templates! We loved our display.

  72. GH

    Genesis Hedid R

    I really am glad I bought this. This resource can be used for a variety of subject areas. I love how adaptable this is. I know that I will be getting multiple uses out of this. Also, my students were able to use this no problem!

  73. SM

    Shelby M

    Great Resource, Thanks

  74. CA

    Chaos and Coffee in 5th  

    So many options on how to use these!

  75. SB

    Sarah B

    My kids loved this!

  76. RE

    Rachelle E

    This was a great resource for a final project!

  77. MD

    Maureen Dalton 

    I needed some new sources for students to show us about the independent novels they read. This really helped out>

  78. O


    love using these

  79. ME

    Miss Ellen’s ELL 

    This makes writing centers very enjoyable!

  80. KB

    Kaitlyn B


  81. RD

    Rachael D

    love all the flexibility and options!

  82. CW

    courtney W

    So cute and easy to use!

  83. KM

    Kristin M

    Very nice! Thank you!

  84. JJ

    Jeanene J


  85. JA

    julie A

    should be a resource where children can type out their work. shouldn’t be forced to print it out in this day and age…

  86. JA

    julie A

    should be a resource where children can type out their work. shouldn’t be forced to print it out in this day and age…

  87. AS

    Ashlyn Slater 

    Thank you for sharing this resource with the teaching community!

  88. MM

    Michele M

    Quality Resource!

  89. JA

    Jennifer Adams 

    These worked out great for student projects.

  90. JB

    Jennifer B

    My students loved working on this!

  91. AA

    Amber A

    Great Resource!

  92. TM

    Tiffany M

    This is a great resource!

  93. DP

    Dale P

    I used this for an animal report as I married ELA and science for distance learning.

  94. D


    My students loved these templates for writing a class newspaper.

  95. JC

    Jessie Cook 

    We used this resource during our opinion unit. Students wrote book reviews/opinions and share with the newspaper. Very helpful and engaging for students.

  96. MB

    Mary Bush G

    I am a teacher but purchased this for my 6th grade son who was assigned a Distance Learning Newspaper project. The format is great. Lots of choice. It would be even better if we could edit to add original headlines and subtitles to the “front page” templates.

  97. CH

    Carroll H

    Great resource and template for my students. Thank you.

  98. 4G

    4th Grade T

    Excellent Resource, my students love using these to write. We have done several projects in Science and Social Studies, and each time I break these out, they get excited!

  99. NS

    Netties’ Super Little Learners 

    Awesome resource

  100. GF

    Ginger F

    Great check for understanding!

  101. AS

    Avery Shivers 

    This is a great resource for in classroom learning!

  102. SS

    Samantha Sharp 

    Love this resource!

  103. AD

    Amber D

    I purchased this during distance learning for my daughter to complete her book report. Lots of options & it was easy to help her/show her how to format to her liking. I teach Computers to 4th-6th graders. I can see reusing this resource in the future.

  104. MR

    michelle R

    Exactly what I was looking for!

  105. KK

    krueger’s krew 

    LOVED this resource. I used it to spice up writing while distance learning. I can only imagine all of the possibilities for this within the classroom. I hope to use these in my writing center come fall!

  106. MM

    Ms M in the Middle 

    By far my favorite newspaper template! Great design and setup.

  107. CS

    Cathryn S

    Really well thought out resource

  108. PC

    Pamela C

    great resource

  109. UG

    Upper Grade Prieto 

    My students used this to write thank you cards in form of a newspaper template. Highly recommend!

  110. TS

    Teena S

    Great templates to teach format for newspaper article writing!

  111. AM

    April Meyer 

    Fun templates to support writing

  112. PL

    Pretty Little Lessons 

    I am using this for my Performance Based Assessment! The kids love the templates and it makes them feel like they’re writing a real news article. It’s fun that they can choose their own header! Thank you.

  113. KD

    Karina’s Dual Language Classroom  

    It was great! Thank you!

  114. JH

    Jennifer H

    Thanks for a great resource!

  115. LA

    Lee Ann W

    Very easy to use, a great resource to help my child learn.

  116. AW

    Ashley W

    This was a great fit for my lesson.

  117. RI

    Rama I

    This resource was fantastic – my third graders loved it! It really elevated the level of student engagement. Thank you for this awesome resource!

  118. OK

    Olivia K

    Thanks for an awesome template! Love how versatile it is, and that it can be used across a wide variety of grades/subjects

  119. PB

    phillip B

    My students LOVE creating their own newspaper!!

  120. DB

    daniel b B


  121. TL

    Tracey Lake 

    My students love using this during writing!

  122. TH

    Terri H

    A cute way to get the kids writing and useful for me a well. Great templates!

  123. JK

    Joanne K

    thank you

  124. MK

    Mrs Keesler 

    This is a great product to introduce the idea of article writing! We used it with our newspaper club, and while it wasn’t exactly what I needed, it worked well,

  125. DL

    Debbie Loomis 

    I needed this to go with a book tie in. It was great! I liked the various options.

  126. KC

    Kelly C

    Great Resource!

  127. LB

    Lisa B

    Students had a lot of fun with these! Thanks!

  128. GM

    Gabrielle M

    Great addition to unit.

  129. EB

    Elizabeth B

    Easy for my students to type in and add photos to make a class newspaper. I wish there were a few more different layouts but it was as advertised.

  130. KT

    Kellie T

    Good resource for my students who needed assistance.

  131. CL

    Christin L

    A great resource for lots of projects!

  132. SG

    Sheryl G

    A great roadmap to create a newspaper as a follow-up activity to reading our novel, “The Outsiders.”

  133. M


    My students loved this activity! It also worked really well for my hybrid classroom.

  134. TI

    Teaching in Yellow 

    Great resource!!

  135. JM

    Jamille M


  136. RE

    Rosemary E

    This was a create resource to use in my summer camp. It helped students write their own review of our drama camp performance. Thanks!

  137. MH

    Megan H

    My team used these when we were doing informational writing with our 2nd graders. It worked great when we had students in person and remote at the same time.

  138. AB

    Amanda B 

    Great resource, thank you!

  139. AR

    Annalisa R

    Students were so engaged with their writing when we did our newspaper articles! I would share one template with them, and they’d type their final draft of whatever we were working on at the moment. It wasn’t necessarily a news article, but whatever we were writing about at the time. Another time, I shared 4 different templates with them in one assignment, and we worked on writing 4 different articles. After a couple of weeks, they had 4 different articles typed out in their final drafts in this particular assignment. When I printed them out, I chose to print out 2 pages on one sheet, and I printed them out front-and-back, and in the end, we folded the final printed copy in half and they each had their own little news paper created by them. Thank you for a great resource!Show more

  140. KF

    Kimberly F

    Students LOVE to write the “news” and share with parents. Really fun for them.

  141. BB

    Britney Bingham 

    Love this resource!!

  142. D


    I have found the perfect template to use in class!

  143. CC

    Cindy C 

    Great way to introduce a new writing genre! Students were engaged!

  144. MS

    Melody S

    My students and I found this easy to use on our Google Classroom. Students created newspapers for their mid-term book report and could easily use the slides.

  145. LW

    Learn with Lesli 

    Thank you!

  146. EC

    Erica C

    The kids love publishing a class newspaper every week for their parents read. Makes for an easy newsletter on my part if the kids write it!

  147. HE

    Helena E

    Excellent resource for our newspaper projects!! Thank you

  148. TR

    Taylor R

    Fun activity for students! The template was great.

  149. PB

    Peria B

    These were great for creating monthly newspaper articles for the class.

  150. DH

    Deana H

    This is a perfect resource with many options and it saved me from having to start from scratch. Thank you!

  151. RG

    Robin G

    Great practice for this skill.

  152. IL

    I Love Recess 

    This is perfect for our PLT(personal learning time) Time. The student were able to easily use this with their teammates for writing our first class newspaper.

  153. KS

    Katy S

    Great resource, easy to implement and engaging!

  154. MR

    Melissa Ruiz 

    Perfect, easy to use, all set to use, not work needed.

  155. MB

    michel B

    Very pleased

  156. NR

    Nicole R

    Loved it!

  157. JN

    Jasmine N 

    Great for so many writing topics! Students loved this!

  158. WW

    Wingo’s Wise Wonders 

    Very easy to use and the kids loved them

  159. JS

    June S

    My students enjoyed writing their biography reports in the form of a newspaper. Lots of choice for different tastes, too! Some drew in the photo boxes, and some pasted in photos.

  160. KB

    Kristin Bishop 

    Great to use in my elective on Historical Heroes for biographies

  161. SH

    Sarah H

    My students loved this writing template! A great resource to get students excited about writing!

  162. AC

    Anmarie C

    I use this every time I want to make a lesson a little more engaging with newspaper articles about a person or other things of that sort. Makes them really want to do a great job on their work!

  163. AD

    Angela D

    Love this template – looks great!

  164. BT

    brandi T

    Great addition to my writing center

  165. MW

    Maxine W

    Had alot of fun with this product. The kids really enjoyed using this and the writing was great!

  166. ML

    Michele L

    Students are having fun writing news update to their families about what they are learning about.

  167. AO

    Ariane O

    Awesome resource!

  168. MJ

    Michelle J

    This resource was amazing! It really got kids engaged and excited about learning!

  169. LW

    Leslea W

    My students loved using this resource. They were engaged and it was very easy to use!

  170. CR

    Catherine R

    A perfect bundle of templates for students to write a variety of articles in both ELA and Social Studies! 🙂

  171. TF

    Tiffanie F

    Love these for every subject! A great way for students to show their learning.

  172. RR

    Rachel R

    Thanks for making a great product!

  173. CP

    Caroline P

    Great templates!

  174. NS

    Nanci S

    This is a great resource.

  175. EK

    Emily K

    This was a great resource as I implemented informational writing in with our class read aloud! Thank you!

  176. SS

    Sarah S

    I used this as a choice at the end of a novel we finished. The kids enjoyed creating and sharing their papers.

  177. PM


    A very creative way of of producing an assessment task. It captivated my students and the audience, Awesome!

  178. KV

    Katherine V

    My students liked the newspaper templates!

  179. CW

    Colleen W

    I used this with an after school writing club as an independent writing choice, it was perfect.

  180. SG

    Sandra Gismondi 

    As an end-of-the-year project, the students of my class wrote a classroom newspaper. This was a great resource to help them organize their thoughts and ideas. We used it for a rough draft for the electronic version. Thank you!

  181. AK

    Aoife K

    I appreciate how many templates were included! My students had an easy time creating their own newspaper articles using this resource.

  182. TS

    ToryAnn Stutts 

    This is such a great resource. It is easy to use and has many options to customize it exactly to what you need for your class!

  183. MM

    Marilyn M

    This is a great resource! My students enjoyed it very much.

  184. JK

    Jessica K

    This is a fantastic resource for my sixth grade students!

  185. BB

    Brittany B

    Thank you for this resource! It helped students organize their writing.

  186. JT

    JS T 

    Thank you so much…this was a great resource and super helpful!

  187. TC

    Tina C

    It was nice to be able to edit and use with my students in newspaper club!

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