Testing Words of Encouragement Notes: Positive Affirmations Motivation Notes for State Testing


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Test-Taking Encouragement: Motivational Sticky Notes for Students

Do you want to encourage your students during the test-taking season? These test-taking encouragement notes are your answer!

Are you seeking unique ways to boost your student’s motivation and self-esteem?

These test-taking motivation notes can be used at any grade level at any time of year to inspire your students to do their best on high-stakes (or low-stakes) testing.

Once you read the printing instructions, these 66 encouraging sticky note messages are easy to prepare and can be used in various ways.

Teachers can place them around the classroom, surprise them by putting them on students’ desks, stick them to walls and/or mirrors throughout the school, arm parents with them to display at home or allow students to choose which messages they need most to be successful on testing.

You may also be interested in the MONEY-SAVING BUNDLE that includes THREE testing motivation products for students at any grade level:

This version includes 66 different messages in the following formats:

  • 11 pages of testing motivation full color sticky notes (66 messages)
  • 11 pages of testing motivation black-and-white sticky notes (same 66 messages)
  • Google Slides copy and paste digital stickers (same 66 messages)
  • Folder of PNG files for digital stickers (same 66 messages)
  • Printing instructions, a printing template, and ideas for use are also included in the product



This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 37 pages + Digital Stickers + Google Slides™ Version.


438 reviews for Testing Words of Encouragement Notes: Positive Affirmations Motivation Notes for State Testing

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  1. Bev Endreas 

    Excited to put these to use.

  2. Nancy Beach 

    Love Love Love

  3. michele M

    Might be my printer but if there is a hint to not jam up the printer let me know. I taped it more and that helped. We used these to encourage the 4th graders on MCA testing! they colored and posted them on the students lockers. Loved it!

  4. Amber Adams 

    Just what I was looking for!

  5. Dawna Kulakowski 

    These will be great come testing time to motivate my students! Thanks

  6. Denise C

    Can’t wait to use these. My kids will freak!

  7. Kimberly M

    My kiddos loved these! Great motivational tool!

  8. Heather Rissman 

    Can’t wait to use these!

  9. Debra D

    Can’t wait to make these for my students. Our state test is coming up on March 28. These are just so cute and appropriate for my 7th grade ready writers!

  10. Shannon W

    These are perfect… thanks!

  11. Lynne L

    Very helpful! Thank you:)

  12. Christina Albrecht 

    These are great! Looking forward to using them next week! Thank you!

  13. Julie P

    Perfect for the finals ahead!

  14. Cornelia B

    This is such a great way to encourage students. Loved it!

  15. Pat C

    Very suited to the activity I have planned.

  16. Worksheets N’ Glitter 

    These are awesome!!

  17. Jessica K

    Excellent resource! Fun way to start testing week!

  18. Cynthia B

    Very cool! Thank you!

  19. Sailing In Special Ed 

    These are great! My students loved getting their own personal note. Some still have them stuck to their desks weeks later!

  20. Heather Price 

    Such a great way to get students pumped up and positive for State Testing!

  21. Rebecca L

    LOVE these!

  22. Martha H

    My students love it!

  23. Carter’s Critters 

    I absolutely love your sticky notes! This one is going to be great for my babies in the next few weeks as I have to put them through week of testing. They need lots and lots of encouragement. Thank you for such a great resource.

  24. Kristel Cruz 

    Time saver and super cute! My kids loved it.

  25. Abie W

    Love this! Thanks so much!

  26. Christine M

    Inspiring notes for anytime. Thanks for creating this collection.

  27. Holly W

    These are awesome!

  28. K W

    These are great for all year, not for just testing. These are great for any day, any situation. Thanks.

  29. Shannon A

    I used this for my Algebra 1 students as they prepared for taking the state end of course exam. This was exactly what I was looking for to help keep them positive through the process. Thank you!!

  30. Jennifer H

    My students LOVED this. I put them out before PARCC testing. They were a hit!

  31. Rachel M

    This was a great tool to motivate my students through testing. They couldn’t wait to see which emoji they would be getting next!!

  32. Natalie T

    FABULOUS!!! Using this week to put on my kid’s desks each morning before state tests! So easy and cute!

  33. Rose Treacy 

    I am a bit disappointed in this purchase. For the price, I would hope there would be more flexibility. You have to print an entire page, regardless of what sticky notes are on the page. Not sure how usable this will be. I was hoping for testing encouragement for my students.

  34. Rose Treacy 

    I am a bit disappointed in this purchase. For the price, I would hope there would be more flexibility. You have to print an entire page, regardless of what sticky notes are on the page. Not sure how usable this will be. I was hoping for testing encouragement for my students.

  35. Charolett Murrow 

    love it

  36. Tracy D

    love having this to use with my class!

  37. Crystal Kelly 


  38. berenice H

    My first graders used these to make a poster for our 5th grade buddy class to encourage them during testing time. Our fifth graders absolutely loved it!

  39. Emilee Bowles 

    I love these! Such a fun way to encourage students before testing!

  40. Rhoda Design Studio 

    This is our last day of testing. They are starting to drag a little. Love these motivating sticky notes as a pick-me-up! Thank you 🙂

  41. Antoinette N

    We began the year with an emoji bulletin board. What a wonderful way to end the year. Thank you so much for this resource.

  42. Coleen L

    I put a different one every test session of PARRC on my testing group desks. The students looked forward to see what great thing they had to think about every test.

  43. Vivienne M

    I placed these on the students desks prior to their NAPLAN testing – they were delighted.

  44. Ellen K

    Great incentive for testing.

  45. Amanda C

    What a fun resource! Thank you!

  46. Valerie Simonoff 

    These were perfect for test day

  47. Jennifer T

    I bought these sticky-notes to use for my grade 7s first French exam. They brought many smiles as I walked around and stuck them on their desks mid-exam. I liked that there was more than enough variety for me to give a unique sticky to each of my 39 students. The process for printing the images on sticky notes was very well explained and worked flawlessly!

  48. Jennifer T

    I bought these sticky-notes to use for my grade 7s first French exam. They brought many smiles as I walked around and stuck them on their desks mid-exam. I liked that there was more than enough variety for me to give a unique sticky to each of my 39 students. The process for printing the images on sticky notes was very well explained and worked flawlessly!

  49. cynthia K

    love it thank you

  50. Dawn M

    I absolutely love these!!

  51. Mollie G

    Such an easy and fabulous edition to our positive behavior management system!

  52. Kristi K

    Time and lifesaver! The students loved getting these from me each testing round! Super easy to use! Thank you!

  53. Michelle T

    I copied these and laminated them for testing. Each day we tested, I would give each student a new one that was specific to them. They loved the thoughtfulness from me and many couldn’t wait to see what they would get the next day.

  54. Sheryl H

    Great idea

  55. Teacher of Mayhem 

    A great way to encourage students before a test or any big event. Thank you for a great resource!

  56. Heather R

    My kids LOVED these. They would save them in their binders for weeks too. Too cute!

  57. Tari L

    The kids loved seeing these when they came in for testing.

  58. Jessica H

    I loved using these as a confidence booster on test taking days. My students really enjoyed receiving them!

  59. Middle School Finds 

    My students loved these. I printed out enough for the whole team and then placed them on their lockers. They came to school the first day of testing and smiled when they saw the notes. I will use this every year.

  60. Middle School Finds 

    My students loved these. I printed out enough for the whole team and then placed them on their lockers. They came to school the first day of testing and smiled when they saw the notes. I will use this every year.

  61. Nicole Segovia 

    Great and fun way to communicate with my students.

  62. Barbara M

    I love being able to leave such positive notes on a daily basis or during testing situations. Thanks so much!

  63. R K

    Super cute and the students were over the moon excited about them!

  64. cynthia R

    Students loved it during state testing!

  65. Catherine S

    These were a big hit on test day!

  66. karen W

    I Love these!!! Thanks

  67. Rachel G

    These were simple and easy to use and my fourth grade students loved them. They were fun and creative and the students enjoyed walking into class and seeing them on their desks. Many kept them as bookmarks 🙂

  68. Mary C

    WE did this at end of grade testing last year and kids loved it!

  69. Jennifer T

    so fun to leave these notes for other students in our building and encourage them

  70. Megan Tomlinson 

    We posted these on their lockers the morning of the test! Such a great way to encourage them!

  71. Christine G

    My students used these to write notes of encouragement to local at-risk college students. They loved them!

  72. Laura N

    Great Job!

  73. Olivia T

    Super cute! My students loved walking in to see what inspirational note would be left for them before testing!!

  74. Christine M

    Excellent Resource!

  75. Anna B

    Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

  76. MrsMcCullough 

    I print on post-its all the time and this makes it even more fun.

  77. Robyn Ray 

    Love the little notes of encouragement.

  78. Stiles Flying into Fifth 

    Such a great and positive way to celebrate my students

  79. Melissa Verrilli 

    Love these! Especially with state testing coming up!!

  80. Allison M

    The school I work at has a huge emphasis on positivity and kindness! This is a perfect addition to things I already push for in my classes! I am excited to add this little touch during exam week!

  81. donna W

    Kids were so excited to get these! Love this resource!

  82. Mary R

    My students loved getting these on the days of testing! So encouraging!

  83. Carlee S

    This product is so much fun!! My students loved receiving these encouraging sticky notes during our testing. Thank you!

  84. Ashley E


  85. Mindful Teaching Solutions 

    Thank you for such a wonderful resource. I use printed sticky notes in my class often and love this idea!

  86. Jessica Maynor 

    I am using these to get my students through the state testing next week! Every sticky note has such a great message on it for the students! I love that there are so many unique desgins, so that my students can have something new each day of testing. Thank you for the great product!

  87. Amy S

    My students are going to love these!

  88. Beth Gonzalez 

    I used these for our PARCC partners and they loved them!

  89. Margaret S

    Great for middle school aged students!

  90. Jeanne Reeder 


  91. Deborah H

    Awesome!! Just in time for AIR testing.

  92. Erin S

    This is great! What a quick and easy way to make cute testing notes for my students. The template and printing instructions were easy to follow. I put the printed Post-Its in Ziplocks with candy, and I’m going to let my students pick the messages they like.

  93. Megan H

    I absolutely LOVE these!!! The kids will enjoy them. Thank you!

  94. Riest in the Middle 

    Such an awesome product!


  96. Beth P

    Love it! Thanks!

  97. Michaela N

    so sweet!

  98. Teresa E


  99. Kristen W Reynolds 

    Oh my goodness! I loved these, and they definitely motivated my students. They could not wait to get into class each day to see what they’re new sticky note was going to say. Thank you so much for this fun product!

  100. Aimee Gamblin 

    My students loved these. I really like that each message was different.

  101. missy renz 

    Very motivational! My kiddos loved this!!!

  102. Sarah S

    Students really enjoyed these words of encouragement before testing!

  103. Cantrellin2nd 

    Can’t wait to use this with my students! Thank you!

  104. Staci D

    These will be great for my 4th graders before the AIR test. They love emojis!

  105. Melisa D

    This was perfect! I printed them easily and the students loved them!

  106. Kerry N

    My students loved having a different sticky on their desk every day of testing! It was so easy!!!

  107. Melissa S

    This was the perfect little something extra that my kids needed to make them feel ready for testing. Super cute and SUPER easy! Thank you! 🙂

  108. crystal B


  109. Brinn H

    Excited to use these again this year—they were a hit last year! Thanks!

  110. meredith H

    This was awesome! My kids loved them!! Thanks!

  111. Tia M 

    I used these during State Testing and my students were so excited and motivated!

  112. Jessica Feth 

    We had just done an “emoji escape” activity to review for testing, so my students were so excited that the emoji’s left them some encouragement for their FSA test!

  113. Hillary Y

    Great encouragement for our kids!

  114. Tonya P

    What an awesome way to personally encourage my students. Easy to use and very cute. Thanks so much.

  115. Amber G

    My students loved opening their computers for state testing and finding these motivational sticky notes!

  116. Darla R

    I printed these for all my teachers during state assessments. They were well received!!

  117. Venessa C

    I loved these so much! Every exciting for the kids to receive before testing!

  118. Linda B

    Fun, thanks!

  119. Nicole Lantz 

    Very easy to print and my students enjoyed getting a new post-it on each testing day!

  120. Vicki Y

    My students loved their noted before the test

  121. ShadeTreeThinkin’ 


  122. Gloria C

    My students loved getting these each day during testing week.

  123. Lauren Cooke 

    This was awesome! My students loved it 🙂 they found the notes to be very meaningful. Thank you!

  124. Angie M

    My kids loved these!

  125. Laura K

    Thank You!! My students loved receiving these notes during testing week:)

  126. Tami Durr 

    Love these!

  127. Emily F

    Awesome, easy way to encourage students. Thank you!

  128. Pamela Reibly 

    I loved creating these; they were so much fun! The students loved them and it was so sweet seeing them using them as bookmarks after testing was over. Thank you.

  129. Debbie P

    Thanks for this awesome resource!


    We used these to encourage our 4th grade buddies during STAAR testing. We put them on their desks and lockers. THey loved them.

  131. krAzyfoREduCation 

    These were fantastic!! The students loved receiving these motivational notes!

  132. Brandi J

    Thank you!

  133. Brandi J

    Thank you!

  134. Nicole B

    Thanks! Can’t wait to use this!

  135. PTO P


  136. Ashley G

    These were prefect for state testing week!

  137. Erika T

    Great for the end of the year encouragement!

  138. Alina Diaz 

    LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! Used this during testing and my kids were all smiles and pumped from the stickies’ messages on their desks.

  139. Kourtnie P

    These are great!!!

  140. Chelsea W

    Used this as positive encouragement for my kids for standardized testing, they loved seeing which sticky note they would get each day. Very good and easy to use.

  141. Monica Kalenda 

    Super cute and the kids appreciated them.

  142. Bobbie S


  143. Mackenzie C


  144. Betsy A Owens

    I had to miss our first day of state testing. These were a great way to let my kids know that I was thinking of them on that day.

  145. Chrisitne D

    Total success. My students loved the encouragement.

  146. Lisa D

    This was a huge hit! Thanks for sharing!

  147. Lee N

    My students LOVED getting these!! I’ll definitely use these year after year.

  148. Shannon G

    I am so happy with these. They turned out just awesome. I am putting them on the students computers for a little motivation for their standardized testing 🙂

  149. Dana F

    My 5th graders loved these!!!

  150. Heather Z

    Perfect for my students’ first time taking a standardized test!

  151. Mackenzie Burrous 

    Loved these! Directions were SO clear. Had zero issues.

  152. Francine C

    My students love the activity.

  153. Tara H

    The students LOVE these and my colleagues all ask where I get them !

  154. Aletha Bentley 

    I used these the past 2 years on their lockers and on their seats for testing.

  155. Carli Carpentieri 

    One of my all-time favorite purchases EVER on TPT. My students loved not knowing what note they would be getting. They shared with one another every day during testing. Such a great resource.

  156. Cassie B

    My students loved these last year. Thanks!

  157. MissKristek 

    The kids loved these! Thanks!!

  158. Sarah G

    fit in with my other emoji themed things in classroom! students loved the positive notes before testing each day!

  159. Shawna Sturgill 

    great product

  160. Rachel Champagne 

    These are so cute and my kids were so excited to see these on their desk when they came in on testing day – thank you!

  161. Samantha S

    The kids love these on their desk!

  162. Elizabeth G

    My students love these!

  163. Janet P

    These were just what I was looking for!

  164. James Orth 

    What an amazing resource. This is such a great way to give students a little extra boost in confidence right before they test.

  165. Making Reading and Writing Simple to Teach  


  166. Bree Bosse Mavity 

    These are great– my students loved them! 🙂

  167. Candace E

    A+++!! I LOVE these! So easy to use! thanks for making me look like a rock star! My students LOVED them! Will buy others.

  168. Lori B

    I love this idea for my students.

  169. Elisa M

    My students loved these! They keep it with them for future tests too!

  170. dina W

    These are great for providing students with feedback and encouragement

  171. dina W

    These are great for providing students with feedback and encouragement

  172. Lakin S

    Love this!

  173. Kelly K


  174. Kelly T

    I loved all of the notes. More importantly, my students loved them!

  175. Sara S

    Love these! Have used them many times

  176. Angel W


  177. Lindsey B

    Awesome resource! Thank you! (:

  178. Impassioned Education 

    These were perfect for a little pick me up during final exams. My high schoolers loved them. Thank you!

  179. Sonya B

    My students already think I’m corny, but they really loved seeing these on the last page of the unit exam (I had them go through the test before they started working on it). Thank you!

  180. Veronica C

    A wonderful way to show encouragement to our students and to brighten heir day with a positive note!

  181. Devin T

    Perfect for testing motivations!

  182. Dina F

    This is very simple to use and can be used for many other subjects or personal uses.

  183. Pencil Me In 

    My kids LOVED these AND the directions for printing were really easy to follow!

  184. Debbie Casburn 

    very helpful

  185. Grasshoppers and Butterflies 

    Had some of my CYSP students color these to decorate the door for testing that will be taking place soon– many compliments!

  186. H B

    I use sticky notes for things like this in my classroom quite often, and these are perfect for all kinds of testing, not just end of year.

  187. Amanda G

    Exactly as expected!

  188. Patricia C

    Perfect for use in my classroom to provide student motivation!

  189. Callessia C

    Awesome product

  190. Misty Pace 

    Loved how they turned out!

  191. Erin Rose 

    These were so easy to use! THANKS!

  192. Pamela R

    Was a HUGE time saver for me!

  193. Joi K

    Love it!

  194. Coffee and Junior High 

    Thank you so much!

  195. Danielle S


  196. Sarah S

    Really excited to use these during testing week! Thank you

  197. Rebecca Boggs 

    My kids really like this when I put it on their testing dividers

  198. Lola O

    Excellent resource for kids taking the STAAR!

  199. Kathryn C

    Love! Used for Spring Testing Encouragement!

  200. Hillary S

    These were perfect to leave on my students’s desks for testing on the first day. Thank you!

  201. Jennifer W


  202. A teacher trying to make her life easier 

    Thank you ! My students LOVED this!

  203. Darlene D

    My students really enjoyed coming in and seeing the sticky notes on their desks with encouraging words. I usually just put posters around room but this was more personal.

  204. ANGELA P

    My kids LOVED getting these!

  205. teresa kozak 

    A cute idea that works!

  206. Sharon J

    Great motivators

  207. Nakia S

    Thank you! Great Resource

  208. Jessica Arthur 

    I used these for my students & I also used them for my students to give to other classes. Instead of printing on post it notes, I printed the black & white copy, cut them, and had my students color them as an encouraging note to others during testing week! They LOVED them! Emojis are relevant to all.

  209. Mark B

    My kids will love these notes! Thanks!

  210. LawsonInFifth 

    Super Cute!

  211. Laura Ross 

    My kids loved the messages! I was able to select meaningful messages for each student.

  212. Annette N


  213. Candice A


  214. Kathy M

    These were prefect for state testing, I printed each of my students an encouraging note to cheer them on.

  215. Bethany Stoltz 

    My students LOVE these!

  216. Learn2Grow 

    All my students in grades 3-6 loved seeing these notes taped to their cubbies the morning before their test!

  217. CHRISTY H S

    My students have enjoyed having these on their desks everyday for testing.

  218. Amber Ward 


  219. Dian W

    I had these on my students’ desks right before their state test. They loved it. Saw them later attached to pencils….Great idea!

  220. Pamela J

    The kids really enjoyed getting the notes every morning.

  221. Melissa B

    Perfect for my test encouragement kits. I found coordinating emoji erasers on Amazon. My students are going to love them.

  222. Jennifer H

    Great resource and easy to use!

  223. Rockin Out with Mrs Reiter 

    I used this before our STAAR tests. The students loved them. Very easy to print!

  224. Beth R

    They loved these encouraging notes during testing! I printed them on neon paper, and they collected them. Thanks!

  225. Shelly K

    I love having these already made!

  226. Campbell’s Education Creations  

    Students loved these!

  227. Jennifer Ryan 

    These are perfect. I have 140 kids. There are 66 Different sayings. Great way to personalize.

  228. Robin B

    I loved these post it notes to put on desks or lockers when they cam in on test day! Were so easy to make!

  229. Ashley P

    The students loved them!

  230. Helane F

    easy to use!

  231. Sandra C

    Loved these!! Printed them up and put them on my students’ desks before their government exams. Thank you!

  232. Innovative Teacher Thangs 

    Love your resource

  233. dana W


  234. Jayna Morrow 

    Loved it!


    My students loved getting these on their lockers the morning of testing! Great resource! Thank you!

  236. Pamela W

    These are awesome! Loved using them for the first round of STAAR testing! Thanks!

  237. Deja Moo Teaching 

    Thank you for the resource! It was very helpful!

  238. Holly J

    Very easy and useful. Quick and easy to print on colorful paper. It would be nice to be edible so teachers could add names if they choose. 🙂

  239. Samantha Shields 


  240. Tara’s Treasures 

    These were great motivators during our state testing!

  241. Holly J

    Very easy and useful. Quick and easy to print on colorful paper. It would be nice to be edible so teachers could add names if they choose. 🙂

  242. Andrea L

    These were a hit!

  243. Amanda C

    My kids love it at school!

  244. Lacey L


  245. Frances S

    Great resource for testing! My kids loved the stickers!

  246. Amy M

    Wonderful resource and so easy! My Students loved them!!

  247. Jennifer B

    Easy motivation for test

  248. Nicole M

    These were easy to print! My students enjoyed a little encouragement on their desks the morning of the test.

  249. Melissa H

    The kids loved getting a new note everyday…super simple and easy to print! 🙂

  250. penelope T

    This is such a great thing to do for testing time!

  251. Antonette W

    I absolutely love this! I used the sticky notes for state testing to encourage students. A lot of the students kept theirs on their chromebook as a reminder. VERY POSITIVE!!! Thanks!

  252. Michaell Steinberg Lake 

    My students LOVED getting these notes during SBA testing!! Thank you!

  253. Janet S

    Wonderful Resource!

  254. Rachel B

    Perfect for state assessments!

  255. Ashley E

    So cute!! Used these for MAP Assessments and the kids LOVED them!

  256. Stephanie Perez 


  257. Rachel Storck 

    I printed these off for my son and placed them in his room, in his lunchbox, and at his seat in the dining room! He LOVED them:)

  258. Lori C

    Thanks so much! Very useful!

  259. Kaele Fontaine 

    Amazing Resource

  260. wendy W

    This was great!

  261. Stephanie K

    Love these! They are so fun and positive!

  262. Ann P

    My students loved getting these each day during testing!

  263. STEM Stork 

    Very motivational, thanks!

  264. Brandy K

    Great resource! My kids loved getting a new one each day. Super easy to print with the included template.

  265. Kelly Alexander 

    Ran out of time to use but can’t wait for next year.

  266. diana J

    Used these for state testing were a big hit thanks!

  267. Julie Gillis 

    These were easy and much loved by my kiddos!

  268. nicole shaw 

    I used these to motivate my students before the EOG. It was great!

  269. Munira Kuzmanovski 

    great resource.

  270. Jacquie H

    Great resource! Thanks!

  271. Janet Lawson 

    Great Product!

  272. Mary Sue F

    Great motivational sayings.

  273. Jeanie R

    My kiddos loved these and they were super easy to print!!

  274. Heather K

    I love this resource. I love to write notes but my hand does not always agree. Quick and Easy!

  275. Mindy B

    SUCH a cute resource! My firsties had fun hanging these sweet, encouraging notes around the building!

  276. Lea Vozzella 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  277. Kirsten A


  278. shaylee W

    super easy set up and directions. Love it!

  279. Emily W

    Great Product

  280. Kim R

    Great resource for test time! Thank you!

  281. Allison D

    My students loved having these sweet messages on their desk before testing!

  282. Dog Mama Teacher  

    Great idea to ease the stress of testing week!

  283. Iva P

    My kids really enjoyed these notes and most kept them in some way!

  284. Rocio B

    My students loved these! This resource brought a smile to every single one of my students. Thank you!

  285. Chasity P

    Funny little saying to help test anxiety on test day. Love it.

  286. Lynn S

    I LOVE this resource, and my students do too!! Very user friendly!

  287. Crissy G

    Fourth grade students loved these! Thank you!

  288. Matthew Rogers 

    Great for testing

  289. Jessica Y

    I plan to use this as a counselor 🙂

  290. Palmer’s Peeps 

    Thank you!

  291. Amy Hurley 

    Can’t wait to use this resource next year!

  292. christin A

    These are perfect for my kindness board that I am starting so that my students can write kind things to their classmates.

  293. JoyEl Y

    great for testing

  294. Donna B

    My students love getting these! I found some tucked away in their lockers after the year was over!

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  328. Incorporating ELA  

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