Test Prep Encouragement: Positive Affirmations Coloring Pages for Test-Taking Confidence


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Do you want to encourage your students during the test-taking season? Are you seeking unique ways to boost your student’s motivation and self-esteem? These test prep encouragement messages can be used at any grade level at any time of year to inspire your students to do their best on high-stakes (or low-stakes) testing.

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    Testing Taking Encouragement: Bookmarks, Sticky Notes, and Coloring Pages

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Positive Affirmations Coloring Pages for Test Prep Encouragement:

Do you want to encourage your students during the test-taking season? Are you seeking unique ways to boost your student’s motivation and self-esteem? These test prep encouragement messages can be used at any grade level at any time of year to inspire your students to do their best on high-stakes (or low-stakes) testing.

This test-taking coloring sheets activity includes:

  • 35 coloring pages with positive affirmations and mandalas for students
  • Six pages with mandalas and a blank space for students to write their own affirmations

Teachers can allow students to use these during lessons on mindfulness, as they finish their testing sessions, or as a break from practice or test review.

Allow students to choose which messages they need most to be successful in testing.

You may also be interested in the MONEY-SAVING BUNDLE that includes THREE testing motivation products for students in any grade level:

This PDF file contains 44 pages.

142 reviews for Test Prep Encouragement: Positive Affirmations Coloring Pages for Test-Taking Confidence

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  1. jennifer S

    Nice brain breaks for my students, thanks

  2. jennifer S

    Nice brain breaks for my students, thanks

  3. Amy Zahner 

    There aren’t words to describe how much I love these testing motivation coloring pages with amazing affirmations. Perfect student made addition to our room to showcase encouragement during such a stressful season! Thank you!

  4. Karen F


  5. Cassiopia L

    Loved this resource!

  6. sharon T

    Thank you

  7. Mindy J

    Love it

  8. Heather M

    Great for a break from testing

  9. Margaret Hoffman 

    Perfect as a brain break before and after testing!

  10. Pamela J

    The kids really enjoyed these.

  11. Beth R

    They LOVED coloring these and hanging them around the room for testing! Thanks!

  12. Sharon C

    An EXCELLENT resource. Thank you:-)

  13. Catherine C

    Perfect to put on my students desks before testing to relax and encourage them! I love the phrases and mandalas combined!

  14. Skylar M

    Very cute to use in the morning before testing begins.

  15. Ashley Kurena 

    My students loved coloring and displaying these to get mentally prepared for testing!!

  16. Tara’s Treasures 

    My students loved coloring these during state testing week!

  17. allison D

    Cute and motivating!

  18. Rachel B

    Kids loved these!

  19. Scott Elliott 

    I used this activity as a closer and a take home. Once the students finished with our regular activity, I gave them time to complete this, which they enjoyed. I also had the students read out their quote to the class which was a powerful moment since the quotes do not focus on getting higher grades, they focus on motivation. Since the teachers cannot have too much curriculum on their walls during testing, I had one grade level that asked for more of these and they covered their walls in these quotes and designs.

  20. Jennifer P

    Great resource

  21. STEM Stork 

    Just what I was looking for, thanks!

  22. Sharon Wilson 

    Loved this approach.

  23. Jessica O

    Perfect cool down after standardized testing. Thanks!

  24. Melissa A

    Great resource

  25. Melanie H

    I placed these on my students’ desks on the day of testing!
    They were so excited! The positive words of encouragement was just what they needed to take the edge off and calm their nerves!

  26. Jenn Welch 

    beautiful designs and my kids loved coloring these pages!

  27. Shannon Hobbs 

    My kiddos loved these!

  28. Danielle M

    Students loved coloring these after finishing their state testing. Thanks!

  29. Mindful Mathematics in Elementary 


  30. Denise Redmond Owens 


  31. Oscar ReRucha 

    Thank you.

  32. Samantha J

    Thank you for this wonderful resource.

  33. Katelynn Hulsey 

    Great motivator!

  34. Anna Reeves 

    Love to use these before standardized testing!

  35. Alicia L

    So beautiful and very engaging for scholars to color away the testing stress. I can’t wait to use this resource again this year during testing season!

  36. YURI P

    Students loved the coloring pages.

  37. Erin B

    My student council kids colored these and hung them in the bathrooms and hallways in preparation of testing season

  38. Samantha L

    My students loved these before and after state testing. It even kept older kids engaged because of the intricacy of them.

  39. Special Ed Place 


  40. Michelle H

    Great Resource

  41. Lacy S

    These are amazing. We have adopted a 5th grade class for testing and I know they will LOVE these!

  42. Adriana O

    My students loved these!

  43. Cierra H

    I love this resource!

  44. Courtney C

    Great resource for students to hang on their cubbies for motivation during state assessments!

  45. Caitlin Mehlberg 

    My students loved these as a pre-state test activity. We hung them up around the room. Students also continued working on them during the test once they’d finished their sessions.

  46. Samantha C

    This was the perfect activity to start the day to help students not stress over testing.

  47. Amanda H

    This was a great Bellringer activity to help calm some nerves before our State tests!

  48. Blooming Learners  

    My students enjoyed coloring these pages. Thanks for creating them!

  49. Shelby M

    This was relaxing and fun for my kids before and after state testing :).

  50. TeachGrowRaepeat 

    I have been incorporating mindfulness and positive affirmations into my classroom very heavily this year! My students love complicated designs to color and I love that they don’t fly through and waste a page. These coloring pages have been a hit during state testing and my students work hard on them the entire time! Some have even cut out the sayings and hung them in their lockers to read daily! This is an INCREDIBLE resource! The designs are beautiful and the sayings are uplifting and positive!

  51. Trina W


  52. Learning with Mrs A 

    Great! kids loved it!

  53. Emily Arbogast 

    Super cute pictures for students color to keep them busy after testing.

  54. Brooke Tunget 

    My students loved having these coloring pages to use after state testing. I loved the motivational messages on each page. Thank you for a great resource!!

  55. Teaching and Learning with Giggles 

    This was perfect morning work for the days that we had state testing! Thank you!

  56. Caitlin H

    students loved coloring these!!!

  57. Samantha M

    So easy to use! My students loved coloring these as morning work before their district testing. They kept asking for more!

  58. courtney W

    LOVE this!! My kids loved them.

  59. Denise M

    My students were motivated by the coloring sheets that provided motivational messages. I passed out these sheets during the mornings of State Testing. The students were relaxed and felt calm while coloring.
    The messages were uplifting and added encouragement to students.

  60. Melissa Gergen 

    These were perfect before our state testing! Great calming activity with encouraging quotes. We hung them around the room for testing after they were done coloring.

  61. Second Grade Safari 

    Great as an activity for students to complete for morning work the day of a big test.

  62. MsWashingtonsWizards 

    I placed a sheet on my students’ desks each morning before state testing to help motivate and encourage them. Definitely helped take away some of the testing jitters they were feeling.

  63. Katie M

    Morning work activity during state testing!

  64. Sarah C

    Super cute and fun during state testing week!

  65. Jessica Ciccarelli 

    Such a calming way to start state testing. I wrote each student an individual note on their coloring page to start each day!

  66. Linda L

    My students truly enjoyed them. What a great motivator.

  67. Patricia D

    These were great for some pre-test stress free fun.

  68. Stickies and Sharpies 

    Growth mindset has changed the atmosphere in my classroom! I am continually using these resources to teach the kids they can do anything they set their mind too! Such a great resource!

  69. Tammara L

    My students absolutely loved this resource!

  70. MsAPlusTeacher 

    Perfect for calming down and relaxing after state testing! Thank you!

  71. betsy W

    My students loved this and were engaged the whole time.

  72. Veronica R

    LOVE these!

  73. Becky C

    Students loved coloring these!!

  74. Natasha K

    LOVE IT!!!

  75. Anmarie C

    I used this as morning work the morning of tests and for them to work on when they finish their test early! They loved it!

  76. Mary Russell 

    Great resource to encourage students and give them an outlet to disengage and destress.

  77. Jenna B

    We used this to decorate our classroom with motivational posters right before our test!

  78. Renee Imburgia 

    Engaging and fun way for students to learn!

  79. Chelsea A

    Kids loved the cute sayings on these coloring pages.

  80. Sarah White 

    My students enjoyed this during our state standardized testing. They even wanted to make some for other students and put them on lockers. Thanks!

  81. Hillary W

    Love this resource!

  82. Ashleigh D

    My students loved these coloring pages during testing weeks.

  83. Esther N

    Great way to encourage students while allowing them to use some creativity.

  84. Cindy D

    We are close to state test taking time and colored these to place around the room and school for student encouragement. Thank you so much.

  85. Lisa C

    My students loved this. It was a great boost to help them relax and have fun the day before the state assessments.

  86. Worksheets N’ Glitter 

    Great resource for state testing encouragement!

  87. Ms Peacocks Pack 

    Great for state testing week. Thank you!

  88. Learning with Miss Alexander 

    These were great encouragement to students as they prepared for testing! Thank you so much!

  89. Marilu R

    My students have been engaged coloring these while listening to calming music in the afternoons after we have done state testing in the morning.

  90. Alexis L

    Sent these with some cards made by my 1st graders to the 4th grade class! They loved them!

  91. Karen J

    My students loved coloring these pages and we posting them around for everyone to see.

  92. Allison K

    My students loved having these on their desks each morning of testing. It was very calming for their nerves!

  93. Robin S

    great activity to give the kids after they were done testing. made a fun bulletin board display!

  94. Melissa F

    Fun and engaging resource to use for motivation during Milestone testing!

  95. Jackie B

    My artistic and creative students loved coloring these as a calm day before testing. I and my students liked having the positive messages posted around the classroom that they could refer to while they tested.

  96. Karen Franklin 

    Wow!! What a great way to get kids excited about taking tests and believing in themselves!!! My class loves to color and so do I. Thank you so much for making their day and for your creativeness!! I was great to see their enthusiasm!!

  97. Lauren H

    Loved using this resource for my 6th graders!

  98. Jordan K

    Great relaxing resource for students during and before state testing.

  99. Holly McMurray 

    My students loved these coloring pages as it helped to get their mind off of the stress of testing!

  100. Crystal N

    My students and I loved this resource! We used this in preparation for state testing. Each student was excited to look at how different each completed Mandala turned out. The messages were easy to read and encouraging. My classroom neighbors loved seeing all of our mandalas up on our bulletin board! I will definitely continue to use this resource.

  101. Lydia M

    These were perfect for before and after the state test!

  102. Tiffany R

    My students and I loved these. They enjoyed reading and coloring them each morning before state testing.

  103. Lorraine N

    My students love the practice and finally get to relax a bit after state testing.

  104. Amy M

    My students love taking the time to color these motivational coloring sheet before our standardized testing.

  105. keepingupwith3rdgrade 

    I loved this to start our testing days! My class spent 10 minutes doing this before we tested and they began their testing in a calm mindset!

  106. Jellyfish Superpowers in the Classroom 

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This is a great resource! Thank you!!

  107. Educator Corner  

    My students loved coloring these positive quotes to prepare for testing! We hung the pictures on our bulletin board to encourage other students.

  108. Mallory M

    Wonderful way to get ready for testing!

  109. Patricia W

    Very useful!

  110. Joanna Reasoner 

    Great way to give the students something to do morning of testing!

  111. Suzanne R

    Great resource! Thank you so much!!

  112. Chondra Russell 

    Great resource to provide encouragement prior to testing! Very motivational…a big hit with my students.

  113. Theresa Robinson 

    Loved using as a soft start to test day mornings. Each child hung their masterpiece in the hall to share the message with others.

  114. Stephanie G

    My class was a big buddy to a class that was state testing and they loved these papers.

  115. Teacherista 

    Thank you! My students loved coloring these!

  116. Julia L

    I used these as an option for students who finished state testing early, as well as for students to use during our “Rest and Relaxation” time once everyone finished testing each day. Students loved coloring these mandalas and loved the positive affirmations. I even heard some students reminding others that they could handle testing by saying, “Remember the coloring sheet! You can do this!” and other sweet quips. I’ll definitely be using these coloring sheets again during state testing next school year!

  117. Amanda T

    Great resource!

  118. Callie Patton 

    Can’t wait to use this again!

  119. Ashley K

    Loved this, thank you!

  120. Livin La Vida Fifth 


  121. Kelly L

    Love these!

  122. Katherine W

    These were perfect in between tests, thanks!

  123. Dana E

    I gave these to my students to color and decorate right before state testing and we posted them out in the hallway for all to see.

  124. Alyssa Prater 

    Such a great resource! My students love it!

  125. Amy Cakes 

    My students loved using these before testing.

  126. Rachel K


  127. Rachel S

    Great resource during long testing days.

  128. Sarah W

    I let students color these after they finished testing and then they could hang them up if they wanted to. Worked great! I even had some students quoting these encouragements to each other!

  129. Jessica Y

    This was a great resource to get students motivated for state testing. They enjoyed the encouraging messages and loved the coloring.

  130. Katie L

    Great, easy to use, no prep encouragement for testing!

  131. Mrs Giordano Loves To Teach 

    Thank you!

  132. Stephanie P

    Great resource

  133. Stephanie Shaw 

    My students loved coloring this before testing. Thank you!

  134. Emily Hill 

    We used this to decorate our entire school with motivational posters right before state testing! It was fantastic and my students had so much fun creating the artwork!

  135. Angela R

    Loved using these with state testing.

  136. courtney bennett 

    Awesome resource!

  137. Adriah B

    Such a fun way to get my kids inspired before testing!

  138. Middle Math Mindset 

    Very engaging and user friendly.

  139. Ariane O

    This resource was helpful and engaging.

  140. Elizabeth C

    This resource is a fun, calming way to help with testing stress and anxiety!

  141. Rebekah Baughman 

    We enjoy using this for testing time and our students will use them throughout the year for mindfulness moments.

  142. Emily AbramOctober 18, 2022

    We use these to motivate the students during testing year round!

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