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The Dot by Peter Reynolds Activities:

Are you looking for The Dot activities or want to celebrate International Dot Day? The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is a perfect picture book for teachers who want to provide fun instruction on the role of taking risks in growth mindset and fixed mindset perspectives.

This literature unit is the perfect companion for use with your students any time of year, but it is particularly useful for International Dot Day!

Conceptually, these ideas are perfect for any level, but this literature unit was created with 2nd-6th graders in mind.

You will find the following activities in this literature unit for The Dot:

  • Teacher Tips
  • The Dot Discussion Task Cards
  • The Dot Questions List
  • Sample Answers (for the discussion questions)
  • Daring Dots (things you would do if you didn’t have fear)
  • Make a Mark (create an image in a swirly frame)
  • Growth Mindset: The Dot (writing activity related to growth mindset)
  • What’s the Dot? (draw an image around dots)
  • What Is It? (draw images and incorporate preprinted doodles)
  • What Can You Make? (draw a picture using at least 10 dots)
  • Three journal prompts (with optional back side)
  • Three quotes posters in full color and black-and-white
  • Additional Activities


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 39 pages + Google Slides™.

262 reviews for The Dot Activities: International Dot Day Growth Mindset Activities

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  1. MD

    Mudturtle Designs 

    Very useful!

  2. SB

    Sarah B


  3. EN

    Edna N

    First year celebrating Dot Day. Thank you!

  4. IA

    Ilyce A

    Great resource! Thanks!

  5. JN

    Jocelynn N

    My students loved the activities

  6. DP

    Deanna P

    This was a very versatile bundle. I was able to use it with my k-6 students and tailor it to each level.

  7. MK

    Mme Kathryn 

    Really love the amount of activities and possibilities in this product!

  8. DS

    Debra S

    Looking forward to using this with my Grade 1 class this week.

  9. JL

    Jessica L

    Excellent and engaging product. Thank you so much.

  10. AL

    April L

    Great resource.

  11. AM

    Andrea M

    A great resource I used with my ESL learners after we have read “the dot” by P. Reynolds. I couldn’t use all of the material but most of it and my students loved it. Thank you!!!!

  12. EB

    Emilee Bowles 

    What a great resource to use with this book. My students loved making their own “dots”

  13. DF

    Denice F

    Absolutely love this! Thank you!

  14. LT

    Lisa T

    Love this, thank you.

  15. SW

    Skyler W

    Some of my kids had read the Dot before, but it was still a much loved book. The activities and questions in this packet make the difference and cut down the planning time for me as a teacher! Love love love using the growth mindset!

  16. PD

    Pamela Davis 

    Thank you! Such a fun unit!

  17. KB

    Kirsten B

    I love being able to extend art activities and growth mindset.

  18. YG

    Yuridiana G

    Great resource

  19. TB

    The Busy Bee in Primary 

    Great activities to follow up “The Dot” and introduce the growth mindset. My students especially loved creating and sharing their own masterpieces. Thank you!

  20. JB

    Joyce Bateman 

    This was a great resource to accompany the book The Dot and the lessons on perseverance. Loved it!

  21. ER

    Elizabeth R

    Great book! Great Activitiy

  22. EP

    Emily Pettibone 

    This is such a great resource! Thanks! 🙂

  23. RP

    Robin P

    Love this book – love this resource! Thanks

  24. DA

    Denise A

    WOW!! This just made my first days back to school much easier. So excited to tie this into my Growth Mindset Unit for 3rd and 4th Grade Science!

  25. RM

    Rebecca M

    Excellent resource. Thank you!

  26. GK

    Gabrielle K

    Love the discussion questions!

  27. AE

    alisha edge 

    Amazing! Thank you!

  28. KC

    Kelly Conry 

    I love this book and look forward to using this resource.

  29. SS

    Sarah Seeberger 

    This resource is incredibly thorough, and it is jam-packed with resources for teaching growth mindset. I love it!

  30. DL

    Dawn L

    Love This resource and so did the kids!

  31. SH

    Stephanie H

    I can’t wait to use.

  32. MC

    Mary C

    I look forward to using this resource. I love the book!

  33. MY

    Mary Y


  34. BT

    Brittany Tirone 

    I’m excited to use this!

  35. SP

    Shawna P


  36. TS

    Tiffany S

    Great beginning of the year activity!

  37. DK

    David K

    Great resource!! Thank you.

  38. DL

    Delia L

    I loved this resource! So helpful to use with the book. Thanks

  39. MS

    Michelle S

    good resource

  40. KJ

    Kristen Johnson 

    My 2nd grade students enjoyed many of these activities after we read The Dot! Great resource for the beginning of the year.

  41. NM

    noelle mcgarry 

    Great back to school activity!

  42. IL

    Irene L

    Thank you. This is great!

  43. MG

    Michelle G

    Easy to use. Great and fun way to discuss growth mindset. Many extension activities!

  44. DA

    Diane A

    These resources were perfect for my 6th grade class. Thank you!

  45. LP

    Lindsey P

    GROWTH MINDSET!! love this book!

  46. AC

    alyssa C

    Good resource for the book!

  47. CS

    Cris S

    Great ????????

  48. CM

    Caroline M

    very useful organizers

  49. NG

    Nicole G

    Perfect for the Growth Mindset classroom and Dot day!

  50. CB

    Cori B

    Thank you for a great resource!

  51. NB

    Noell Bautista 

    Love this book….love this resource. Thank you!

  52. BC

    Bianca’s Creations 

    Love it!

  53. LE

    Lauren E

    Loved it, thank you!

  54. RW

    Rhonda W

    Very creative and useful product to use no matter what time of the year!

  55. M


    Great Resource.

  56. AS

    Anthony S


  57. PB

    Paige B

    Great resource to accompany the book. I love adding resources to my collection of growth mindset materials. Great way to continue and expand upon discussions started by our read aloud.

  58. CS

    Cindy S

    Great resource to use with the book!

  59. MS

    MindSharing Sisters 

    We enjoyed using the Dot in our classroom.

  60. BB

    Brittany B

    Great activities to go along with one of my favorite books!

  61. EM

    Ellen M

    Great resource to use alongside the book.

  62. AK

    Anna Katrina D

    Amazing resource!

  63. KM


    LOVE This book and these quickly usable activities!

  64. RM

    Raquel Macarron Urena 

    The questions for debate are good, and the worksheets too.

  65. RM

    Raquel Macarron Urena 

    The questions for debate are good, and the worksheets too.

  66. FP

    Felicia Perez 

    I use this resource in the elementary level as a middle school teacher and it was very easy to follow.

  67. SY

    Stephanie Young 

    A great resource for The Dot book.

  68. AB

    Angela B

    Great resources for the book. Thanks!

  69. JE

    julie E


  70. LR

    Lora Rankin 


  71. GV

    Gwen V

    This resource is a great way to teach growth mindset. The Dot is a wonderful book and the activities provide an easy way to support student learning using it.

  72. AH

    Alyson H

    kids loved this!

  73. CL

    Carol L

    Great way to incorporate review of growth mindset with a wonderful story that is a part of our basal!

  74. DL

    Derrick L

    Many fun options to use as resources and activities for Dot Day – thanks!!

  75. KP

    Kathleen P

    Students loved the activity. Thanks

  76. MS

    Melanie S

    This is great for teaching growth mindset as well as reading comprehension! Thank you.

  77. EM

    Emily M

    Excellent to accompany the book!

  78. EL

    Elessa L

    Wonderful resource for growth mindset!

  79. EH

    Emily H

    Great activities and excellent for use during our growth mindset week. The kids particularly enjoyed making their ow pictures from the dots.

  80. AE

    Alyson E


  81. LW

    Lora W

    So excited about including this book and resource in my teaching this year

  82. EG

    Eileen G

    This will be perfect for national Dot Day! Cannot wait to use.

  83. VN

    Victoria Najera 

    Great tool to enhance the book!

  84. RP

    Rachel P

    Great way to start off growth mindset!

  85. AF

    Alyssa F

    Am looking forward to using this on the first day of school with the book. Perfect for a growth mindset theme for the year. Thanks!

  86. AA

    Anabel A


  87. JH

    Julie Holdridge 

    kids loved it

  88. JA

    Jacqueline Aldridge 

    Excellent product! Thank you.

  89. RT

    Rebecca T

    A great addition to my Dot unit! Thanks!

  90. MM

    Moira M

    Great resource for First Grade

  91. RS

    Rebecca S

    Great resource. Very engaging and gets kids thinking

  92. HM

    Hannah M

    Kids loved the activities

  93. SW

    sara wilson 


  94. CS

    Chila S


  95. AP

    Ann P

    Great resource! Excellent activities for all abilities.

  96. AC

    Amy Chapman 

    Lots of fun activities in this pack!

  97. RB

    Rachel B

    My kids will be so excited to do this on DotDay!

  98. SP

    Sara P

    Loved this! I used with many grade levels in the library!

  99. TW

    Teaching With a Beard 

    Great resource!

  100. CR

    Connie R

    Great resource for the book! I can’t wait to use it.

  101. VT

    Virginia T

    Good growth mindset resource.

  102. KB

    Katherine B


  103. MB

    Melissa Borjas 

    Perfect for a growth mindset

  104. AB

    Angela B

    Used this in conjunction with other materials on Rock Your School Day!

  105. SC

    Sasha C

    Great variety of activities for DOT day

  106. MR

    Mellissa R

    A fun activity

  107. KH

    Katie Hatch 

    Amazing book and resource!

  108. LR

    Liz Reilly 

    Great resource to start my year. Thank you.

  109. TK

    Tania Kreider 

    Thank you! Great resource for The Dot!

  110. HG

    Heather G

    Great activities! Students love them!

  111. SS

    Stacy Solis 

    My students loved the activities.

  112. TM

    Teach Math Like a Unicorn 

    Great resources to go along with the Dot! Thanks!

  113. NH

    Nina H

    Great resource for Dot Day!

  114. SL

    Susan L


  115. KH

    Kim H

    Students really enjoyed this.

  116. SH

    Sheila Henson 

    Great resource to The Dot!!

  117. TN

    Tiffany N

    Students enjoyed this resource as did I.

  118. MA

    Mary Ann Z


  119. LR

    LouAnn R

    Thank you. Useful and creative activity.

  120. VM

    Valerie M

    This was a great activity. My students really enjoyed it and were very creative.

  121. SW

    Steffanie W

    Great to use for morning meeting!!

  122. SA

    Shelley A

    Love Dot Day and the activities in this resource!

  123. AK

    Abbie Kennedy 

    Great resource to go along with Dot Day – students really enjoyed the activities.

  124. JS

    Jacqui S 

    Fantastic resource. Thankyou

  125. KD

    Karen Deland 

    An excellent resource.

  126. KS

    Katherine Stritz 

    Great first week of school activities!

  127. SS

    SEL Superstar 

    Great book for the beginning of the year!

  128. CC

    Christin C

    My students loved this lesson!

  129. KM

    Kirsten M

    I loved doing this with the book!

  130. JS

    Joana Schall 

    My students absolutely loved this!

  131. RR

    Roslyn R

    This is an outstanding resource .

  132. KC

    Karen C

    Great book, great activity.

  133. JB

    January B

    awesome for guidance lessons

  134. JM

    Joni M

    Perfect for what I needed….

  135. LE

    Leslie E

    My students loved this resource!

  136. CW

    Cassidy W

    I am so happy that I found this resource!! I use this every single year and my students really connect to the text and activities. Sometimes my students get frustrated or stuck on the creativity portion of school and this gives them an opportunity to shine!

  137. CW

    Charise Wilson 

    I used these activities as part of Dot Day 2019, and my students loved them. Thanks!

  138. SL

    Sarah L

    We did a school wide Dot Day and these resources really added to that.

  139. MJ

    Margaret Jensen 

    We did this as a class activity at the beginning of the year. They all made several dots and we talked about how we should talk to ourselves. Be positive with yourself and you can make progress in everything you do. The activities were very fun and helped solidify concepts.

  140. JP

    Jennifer P

    My students enjoyed this resource.

  141. SZ

    Sandra Z

    Excellent resource.

  142. JP

    Julie P

    Great to use with my lessons.

  143. CB

    Crystal B

    Great resources to use with the book!

  144. RP

    Ryley P

    Great resource to bring art into SEL! Can’t wait to use it again.

  145. KO

    Kasha O

    This was a great resource! We used this for Dot Day and it was so great to see what the kids turned their dot into.

  146. DW

    Donna W

    Well designed and useful!

  147. SA

    Sonia A

    Love this book and can’t wait to use this unit again in it’s digital form.

  148. EK

    Erin K C

    My students loved using this resource after the read aloud.

  149. CG

    Christina G

    I love teaching The Dot and these resources are perfect for going more in-depth with students.

  150. PL

    Pretty Little Lessons 

    Nice to accompany The Dot during our first week of school read aloud. Can’t wait to use it some more.

  151. AC

    Abigail C

    The questions were great conversation starters!

  152. BS

    Buffy S

    My students loved using this resource!

  153. NS

    Natalie S

    Quick to use engaging lessons to connect to Dot Day!

  154. SM

    Sharilyn M

    Great ideas for school wide Dot Day.

  155. CH

    Charisse H

    I was able to use this resource to get the kids to talk about having a growth mindset.

  156. M


    Students enjoyed this!

  157. AM

    Amy Maruska 

    thank you

  158. JH

    Jessica Harris 

    This is a great resource to go along with the book! My students loved doing the creative drawings!

  159. LD

    Lora Dawn A

    Loved this- we had such a great day on Sept.15!

  160. VF

    Vanessa F

    This was perfect for our virtual Dot Day celebration! Nice, easy to use resource. Very happy with this purchase.

  161. WR

    Wendy R

    My students were very excited about Dot Day at our school. These activities were a hit and a great addition to our Dot unit!!

  162. KC

    Kathryn Carney 

    Worked well in Schoology

  163. GS

    Gene S

    Great resource!

  164. JH

    Jamie Hallowell 

    A wonderful digital resource for distance learning!

  165. JB

    Jennifer B

    This is a fabulous resource to have especially now.

  166. CR

    Carissa Robertson 

    LOVED how easy this was to use for distance learning and introducing growth mindset

  167. CK

    Christine K


  168. JW

    Julie W

    Loved this! Thank you!

  169. AK

    Alicia K

    We love this book and I was looking for the perfect project to accompany the title. We found it! My students loved completing these activities after reading the book aloud in class.. Would recommend!

  170. AJ

    Abby J

    I used this lesson on Dot Day with my virtual class. Some of the virtual activities were applicable, but I felt it would have been easier to do in person.

  171. ZF

    Zen Friends Creations 

    Great little unit. Perfect.

  172. MB

    Misty B

    Thanks for these fabulous activities. The students were engaged and really loved the content.

  173. RI

    Reading in the Middle Grades  

    I loved these Dot activities for Growth Mindset! It was super easy to incorporate into in-person learning and for students that are remote! It worked well for both groups! Thank you!!!

  174. KD

    Kenneth D

    This was a great product to use!

  175. SB

    Shannon B

    I liked the variety of activities available in this resource so students could choose what they wanted to do. It was a great way to connect growth mindset after reading the book.

  176. TT

    Trina T

    I enjoyed being able to take Dot Day further than an art project only.

  177. JK

    Jessica K

    My students loved the work

  178. MM

    Miranda Meadows 

    This is a great collection of activities

  179. JW

    Jenny W

    Easy to use!

  180. KK

    Katie K

    I used this as a solve around the room activity to get my students moving. They loved it and were able to learn so much more from the book with the se questions. Thank you!

  181. CL

    Candace L

    This is a fabulous unit study for The Dot. Both my 2nd grader and 5th grader found the activities really engaging!

  182. OC

    One Crafty Cookie 

    My students and I love this resource! There’s just enough direction to let their imaginations soar!

  183. TM

    Toni M

    A wonderful end of Term activity!

  184. LB

    lauren brimer 

    My students loved this!!!

  185. SA

    Sarah A

    Great for distance learning!

  186. SW

    Sophia W

    This was perfect for my classroom!! Thank you for creating this resource!

  187. TF

    Thomas F

    This added a great twist and writing component to our dot day celebration! Will use again next year for sure!

  188. MC

    Morgan Chapman 

    My students loved this! We do it every year on Dot Day!

  189. SB

    Sarah B

    My students loved the activities in this resource. I couldn’t believe how creative my students were. I will use this again.

  190. IB

    Isabel B

    Great resource and time saver!

  191. CH

    Caprice Hazen 

    My students loved this resource!!

  192. MV

    Ms V’s Virtual World  

    This was so fun!

  193. ZA

    Zsara A 

    Read the book “The Dot” and the students enjoyed the activities! Our class had great reflection discussions

  194. MJ

    Marisa Julian 

    Great resource for Dot DAy

  195. D4

    Dunn 4 You 

    I used this (digitally) with my 3rd graders for Dot Day, and it was a big hit!

  196. LM

    Lori M

    My students absolutely loved the activities in this set! They had so much fun creating art. The activities tie in very nicely with the book “The Dot”. I also liked the colorful quotes provided in the set. Thank you!!

  197. TT

    The Teaching Newt 

    I used this lesson with students struggling with a fixed mindset. We set goals and practiced doing things that we don’t want to do badly at.

  198. EW

    Emma Wayerski 

    Super fun and engaging activities with a good lesson! The students enjoyed the activity and it was a great message for students, as well!

  199. PP

    Penny’s Place 

    Thank-you. We loved it

  200. CT

    Carpet Time by Cyd 

    I used this when we read THE DOT in Journeys. My students LOVED the activities. They wrote about their talents with enthusiasm and loved revisiting the power of yet.

  201. AK

    Angelina Kelly 

    My students enjoyed the activities in this unit.

  202. KY

    Kimberly Y

    Loved these activities!

  203. CM

    Claire M

    Great ideas to use in connection with The Dot by Peter Reynolds. Thanks for sharing.

  204. KJ

    Kimberly J

    Great resource to use after reading The Dot!

  205. CC

    Cecilia Carnovale 

    Loved it for distant learning, the kids really liked this activity because they were able to be free at what they wanted to draw. They could make it as simple as a line or more creative. They saw how anything can be beautiful.

  206. AD

    Ashley D

    My students love this book. This resource is a great companion.

  207. JO

    Jane O

    Thank you!

  208. DP

    Danielle Perry 

    This made a great companion for the book and had great activities.

  209. DD

    Darilyn D

    DotDay is in my planbook and I am excited to use this resource again and again. Make your mark and keep students consistent with mindfulness in your classroom. If you have not heard of Dot Day, it is on September 15th!! I use Dot Day to teach growth mindset and absolutely love this unit!

  210. RS

    Rebecca S

    Great resource with engaging activities that were easy to adapt/assign during remote learning. Thank you!

  211. MS

    Melissa S

    This was very engaging for my students. Easy to use.

  212. TF

    The Flock 

    I love being able to give students an activity that directly correlates to a story. We used this for a growth mindset lesson.

  213. AP

    Ashley Powell 

    We did this the first week of school, and my students loved it!

  214. TF

    Tara F

    Great growth mind set activities.

  215. EC


    Great resource I used today for DOT DAY! Students enjoyed the drawing activity. I didn’t get to use the entire resource but excited to use it in the future.

  216. TT

    Tonya’s teacher things  

    My students enjoyed this thank you!

  217. EG

    Erinn G

    My students loved this! Several activities to pick from. Thank you!

  218. AC

    Anell Chavez 

    My students were engaged and loved this growth mindset activity.

  219. JS

    Jenifer S

    Love this resource! We had so much fun on Dot Day creating with the Dot page and talking about Growth Mindset

  220. ML

    Mrs Lopinto’s Life 

    Perfect activity for Dot Day!

  221. LN

    Lori N

    My kids really enjoyed the activities.

  222. H


    Thank you for the resource! It was great!

  223. BT

    Beatrice T


  224. CS

    Christine S

    Great resource! Thank you!

  225. CE

    Casey E

    I read this book at the beginning of every school year! Great addition to reading the book!

  226. MS

    Miss Sabres’ Superstars 

    Love this!

  227. AS

    Amy S

    We used this on national dot day. The students loved it and the story!

  228. KM

    Kaylon M

    Definitely a great addition to my counseling resources! love!

  229. BM

    Barbara M

    Wonderful resource for a wonderful book!

  230. JB

    Jennifer B

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  231. NS

    Nanette S

    I enjoyed using this with my class.

  232. CW

    Cherlisa W

    I used this resources with my elementary honor students. They were already familiar with “The Dot” and were really excited about the activities that allowed them to use their artistic abilities.

  233. WJ

    Whitney J

    Very engaging and helpful for students to review!

  234. MK

    Maureene King 

    Exactly what I was looking for and the students loved it!

  235. CV

    Cathy V

    This was a brilliant no-prep activity to do with my students. It was a great way to introduce them to the concept of growth mindset. Thanks for the amazing resource!

  236. AP

    Alyssa P

    Positive activity

  237. RS

    Rachel Smith 

    A great beginning of the year activity.

  238. RT

    Rebecca T

    I like to read The Dot the first week of school. These discussion questions are great at building a postiive classroom community.

  239. KS

    Kiaonno Symone Resources 

    This worked so well with my virtual setting. I screen-shared the story as I read it and then I was able to pull up the questions and share the slides with the students in the different groups I work with and have them answer the questions in the chat or out loud depending on what I was looking for and everything went really smooth I also had students type in the slides for the essay.

  240. MA

    Martha A

    Great idea to use The Dot along side growth mindset. This is how I kick off every September now. The students love the book and this resource is very engaging for the students and they enjoy it every year!

  241. CL

    Charity Layton 

    Thank you for sharing this resource!

  242. CS

    Crystal S

    I am currently in school, completing my degree, and I used this resource as an example in my written lesson plan. I was pleased with the product and plan to use it with my students.

  243. JS

    Jessica S

    My students loved this! The pictures they created were amazing!

  244. AR

    Amy R

    This was a wonderful resource for Dot Day! I particularly liked the discussion questions! I will definitely use this resource every year!

  245. CC

    Cindy C


  246. TO

    Teacher of Mini Humans 

    This was a GREAT low prep activity for the teacher who forgot it was Dot Day. Oops. The task cards and questions list were a lifesaver. I love how this can be adapted yearly.

  247. KG

    Kaitlin G

    Great Resource

  248. EL

    Ella L

    Thank you 🙂

  249. CB

    Cillisa B

    Great resource!

  250. KI


    My students and I love it!

  251. K3

    KF 3 

    I loved the variety of activities. My kids had so much fun doing everything. Thank you!

  252. TT

    The Teaching Techie 

    Great SEL component to accompany the dot. Perfect for dot day.

  253. AM

    Amanda M

    Great resource! Students found it engaging and interesting.

  254. AK

    Alison K

    Used this during Dot Day. The kids loved it! So fun.

  255. AB

    A Buckeye Teacher 

    This is a great resource to use – thank you very much!

  256. IA

    I am Loved 

    Fun activity for students! I enjoyed seeing their engagement.

  257. MW

    Miranda W

    Thank you for this SEL. It was a tool in the beginning of the school year.

  258. H1

    HootTwiceSeptember 19, 2020

    We had a great Dot Day in first grade! The three printable posters are on display in the hallway by my student’s work! Great find!

  259. BB

    Barton’s BuzzApril 3, 2018

    This was perfect for Dot Day! Thanks so much!

  260. SC

    Sylvia C.

    My teachers love the new activities that we are going to use in the classroom. I believe I’m more excited than they are the scholars at the Finish Strong Learning Pod will benefit from our efforts.

  261. KL

    Kimberley Lucas

    For the price, it was detailed and lots to do. Love the art project with it. We are doing the art part next week, excited to see how they turn out

  262. SA

    Sheri-Lynne Allen

    My students loved our DOT DAY and using your activities. The best part is that I can use them for other activities as well.

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