The Most Magnificent Thing Literature Activities for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade


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The Most Magnificent Thing Activities:

These The Most Magnificent Things activities make it easy to teach your students about growth mindset! You will find various activities promoting creativity, perseverance, and resilience.

You will find activities related to the following topics:

  • Two pages of discussion questions (13 questions total)
  • Discussion questions on task cards (4 questions per page)
  • Characters, setting, plot
  • First, next, then, and last
  • Who, what, when, where, why, and how
  • Sequencing (with an answer key)
  • Character traits (3 pages)
  • ABC order (with an answer key)
  • Writing prompt about using trial and error
  • Perseverance printable
  • Vocabulary (with an answer key)
  • Parts of speech (nouns, verbs, and adjectives)
  • Writing prompt about the favorite part of the story
  • STEM Challenge includes one instructional page for the teacher and three printable pages for PLANNING, CREATING, and REFLECTING


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 40 pages + Google Slides™.

212 reviews for The Most Magnificent Thing Literature Activities for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade

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  1. LM

    Lisa M

    Wonderful! I can’t wait to use this!!! THX!

  2. KH

    Kathleen H

    This is great! I can’t wait to use it with my class!

  3. DD

    Deanna D

    I adored this product! Thanks so much!

  4. TI

    Trekking into a New Learning Adventure 

    Excited to introduce my second grade kiddo’s to this book unit and teach them the meaning of the word perseverance!

  5. EW

    Ellen W

    This is great! Just a little much for beginning of the year 1st grade. Can’t wait to use a little later in the year.

  6. EW

    Ellen W

    This is great! Just a little much for beginning of the year 1st grade. Can’t wait to use a little later in the year.

  7. TC

    Tonja Combs 

    I love the selection of activities for this book.

  8. JR

    Jenna R

    Perfect! Thanks!

  9. HL

    Heather L

    My kids loved this! So well thought out and just what I needed!

  10. AW

    Amy Whitehead 

    Fun unit! Used it for back to school

  11. KA

    Karen A

    Wonderful support for a wonderful book. Thank you!

  12. LB

    Lucy B

    I used this lesson to teach perseverance and the kids loved it!

  13. MD

    Michelle D

    This unit was fantastic and my kids loved the story. They realized that what they make is just what they wanted and that trial and error are great ways to learn!

  14. DM

    Dina Marschke 

    Great ideas! Thank you!

  15. SK

    Sunaina K

    Great supplemental work for an amazing book!

  16. SH

    Shawna H

    Absolutely love this book and so grateful to have such amazing resources to go along with it!

  17. KP

    Katie P

    Love this book, and love this resource! Thank you 🙂

  18. CS

    Cassie Steffens 


  19. SH

    stephanie H

    loved this book and this is the perfect companion to use with it!

  20. SW

    Stephanie W


  21. VM

    Vicki Marseglia 

    Love the STEM activity!

  22. TL

    Tara L

    I love this book & your resources were a great addition. I especially loved the discussion questions to use as a follow up with the reading. Thanks!

  23. TI

    Teaching is an Honour 

    Incredible resource to use with a STEAM approach to learning. Super fantastic…

  24. DJ

    Daryll Joy S D

    The product was so thorough, it had varied activities to accommodate the different needs of the students I tutor. Thanks very much!

  25. AR

    Ashlee R

    JUST what I needed! Thank you

  26. SL

    Susan Leis 

    Using this for summer tutoring, but thinking it will be great to start the school year with. Thanks!

  27. HJ

    Heather J

    So many great activities! I used this for an observation and it went great!

  28. MP

    Marjorie P S

    I didn’t think I would find a book study unit for this book. And this one is very comprehensive, too. Thank you.

  29. LM

    Laurel McAllister 

    So many great resources !! If only I had more time to do it all. Best TPT purchase.

  30. RG

    Rebecca G

    Love the message in this book. Thank you for the most excellent support for it!

  31. LR

    L R

    Fun and interesting.

  32. LR

    L R

    Fun and interesting.

  33. MT

    Michelle T

    I love this. I especially can’t wait to use the STEM activity over the first few days of school with my kids. What great ideas to go with a great book! Thank you!

  34. JA

    Jennifer A

    Perfect for STEM.

  35. DB

    Deborah B

    I Love this book! Thank you for the activities.

  36. SG

    Stephanie Gould 

    Great activities !

  37. AK

    Aimee Kostukovich 

    Loved this!!! Such a great book and resources already made! Will use this every year and great to leave with a sub!

  38. AT

    Amy T

    Awesome! Just what I was looking for!

  39. TV

    The Visual Learner 

    Great resource for one of my science units! Thanks!

  40. LO

    Lindsey O

    Great addition to stem unit

  41. WO

    Wendy O

    Kids really enjoyed the unit.

  42. DJ

    Donna J

    Very helpful for teaching this awesome book!

  43. KM

    Kristen Matherne 

    This is a great resource! Thank you!

  44. SP

    School Psychologist 

    I love this resource! Thank you!

  45. JE

    Jennifer Eatherton 

    love this

  46. JJ

    Jodi J

    Great activities to go with this fun book.

  47. CK

    Caroline K

    Thanks so much. Very helpful!

  48. KC

    Kelly C

    Love this packet and cannot wait to read the story with my 2nd graders.

  49. TR

    Teresa R

    Very Thorough! Thanks!

  50. CR

    Calandra Rubin 

    This was very helpful when using this book in class. I wish there were more sheets dealing with the growth mindset because what was in there was fantastic!

  51. SM

    Sara M

    Looks great

  52. AV

    Amy Vance 

    Amazing resource. Thank you

  53. MM

    Marla M

    Activities were great for the first week of school.

  54. TD

    Tina Deitrich 

    Thank you!! Added to our growth mindset lessons!

  55. CM

    Cynthia M

    Looks great! Thank you.

  56. ME

    Mary E Y

    Can’t wait to start using these with my ESE kids. They are loving reading the Sunshine State Books.

  57. HH

    Hope H

    Great tool

  58. AH

    Andrew H


  59. PR

    Pam R

    This compliments the book perfectly.

  60. MB

    Mary B

    I love this product, it was exactly what I was looking for and needed.

  61. GP

    Growing Positive Minds 

    We love this book in or class and your resources have added even more fun and learning!

  62. KO

    Kerryanne O

    Good for link to science too

  63. KO

    Kerryanne O

    Good for link to science too

  64. WP

    Why Pencils Have Erasers 

    Perfect for our growth mindset unit – thank you!

  65. DT

    DWM Teaches-Danielle Marriaga  

    These resources work so well with the book. It has been perfect for my class needs. Thank you.

  66. RR

    Renee R

    Great item, can’t wait to use this.

  67. IA

    Isha A

    Thank you for the great resource

  68. SW

    Shauna W

    Loved this product! An awesome resource!

  69. RK

    renee K

    Excited to use this!

  70. LW

    Leslie W

    This is a fantastic resource. Thank you so very, very much!

  71. SK

    Sunny Kinder Days 

    This was a great book companion! Thank you!

  72. LS

    Lisa Shields 

    This is great! Thank you for providing it!

  73. MK

    Maria K

    This product has so many different resources to choose from! Adorable book and great activities!

  74. KJ

    Karina J

    My students loved this resource! Thanks!

  75. LW

    Leslie W

    This pairs with the book very nicely.

  76. HN

    Heatha N

    Love it

  77. AE

    Amy E

    Fantastic resource!

  78. PR

    Phonics Resources 

    Loved this. Thank you!

  79. HL

    Heidy L

    Great resource to go along with the book.

  80. AB

    Amanda B


  81. ML

    Michele L

    I can’t wait to put this to use. Thank you so much!

  82. RR

    Roxanne Rothermel 

    Such a wonderful book! Thank you fir the helpful resource.

  83. SB

    Sandra Brooks 


  84. SA

    sylvia A

    lots of great ideas!

  85. RL

    Rebecca L


  86. AH

    amanda H

    Read this book with my students this week and we did the accompanying pages they loved it thank you

  87. KF

    Kelly F

    great activity to go with the book

  88. AB

    Anne B

    Thanks for the great resource.

  89. AC

    Amy C

    Easy to use resource with read aloud.

  90. HN

    Heather N

    This is great!

  91. KR

    Karen R

    Great to use for growth mindset and GRIT

  92. TW

    Tracy W

    Worked well with the book

  93. SD

    Sarah D

    This was perfect for the first week of school!

  94. JM

    Jessica M

    Great resource for this book. I used the first week of class and students enjoyed the book and activities.

  95. RM

    Roxana M

    Love it! This will be great for a Reading/STEM lesson. I also love the comprehension cards, and we play Quiz quiz trade with them!

  96. SS

    Suzanne Sharpe 

    Absolutely awesome resource!

  97. JK

    Jessica K

    we are using in our Engineering Science unit!

  98. CL

    Christina L


  99. NT

    Nancy T

    Thank you for a great resource.

  100. JD

    Jackie D

    This was a perfect activity to include in my emergency sub plans. Thanks!

  101. FI

    Fun in Elementary 

    Great activities for a great book!

  102. AA

    Arielle A

    Love this book!

  103. LS

    Lori S

    Loved it.

  104. CS

    Cheri Stubbs 

    Thank you for creating a quality product.

  105. SM

    Stacey M

    Highly engaging!

  106. JH

    Joanne H

    Wow! This is a comprehensive read aloud activity bundle! Super resource for an amazing book!

  107. MF

    Mary Frances H

    I’m at a STEM school so I loved the STEM challenged that was tied in to this book. My second graders totally bought in after noticing early on we were struggling with challenging work… I see a totally different class now!

  108. LW

    Learning with Ms Nat 


  109. AR

    Alexandra Ruesga 

    Loved it so much I bought the bundle!

  110. CW

    Christine Weatherly 

    My students loved using this along with the story.

  111. KH

    kimberly H

    A great book with a great message! My kiddos loved the activities in this resource!

  112. MJ

    Maria Jimenez 

    Excellent resource.

  113. MT

    Marcie T

    Exactly what I needed to initiate Growth Mindset in my classroom!

  114. NS

    Nicole Spencer 

    This was great for using with K students! Thanks!

  115. JB

    Jesi B

    Love the critical thinking questions in this bundle!

  116. SM

    Sheila M C

    Awesome resource

  117. FF

    Fishing for Education 

    Thank you, great resource for our Health lessons on Growth Mindset.

  118. DS

    Debra S

    Great activities for a great story.

  119. LM

    Laura M

    The students really got into this book & activities!

  120. KM

    Katy M

    Awesome supplemental resource! Thank you!

  121. JW

    Jennifer W

    Great resource!

  122. RW

    Renee W

    Just what I was looking for!

  123. CM

    Catherine M

    Awesome resource!

  124. ME

    Maria Eliakostas 

    Great resource

  125. CM

    Chris M

    Really fun activity!

  126. ME

    Merie Elise S

    yet another great resource from this seller!

  127. KS

    Kim S

    Fun Resource!

  128. BM

    Beverly M

    The book has a great lesson to share with students. The activities go along beautifully and will provide several days of activities. Thanks.

  129. KJ

    Karla J


  130. AC

    Amanda C

    Cannot wait to use these this year!

  131. JB

    Julie B

    Fun activity to go with a cute book

  132. KG

    kristin G

    Great activity to support “The Most Magnificent Thing.”

  133. DL

    Diana LaBrose 

    I just bought the bundle but I needed this too! Awesome!

  134. PF

    Pamela F

    I’m looking forward to using this resource with my ELL students.

  135. RR

    Rebecca R

    wonderful story companion

  136. TT

    Teacher Turned Homeschool Mom 


  137. CB

    catherine B

    Wonderful unit

  138. AD

    Alex D


  139. EM

    Elizabeth M

    Wonderful, thanks!

  140. MK

    Maerissa K

    Very inclusive product, thanks.

  141. KK

    Kelly K

    I love this resource. I use this book the first week of school and these activities helped me extend the learning.

  142. KP

    Karen P

    Great resource. Thanks.

  143. JT

    Jessica T

    This packet is fantastic! LOVE LOVE LOVE the STEM activity! So did the students lol!

  144. HD

    Heather D

    Great! Well done and creative. It covers comprehension, vocabulary, and higher-order thinking.

  145. KG

    Karianne G

    Nice resource! Thanks so much!

  146. DC

    Daniela C

    Great resource.

  147. CP

    Catherine P

    great for my students

  148. JA

    Jaclyn A

    Great resource to accompany a great book!

  149. AF

    Amanda F

    I LOVE this book for kids from K-5th and this is an excellent resource for using it with differentiation! Would have liked a little more vocabulary work but otherwise 100% recommend for anyone using this (especially with mixed groups).

  150. AF

    Amanda F

    I LOVE this book for kids from K-5th and this is an excellent resource for using it with differentiation! Would have liked a little more vocabulary work but otherwise 100% recommend for anyone using this (especially with mixed groups).

  151. EH

    Elizabeth H

    thank you

  152. TA

    Teaching and Tonic 

    Great resource! So useful to link with our unit about inventions!

  153. JF

    Jamie F

    Love this resource for my class! Thank you!

  154. KM

    Kelly M

    This is great for the classroom. My students loved it.

  155. MK

    Morgan K

    It’s a perfect package to accompany this book for students at the primary level.

  156. MT

    Marie T

    Easy to follow, nice work.

  157. PS

    Priscilla Singleton 

    Great resource and very useful.

  158. DS

    Daina Sinclair 

    EXCELLENT resource! Loved using it with the book for my first graders!

  159. SH

    Stacy H

    A great resource for one of my favorite books! Thank you so much!

  160. PB

    Paula B

    Great activities to go along with the book.

  161. AB


    Useful for Health, Growthmind and English work

  162. RH

    Rebecca H

    A great unit to do in the first weeks of school!!!

  163. SO

    Sarah O

    An excellent resource! Thank you 🙂

  164. MS

    Melanie S

    This is great for teaching growth mindset as well as reading comprehension! Thank you!

  165. SF

    Shannon F

    Great Resource! I will use this to supplement my growth mindset lesson. Thanks.

  166. MB

    Monique B

    Loved this!

  167. CT

    Celina T

    Looking forward to using this resource!

  168. WS

    wendy sumerson 

    Love having this resource for this book!

  169. VS

    Vanessa S

    Loved using this resource to discuss growth mindset.

  170. CB

    Christina B

    Thanks for this resource

  171. CJ

    Camille J

    Great resource. Thanks!

  172. TT

    That Teacher Heart 

    Thank you for an awesome resource!

  173. KH

    Kim H

    Love it!

  174. AA

    Amber A


  175. DE

    Debbie E

    Great resource!

  176. MT

    More Than Words 

    Great resource! Thank you!!

  177. BH

    Breanna Hathcock 

    Loved this for close reading with this book!

  178. KM

    Karyn M

    My students really love this book and using these resources only strengthened thier love of the text.

  179. CC

    Christin C

    This is great, thank you!

  180. CA

    Chalkboards and Coffee 


  181. KK

    Katelyn K

    I have loved reading this book to my students during the first few days of school and these activities were the perfect addition!

  182. BR

    Brooke R

    Great resource to accompany the book!

  183. LB

    Lauren B

    Great for distance learning!

  184. DS

    deborah S

    My students loved this book!

  185. JM

    Julianne M

    I loved this story and was looking for the perfect activity to go with it! This was it!

  186. LB

    Lisa B

    This book always creates such great conversation. I appreciated being able to extend our reading.

  187. SB

    Sarah B

    Such a great addition to our EL unit! Magnificent in fact 🙂

  188. LF

    Language Friends 

    I used it to compliment my Growth Mindset actvities.

  189. BW

    Brandee W

    Such a great resource. Used for HA kiddos.

  190. LG


    This is a great resource.

  191. WD

    wanda deLaronde 

    Good resource

  192. GP

    gail P

    This was an excellent resource.

  193. LP

    Linza Perez 

    Thank you!

  194. TT

    The Tartan Thistle 

    I’m an instructional technology coordinator. In my position, I create materials for educators to use with students as well as review materials from sites such as TPT for purchase. I used this resource inside a digital breakout for students and I would highly recommend it. It was a supplementary piece for our digital citizenship and STEM curriculum.

  195. KC

    Kimberley C

    I used this in a one-on-one session. It is wonderful. Just enough for understanding for the students. It is also good for in between small groups with online learning to keep the student engaged and for practice. Also good for data for goal work.

  196. NS

    Nancy S

    It was exactly what I needed to review skills with rising second graders during summer academy. Thanks!

  197. TP

    Tiffany P

    This was a great resource to use with my students to enhance the Interactive Read Aloud in my classroom as well as readers response notebook.

  198. VW

    Vicky W

    Works great with my back to school activities.

  199. KS

    Kari Seasor 

    Love this book and this resource made it very easy to focus on the moral and lesson in the story! Love this!

  200. TC

    Trudy C

    Our theme book for summer session.

  201. SM

    Sandy Mills 

    Great Product!

  202. MH


    Fun resource to use with my students during remote! Thank you

  203. LR

    Lesley R

    It was good

  204. MK

    Makenzie Kelly 

    love it!

  205. RM

    Rebecca M


  206. MM

    Meghan M

    Loved this resource. Students were very engaged and interactive while using this resource.

  207. SM

    Shaping Minds of All Kinds 


  208. DC

    Danielle C

    Excellent resource! Thank you for creating/sharing!

  209. LG

    Lesley G

    Thanks for the resource to go along with my read aloud. It was a great way to hold them accountable.

  210. KM

    Kristen Montgomery 

    This was a wonderful resource. Thank you!

  211. B1

    BuyerSeptember 16, 2017

    Can’t wait to use it!

  212. B3

    BuyerOctober 30, 2016

    Excellent resource!

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