Bubble Gum Brain Worksheets and Activities for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade


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Bubble Gum Brain Worksheets and Activities:

Do you need growth mindset activities for the book Bubble Gum Brain by Julia Cook?

This new picture book by Julia Cook is a winner for any classroom teacher that is trying to instill perseverance and growth mindset in their students.

Though the book itself is appropriate for any elementary classroom, this literature companion was created for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders in mind.

This literature unit includes the following activities:

  • Teacher Tips
  • Bubble Gum Brain – Brick Brain printable
  • Two writing prompts
  • Reframing brick brain comments
  • A newspaper template
  • Quote banner templates (5 quotes with corresponding writing pages to be printed front-to-back or on separate sheets)
  • A hot air balloon craftivity


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 28 pages + Google Slides™.

145 reviews for Bubble Gum Brain Worksheets and Activities for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade

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  1. S


    Great resource. I just bought the book, I’m excited to use this product!

  2. LJ

    Linda J

    Thank you for creating and sharing this set. I look forward in purchasing the book and using this set for the first month of the new school year.

  3. WT

    Wife Teacher Mommy 

    I love these activities! They are so meaningful. The journal entries are perfect and I absolutely LOVE the hot air balloon! Thanks for such a thorough resource. You make great stuff!

  4. KM

    Kellie M

    great activities for a great book!

  5. DB

    Dawna B

    I can’t wait to use this with my third graders!

  6. AP

    Ashley Post 

    This is perfect for socials skills! I love these books!

  7. BT

    Beverly T

    Super resource.

  8. SF

    Sarah F

    Just got the book and looking forward to doing this with my 4th graders this year! Thanks for the great activities!

  9. RP

    Ropers Pocket 

    Thank you for this resource!

  10. EH

    Erik Holder 

    Wow! This is just one of an AMAZING assortment of materials that I found in your store. I am excited about using it with my Grade 3s this year!

    I am very impressed with the quality of your work and creations. I browsed your store for more than (2) hours and purchased many materials that will help make my teaching more effective for my students. Thank you!

  11. JG

    Jennifer G

    This will be great to use the first week of school…. and display! Thank you.

  12. CW

    Caralyn W

    These activities will be the perfect supplement for the book! Thanks so much!

  13. SR

    Susan R

    very helpful!

  14. DS

    Deborah S

    Can’t wait to use this with my students!

  15. MS

    Michelle S

    Thanks! Excited to use!

  16. TH

    Tara H

    Lots of great resources to go with an excellent growth mindset book.

  17. MM

    Maria M

    A+++. These are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. EM

    Elizabeth M

    This was a hit with my students. Thank you!

  19. TL

    The Lewis Learning Library 

    Love this resource!

  20. TD

    Tara Davis 

    This product is adorable, it fits perfectly with the book. Thank you!

  21. TK

    TAMI K

    Thanks! This was a hit!

  22. MD

    Melissa D

    This was an amazing, creative find to utilize with the book. I was able to differentiate for my classroom needs, which was good. Thank you!

  23. AF

    Averett’s Favorites 

    so much fun——-great STEM concept

  24. LW

    Learning with Lerew 

    Great resource to coordinate with the text! My students LOVE the book. They are in grades 4 and 5 and for special education students, it is a great way for them to think about their brains.

  25. DO

    Darlene O

    Great ideas!

  26. CH

    Cynthia H


  27. CH

    Cynthia H


  28. YM

    Young Minds and Me 

    Thank you for providing practical activities to this read aloud. My students enjoyed the brick brain vs bubblegum brain activity the most.

  29. YM

    Young Minds and Me 

    Thank you for providing practical activities to this read aloud. My students enjoyed the brick brain vs bubblegum brain activity the most.

  30. JG

    Joelene G


  31. MI

    Mindful in the Mitten  

    These were great activities to go with the book! Thank you!

  32. CS

    Christine S 

    Great product. Looking forward to using these activities with my students. Thank you.

  33. RH

    Rebecca H

    This resource ties in nicely with the book and has a variety of activities for students to do.

  34. LA

    Laura A

    Perfect book companion for Growth Mindset!

  35. JA

    Jennifer A

    Used this to teach a summer camp for kids with special needs. These were awesome additions to my lesson plans! Thanks!

  36. MR

    Marliss R

    Outstanding resource to compliment the book!
    Thank you!

  37. BS

    Brittney S

    This resource is a great companion to the book. Thank you!

  38. JL

    Jessica L

    So cute

  39. CC

    Cheri C

    Just what I was looking for, thanks;)

  40. WL

    Whitney Langerud  

    My social group loves this!

  41. TO

    Trena O

    I love using this at the beginning of the school year.

  42. MS

    Michelle S

    Perfect! Thank you x

  43. AR

    Allison R

    Great activities to go along with the book!

  44. KS

    kimberley S

    My students and I loved the activities.

  45. SB

    sarah B

    Used in a classroom lesson. students loved it!

  46. MG

    Melissa G


  47. BJ

    Brittany Johnson 

    Great! Thank you

  48. VB

    Vestina B

    Love this, I can see my students have developed a whole new way of thinking,
    Thank you

  49. JB

    Jessica B

    Nice edition to my growth mindset lessons

  50. SS

    Stacey S

    Easy to use and my kiddos took to it well. Thank you!

  51. MC

    Maggie C


  52. AP

    Adrianne P

    Love this packet to go along with our book.

  53. DM

    Donna M

    Great book and the activities are amazing too

  54. HS

    Hashtag School Counseling Stuffs 

    Great resource thanks!

  55. LW

    Laurie W

    I used this resource at the beginning of the school year to facilitate a growth mindset. It was easy to use!

  56. TG

    Tanya G

    Great resource that goes along so nicely with the book!

  57. SM

    Stefanie Muller 

    Great resource to use with an awesome book!

  58. KE

    Karen Ekonen 

    This is a great growth mindset resource!

  59. KG

    kimberly Gormley 

    Great Product

  60. JA

    Jesse Atkinson 

    Love this!

  61. VS

    Valerie S

    My class loved the lessons!

  62. MC

    Molly C

    Great Resource to go with the book!

  63. JO

    Jessica O

    I can’t wait to use these activities to go along with the book.

  64. AC

    Amanda C

    Cannot wait to use these this year!

  65. NI

    Natalie I

    I bought this book and I am so excited to use this along with it this year.

  66. RM

    Rebecca Mast 

    Fantastic activity to go along with the book!

  67. KR

    Kathy R

    Can’t wait to use this to help foster growth mindset throughout the school year!

  68. MM

    Michelle M

    The kids loved this book and the activities.

  69. MA

    Monica A


  70. MG

    Michelle G

    Can’t wait to use!

  71. TH

    Trisha H

    Students liked the activities

  72. SH

    Stephanie H


  73. CH

    Casey H

    This was a wonderful activity! My students loved it!

  74. KB

    Katherine B

    Such a great resource! My class remembered bubble gum brain for the rest of the year

  75. CS

    Courtney S

    Great activities!

  76. HD

    Heather D

    I’ve used this for the past 2 years and the variety of activities is wonderful. I can use it with my kindergarteners up through 5th graders. (I’m a resource teacher.) The finished projects make great display pieces for the hallway, and the activities emphasize the lessons learned in the book.

  77. JM

    John M

    Great product for teaching growth mindset.

  78. EK

    Elizabeth K

    This is a great resource!!!

  79. CQ

    Cynthia Q

    Thanks! I used this as part of my end of the year bubble gum unit. This year I used it earlier as a growth mindset unit.

  80. RI

    Reading is My Jam 

    This was a great resource to use to start my year off. Students responded to the story (I own book) and the added resources helped set us up for success. Thank you!

  81. RM

    Rachel M

    This is my classroom theme this year and I love this book. My students really had great discussion from the activities that were in this packet.

  82. BB

    Barbara Birnbaum 

    I am so appreciative to be able to find products like this at TpT. They are such time-savers, and some very clever ideas! This product was so much fun for my students and they remained engaged throughout! Thanks!

  83. KB

    Kristy Babyak 

    I am excited to use this with my students.

  84. C


    thank you

  85. AW

    Alyssa W

    Love it!

  86. CJ

    Christine J

    This resource was a great follow up to the book.

  87. AP

    Ashley P

    We used this as a focus for a social skills group. The kids enjoyed the worksheets!

  88. CC

    Counselor Colleen 

    This was great!

  89. TL

    Tracey L

    Great resource. My 3rd graders love the book and these activities!

  90. CB

    Carrie Burns 

    Great resource for this book.

  91. KS

    Kathaleen S

    Looking forward to using this with my Mindset unit next year!

  92. JD

    Jessie D

    Great resource in my work with kiddos. The ativities and art resources are wonderful, and the topic is incredibly beneficial!

  93. SS

    Sarah S

    thank you! I found this resource to be helpful!

  94. AM

    Ann M

    Can’t wait to use this next year for my firsties!

  95. NN

    Nikki N

    Great activity! The kids loved it!

  96. KT

    kim T

    I love this resource and can’t wait to use it in September. I already have it printed and ready to go! Thanks!

  97. NL

    Next Level Literacy 

    These are great to use to introduce and continue to implement growth mindset activities in the classroom.

  98. LW

    Lora W

    I can’t wait to try the activities with my students

  99. LH

    Lauren H

    Love this! Thanks 🙂

  100. DF

    Debbie F

    The activities are great to use with the book ! Thank you!

  101. AF

    Alicia F

    I’m excited to use this Growth Mindset activity packet to accompany the book during the first week or two of school! I’m looping with the class I had last year, so I needed some new read alouds and activities! Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful resource!

  102. AB

    Ambur B

    Very creative! Thank you!

  103. VH

    Victoria H

    Thank you.

  104. MW

    Megan W

    GREAT resource! I’ve used different parts of this in guidance lessons focusing on growth mindset and had a lot of success with it!

  105. AL

    Alexandria Leary 


  106. AA

    Angelica A

    Perfect resource!

  107. ML

    Michelle L

    Cute Activity!

  108. NB

    Nooshin B

    My class loved this book and your activities that match it!!! Thank you

  109. TE

    Teresa Eveleigh 

    Perfect resource to use as a follow up after reading the book by Julia Cook! The activities kept the students really engaged. Thanks!

  110. LV

    Laura V

    Fantastic way to introduce growth mindset to younger students!

  111. LM

    Liberty M

    Very Cute! Great resource!

  112. DS

    Dynamic School Counseling  

    This was a great companion to the book. My Librarian and I used this in a collaborated lesson.

  113. PB

    Paige B

    So many great options to teach students growth mindset in a fun and engaging way!

  114. RT

    Rebecca T

    This was a great activity and really helped my 6th graders find a deeper understanding of growth mindset.

  115. JP

    Jeannie P

    My students love this!

  116. FA

    Functional and Fun–Not Fancy 

    Excellent activities to analyze the details from the book and apply them to their own lives. Loved it!

  117. BR

    Brenda R

    Great book and resource for the beginning of the year

  118. DI

    Davonni I

    This resource worked great with my virtual students.

  119. AS

    Adrian S

    This is a great resource to use with students to encourage a growth mindset. I found it very engaging and helpful!

  120. KP

    Kimberly P

    My students LOVED learning about their bubble gum brain. They continue to tell me about how tasks in our class make them stretch their brains. Activities were easy to use in person or as a remote activity.

  121. CS


    I love finding resources for books that I already have. This was organized and so fun!

  122. AL

    Amie L S

    Great lessons for my social emotional learning block. Thank you!

  123. MT

    Ms T’s Math Creations 

    This was so helpful! Thank you!

  124. IC

    Ingrid Cauthorne 

    Great Product! My students really enjoyed it.

  125. SC

    Susan C

    What a great way to get children to understand growth mindset! They made reference to bubble gum brain often and the whole idea behind it truly stayed with them!

  126. MA

    Mary Allison D

    One of my most favorite books!!!!! Thank you for this resource to go with it!!!

  127. CH

    Cherish H

    LOVED this!!!

  128. CH

    Carolyn H

    Awesome back to school resource when doing our Growth Mindset unit.

  129. MK

    Melanie Kline 

    Thank you so much 🙂

  130. MP

    MacKenzie Pfeiffer 

    This resource was PERFECT for helping my students understand growth mindset.

  131. CB

    Carolyn B

    Thank you for creating and sharing!

  132. AB

    Amy B

    Good addition to my beginning of year growth mindset lessons.

  133. KM

    Kristine M

    Perfect for beginning of the year midset lessons.

  134. DR

    DeNett R

    Very nice for beginning of year SEL activity.

  135. KR

    Kim R

    My kids really liked this.

  136. SY

    Shannon Y

    Thanks so much for this resource. We read Bubblegum Brain at the beginning of the year and my kiddos still refer to it. Definitely a must have if you share this book with your class.

  137. ET

    Emily T


  138. SS

    susan S

    Thank you so muchgreat resource since I have the book.

  139. JC

    Janelle C

    Thank you!

  140. SG

    Stephanie G

    A great book with an outstanding resource to go along with the book.

  141. KR

    Kim R

    Awesome activity to start the year!

  142. DC

    Debbie C

    Great resource

  143. KM

    Kiani M

    So I actually bought this by accident… but what a great thing to happen! Ended up liking it, so I used it with the kids and it was a hit!

    Thank you!

  144. ZC

    Zandile C

    Great Resource!

  145. RB

    Rebekah B

    I bought this to use with my ESY class. They loved it!

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