Turkey Trouble Activities: Literature Companion


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Turkey Trouble Activities:

Do you need Turkey Trouble sequencing activities and other engaging ELA projects? This literature companion for Turkey Trouble is perfect for Kindergarten to 2nd grade. The Turkey Trouble retelling activity is particularly beneficial for ESL and speech teachers.

The following topics/activities are included in this literature unit:

  • Turkey Trouble Characters and Setting
  • First, Next, Then, Last
  • Turkey Trouble Sequencing Strips
  • Turkey Could Have… (graphic organizer)
  • Picture/Word Match
  • If I Were a Turkey…
  • Rhyming words
  • Writing Prompt
  • 2 pages of Turkey Trouble Retelling Sticks in black and white and in color
  • Friendly letter
  • Unscramble sentences
  • Gratitude Hearts
  • Create a word find

Mini-book (students assemble pages and illustrate the book as well as trace the text for two pages of the book). Please see the sample pages in the preview.

Check out the ENTIRE Wendi Silvano COLLECTION IN A MONEY-SAVING BUNDLE HERE. The individual files can be found below:


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet. The mini-book is the only activity from this file that is not included in the digital version.

This PDF file contains 40 pages + Google Slides™.

308 reviews for Turkey Trouble Activities: Literature Companion

Based on 308 reviews
  1. KM

    Katharine M

    Good activities for kinder

  2. KM

    Katharine M

    Good activities for kinder

  3. JA

    Just a Second 

    Wonderful! Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  4. DM

    Deborah M 

    Just what I was looking for!

  5. KU

    Kristi U

    Love this packet but would love to see the sequence page revised. Jack should be Jake and after the turkey tried to look like a pig he tried to look like a sheep not a cow. Thanks!

  6. BW

    Beth W

    Amazing resource! Love, love, love! And so did my kids!

  7. JJ

    Jerri Jones 

    love it!!!!!!!!

  8. JW

    Judith Wells 

    Thank you for the resource.

  9. KT

    Kelly T

    I love the book; the materials go great with it!!!!
    Thank you…and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  10. MD

    Margaret Dismukes 

    One of my favorites!!

  11. MM

    Megan Mahoney 

    Can’t wait to use this!

  12. AC

    ABC Classroom  

    Thank for this great resource!

  13. AV

    Anne V

    Just what I needed.

  14. CP

    cindy P

    Great job

  15. AD

    amy D

    Love it !!

  16. ES

    Elizabeth S


  17. CH

    Cherie H

    Love this

  18. TG

    Third grade is my favorite 

    This was so great to use for reading right before thanksgiving break.

  19. AI

    Anchored in Learning 

    My Kinders had so much fun illustrating the booklet. Thanks!

  20. NN

    Nicole N

    This was great! The kids did a great job with the activities!

  21. JM

    Julie Mansur 

    Perfect to go with book!

  22. LS

    Lacee Stone 

    Perfect companion to the book!

  23. MP

    Michelle P

    My kiddos LOVED this activity!!!!!

  24. BM

    Brittany M

    Awesome product!

  25. JW

    Jennifer W


  26. TB

    Tiffany Brantley 

    Thank you for a great product.

  27. LB

    Little Birdie Blue  

    Love this book!!!!!!!!!!

  28. DL

    Donna L

    This was so much fun! Great activities!

  29. RC

    Risa C

    i used this for a sub! awesome!

  30. KP

    Katina P

    Love this! Thanks!

  31. KP

    karina P

    Awesome unit!

  32. SS

    SLP Sarah  

    I love this book for Thanksgiving theme in my speech room. Awesome companion for this book!

  33. SL

    Shirley L

    Many thanks!

  34. KB

    Kelly Bezeg 

    So helpful! Thank you!

  35. LR

    Linda R

    Fun activties

  36. LB

    Lauren B

    Love this book and the activities!

  37. WC

    William C

    Love this resource. Thank you!!

  38. AS

    Alison Steimle 

    Cute, I will be using several pages.

  39. AS

    Alison Steimle 

    Cute, I will be using several pages.

  40. RH

    Rebecca Heikes 

    So cute and fun!

  41. CB

    Connie B

    This book is so cute. I can’t wait to use this unit next week!

  42. CS

    Clara Stewart 

    Looking forward to teaching thanksgiving lessons and using these great resources Thank you.

  43. JB

    Joy B

    Super cute activities!

  44. LS

    Litty S

    My students loved this activity! it kept them very engaged.

  45. MJ

    Michelle J

    Love this story! Great resources to go along with it.

  46. JJ

    Jeni Jackerson 

    This is an awesome product! Keeping it for next year too!

  47. KL

    karen L

    great. thank you

  48. JH

    Julia H


  49. AD

    Anne D

    Kids had fun with this

  50. AD

    Anne D

    Kids had fun with this

  51. LF

    Lori F

    Very Cute Activities

  52. SJ

    Sara J

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

  53. JC

    jennifer C

    The students enjoyed this activity!

  54. AH

    Alissa H

    My kids loved it!

  55. LC

    LaVerne C

    Great addition!

  56. RN

    Rachel Nielson 

    This is a really great pack! 🙂

  57. JG

    Janice G

    Cute book and fun activities.

  58. KP

    Kimberly P

    My students loved this.

  59. LA

    Laura A

    Students had lots of fun with this. thank you

  60. HP

    Heather Paris 

    such a great help in my classroom

  61. SS

    Sarah Stuchell 

    My class really enjoyed these activities!

  62. AL

    Andrea L

    My kids loved this activity!

  63. CH

    Caitlin Heyman 

    Great work for a really fun book!

  64. SH

    Shannon H

    Thank you, great resource!

  65. MG

    Michelle G

    Perfect, thanks!

  66. KP

    Kindergarten Pandamonium 

    Exactly what I needed to compliment the book. Thank you!

  67. MB

    Missy B

    Soo cute!

  68. AK

    Alice Kelly 

    A great resource.

  69. MW

    Michelle W

    Love this as an extension to the book – thank you

  70. MH

    Mrs Hinton Teaches 

    This book is my favorite! Will be using this yearly now!

  71. JN

    Jennifer N

    Great product

  72. LW

    Life With Cre 

    i love this

  73. JR

    Janet Renee F

    My students loved these activities! Thank you

  74. JB

    Jennifer B

    Love it! Thank you

  75. AS

    Ariel S

    My kids loved this as a retelling center

  76. SW

    Sara W

    Activities went perfectly with the book.

  77. SW

    Sara W

    Activities went perfectly with the book.

  78. KV

    Kristen Vogt 

    This packet was very easy to use and followed the book wonderfully. I was able to use it across multiple grade level.

  79. KB

    Kimberly Brokate 

    The students loved it! It went along nicely with the book! Thank you!

  80. CO

    Carrie O

    Very Cute!

  81. SW

    summer W

    Great Product!!

  82. AP

    Ashley P

    My students really enjoyed this. Thank you.

  83. AH

    Allison H

    Awesome to use right before Thankgiving break!

  84. MT

    Megan Taggart 

    Not only is “Turkey Trouble” a great book, but this is a great packet! Love the different activities.

  85. NS

    Nicole S

    Great activity!

  86. JH

    Janell H

    loved it1

  87. JM

    Jessica M

    My learning support kiddos loved this! Thank you! 🙂

  88. LF

    Lisa F

    Great addition to our Turkey unit! Thanks!

  89. SB

    Sara B

    my students really enjoyed retelling the story with the character sticks.

  90. SS

    Sara Sewell 

    My kids loved this book and these activities!

  91. CB

    Carrie B 

    This is great! Thank you!

  92. MW

    Maria Wiedeman 

    Love using this to supplement the reading during November.

  93. ST

    susan T


  94. KM

    Kelly M


  95. AP

    A Primary Mindset 

    My kids love Turkey Trouble and these are great resources for the book!!

  96. MH

    Michelle H

    good product

  97. KP

    Kristen P


  98. MC

    Mari C

    Live this story!

  99. LH

    lisa H


  100. CM

    carla M

    Thanks for sharing

  101. SP

    Sarah Payne 

    A fun Activity for Thanksgiving!

  102. MR

    Michelle R

    This is great!

  103. MS

    Marilyn S

    Great activities for Thanksgiving

  104. MS

    Marilyn S

    Great activities for Thanksgiving

  105. SW

    Sherry W

    Great activities! Can’t wait to use! Thank you

  106. SH

    Stephanie H

    Love it! Thanks so much!

  107. CG

    Christine G

    Great resource.

  108. LR

    Lisa R

    Love This!!!

  109. NR

    Nancy R

    Perfect for Thanksgiving week!

  110. HF

    Hannah Fantozz 

    not appropriate for my students- too high
    BUT super cute

  111. KK

    Karyann Kahler 

    Great activities!! Can’t wait to use them!

  112. SS

    Shae S

    This unit is a great companion to the book! I love the turkey tried booklet.

  113. HF

    Hannah Fantozz 

    not appropriate for my students- too high
    BUT super cute

  114. VC

    Vicki C

    Thanks for creating! Love this!

  115. PK

    Pam K

    Love the book, love the activity

  116. EB

    elizabeth B

    Thank you!!

  117. MW

    melinda W

    loved the story re-telling

  118. JW

    Judy W

    Good Resources to go with story.

  119. KP

    Katy P

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  120. BR

    Barbara R

    cute, thanks

  121. AW

    Amy W

    We used the puppets and made the Turkey Tried book. Great resource for retelling the story and character development. My kindergarten kids loved reading the mini book Turkey Tried and we’re excited to share it with their family.

  122. DC

    Darla C

    Thanks. My students enjoyed having character sticks to retell the story.

  123. LL

    Lyndsey Laster 

    Perfect activities for us!

  124. NM

    Natalie M

    These resources helped my students with comprehension and retell! Great resource!

  125. JL

    Jade L

    It was great! I honestly used most everything that was in the bundle!

  126. LH

    Leah H


  127. MP

    Melanie P

    Great Resources for my students!

  128. TW

    Teaching with Ms Jones 


  129. F


    My students loved this!

  130. AJ

    Allison J W

    Great resource to go along with the book. My students enjoyed doing the activities.

  131. TK

    terri K

    very nice

  132. TK

    terri K

    very nice

  133. EL

    Erin L

    fun extensions to a great story!

  134. SL

    Sharon Lieberman 

    I used some of these activities with my first graders, and it worked out perfectly! Thanks!

  135. AB

    Anna B

    I LOVE this unit! Thanks!

  136. DH

    Doris H

    So much fun to do!

  137. KW

    Kristine White 

    Our librarian read us this book during library time and then we did several of the activities in class. My students enjoyed the story and activities.

  138. TS

    the Special in Education  

    This was adorable!

  139. EP

    Elizabeth P

    Great help for my students!

  140. KC

    Katherine Cameron 

    What a great resource!!! We had so much fun with the activities! Thank you!

  141. NS

    Nicole S

    I will keep this resource for years to come!

  142. AW

    Amber W

    Great resource

  143. EC


    Perfect for my Thanksgiving uint!

  144. TL

    The Lunchbox  

    Great companion to the book!

  145. CB

    Connie B

    Thank you!

  146. CC

    Catherine Croley 


  147. SW

    Sheryl W

    The unit wored out well! Thanks!

  148. KB

    Kathleen B

    So much fun! My kids loved it. I sent the puppets home over Thanksgiving break so that the kids could reenact the story!

  149. CH

    Chrystel H

    Great addition to my retelling station.

  150. AV

    Arianna V

    Great resource! Love it!

  151. ST

    Steph T 

    This is such a fun holiday book and this is a great supporting resource!

  152. HA

    Hayley A


  153. AA

    Andie’s Apples 

    Wonderful resource! So excited to continue using it next year!

  154. TA

    Terese A

    great thanks

  155. JC

    Jena C

    These resourced added to the fun of reading the story!

  156. LP

    Lauren P

    Great activity to go along with Turkey Trouble!

  157. LM

    Lily M

    The puppets made retelling the story so much fun!

  158. GS

    ginnie S

    Great activities! Super cute

  159. AG

    Ann G

    Love this activity and book!

  160. KA

    Kelly Andrews 


  161. MM

    Megan M


  162. MM

    Megan M


  163. CR

    Crystal R

    One of my favorite books to read at Thanksgiving time and this packet was great with it!

  164. CR

    Crystal R

    One of my favorite books to read at Thanksgiving time and this packet was great with it!

  165. AF

    Angela F

    Awesome packet! My students loved the character sticks we used to retell the story! Looking forward to using it again this year!

  166. BC

    bianca C

    love it

  167. SR

    Shannon Riddle 

    great resource thank you!

  168. HC

    Heather C

    Great addition to the unit.

  169. CC

    Cara C

    Such a great resource for such a fun book!!

  170. DP

    Deborah P

    This was a great resource to go along with the book!

  171. KL


    Great book companion! Love the offered resources!

  172. DL

    Dina L

    Love this! We did the Halloween activity and can’t wait for this one!

  173. LA

    Lori A B

    thank you much fun and great resources!!

  174. SC

    Shea C

    I am so excited to use these activities throughout the month of November. Thanks for sharing.

  175. TA

    Teaching and Loving It 

    Can’t wait to use these.

  176. DC

    Debbie C

    Fun acitivities

  177. JG

    Jessica Garcia 

    Great for hitting all the standards and having fun!

  178. TH

    Theresa H

    I love this book thanks for so many activities.

  179. SB

    Suzanne B

    I love that this resource is differentiated and offered in black and white options!

  180. AS

    Ashley S

    Thank you for the resource!

  181. SR

    Suzanne R

    Love this!!

  182. KK

    Kandra K

    love this resource!

  183. BW

    Beth W

    Great Thanksgiving resource

  184. JT

    Jody T

    My students enjoyed the activities in this unit.

  185. SA

    Sonia A M

    Thank you! 🙂

  186. CL

    Courtney L

    My kinders loved the retelling sticks!

  187. ZE

    zoe E

    Great book companion!!

  188. JL

    Jennifer L

    great resources

  189. JP

    Jenna P

    Such a funny story with great resources to go along with it.

  190. AR

    Allison Rushton 

    This is great! Thanks!

  191. GR

    Glenela Rajpaul 


  192. CA

    Claudia Andrade 

    I loved this unit!

  193. DW

    Donna W

    Great resource! Thanks!

  194. AS

    Amy S

    My kids loved this!

  195. JM

    Jayde M

    My students loved this, thank you!

  196. MR

    Molly R

    Thank you.

  197. CB

    Connie B

    Love it!

  198. CR

    Claudia R 

    Lots of activities to use with this fun book!

  199. DP

    Danielle P

    Students loved this!

  200. KH

    Katherine H

    This resource worked well in my Second Grade classroom. I would recommend this product to others in my grade as well.

  201. SJ


    Great resource! Thank you!

  202. AO

    Adina Oldham 


  203. BT

    Blessed to be West 

    So cute and fun! Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  204. HU

    Heidi U

    Great resource! This book is one of my favorites!

  205. CC

    Christine C

    very helpful and fun!

  206. LA


    Thank you so much for this product!

  207. KP

    Kristin P


  208. AP

    Ashley Pepe 

    great activities!

  209. MP

    Maureen P


  210. FG

    First Grade for Life 

    Great, thanks!

  211. HH

    Helen Hoffman 

    Great for K!

  212. AA

    Alyse A

    This bundle was perfect for my special needs pre-schoolers and kindergarteners! The visuals and activities were amazing and they really enjoyed the book because of them! Thank you!

  213. AB

    Ashley B

    This was used for many different standards!

  214. TL

    Tracy L

    easy to use

  215. TL

    Tracy L

    easy to use

  216. LH

    Larryn H

    My students really enjoyed this resource

  217. AW

    Ashley W

    loved this!

  218. KF

    Kim Feehan 

    Love this story! Cute worksheets and activities to supplement the book

  219. JS

    Jennifer S

    I really enjoyed using this, thank you for creating!

  220. SI

    susan I

    So many things to choose from to compliment this fun story.

  221. SS

    sharonda S

    Great introduction to the lesson. My students enjoyed making the turkey on top of their story element.

  222. ME

    Mary Elizabeth M

    My kids loved it

  223. EW

    Elizabeth W

    Great resource thanks!

  224. SM

    Stephanie Morgan 


  225. CE

    Cathy E

    My students love this book. What a great resource … thank you!

  226. KT

    Karen T

    I can’t wait to use this.

  227. AB

    Amy B

    Cute resource, kids loved the story and the activity

  228. PH

    Pamela H


  229. DR

    dawn R

    Great Resource!!

  230. DB

    denise bencomo 

    This is an amazing Resource, thank you for all your hard work.

  231. KM

    Kimber M

    My students and I love this story and these activities are a great follow up. I love hearing the reasons why my students want Farmer Jake to not eat Turkey. Thank you.

  232. HA

    Hugs and Bubbles 

    Great for having fun while still learning!

  233. M


    Great Resource!! Thanks for making it available!

  234. AD

    Ashley Drabble 


  235. LL


    one of my students favorite activities

  236. EM

    Emily M

    Thank you for creating this product! My kiddos loved the activities in this packet. They were age appropriate and engaging.

  237. AE

    Althea E

    One of my favorite stories 🙂

  238. CP

    Carrie P

    Such fun and engaging activities to do with the students! Thank you!

  239. MP

    Monica Parsons 

    This is a great product!

  240. TM

    Tracy Marshall 

    Love this!

  241. AH

    Andrea H

    Thank you

  242. KK

    Katherine K

    The Turkey Trouble bundle was perfect for our Thanksgiving unit for my Kindergarteners. The students loved it and it lined up with the standards.

  243. DT

    Diana T

    We really enjoyed this activity!

  244. DR

    Danielle R

    Great resource, thank you!

  245. CR

    Connie R

    Very helpful for centers.

  246. JM

    Jessica M

    Such a good product!

  247. JU

    Jessica U

    great materials for a great book

  248. L


    Great lesson for the kids during Thanksgiving!

  249. AO

    Annemaria O

    very cute goes well with book.

  250. KM

    Kelly M

    Love this resource! Thank you!

  251. RH

    Rachal H

    great resource

  252. TS

    Tammy S

    My students loved the sequencing activities.

  253. LD

    Linda Dawson 

    Great visual

  254. JB

    Jessica B

    My students loved this activity.

  255. BF

    Brooke F

    This was a great resource! I even used it with an observation.

  256. MG

    Mary G

    This product provided a fresh way to teach this activity in my class!

  257. LH

    Lori H

    My students loved this resource!

  258. AP

    Angela P

    This is a great resource.

  259. YE

    Yolanda Escamilla 

    My kids loved using this activity. They really enjoyed the visuals to accompany the book.

  260. JC

    Jennie C

    We used this during our Canadian Thanksgiving week last week. I showed them the story via YouTube since we’re distance learning and every day they did a different activity on Google slides. It was perfect for this age group (grade 1).

  261. MP

    Meghan P

    Thank you for this resource!

  262. EM

    Elizabeth M

    Just sent these home with students to use for retelling. An easy low prep activity for packets!

  263. RB

    Rebecca B

    This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving books, and my students really enjoyed it.

  264. JT

    Jennifer T

    This was a good addition to the book. Thank you!

  265. EF

    erica F

    Great addition to reading turkey trouble. Lots of good stuff

  266. AV

    Alyssia V

    I love the variety of activities in this pack. I was able to cover many different speech goals with this and my kids loved the story!

  267. MH

    Michele H

    My students loved using this resource with our read-aloud! They made books out of the pages and worked on it over a few days. I highly recommend this resource!

  268. CF

    Cheryl F

    Students had fun with the resource–especially the retelling/sequencing

  269. KZ

    Krista Z

    Kids love this story and these activities

  270. EA

    Erica A

    Wonderful resource.

  271. CS

    Cheryl Sacca 

    Great resource!!!

  272. JR

    Janel R

    I’ve used Turkey Trouble for years, it was time for an update. The digital portion was a great bonus.

  273. LP

    Luigina P

    Great resource!

  274. JR

    Joanne R

    My students enjoyed working on this, especially when they got to disguise a turkey and then write about their disguise.

  275. DL

    Diverse Little Learners  

    So perfect with the read aloud, thank you!

  276. MC

    Michelle C

    This was a hit with my students. Thank you.

  277. RD

    Rachel D

    Great resource for distance learning. My students loved it! Thank you!

  278. LM

    lesley M

    loved this

  279. AL

    Aimee L

    Great companion for after reading the story!

  280. CM

    Colleen M

    Great resource! Kids really enjoyed the book and this unit!

  281. KP

    Kelly P

    This was great for comprehension!

  282. EM

    Eleni M

    My students loved these activities. They were great for targeting retelling and short narratives

  283. KL

    Kelly Lipsky 

    Great resource!! I love this story and the elements to this resource tied in great with our ELA skill!

  284. AS

    Abigail Soares 

    Very fun book and these resources were perfect to go along with it. Very engaging!

  285. LM

    Lisa M

    great resource

  286. JI

    Jennifer I

    My kids loved this story and the activities that went with it. This was a great resource for computer classes during that short holiday week.

  287. PB

    Paige Budin 

    This was great!

  288. GI

    Growing in the Kinder Garden 

    Great resource. Thank you!

  289. RS

    Ralph Scott 

    I loved using a few of these activities to go along with the read Aloud “Turkey Trouble.” The students and parents had a fun time doing it on Google Slides! Thank you for this great product!

  290. LS

    Lauren Somers 

    The students loved this activity!

  291. KK

    Kristen K

    Cute activities to along with the book!

  292. KJ

    Karen J

    Thank you!

  293. JA

    J and K Learning  


  294. SG

    Sherryl Green 

    Great resource! I used it as an independent activity after we read Turkey Trouble. Thank you!

  295. LH

    Lori H

    Great companion for the book.

  296. CH

    Caprial H

    Great product!

  297. CB

    Cheyenne B

    We love this!

  298. SF

    Sherri F

    Great resource!

  299. M


    Great resource! Perfect for my needs!

  300. RA

    rishika A

    loved this activity!

  301. MC

    Marilyn C

    My students loved this book and the activities included in this resources.

  302. KG

    Kellie Grant 

    The cutest story and activities!

  303. MT

    Margaret T

    Align with the book and students were excited about completing the activity.

  304. HS

    Heather S

    Fun activities to do with this story and easy to prepare and use.

  305. MH

    Morgan H

    Thank you for a great resource

  306. ML

    Melissa L

    Just what I was looking for! Thank you:)

  307. AH

    Ashley H

    Great activities to support this read aloud.

  308. KR

    Kelly R

    My students found this fun and engaging. We loved it.

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