Activities for Women’s History Month

When teachers select read-alouds, they often want the book to serve multiple purposes. For instance, this often includes working on a variety of literary skills. This may consist of the main idea and supporting details. Additionally, teachers often want the story to tell a meaningful story that students can relate to. Students understand the story deeper and gain a life lesson when this happens. Furthermore, teachers work to connect stories to what is currently happening. This may be a holiday or a unique tradition. Thankfully, this book review and activities list provide great Women’s History Month options. Even better, activities for Women’s History Month tie into content standards to ensure students use every minute of class time. 


She Persisted

Author Chelsea Clinton introduces students to powerful women in this incredible book. 

Sadly, women had to fight to have their voices heard in society. However, this fight never stopped many women from speaking out for what is right. Therefore, Chelsea Clinton honors and celebrates thirteen American women who helped shape the country. Often, they did this by never taking no for an answer and persisting no matter what. Honestly, this book gives students the confidence to speak up and reach for the stars. 

She Persisted: Around the World 

Hopefully, students will be inspired after learning about the thirteen American women above. Thankfully, they will also be able to learn about thirteen women from around the world! Each story will show students how perseverance and tenacity helped women overcome hardships. This inspiring story will help empower students to fight for what is right.

Activities for Women’s History Month Read Aloud 

The activities below will help students understand the perseverance and grit of each woman above. 


     1. She Persisted and She Persisted: Around the World Literature Units

These are the perfect units to use during Women’s History Month! They include four no-prep printables for EACH woman in the book. Therefore, students will dive into learning about each woman with well-thought-out activities for Women’s History Month. Or, students could have choices over who they want to study. Since there are so many incredible women, there are even blank printable templates. Honestly, students will be inspired after reading about strong women. 

Since students will love these incredible stories so much, be sure to check out the She Persisted Bundle. It offers a great discount and includes all the women in both books! It even provides the blank template for student choice to learn about any female during Women’s History Month! 

     2. Wax Museum 

After learning about different women, students can select one woman they sense a deeper connection with. Or, it may be someone they just find interesting. Then, students can study their focus female on a deeper level. They can create a Women’s History Month wax museum presentation where they dress like the individual. There can be a list of facts around them for visitors to read while walking around. Honestly, this is a great way to teach other grade levels or parents about strong females. 

     3. Accordion Timeline 

The featured women all went through so much to achieve greatness. To help students understand how important it is never to give up, have them create an accordion timeline. They will complete research on their person and then develop a timeline of events. Many times, students like to fold the paper like an accordion to resemble different decades or years. Then, students can write about important facts and details during the activity for Women’s History Month. Honestly, this is a great visual representation that shows students how important it is to fight for what is right.     


     4. Guess Who Game Creation 

Students often enjoy a little competition. Therefore, the book unit can turn into a fun review game about incredible females. To do this, begin by printing pictures of the females and taping them onto the existing Guess Who game spots. Then, have students write out facts about the women based upon the books. Students can then partner up and play review games. 

     5. Future Goals 

After hearing about the incredible women in the books, students will feel empowered and strong. Hence, this creates an opportunity for students to think about their future. For instance, what do they hope to achieve? Even though they may be young, students are at the perfect age to think about what they want in life. Ultimately, it helps them focus on what they need to do now to achieve their goals. Thus, have students create goals for themselves and their life.

When selecting Women’s History Month activities, students need to stay engaged. Thankfully, the book review and activities list will ensure so many incredible females inspire students. After this unit, students will have the faith and confidence to reach for the stars!

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