Social Isolation During Summer

Students have many emotions about school. For instance, some love learning fascinating information, working on projects, and practicing essential skills. Others enjoy school because it means hanging out with friends at recess. Both of these aspects have one thing in common: working with classmates. Whether completing a project together or playing on the swings, social interaction is key in school. So, teachers know how hard adjusting to social isolation during the summer is for students. Thankfully, they find creative ways of helping lonely kids enjoy summer and connect with others! 


The Ups and Downs of Summer 

Honestly, it is so nice to have a break from school. Teachers and students need this time to recharge, relax, and rest. However, most students find being at school so peaceful. It is a safe place for them to be themselves and build relationships. However, this sense of peace gets taken for a few months each year. Since parents have to work, many students spend time home alone, with new kids at a sitter, and with grandparents. So, many students experience social isolation during the summer. This is why focusing on helpful strategies of helping lonely kids during summer break is crucial. 

Strategies for Helping Lonely Kids During Summer  

Social isolation during the summer often sets in fast. While students love the calm during the first few days, they miss interacting with friends! Luckily, there are strategies for students who have difficulty making friends or finding social activities during the summer. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or counselor, these strategies can help students connect with others and find enjoyable activities. 

1. Participation in Community Activities 

Often, community organizations offer tons of awesome activities! This includes programs, such as kids’ cooking classes, sports, and events, such as nature walks. These events are an excellent way for students to connect with others and have fun! This encouragement and support is a perfect way to help parents know who offers fun summer events. Parents and caregivers will love having a list of suggestions.


2. Virtual Opportunities 

If we want to remember anything from COVID, it is that nearly everything can have a virtual event! Students will love having a list of online resources that offer connections with peers while playing online games, attending virtual camps, or talking through social media. So, virtual events are a great, easy-to-access way to avoid social isolation during the summer. 

3. Community Service 

It feels so good to give back! So, these feel-good vibes are important when helping lonely kids during summer. They can volunteer or engage in any type of community service. Best of all, they also connect with others while giving back to their communities! Parents and students will love having a list of local organizations they can contact to explore volunteer opportunities. 

4. Provide Support and Encouragement 

Social isolation during the summer causes so many emotions. It makes students sad, depressed, and gloomy. So, providing all the needed support and encouragement is essential when helping lonely kids during summer. Some need help reaching out to others and participating in social activities because they are shy. Additionally, some need ample opportunities to explore different interests to find kids their age to connect with. As a counselor, educator, or parent helping prevent social isolation during the summer, be there for students. Implement activities that help them build confidence and feel more comfortable engaging with others. 

5. Build Social Skills and Self-Confidence 

Sadly, students are growing up in a harsh world. Due to many challenges, they may struggle with anxiety, shyness, and fear of reaching out. Before social isolation during the summer kicks in, offer resources and strategies for building social skills and self-confidence. Based on the student and needs, this can include role-playing, social stories, and social skills groups. Students can meet during lunch or study hall during the last few weeks of school to work together on building skills. Then, students can even come together to complete community service activities or attend a summer event held by a local organization. Students will love feeling more comfortable engaging with others and building meaningful connections! 


There is no single quick-fix solution when helping lonely kids during summer. Ultimately, the strategies used will depend on the individual and their needs. However, it is essential to work on preventing social isolation during the summer. No one wants a child to feel depressed, sad, or lonely. So, exploring any of these strategies is a great way to help individuals stay happy and healthy while building relationships. 

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I am Kirsten Tulsian, an elementary educator with 18 years of experience as a teacher and counselor. My passion lies in empowering students to discover their inherent brilliance through the use of engaging, rigorous, and meaningful activities. I look forward to connecting with you!

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