Growth Mindset Positive Notes for Students from the Teacher


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Growth Mindset Positive Notes from the Teacher:

These encouraging growth mindset notes from the teacher are perfect for any 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th-grade classroom!

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset and fixed mindset? Create a culture of success, perseverance, and motivation with these growth mindset positive notes for kids. This product also includes a list of teacher suggestions for product use.

There are 24 different teacher notes included. Each printable growth mindset note comes in full color and black-and-white (with six notes per page).

The digital stickers are designed in a different format due to the terms of use we must abide by with the clip art we use and only come in the full color option. PLEASE REFER TO THE PREVIEW AND THUMBNAILS FOR MORE INFORMATION!

You may also be interested in Growth Mindset Notes from the Teacher that can be used during various times of the year. Check them out here:


This PDF file contains 57 pages + Google Slides™ + Digital Stickers.

659 reviews for Growth Mindset Positive Notes for Students from the Teacher

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  1. Jamie W

    The best way to connect with your students and to make a difference is by building up their confidence and letting them know you care. These are AMAZING! Thank you so much!

  2. Debra S


  3. Melanie H

    This is a FANTASTIC resource. Thanks so much for creating it 🙂

  4. Aviva B

    Awesome resource. Can’t wait to start using.

  5. Donna M

    I am very pleased with everything I purchased from your store! Thank you for creative, colorful, USEFUL resources!

  6. Karris C

    Thank you!! I love that these are a great way to give my students compliments that they can keep!

  7. Bridget L

    This is an incredible resource! I left the copies of this packet at the printer and multiple teachers made copies for their classroom. Thank you so much for this great resource!

  8. JenPatty  

    I love the idea of a growth mindset! I am hoping to encourage and inspire my students with these great notes. Thank you.

  9. Krislyn M

    So excited to start handing these out today! My 3rd graders are going to love earning these!

  10. Sue G

    Thank you for sharing this resource.

  11. Mrs Veldie 

    My learners love receiving these growth mindset notes. It’s a great way to reinforce our growth mindset lessons and beliefs!

  12. Jenny K

    great! they are very relevant

  13. Patricia C

    Just what I needed to provide feedback and encouragement to my students. Thanks

  14. Kathleen W

    I gave out a few before Christmas and the student just beamed!

  15. Amanda J

    Just what I was after. Thanks

  16. Louise D

    this is a great and easy way to offer praise

  17. Rita S

    I use them daily,students love getting these

  18. Karen Blanchard 

    So Awesome and fun, the students are going to LOVE this! Thanks:)

  19. Amanda G

    I always write handwritten notes. This will allow me to give the students notes more frequently. Thank you!

  20. Jana G

    I can’t wait to start using these

  21. Leah D

    Love the resource as a way to reward growth mindset.

  22. Kristi A

    MY team is excited to use these for State Testing!

  23. Leah D

    Love the resource as a way to reward growth mindset.

  24. jennifer B

    Notes are very motivating.

  25. Adrienne S

    LOVE all the options!!! I’m very pleased with my purchase! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  26. Jessica A

    Thank you for this great resource!

  27. Tamalynn’s Creations 

    I’m excited to try these.

  28. Nancy W

    This is a great way to give student feedback and encouragement! Thank you.

  29. Mary N

    Love this go-to

  30. MissPractical F

    Fantastic resource! Thank you!

  31. Share to Save Time 

    Terrific resource

  32. Debra B

    Great item…saved me a lot of time! Thanks.

  33. Roslyn D

    Thanks for all the hard work! My students love it!

  34. Stephanie L

    Love it! Thank you!

  35. Leigh Ann D

    What an easy way to let kids notice their triumphs and efforts!

  36. Carly M

    So excited to start using this!

  37. Juan G

    Thank You, Will be using these for my classes.

  38. Christine J C

    Great teaching tool!

  39. Andrea M

    Such an easy way to remind students to have a growth mindset.

  40. marricea P

    Love giving these out to my students!

  41. Misti W

    What a great resource!! Thank you A++

  42. Love Mrs Lockhart 

    time saver!

  43. Theresa Jones 

    Love this resource! Thank you!

  44. Small Groups Big Learning 

    Love this! Each comment is specific and unique. Lots of growth mindset products tend to be similar, so I wasn’t sure about purchasing these cards. I am so glad I did! I teach math intervention so I see many kids through out the day. I plan to add a little note on the back and send these home in their parent communication folder. Such an easy and effective way for positive contacts home.

    One thing that would be nice is if there was a way to print only one of each. The six different cards per sheet of paper would allow me to only need to print 4 pages. I’m sure I’ll use them eventually, but it is a lot of printing!


    Fun activity!

  46. Jodi Anderson 

    I love everything about these! My students look forward to finding notes!

  47. Deena K

    These comments encourage the children right away so they can see that their brain is engaged and growing! Thank you!

  48. Rebecca M

    My kids love these!

  49. Mrs Ds Store 

    My students love receving these and work hard to try to get noticed in a positive way in order to get one. Thanks!

  50. Lisa Rendone 

    These are great to reinforce student behavior. They love working to get these coupons for their “scrapbook”

  51. Cate H

    Terrific resource – thanks!

  52. Dona B

    Great motivating activities!

  53. Vera J

    So awesome, can’t wait to give to my students.

  54. Monica S

    What a great way to reward our students

  55. Laura G

    My student love receiving these positive messages. Thank you.

  56. melissa B

    Lots of thoughts.

  57. Bonnie J

    I love these! They make it easy for me to acknowledge students who displaying positive mindsets.

  58. Nicole P

    So motivating for kids! They are so thrilled to receive!

  59. stephanie S

    Perfect to encourage kiddos to be positive and keep at it! Thank you!

  60. Valerie Simonoff 

    My 5th graders loved it!

  61. Elizabeth R

    Love these! Thanks!

  62. Lorraine B

    Excellent resource.

  63. Lucille M

    This was our school’s theme and these cards were essential!

  64. Heidi O

    These are great

  65. Sarah M

    Can’t wait to start using!

  66. Angela C

    Great resource. The children love them

  67. Stephanie Shear 

    These are AMAZING!!! My students love getting and giving these!!!

  68. Vicki M

    Have wanted to create something like this for so long.Thank you for creating them for me… I have already started to use them and the students love it.

  69. Corrie S

    Amazing product my students really enjoy.

  70. Rohanna R

    An excellent resource that helps reinforce growth mindset in the classroom.

  71. Sky Limited 

    This is a great resource very colorful and creative. Thank you.

  72. Karen P

    These are great! I keep a stack of them ready to hand out to students throughout the day. My only wish was that there was a place to put a student’s name on the front in order to make them more ‘personal’. Thanks for these!

  73. Michele P

    Makes it easy to give a “growth mindset” compliment to students.

  74. Karen P

    These are great! I keep a stack of them ready to hand out to students throughout the day. My only wish was that there was a place to put a student’s name on the front in order to make them more ‘personal’. Thanks for these!

  75. Leticia Diaz Rodriguez 

    I love it. Thank you.

  76. melissa F

    It is perfect for my students!

  77. A Little Bit of Everything and Then Some 

    Love this product so easy to use!

  78. Dawn W

    Great way to reinforce positive behavior.

  79. Robyn T

    Super cute notes! My kids love getting these for working hard. I love that even the kids that struggle have an applicable positive note.

  80. Debra D

    Such a great and wonderful idea. I can’t wait to use them. I’m hopeful they will have a tremendous impact on my students. Who doesn’t like receiving a note of acknowledgement?

  81. Kimberly K


  82. Haylee S

    These are great. Great way to reinforce the habits of growth mindset. Thank you.

  83. Katelyn Dixon 

    Excited to start handing these out to my kiddos! Thank you!

  84. Duncan Barber 

    Great resource. Thanks!

  85. Rebecca L

    My kiddos love getting these, Thank you!!

  86. EduKasey 

    I love the specific comments on these super cute notes! These work so well with our school-wide adoption of the Growth Mindset

  87. Leigh B

    I plan to use these as STAAR wishes!! Thanks for making it easy and meaningful!

  88. Opal H

    Our whole school is working on growth mindset, and I hand these out to my students to help reinforce that mindset.

  89. Laurie A

    Love these notes. They are perfect to show students I noticed positive attitudes and are great for encouraging hard work. Thank you!

  90. Jo Keane 

    Perfect. Thank you.

  91. Learn Understand Challenge 

    By far, my favourite purchase! I love how these aren’t generic but actually help the student understand what they’re doing well.

  92. julianne J

    Excellent resource! Thank you!

  93. Laura R

    Like many schools, we have also been encouraged to incorporate the principals of Growth Mindset. I love that these notes are a quick, colorful way to communicate to my students what I noticed from them. I am so glad that I found this product, because these are very similar to what I was (hand) writing to them! They are a great time saver, with meaningful messages! Thank you!

  94. Tammy H

    Kids and parents both love these! Win, Win!

  95. Ellen L

    Love this idea of a growth mindset – thank you!

  96. Stacey Ormsby 

    Super resource – have laminated these and students love receiving them and displaying them on their school bags

  97. Janet B

    Great resource. thanks

  98. Ashley Aper 

    Love these! Looking forward to using them!

  99. Leslie S

    There were many choices. Thank you!

  100. Janie S

    My students look so forward to these every day.

  101. Amy L

    Quick easy way to give positive feedback

  102. Melissa N

    Thank you for this resource. My students love getting these special messages.

  103. jenna D

    Super Cute!

  104. Susan Martin 

    I use these every day! All my students love them!

  105. krystal trevino 

    I absolutely love these!! They are well made and perfect motivation for your growth mindset classroom!!!

  106. Cece Nichols 

    I love these, I can’t wait to use them next year!

  107. Kandise T

    Thank you, these were great a great addition to my lessons!

  108. smithandlessons 

    Excellent resource and at my fingertips! Thanks!

  109. Susan M

    Wonderful product

  110. Susan M

    Wonderful product

  111. Rebecca B

    These have been very helpful!

  112. Tess M

    Excellent resource

  113. Sophy O

    Just gorgeous! Can’t wait to use them in class!

  114. Craig P

    Great notes to give to the kids.

  115. kristy thurmond 

    Excellent resource! Can’t wait to use!

  116. allison lutz 


  117. Mary Beth Mersch 

    These are great. It is so easy to print them and I can give them to kiddos quickly to immediate recognition!

  118. Brigette Turner 

    Awesome! I love that I can print them in color or black and white. The kids have enjoyed receiving these!

  119. Lori L

    These are so helpful to motivate and inspire kids.

  120. traci P

    Good product

  121. Ashley C

    Absolutely love this! Thank you for your creativity.

  122. Amy N

    Thank you for creating such kind notes, it makes positive reinforcement easy and fun!

  123. Lynda D

    Thanks for sharing!

  124. Susan Wick 

    These will be so helpful and easy to use! They will make the students day!

  125. Kathryn C

    This is an awesome resource!!

  126. Megan M

    Absolutely love this!! I will use these next year!

  127. Jessica H

    These are so great! I randomly pass them out to students when I notice them using the growth mindset concepts we’ve gone over and they love receiving them!

  128. Kelly K

    This is fantastic. Thank you. I can’t wait to start handing out these mini growth mindset notes to my kiddos.

  129. Heather M

    Once I got in the habit of remembering to give these out, they have been invaluable. Kids love the recognition and I have even snuck them into staff mailboxes when I see them exhibiting a growth mindset.

  130. Brandi L

    These go great with my classroom. Thank you so much!

  131. Amy V

    Can’t wait to use these! Thanks!

  132. Julie P

    Super cute as we begin PBIS at our school

  133. Susanne Peterjohn 

    Looking forward to using these next year!

  134. Amy Lewis 

    Love using these with my class!

  135. Carolyn K

    Love these notes

  136. Kim B

    Love this!

  137. Mary B

    O love this colorful resource. I know my students will love them too!

  138. Samantha H

    Thank you so much for this resource.

  139. Heather G

    So great!

  140. Kim Clark 

    Can’t wait to start handing these out

  141. Maria B

    My students loved getting these!!

  142. Jodi W

    These were great reminders and positive notes during our State testing.

  143. Patricia R

    Very helpful! Thanks so much!

  144. Kindergarten Dreams 

    Great resource! Thank you!

  145. Stephanie R

    Great for the end of the year gifts

  146. Donna R

    What a wonderful resource. I cannot wait to use it. Thank you!

  147. laura ann R

    Positive and meaningful way to provide praise to my students.

  148. Christina Larson 

    These are great! Thanks!

  149. Nicole T

    This helped so much! Great resource!

  150. Kathy M

    I love these ready made comment for the students. I can’t wait to dive into my Growth Mindset classroom at the beginning of the new year with these.

  151. Stacey S

    Cannot wait to use these next school year with my students!

  152. Allie Cat’s Mom 

    These made a huge difference in my students. I thought they would take them home, but they left them on their desks…they were so proud!

  153. Elizabeth M

    I love this resource. I am working on getting these printed and organized so I can use them from day #1

  154. Bronson sainsbury 

    Awesome, thanks

  155. Lisa M

    Use to recognize all types of students, not just the norm

  156. Jenny F

    Excellent! Love these!


    I love these, the kids love these and so do the parents.

  158. Robin K

    These are the perfect notes for giving encouragement for the areas that are important for success in life, not just in school. I appreciate the black and white versions.

  159. Nicole C

    Can’t wait to try these this year! Wonderful set!

  160. Mountain Teaching in the 21st Century 

    This is a fabulous resource! Thank you!

  161. CarolAnn D


  162. CarolAnn D


  163. kim Eiken 

    This is fantastic!

  164. Elizabeth T

    These were awesome! This helps teachers describe the positive behavior a teacher sees, instead of saying “good job.”

  165. Jane B

    I can’t wait to use this with my students next month. Thank you!

  166. Jennifer S

    I am SO excited to use these this coming school year. You have created a wonderful selection of cards. I color printed them on cardstock, cut them out, and placed them in a 4×6 photo album for easy storage and access. Thank you!!

  167. Heather O

    These look great! I can’t wait to print them out to help encourage my students to keep using a Growth Mindset.

  168. Malia H

    These have been very useful to leave for students who need a boost throughout the day – or even just at the beginning of the day. The teacher and I can discuss things they see, and I have left one or two for the teacher to give in the moment.

  169. Stephanie Y

    I love giving my kids positive notes! These make it easier for me to do that! Thank you!

  170. elizabeth C


  171. Christina G

    I’m looking forward to using these.

  172. Elizabeth F

    Thank you for the resource!

  173. Sara C

    Can’t wait to use this! thanks!

  174. Meaghan A C

    Looking forward to using these this school year!

  175. Robin M

    I love the look of these for teaching such an important message!

  176. Denise A

    I love these and they are awesome, thank you

  177. Lisa L

    Thank you and looking forward to using these this year.

  178. Tiffany F

    Excited to use these! The kids will enjoy the little notes!

  179. Maren F

    These are great – kids were so proud, they taped them right to their desks!

  180. Tawana Dockery 

    Awesome resource! Makes my kids day when they get one.

  181. Kelley A

    These are excellent! My kids would perk up when receiving one, even my “cool” 8th graders appreciated a note!

  182. Cantrellin2nd 

    I absolutely love this product and can’t wait to use it this year! Thank you!!!

  183. PATSY G

    This is great but I purchased the wrong one first. I then ordered the packet with the posters. Thank you.

  184. Teach by the Beach 

    Super cute! Can’t wait to use this this year!

  185. Summer S

    These are an easy way for me to provide quick feedback and encouragement to my students. I had my students make a little pocket inside the front cover of their notebooks to store these notes in. When times are tough, I encourage them to read all of the good feedback they’ve received. This year, I plan to make them available for students to use to give to each other.

  186. Joyce S

    Thank you for this fantastic product. It is exactly what I was looking for.

  187. Elizabeth L


  188. Amber H

    Very meaningful! Students and parents will love these. Thank you.

  189. Bertha Ruiz 

    I am glad I found this product. I have always wanted to give the students a little something for their hard work, but struggled to write it down. Thank you for making my job easier.

  190. Melinda P

    Great resource. Thanks for sharing!

  191. Bethany C

    Love teaching growth mindset!

  192. Ann W

    Going to use in my classroom this year. Love sayings.

  193. Michele L

    Can’t wait to put these to use. Thanks for your creativity!

  194. The Multisensory Bookworm 

    I love these and can see myself using them ALL YEAR!! I can’t wait!

  195. Stacey R

    I can’t wait to use these.

  196. Laura A

    This will be very useful in my class. It great feedback and motivation for the kids. I teach 3rd grade.

  197. Olive Third Grade  

    I am excited to use these!

  198. Phyllis W

    Excited to use this year!

  199. Gail C


  200. Nicole F

    I’ll use these every school year!

  201. Kelly D

    I cannot wait for my students to see these notes!! Thank you so much!!

  202. jackie N

    great way to keep my students motivated!

  203. leia J

    These are amazing. Thank you

  204. Aneesah A

    Brilliant! Just need to print. Thanks!

  205. Coral C

    Wonderful notes! Something for everyone!

  206. Heather B

    Even though I teach HS, I think my students will love these cards. Thank you

  207. Nicole W

    I’m excited to utilize this resource with my growth mindset curriculum this year!

  208. karen W

    I am looking forward to using these. Thanks!

  209. Joy Tucker 

    Can’t wait to use these! My class is on the way to become a Growth Mindset Classroom!

  210. Valarie S

    I can’t wait to use these notes this year.

  211. Kathleen S

    cant wait to use these!

  212. Theresa P

    This will ensure that I am praising using GM and practicing what I preach

  213. Aleisha C

    I love the idea of giving my students a note to say how hard they worked, it’s not always about the finished product. Can’t wait to use this in my class

  214. Jennifer G

    Great! Thanks!

  215. Life in the Math Lane 

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to use these!

  216. Cheryl K

    I am looking forward to encouraging my third graders with your cute notes. Thank you

  217. Laura M A

    Implementing the growth mindset approach in my room is very important to me. I love that these notes can be prepared ahead of time which allows me to provide more immediate feedback.

  218. Mellisa S

    Great notes to hand out to students – very easy to use just print, cut, and go. Thank you!

  219. Tara F

    Can’t wait to print and start using these with my kiddos! Thank you!

  220. Lauren S

    Can’t wait to use these! We have been trying to help our students see the benefits of a growth mindset.

  221. Kassey E

    I am excited to use these as I teach and encourage my students to have a growth mindset! Thank you!

  222. Heather N

    I am eager to hand these out to my students this year.

  223. Jeanne K

    Love these! Can’t wait to use them with my students!

  224. Anna G

    Love these notes! I can’t wait to give them to my students. I love the variety of sayings and images. Thanks for a great product!

  225. Christina G

    Can’t wait to try these out in my class this year!

  226. Amber C

    My kiddos loved their back to school notes!

  227. Busy B’s Work 

    My students love getting this feedback!

  228. Jennifer E

    Love these! Can’t wait to use them!

  229. Latisha R

    Love these notes and can’t wait to use them this year! Thanks!

  230. Elizabeth H

    These cards are a big hit! The students love receiving one!

  231. Debra L

    Love how easy this makes giving concrete awards:)

  232. Ixtchel Olalde 

    definitely helped to build classroom mindset for success…

  233. Ixtchel Olalde 

    definitely helped to build classroom mindset for success…

  234. A Reading Teacher 

    These go with how I am remaking my class enviornment this year. Thank you!

  235. Susan C

    This has made it so much easier to recognie my students when they show a growth mindset! They love it!

  236. Beth F

    So excited to use this to help my scholars with the growth mindset!

  237. Cathleen I

    exactly what i was looking for.

  238. Michell T

    Thank you for making my life easier.

  239. Renee W

    I’m enjoying using the growth mindset ideas!!

  240. Whitney C

    These are AWESOME and a great way to promote growth mindset in the classroom!!! 🙂

  241. Heather D

    Excited to leave these notes on my kiddos desks throughout the day!

  242. Rachel H

    These will be motivating for my students.

  243. Christopher H

    The students love to receive these notes. What a fabulous resource!

  244. Magical Muggle Learners 

    These are awesome notes that I plan on using with my students as we learn about growth mind set this year! Thank you!

  245. Cathy Hoyd 

    Can’t wait to use these resources in my classroom!

  246. Alexandra Semyanko 


  247. Beth L

    I love it!

  248. Elizabeth D

    Very useful!

  249. Beth Grenert 

    A good way to encourage your students!

  250. Brittney S

    These will brighten the students’ days. Thank you!

  251. Audrey’s Academic Tools 

    I’m excited to use these with my students this year!

  252. Panda Pirate Teacher 

    Just started using growth mindset in my class this year. This will go great with it. Thanks!

  253. Allison D

    My kiddos are working really hard to get one of these through the day!

  254. Lynne L

    Love the positive mindset and reinforcement opportunity!

  255. Sarah M

    Used these last spring as inspirational motivation for my students K-6 before our big assessments! The kids couldn’t stop talking about receiving such a “cool” note! Thanks for sharing!

  256. Kathleen D

    I cannot wait to use this! Thank you.

  257. Learn Grow Inspire 

    This is such a great idea! Thanks!

  258. TERESA V

    I love these positive, encouraging notes for my students. There is a note appropriate for every type of learner in my room. I appreciate that you created this resource with all students in mind. Thank you for sharing!

  259. Mary Ann P

    A great resource to help instill the Growth Mindset

  260. Courtney O

    I’ve already given out a few of these cards!! My students faces…priceless!! Thank you for this great resource.

  261. Cheri C

    Thanks, just what I was looking for:)

  262. Starkisha J

    Great motivator

  263. Kim N

    My students love getting these!

  264. beverly kerr 

    I love being positive with my kids and this has been a great addition to my class environment.

  265. Glitter and Glam  

    I can’t wait to use these this year! I think it will help me to keep the growth mindset mentality alive.

  266. Jessica S

    I love these colorful and creative notes almost as much as my kids love receiving them. What great confidence builders!

  267. Jenn P

    Great to hand out at the end of the day as rewards. Nice and colorful, good messages!

  268. Maria A G

    These are helping us with the continued implementation of growth mindset. Students love receiving a positive note.

  269. Miss Rinehart’s Classroom 

    I can’t wait to use these with my students!

  270. Von danielson 

    Can’t wait to try this out with my kiddos!

  271. Tamara Konya 

    I can’t wait to use these with my kiddos! I teach intervention and these will come in handy! Thank you!

  272. Laura V

    Nice Job! Thank you!

  273. Chelsea G

    I’m very excited to use this to encourage and support growth mindset in my classroom! So many messages and it’s nice to have the option to print in color or black and white.

  274. kelley F

    This is exactly what I needed for my classroom! My student’s need to know when I’ve noticed them trying or doing something hard and with me being so scatterbrained, this quick and simple note helps them know that I have! Thanks!

  275. Eileen T

    Eye catching compliments!

  276. Sarah Payne 

    A simple way to acknowledge great work! Kids love to receive them as well!

  277. Angela D

    Cannot WAIT to start giving these out to my kids!

  278. Amy Albrecht 

    Easy to use and great for motivation.

  279. kathy G

    Thanks for sharing! Kids will love them!

  280. Jenice B W

    These great I am using them in my class to encourage my students

  281. First In Asia W

    Very positive!

  282. Heather R

    Always looking for ways to encourage growth!

  283. Dionnette S

    Excellent product and cute notes for encouragement.

  284. Rosemary R

    Beautiful sayings to encourage kids.

  285. Dominique N

    This was wonderful for my student who gives up every time something gets difficult. Thank you for creating these cards!

  286. Mrs Speech 

    Great idea, thank you!

  287. Rose M

    good resource

  288. Deborah M


  289. Chris’s Common Core 

    So positive!

  290. Educationally Yours 

    A great way to motivate my students to the fullest. Thank you!

  291. Susan Wagner 

    I’m looking forward to adding this to our Growth Mindset resources.

  292. Lauren B

    Great reminders for Growth Mindset!

  293. karen V

    I am giving these out to students at random and they love them!

  294. Suzanne K


  295. Nicole S

    These are so cute and really focus on effort rather than performance.

  296. Carla W


  297. Christiane Dalton 

    Colorful and creative! Thank you for this great resource!

  298. JoAnn M

    My kids love getting these in their mailboxes- thanks

  299. Laura W

    I love these

  300. Staci Meek 

    My students love these!

  301. jennifer J

    My kids LOVE receiving these notes!

  302. Christina S

    I love these! The students and parents do too!

  303. Theresa L

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