Interest Inventory and Rating Scale Activities for Elementary Students


200 reviews

This interest inventory for students is perfect for counselors or teachers who want to connect with their students on a deeper level. It is ideal for any subject area and would be particularly useful for a counselor working who wants to get to their students.

Delivery Method: Instant Digital Download 

Pages: 37 PDF pages + Google Slides


Getting to Know You Activities Interest Inventory for Students BUNDLE:

This interest inventory for students is perfect for counselors or teachers who want to connect with their students on a deeper level. It is perfect for any subject area and would be particularly useful for a counselor working with small groups or for teachers who want to get to know their students via distance learning.

You will find various topics and subject areas in this file.

The following interest inventories and rating scales for students are included:

  • Reading Interest Inventory
  • Writing Interest Inventory
  • Math Interest Inventory
  • Science Interest Inventory
  • Social Studies Interest Inventory
  • Art Interest Inventory
  • Music Interest Inventory
  • Health and PE Interest Inventory
  • Get to Know ME!
  • At Home Inventory
  • My Brain and Learning
  • Rating Scale: Feelings
  • Rating Scale: Character Traits
  • Rating Scale: School
  • Rating Scale: Learning
  • Rating Scale: Friends
  • The Things I Love…
  • Four Important Things

Please take a look at the preview for more information. Have questions? Please email me at [email protected].


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 37 pages + Google Slides™.

200 reviews for Interest Inventory and Rating Scale Activities for Elementary Students

Based on 200 reviews
  1. SY

    Shirlie Y

    Very helpful resource in getting to know my students’ learning preferences and attitudes!

  2. MS

    Melissa S

    this was just what I was looking for!

  3. KH

    Kathy H

    Just what I was looking for!

  4. BB

    bryna B

    Excellent Resource

  5. MF

    m F

    Fun product

  6. AR

    Allison R

    Engaging survey’s that students understood!

  7. SP

    Stephanie P

    New to 1st grade. Reflecting after the holiday break made me realized that I needed to get to know my students more. Purchased this project because of the area of surveys. It is wonderful!

  8. SS

    Shelton’s Shoestring Operation 

    Excited to use this in class and while tutoring! Thanks!

  9. AN

    Anne N

    It was a great resource for me!

  10. SB


    I loved this! Great resource!

  11. FP

    Frank P

    Just used it with my class and it went very well.

  12. MF

    Miranda Fernandes 

    awesome resource

  13. PK

    Pamela K

    While these inventories are amazing and perfect for in person learning and to store in a digital teacher space, this is not exactly what I was hoping for as far as being able to be used for remote learning in Google Classroom. The digital portion is the blackline copies in individual Google slides. Older students could probably make use of them in a digital format, but it would take some tweaking. I will love using them when my in person learning returns and I can give each student a hard copy.

  14. KT

    Kayla Thomas 

    Love this! It has so many questions to really get to know each student.

  15. WB

    Wendy B

    This is amazing and wa a perfect way for me to get a quick look at my kids’ thoughts and feelings.

  16. TS

    The Sped Satchel 

    This was great and very informative for me as I get to know my new students.

  17. TD

    Tylene D

    The virtual version of this is SO COOL. I was concerned with my 3rd graders knowing what to do and how to mark each thing. But the way the google slides are set up make it super easy to use! I plan to use the physical copy of this with my students that are in person and the virtual with those that are 100% virtual. I have never been more excited with a purchase I made of TPT. There was a ton of work put into this resource and I think my students are going to have a great time with this next week.

  18. LK

    Lauren Kile 

    Great and easy with Google!

  19. JA

    julie A

    Excellent getting to know you inventory

  20. JS

    Jessica Shepherd 

    This resource was easy to use.

  21. MP

    Megan P

    This is exactly what I was looking for! The combination of dragging and dropping along with typing answers is great for students to practice navigating Google Slides. The variety of inventories also allows for lots of great information and insight into my students. Thank you!

  22. TP

    Tara P

    Great way to gather information on students’ interests!

  23. HH

    Hillary H

    I needed a digital option for interest inventories to accommodate the few students I have that are currently virtual. These were perfect for both in-class and virtual students!

  24. PF

    Patricia F

    Great way for me to get to know my eLearners.

  25. AF

    Adapted for Sped 

    Loved this resource!

  26. ED

    Emily D

    It provided me with lots of information about my students.

  27. ED

    Elizabeth D

    Great way to get to know your students!

  28. EE

    Erin Elliott 

    This was a great way to know more about students during distance learning. They were quick and easy to use.

  29. KM

    Kathleen M

    Perfect way to get to know my kiddos especially through distance learning!

  30. KC

    Kristi C

    Too simplistic for my kids in high school.

  31. JT

    Just Teacher Thoughts 

    I loved using this resource to gauge students reading interests for my reading intervention students.

  32. AI

    Adventures in EBD 

    Excellent back to school activity when we were fully virtual. Thanks!

  33. HH

    Heather H

    Wonderful way to get to know my students better!

  34. ML

    Maureen L

    This was a nice way to get to know about the new students in my class.

  35. JF

    Jordyn F

    Love using these with my kids…just wish they were in like Google Forms or another editable resource

  36. BM

    Brenda Miller 

    Great resource. It helped me get to know my students, and how they best like to learn math since we began the year with distance learning.

  37. JZ

    Jodi Z

    I used multiple forms to get to know my students at the beginning of the school year. They were engaged and it helped me learn their likes and dislikes. I will be using this every year for sure!

  38. MW

    Melissa W

    This helped me plan lessons for a 3-5 class. This was outside my normal teaching so I really appreciated knowing what they were into.

  39. CS

    Courtney S

    This is great to gain insight from students! Also for evaluations!

  40. WM

    Whitney M

    I am a substantially separate teacher at the middle school level. This was a nice, accessible way to start to get to know my students, especially my new 6th graders.

  41. PR

    Patricia R

    Great for the first week of school! Thank you!

  42. AS

    Amanda S

    Easy to use inventories for all levels.

  43. AF

    ashley F

    Engaging and easy to use! Thank you!

  44. AG

    Ashley Guerrero – HeyAshleyG 

    Thank you!!

  45. IS

    India S

    A great way to get to know students!

  46. CG

    Corinna G

    An awesome resource for my special education elementary students who are categorized with emotional disturbances!

    Thank you xoxoxo.

  47. JJ

    Jessica J

    These are fabulous!!

  48. SP

    Staci P

    Used this with my 4th/5th grade class. Students liked being asked about themselves.

  49. KF

    kimberly fink 

    Good for start of the year distance learning

  50. KM

    Kim M

    I used this at the beginning of the year as a get to know me activity. It was SOOO easy to use online and the kids had a blast!

  51. EL

    Elizabeth L

    I will be having several of the same students when the year begins, whether that is in person or online, and I will also have kiddos I have never met! These inventories are a great way to get to know the new ones as well as see how well my perception of the returning students stacks up to their perspective on themselves as learners.

  52. AF


    Very helpful and informative!

  53. AM

    Amberlie M

    Love the variety of interest inventories included with this resource!

  54. PL

    Paul L

    A very creative resource.

  55. JP

    Janelle Pegram Glitter and Gold Teaching  

    Thank you so much! I loved using this resource with my 5th grade remote students.

  56. MJ

    Mary J

    I love how this product let me get to know my students.

  57. SE

    S Ellen F

    This resource was so helpful in getting to know my students, thank you very much!

  58. LW

    Linda W

    This was great for getting to know my new group of kids and I used the information to help write student IEPS.

  59. KS

    Kimberly Sellers 

    This is a great resource to have on hand and use year after year. I like that there are a few inventories about character and feelings. These can be used in classroom guidance lessons or with individuals; you can even use it as a pre/post measure to collect data.

  60. AS

    Amy S

    Great resource to get to know your students!

  61. JC

    Jessica C

    This was a user-friendly resource that met the standards and was used during hybrid teaching.

  62. BS

    Britney S

    This was a great way to get to know my new students at the beginning of the year.

  63. AL

    Alyssa L

    I like all the ideas, but had to do some adapting for my first-graders. Overall, easy to adapt though!

  64. LG

    Lauren G

    This is a great resource, I’m so glad I’ve come across it. Thank you!

  65. OS

    Oh So Digital Classroom 

    This was a wonderful way to get to know how my students felt about themselves overall and their academics.

  66. MC

    Madison Comer 

    Love this resource.

  67. SN

    Shannon N

    This was exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  68. DM

    Deanne M

    This resource really helped me get to know my students better

  69. JF

    Jessica F

    Great beginning of the year activity! Love that they are subject specific. Thanks!

  70. JH

    Jennifer Haile 

    These interest inventories were beneficial in helping me plan instruction for my class and to quickly understand my students and their interests.

  71. LP

    Leila P

    My students loved completing the surveys, because they could voice their interests, strengths, challenges, and feelings concerning all aspects of school life in an organized way. I love the surveys, because I now have genuine data to use when planning differentiated instruction that engages students. Thanks to the creators of this high-quality, comprehensive resource.

  72. JB

    J B

    Provided great insight and students enjoyed the different slide formats

  73. AB

    Anne B

    Great resource 🙂

  74. AW

    Amy W

    Great product!!

  75. BH

    Brittany H

    Great for the first day/week. These inventories really help me get to know my students and their interest. The students really enjoyed completing them also. I also LOVE the digital version.

  76. MD

    Melissa D

    This is great! Thank you so much!

  77. SB

    Sara B

    Great resources

  78. CH

    Casey H

    I love the simplicity of these interest inventories. My students love the emojis!

  79. JQ

    judith Q


  80. TA

    tracy A

    This was very helpful! Thank you for all your hard work!

  81. LD

    LaTasha D

    My students LOVED the interest surveys! They were engaging, easy to read, and great information for me to look on as I plan for my students. I am extremely happy I purchased these interest surveys! I will be using them again toward the middle and then the end and comparing. Great resource!

  82. DK

    Danielle K

    I loved that this resource gave me a snapshot for where my students were at the beginning of the school year!

  83. M


    These are so great to use with students at the beginning of the year!

  84. AS

    Amanda S

    Very helpful

  85. VT

    Vanessa T

    Every teacher must-have for getting to know their students. Love these surveys and my students love filling them out. Thank you!

  86. TH

    Tonia H

    Very easy to use and student friendly. Easy resource to use to collect great information.

  87. MK

    Megan K

    It was a great resource for my students and they loved it.

  88. JB

    Janice B

    I like it, but I would suggest for 3rd or 4th grade and above. My 2nd graders needed something with simpler vocabulary.

  89. JB

    Jennifer B

    My students loved this resource!! Thank you so much!

  90. KK

    Kelsie Kloos 

    This was perfect to use at the beginning of the year with my students. I found it very helpful to gauge their interest on different topics.

  91. RS

    Rebecca St Albord 

    These surveys cover everything you could ever want to know about your students! Very helpful in collecting information from students to help maximize your lesson planning.

  92. JA

    Jessica A

    My students enjoyed filling these out for a variety of subjects!

  93. RT

    Rachel T

    Great way to learn more about my students 🙂

  94. TF

    Tracy F

    The kids loved doing these

  95. AC

    Anne C

    My students and I loved learning about each other with the reading and math inventories. It gave me a glimpse into their home lives too.

  96. TW

    Teaching with Heart Store 

    These are perfect! Thank you!

  97. JS

    Jena S

    Great, thank you!

  98. SH

    Sheila H

    Great way to start the year.

  99. KC

    Karla C

    Easy to use, easy to understand.

  100. JS

    Jennifer S

    In my experience, a good portion of students dread inventories because of the amount of writing required. I found that students were more enthusiastic about responding to these inventories because they didn’t have to write and explain themselves for every question. I also think the types of questions are well done, too.

  101. M


    This was a fantastic resource! Very well made and was just perfect! Kids definitely enjoyed this and I will use it again and again!

  102. TW

    Teaching with Positivitea 

    This really helped me find out more about my students interests. I do one at the beginning of the year and midway as interests may change!

  103. MP

    Melanie P

    I LOVE using interest inventories with my students. Great Resource!!

  104. TG

    Tonya Germany 


  105. CR

    Chondra Russell 

    These student inventory pages were perfect for the grade level that I teach.

  106. JB

    Julie B

    As a teacher I like to get an idea of what my students like.

  107. AS

    A Savage Classroom 

    This resource was SO helpful for my students, and making their learning more accessible. It is greatly appreciated!!

  108. MB

    Mandy B

    This is a fantastic resource to find out how and where my students fall in their interests. It is easy to print or to assign online.

  109. RE

    robin E

    Love this for getting to know my students for their IEP and instruction!

  110. CJ

    Colleen J

    My students were able to tell me a lot about themselves through these interest inventories. Love them!

  111. JM

    Jennifer M

    I have used these with several different grades and it has helped with coming up with extension menus for homeroom teachers!

  112. MB

    Michael B

    Awesome resource!! Thank you!! 🙂

  113. RA

    Rachel A

    Great resource

  114. LR

    Lisa R

    These were perfect for me to get to know my students.

  115. MM

    Michelle McDaniel 

    Great resource to start the year. Love that there is a lot of variety within this one bundle.

  116. MM

    Maria M

    This was so helpful in learning more about my students. Thank you for a great resource!

  117. TL

    Tracey Lake 

    This was a great way to get to know my students.

  118. AD

    Alanna D

    Perfect – just what I was looking for! Thank you!

  119. FH

    Frances H

    My students loved using this resource!

  120. AS

    Amanda S

    great resource

  121. SM

    Shelby Marchal 

    Love it!

  122. HV

    Heather V

    Working on the knowledge of students section of our teacher rubrics for my focused observation. These inventory surveys allowed me to efficiently get to know my students better. I will be using these to help plan my lessons. Truly so helpful!!

  123. ML

    Meghan L


  124. MG

    Ms G’s Materials 

    Great resource to use!

  125. CT

    Crunch Time Teaching with Mrs B 

    Thank you for your resource it was well used and wonderful for my students!

  126. AM

    Ashley Mefford 

    Very good resource! My students love it!

  127. AM

    Ashlee M

    Great to help students share their feelings and interests about different subjects.

  128. MT

    Monica T

    Great to use at the beginning of the school year.

  129. SP

    Sheila Parrott 

    Thank you.

  130. AS

    Amy Summers 

    Very helpful for beginning of the year.

  131. SR

    Stephanie R

    Great for getting a feeling of subjects your students feel confident in!

  132. JL

    Jessica L

    This is prefect with so many different uses to learn so many things about my class this fall! Thank you!

  133. DC

    Danielle C

    Excellent resource! Thank you for creating/sharing!

  134. CF

    Chere F

    I love using these at the start of the school year as well as for Fall parent conferences. Thanks for the great, easy to use, resource!

  135. EB

    Epiphany Brown 

    Awesome! This really helps to know what your students are interest in.

  136. RC

    Rebekah C

    Great resource! Thank you!

  137. CK

    Creating Kind Kids 

    Great inventory!

  138. FT

    For the Love of Library 

    Very helpful, thank you!

  139. CH

    Cherish H

    This is a fun way to get to know students!

  140. MM

    Mere Mack 

    Great resource.

  141. CW

    Cassandra W

    Good resource to get to know my students.

  142. MS

    Melissa Santos 

    Thank you! Just what I needed!

  143. KW

    Kimberly W

    This was a quick and easy resource to use during the first weeks of school. I loved that it was so simple and the students enjoyed filling out the forms. Win/Win!

  144. MJ

    Mary Jane B

    Such a great variety of get to know you surveys for the beginning of the year!

  145. TT

    Teaching Tiny Tigers 

    Very useful! Thank you!

  146. PB

    Pat B

    This is a great resource. Thanks very much!

  147. TS

    taylor simmons 

    Loved this resource

  148. HM

    Heather M

    We used these to get to know some of our students who were struggling with motivation or behavior.

  149. MS

    Melanie Sizemore 

    These are great and cover so many topics. Great way to learn about the kiddos.

  150. LI

    Lauren Iacovone 

    Great resource!

  151. HZ

    Heather Z

    Thank you

  152. VB

    Vicki B

    Well-thought out surveys that make sense to littles. I got real information from each one I used.

  153. MW

    Mallory W

    Great designs! Easy to use! My students enjoyed sharing their information with me.

  154. T


    Great resource!

  155. AT

    Amanda T

    This resource is easy to read through, fun, and enticing! It greatly helps getting to know your students in a more detailed manner. Thank you!

  156. JC

    Jalisa’s Classroom Creations 

    Thank you!

  157. T9

    The 9th Inning Teacher 

    Excellent resource!

  158. SS

    Sherron S

    Love this resource. I like that all subject inventories are included. One stop shop.

  159. AM

    Amanda M

    Great resource to learn a little more about my kiddos and their interest.

  160. MR

    Megan R

    Great resource. Thank you for creating and sharing.

  161. NS

    Nicole Stallman 

    Print and go interest inventories on every topic you could think of!

  162. HC

    Halley C

    This is a great resource and was easy to use.

  163. AA

    Ailish A

    Great way to find out my kiddos likes and dislikes.

  164. AM

    Asia M

    I appreciate that this resource has a survey for every content area. This allows me to use the surveys year after year even if I change content areas.

  165. EA

    Erica A

    This was a great product to help me better understand my students and their preferences towards each subject. It also helped me understanding there learning styles.

  166. SI

    Shelby in Second 

    Loved this resource!!!

  167. 6S

    6th Sense 

    Great resource, thanks!

  168. KG

    Keri G

    Great resource! I love the thoroughness of it, & I got some great (& some very interesting) responses!

  169. ZA

    Zaid A

    I love this resource for my students. Very engaging and easy to follow along.

  170. BP

    Bonnie P

    Perfect.Thank you!

  171. FR

    Flourished Roots 

    Easy to use; print and go. Thank you!

  172. HR

    Heather Risley 

    Wonderful resource to get to know your students! Thank you!

  173. HN

    Heather N

    Great resource to use for helping me to get to know my students and their feelings about math. I teach math and science, and I want them to learn to love both if they don’t already! Thank you.

  174. AT

    Annalise T


  175. JW

    Jana Wood 


  176. SG

    Stacy G

    Great. Thank you.

  177. LW

    Learning with Loring 

    These are great for collecting data and helping me get to know my students!

  178. KS

    Kristen S

    Great resource to help me get to know my students!

  179. VD

    Victoria D

    Great! Thank you!

  180. MM

    Middle Math Mindset 

    Very engaging and user friendly.

  181. CI

    Caroline Inman 

    This was a fantastic resource with a lot of variety. I used this as a step in getting to know each of my students at the beginning of the year.

  182. KK

    Kristin K

    This was a great resource for me to get to know the students in my Intervention groups.

  183. CW

    Cynthia W

    Helped me get a feel of what reading books my kiddos loved!

  184. TW

    Tara W

    Great and specific interest surveys. Used to find out more about my TAG students at the beginning of the school year.

  185. JH

    Jessica H

    Loved using this at the beginning of the year to get to know my students. Good variety of questions and topics!

  186. SJ

    Sarah Johnson 

    i loved using this resource during back to school time!

  187. TH

    Tamra H

    These surveys allowed me to learn about my students at the beginning of the school. I like how easy it was to complete and was extremely thorough. Thank you!

  188. KY

    Kathryn Y

    Thank you for this wonderful resource! My students really enjoyed it!

  189. MM

    Ms Mel  

    Great way to learn about my students and their interest

  190. DD

    Danee D

    We are always in need of inventories and ways to self reflect. Also, for us to help students set future transition goals. Thank you, great resource.

  191. KM

    Kristen M

    This resource provided me with great insight into how my students viewed their learning styles and how I can improve my teaching practices based on their responses. Thank you for this resource!

  192. SG

    S Gordon 

    This was a great beginning of the year resource to use with 5th graders.

  193. JT

    Jessica T

    These were just what I needed to interview a small group of EL students I am tutoring in my school. Thank you!

  194. NM

    Noeleen M

    All students love this and this was a time saver. Awesome, thank you.

  195. TB

    The Bookish Apple 

    Loved this resources! My students truly enjoyed it!

  196. SP

    Safari Park Science 

    Used this with my advisory group to get to know them better. Super helpful! Great resource!

  197. PB

    Patricia Bolding 

    My students really loved sharing about themselves. Plus, it gave me valuable information!

  198. TW

    Teaching with Turney 

    At my school, we have to spend the entire first week getting to know our students and come up with activities. I was struggling with finding items for the entire week, and these helped me so much! Plus, it gives my students the opportunity to let me know things about themselves that they might not feel comfortable sharing in an ice breaker activity.

  199. AR

    Alex R

    A great resource for all. I highly recommend this product.

  200. CF

    Cassidy F

    Super helpful to use at the beginning of the year to get to know students. Students liked being able to color in the smiley faces.

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