Similes and Metaphors Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets Activities


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This simile and metaphor task cards, anchor charts, and worksheets activities pack was created for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. You can use it for whole-class figurative language instruction, literacy stations or centers, or in small groups.

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Pages: 36 PDF pages + Google Options

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Similes and Metaphors Task Cards and Worksheets Activities:

This simile and metaphor task cards, anchor charts, and worksheets activities pack was created for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

You can use it for whole-class figurative language instruction, literacy stations or centers, or in small groups as an introductory lesson or review. The anchor charts will help students understand the differences between similes and metaphors.

This figurative langauge task cards activity includes the following:

  • Four instructional sheets
  • 36 task cards with varying student requirements
  • A task card answer sheet
  • Task card answer key
  • Three worksheets (answers on the worksheets will vary)


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 36 pages + Google Slides and Google Forms.

462 reviews for Similes and Metaphors Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets Activities

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  1. Masters in Third 

    Loved the last page used to create their own similies!

  2. Jennifer B

    My kids loved this!

  3. Colleen H

    Can’t wait to use the task cards!

  4. Lanetta S


  5. Katherine L C

    very useful

  6. Courtney D

    Really cute resource–my students will be so excited to use it!

  7. Stacy P

    Love the task cards! Great resource to use in centers!

  8. Morgan J

    I will be reading a book soon with one of my groups that is full of similes and metaphors. This will be a great preview to what these two figurative language components mean

  9. The Speech Meadow 

    These are very useful and helpful. Thanks!

  10. Caridi D

    Fun resource

  11. Lori L

    a fun way for my students to learn thank you

  12. Alexandra L

    I am so excited to use these with my students in small groups!

  13. mrswolfteacher 

    So many wonderful task cards and activities to be used, I am having a hard time deciding where to begin:) Thank you for creating all of these amazing simile and metaphor materials.

  14. Ronda S

    Great product! Love the graphics!

  15. Brandy Pelletier 

    Great task cards!

  16. Jen Gentzler 

    I purchased a bunch of your items… I’m going to be busy this weekend planning what to use! awesome stuff!

  17. Fay S

    Great stuff the kids love it

  18. Susan M

    Great activities! I used these in my center activities.

  19. Cynthia L

    Love these. They are very beneficial when reviewing after teaching the concept with our reading program.

  20. Melissa S

    Thanks. My kids enjoyed the task cards.

  21. Michele V

    Great resource for our figurative language unit!

  22. Jody C

    this really came in handy! Thanks!

  23. Kassidy W


  24. Suzie B

    Just what I needed to help my ELL’s

  25. Angela Waldrop 

    Great activity !

  26. Brittany Beasley  

    Great addition to my lessons on similes and metaphors!

  27. Danielle A

    It’s always a challenge to find fun activities related to figurative language. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Jillian Zorn 

    These made great entrance and exit slips! Thank you!

  29. Andrea H

    Excellent! Thank you!

  30. Sandra U

    A great comprehensive lesson on similes and metaphors!

  31. Bookshelf Companion 

    This is a great resource without being to overwhelming.

  32. kim M

    Very well thought out. Thank you. Easy to use. Will use many times.

  33. kim M

    Very well thought out. Thank you. Easy to use. Will use many times.

  34. Melissa G

    Great resource! Thanks!

  35. Lisa M

    Love it!! THX!

  36. Lori E

    Great activity for the week

  37. Amber Shelley 

    I have purchased several of these packs and absolutely love them! Thank you

  38. Ms Y A S

    Thank you – super resource.

  39. Laura Z

    terrific and engaging

  40. Melanie T

    Great thank you!

  41. Kaitlin Kisela  

    I hung these task cards around my room and my students did a “scavenger hunt” to complete the assignment. They LOVED it! Thank you so much!

  42. BRENDA S

    Love the task cards and activities. Nice variety!

  43. Mary Jane W

    Kids loved this. Thanks.

  44. Sarah W

    Great review activities!

  45. Diane W

    Great activity for centers!

  46. Hana B

    My fourth graders are loving this unit, thank you!

  47. Instructional Renovator  

    awesome station activity

  48. Kathy G

    Great product. The students love it!

  49. Myra S

    My 5th graders love these! Thanks so much!

  50. Mrs Six 

    Excellent for my literacy groups.

  51. Carol C

    Looking forward to using this with my fourth graders

  52. Toi B

    Alot of fun and engaging.

  53. Toi B

    Alot of fun and engaging.

  54. Renee V

    I love the whole series! It’s exactly what I needed to add some fun to learning! Thanks for your hard work!

  55. Janet M

    Thanks so much.

  56. Alyssa Schuetze 

    Fun to use! Thanks!

  57. Shellye M

    Just what I was looking for! Very helpful! Thank you!

  58. Wright Way Learning  

    A favorite!

  59. Deanna D

    Awesome product my kids loved using this package in class

  60. MrsPriceisRight 

    This was very useful.

  61. Organize and Educate 

    Awesome comparison activity for similes and metaphors. Thank you! I love the simile and metaphor posters as well– I displayed them both at the center.

  62. Annette C

    Wonderful resource

  63. Molly Peterson 

    Another great resource!

  64. Roger V

    perfect for what I needed.

  65. Christine A

    Great reinforcing activity. Thanks.

  66. Kristin L

    I used these task cards in a center. The students loved them! Thank you!

  67. Heather F

    perfect for our home school, thanks

  68. Brenda S

    Task cards are a great addition to my unit!

  69. Jennifer K

    Great resource!!

  70. Beverly S


  71. Susannah M

    my kids loved this I never printed out the cards, I just project them and have the kids use whiteboards they mark an S or an M and hold up the boards

  72. Monica Rogers 

    Great! Thanks so much!

  73. CharismaticCandice 

    My students love learning about figurative language, so this was great

  74. Timothy F

    great activity

  75. Daisy Chain 

    Excellent resource, very comprehensive. Thanks!

  76. Molly Frye 

    Great product

  77. Positively Posch in Fourth 

    These were great, thanks!

  78. Kelsey K

    This was an awesome resource for my students!

  79. Rachel Ward 

    good product

  80. Kristi D


  81. Donna M

    I am very pleased with everything I purchased from your store! Thank you for creative, colorful, USEFUL resources!:)

  82. Jodi W

    Fun addition to my language centres!

  83. Katherine B

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  84. Jennifer S

    Thank you for this resource.

  85. Joyce B

    Love your literary cards.

  86. My Style of Learning 

    I used this with my 5th graders to get them up and moving in class. We rotated with the task cards and my students loved it.

  87. Sandi J

    The tasks cards and activities were great! I used a couple of items as assessments and exit slips!

  88. Dionicia R

    thank you

  89. Donna C

    My fourth graders are really enjoying this

  90. Trisha F

    Great skill practice!

  91. Cathy R

    Fun, quick review activity to use during center time. I think I might also use this as a quick classroom game with teams of students.

  92. Stephanie B

    A great tool for the classroom!

  93. Robyn G

    Cute for assessment or just fun practice.

  94. Denise N

    So easy to use in centers! Love this resource!

  95. Nicole H 

    What a great way to reinforce similes and metaphors! My students enjoyed working on these with their partners. Thank you!

  96. Teacher Success Stories 

    Great job!

  97. Bilingual Naty 

    Love it! Great product 🙂

  98. Dena B

    Loved it!

  99. Allison Mandl 

    My students were having some trouble with this topic, and these activities really helped them to understand! Thank you!

  100. Lisa G

    Great product to use with my older students!


    My students have trouble differentiating these 2 figurative language terms. Thanks!

  102. Sallie S

    Very well done! Love this product! You’ve got another follower!

  103. Kathleen R

    Awesome! Love everything about them!

  104. Elena C

    you saved my life with this. I had no time and I needed it. Thanks a lot!!! It is wonderful!

  105. Kelly P

    Super activities

  106. Phonics Resources 

    Loved this. Thank you!

  107. Fiona M

    Students enjoyed this.

  108. scott S

    Love this!!

  109. Catherine H

    Hard concept to teach. Cannot wait to use this resource. Thank you!

  110. From Teach To Speech 

    Just what I was looking for!

  111. Maseyk 

    Great resource. Used them in literacy group rotations. Students were on task.

  112. Katie H

    kiddos loved this!

  113. BlockBuster Tutoring 

    Great spiral review work station activity.

  114. Jenna A

    My students enjoyed these.

  115. Cynthia T

    Perfect for reading and writing centers! Thanks!

  116. Karen L

    Very helpful

  117. Camilla H

    Very thorough.

  118. Deena G

    Just what I was looking for, thanks!

  119. Sarayu M


  120. Shannon R

    Just what I needed!

  121. Joanne C

    well done! Thank you for putting this together

  122. Lisa S

    Great supplemental resource for my students.

  123. Camille Musil 

    This posters are perfect for my classroom! Love the colors! My students look at these often as I am reading aloud. The task cards are a bonus, who doesn’t love those?!

  124. Patricia C

    These are great! I loved using them with my guided reading group. Thank you.

  125. Brenda Rodriguez 

    Simple and great for the classroom! Thank you!

  126. Samantha K


  127. Matthew M

    My kids loved getting up and moving around to do this, and I loved the that there were different styles of questions to keep them on their toes!

  128. Amy J

    Awesome. Thanks.

  129. Ann F

    This is wonderful! Thanks

  130. TINA W

    Perfect addition to my previous station set up. Thanks!

  131. Amy G


  132. Christina W

    loved this!

  133. Teresa N

    Great practice.

  134. Amber M

    Great resource. I will have to check out the other units!

  135. Dory A

    helpful resource

  136. Leanne S

    Great for my 5th graders! Thank you!

  137. Figuring It Out In Fourth 

    My students enjoyed these activities!

  138. Kara Avery 

    thank you for your time on this product!

  139. Aimee T


  140. Teresa Cubbedge 

    Just what I needed

  141. Susan S

    I love when I can use the materials right away. The students enjoyed using the task cards.

  142. Maria M

    Provides some clear examples for kids.

  143. Janie S

    Very helpful resource. Thanks.

  144. Laura D

    Both the students and I love this activity packet! Low prep and good practice for students!

  145. Stephanie B

    Awesome resource.

  146. Amy G

    Loved these task cards for center activity!!!

  147. Martin Speech-Language and Literacy LLC 

    These are perfect for my students that I work with in telepractice. The cards are clear and easy to read. Thank you!

  148. Casey M

    Great product!

  149. Soffia W

    Awesome! Thank you!

  150. Marisol R

    I really like this material a lot. It has great examples for students to understand.

  151. Chris Zacharie 

    Great e

  152. Carla Sexton 

    very creative

  153. Laurie K

    Great for review of similes and metaphors. Kept them engaged.

  154. Angela McFarland 

    Awesome! The students really enjoyed it!

  155. Madison F

    Love it!! Thank you!

  156. L Starett 

    Well liked by kids

  157. Rebekah L

    This has been super helpful! Love it!

  158. Robin A

    Looks amazing, can’t wait to try it!

  159. Amelia S

    Very good product – students thought it was lots of fun

  160. Amelia S

    Very good product – students thought it was lots of fun

  161. Sydney P

    This looks like a great way to review these two concepts, which students often get confused! Thank you!

  162. Rachel C

    Exactly what I was looking for Thank you !

  163. Sandra H

    Used with my 3rd graders!

  164. Jason C

    Great common core resource

  165. Lacy Saxon 

    Great resource 🙂

  166. Tracy T

    Excellent! Thanks!

  167. Payton M

    Great resource, my kids absolutely loved doing the task cards! Just wish there had been more for metaphors, as that is what I bought the packet for.

  168. Payton M

    Great resource, my kids absolutely loved doing the task cards! Just wish there had been more for metaphors, as that is what I bought the packet for.

  169. Angelique Sheehan 

    My students really enjoyed these activities for similes and metaphors.

  170. Steffiny S

    Love using task cards!

  171. Suzanne Sharpe 

    My students are loving using these tasks cards in stations!

  172. Miss Nala 

    Great resource. Thank you.

  173. Nicole L

    These are fantastic! My kids love them 🙂 Thanks

  174. Laura Moyer 

    Thank you for this great resource!

  175. Jill Green 

    This is a very useful activity!

  176. Natasha Cox-Magno 

    Excellent resource

  177. Renee S

    My students loved this activity. Thank you so much.

  178. Megan V

    Great resource.

  179. Corey A

    perfect for centers

  180. Angie H

    Love this!

  181. Diana Chapman 

    Can’t wait to use with my students!

  182. Janice K

    Love this center for my students

  183. Coffee Create Teach Repeat 

    Awesome activity to practice simile and metaphors. My kids love it and are attracted to the creativity and colors!

  184. Alicia S

    Thank you! Love these packets

  185. Amanda M

    Great. Well done

  186. Julio Cesar de Campos Rodrigues 

    Great product! I can’t wait to use it! :0)

  187. HighSchoolWithHyman 

    Similes and Metaphors are always hard for my fourth graders to wrap their heads around. This product really helped them grasp the concept. Thanks!

  188. Rebecca Wall 

    This was an AWESOME place to start with my students.

  189. Brittany V

    This was a great way to review what we had learned in person previously this year. I showed students the anchor charts to view/practice and then they completed the task cards independently.

  190. Brandala C

    We enjoyed these task cards!

  191. Mary the Book Fairy 

    Great resource. THANKS!

  192. chinaron vilayvong 

    What a steal. Thank you for the wonderful resource. I love how you offer hard copy print, google forms or google slides. The quality of the content and how colorful the task cards are is marvelous. My kiddos had a great time practicing their figurative language. Thank you!

  193. Myrtie S

    This really kept my son from getting confused. I love this. Thank you.

  194. Rachael P

    Phenomenal resource that can be used in and out of the classroom!

  195. Megan C

    I love an activity that gets students up and moving, I used this to post around the room and students walked around to record answers.

  196. Mercedes S

    Easy to view items on video

  197. Real World Tech Connections 

    Awesome for distance learning! Thank you!

  198. Kathryn R


  199. Amy S

    Love using this for figurative language with my class. So easy to understand and fun – kids enjoyed it.

  200. Tracey S

    Thanks for an engaging way to practice important skills!

  201. Markia M

    Students often confuse these two comparisons, so this resource allows them to practice their differences and similarities. Having them side by side using similar language helps students make the distinction between the two.

  202. Daphne N

    My students were very engaged while using this resource.

  203. Diva S

    Perfect for deciphering the difference between similes and metaphors. The task cards allows them to practice this skill. Thank you!

  204. Steven S

    An engaging and colourful way for students to revise these often confused concepts.

  205. Kelly J

    This was a great resource that was prepared for me to use right after purchase with distance learning. It made my summer school planning so much easier.

  206. Tracey Lake 

    This was a great resource for my virtual summer school groups!

  207. Christina H

    My students always mix up similes and metaphors, so this was great practice.

  208. Laura Simons 

    Love this digital product and so did my kids.

  209. alicia H

    Great package, love the task cards!!!

  210. Daniela W

    I will use this resources in stations as well as for review.

  211. Teaching Abroad and Beyond 

    Great resource. My kids loved it.

  212. Marianne Vander Veen 

    Love this resource

  213. Holley’s Printables 

    Great D.L resource.

  214. Rachel F

    Great for distance learning and allowed my students to learn in an interactive way on the computer. We reinforced the lesson on a google meet

  215. Stephanie V

    This is a great resource to ensure my students fully comprehended the lesson. Teaching Figurative language can be hard but this product was a great addition! Thank you!

  216. Michele Bright 

    My kids and I loved this resource.

  217. Diane W

    Good review of what we had already learned in class. Students were able to be successful in completing the assignments.

  218. Keri N

    Love this

  219. Shannon Murphy 

    Thanks for the great resource!

  220. Fun in the Fifth  

    Great resource, thanks!

  221. Taylor S

    My students and I really enjoyed this resource. It was engaging and taught them lots of new similes and metaphors that they could use in their writing.

  222. Wendance’s Resources 

    Great activities to work on similes and metaphors. Like how we can use it digitally! Thank you!

  223. Nicole H

    My students love to use task cards, they don’t even realize that they’re learning while doing them because they compete against each other to see who can get the most correct answers. I am excited that the resource is now in digital form as well. I am excited to use this with my students this fall, this time in the digital format. I am happy that I have the resource for in person and online no matter what modality we use this fall.

  224. Alyssa B

    This was terrific to use with Google Classroom! Thank you so much!

  225. Katherine Teague 

    This resource worked great during online learning in the spring, thank you!

  226. Magical Learning with Miss Mindy 

    Love the Google Forms! Thank you!
    Very cute resource.

  227. Jaricha Boswell 

    These activities really gave my scholars a chance to practice these skills in a fun way. We turned ours into a Quiz Show game. We used buzzers and this really got the students engaged.

  228. Jennifer Y

    Perfect resource for the fall when we go back distance learning. The resource is very engaging and the kids will really enjoy it. Highly recommend!

  229. Kayleigh B

    So easy to use and perfect for digital centers!

  230. Amanda D

    Great resource for distance learning.

  231. Sarah Hudson 

    Easy to use and adapt

  232. Jennifer M

    These were fun for my students to review figurative language.

  233. Leanne N

    Very fun way to review skills in class.

  234. SheriAnn M

    Wonderfully engaging activities for students. It keeps the distance learners engaged, which can be a challenge to do.

  235. Staci B

    Worked perfect for distance learning.

  236. Joanne J

    Thank you.

  237. Polly D

    These are very useful! Thank you!

  238. Jose R


  239. craneflowercreativity 

    Amazing resource! So many options to practice each type of figurative language! It was perfect!

  240. The Maen Teacher 

    This product worked perfectly as a synchronous ELA lesson AND an asynchronous practice activity with my 4th graders! The anchor charts provided just enough content to fill a 20 minute, LIVE session but, because they are included as the 1st few slides of the file, my students referenced them frequently when completing the task cards on their own. TY for making remote teaching less stressful!

  241. Alyson M

    My students really enjoyed this resource! It made learning about smilies and metaphors easy-peasy! Thank you!

  242. Jacqueline H

    I was able to adapt the resources for my dyslexia students during distance learning.

  243. Alexcina L

    Always love your products

  244. Bass Shop 

    Great resource for all ages.

  245. Kelsey B

    We just started using this resource! In our personal narratives we are beginning to discuss ways we can bring our writing to life. This pack is going to be so helpful in helping students brainstorm ways they can incorporate both figurative and literal language into their writing!

  246. Courtney W

    This is great! Thank you!!!

  247. Stephanie B

    Love it!

  248. Alfonso M

    Great product to introduce and reinforce learning of figurative language.

  249. Jessica M

    My daughters need extra help with figurative language, so we are working on this. Love these task cards.

  250. Tina L

    Great activities! I also appreciate having print and digital versions included. Thanks!

  251. Amanda C

    I appreciated having these easily accessible as a resource for reviewing these terms with my older students (Grades 7 and 8). It allowed us to start of our units on figurative speech and poetry in a more playful way. It also provided a foundation for students to create their own quizzes to test each other. Thanks for offering this resource!

  252. Adrienne N

    This resource was extremely helpful during our figurative language mini-lessons! The multiple choice options also give students a chance to read through the options before selecting the best or correct answer.

  253. Full Force in 4th 

    My kids LOVED this! It was a great activity for distance learning.

  254. Michelle S

    This has been a wonderful activity for the remote learning environment. Thank you for taking the time to make it. The kids have been really engaged with it.

  255. Julia F


  256. Mary B

    Great virtual resource!

  257. Cynthia A

    Fantastic resource!!!!!

  258. Shannon M

    My students found this resource very fun and enjoyable

  259. Cameron Smith 

    This was such a great tool for helping my students practice with similes and metaphors virtually! They definitely seemed to have a better understanding after using these resources to practice.

  260. Niya J

    Awesome resource!

  261. Michelle G

    I especially loved how the metaphors and similes are compared using the sentence for each example. This REALLY helped some of my struggling students!

  262. Made by TB 

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  263. Jennifer S

    I have enjoyed this entire bundle. I do some of the slides with the students and then assign the others. SUper easy to use and make copies of for the kids:)

  264. Vicki G

    Students struggling with this, and it has helped.

  265. Mary Spina 

    Love it

  266. Diane W

    My students continue to struggle with similes and metaphors and this was a great resource to help them practice. They enjoyed the activities and we are keeping it as a center for them to use once then return to class to continue practicing. Thanks!

  267. Jody M

    These are great with my students!

  268. Kimberly S

    My kids loved learning similes and metaphors with this resource. Thank you for making it!!

  269. Catherine H

    Perfect for test prep!

  270. Tiffany O

    Perfect to reinforce the skill as well as challenging my gifted students.

  271. Sharon L

    Great resource to use as a review or independent practice.
    Love your products!

  272. Tina K

    I didn’t particularly care for the wording of similes and metaphors, so I used my own slide for that. But other than that, the moving of the arrows to show the correct answer was easy for students to do and there were enough slides so that we could discuss answers as a whole group and then some to do independently.

  273. Robin G

    Great reinforcement.

  274. Christine B

    This was great!!

  275. Greg B

    Worked great for our simile and metaphor unit! 🙂

  276. Melissa D

    I turned the cards in this activity into slides to use in Seesaw in 2nd-grade. I read the cards to the students. In Seesaw, there is a recording feature, so I also recorded the text for students who did not attend the virtual classes. I also provided the pages for students to complete. The student response to these cards was that of great praise, like that in the other items I purchased! I was moved to 3rd-grade during the week of Veterans Day, so I plan to use them again, this time in Google Classroom.

    Thank you for this awesome resource, Kirsten!

  277. Terra S

    This is a great resource for distance learning to help with similes and metaphors.

  278. Adriana S

    Love this resource! Can’t wait to use it with my students.

  279. Kari F

    Great resource, thank you.

  280. Ashley Chimahusky 

    Love this! I used it last year in class, and this year virtually- and it was great for both years!! Thank you!

  281. Stacey Shaffer 

    Love this resource!

  282. Beth W

    Extra Reinforcement

  283. Veronica Thornton 

    Enjoyed using this resources to help my students get a better understanding of similes and metaphors.

  284. Kimberly Fisher 

    Very helpful!

  285. Manzana para la maestra 

    I appreciate having low to no prep activities to do with my kids to supplement their remote learning while I am working from home.

  286. Heather M

    This was an excellent resource! The only thing I would wish to change would be the google form to not have so many questions or maybe make a couple of separate google forms for it. Regardless, very happy with the purchase.

  287. TasksAboutTeaching 

    Super helpful for virtual instruction!

  288. Audrey Van Houten-Baker 

    Great resource. Thank you!

  289. Cynthia C

    Perfect for practice or assessment. Thanks!

  290. Brittany Schnellbach 

    I love using this resource with my students.

  291. Tracy A

    I used this resource for students to practice identifying similes and metaphors. Students liked completing the questions and I was able to print it out for them to make corrections. I will use this resource again in the future.

  292. Stephanie Kelso 

    Great resource! I enjoy the anchor charts, examples, task cards, etc. There are a lot of options to help my students with certain concepts. It is also extremely helpful to have a ready to go resource for Google to assign to my students! Such a time saver! Thanks!

  293. Julie G

    I used this activity as a mid unit “review” for my students and as a small group activity with my ELL students. Figurative language is a tricky concept for ELL students and this activity allowed me to differentiate so that I could best meet the needs of everyone in my class. Thank you!

  294. Carrie Y

    Excellent resource!

  295. Angela Titus 

    Thank you for helping me figure out what I needed to review for this concept. It was easy to use with my kids both at home and in person. Great resource and love that is low prep!

  296. The Young Teacher 

    This was a great review for my students!

  297. Kristen Dahlhofer 

    My fourth graders have been working hard to master similes and metaphors. These activities were so helpful and engaging! Thank you!

  298. Tammy O

    This is a great resource to use to review similes and metaphors.

  299. Ixtchel Olalde 

    This was so helpful to make instruction interactive and more engaging

  300. Jaclyn D

    I used this during distance learning. Great practice for students to identify similes and metaphors.

  301. ELwithShadel 

    This has been extremely helpful with learning about Similes and Metaphors.

  302. Kim Carroll 

    This was awesome! Thanks 🙂

  303. Alison M

    These are great to use for individual students. They also work well for tables to work together.

  304. Caitlyn M

    Easy to use

  305. Christy L

    Thank you for such an awesome product!

  306. Niamh’s Resources 

    Brilliant resource! Thank you!

  307. Stephanie S

    Some good stuff included.

  308. Kelly C


  309. Grace C

    So helpful and students enjoyed completing this activity! Thank you!!

  310. It’s Just Speechie 

    Great to use with my students who have figurative language goals.

  311. Stanley C

    Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!

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