The Invisible Boy Activities: Literature Unit Companion


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The Invisible Boy Literature Unit Activities:

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig, is a sweet story about a boy who feels invisible. With the help of a new student and his own courage, The Invisible Boy develops friendships and connections with his classmates.

The Invisible Boy Activities found in this book companion are standards-aligned and include these easy-to-use activities:
  • Read aloud activity and discussion questions (also printed on task cards to create an option for a writing center or small group work)
  • Who? What? When? Where? Why?
  • Vocabulary (an answer key is included for the vocabulary)
  • Brainstorming on a web
  • Various writing exercises and prompts
  • Letter writing
  • An exercise in empathy
  • Author’s purpose


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file contains 35 pages + Google Slides™.

149 reviews for The Invisible Boy Activities: Literature Unit Companion

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  1. TB

    Tammy B

    This is great! Thanks!

  2. TI

    Trekking into a New Learning Adventure 

    Excited to use your resource at the beginning of the year to help my kiddo’s understand how to show empathy for one another!

  3. EL

    Elizabeth L B

    I was not aware of this story! It was a great first week edition to my already tried and true. Thanks!

  4. EG

    Erica Golding 

    Great unit for beginning of second grade!

  5. SS

    Shannon S

    Good lesson for beginning of year!

  6. SS

    Shannon S

    Good lesson for beginning of year!

  7. KM

    Kenna Miller 

    I used this in library. Crumpling Brian gave my students a great visual to how Brian was feeling.

  8. KR

    Karen Racicot 


  9. KR

    Karen Racicot 


  10. JR

    Jody Ranchoux 

    A teacher from another class completed the story and this activity pack together. The students really got into the story and loved quizzing each other 🙂

  11. TW

    Teaching With A Vision  

    Love the story and your unit of study! Thanks!

  12. DM

    Dina Marschke 

    Fabulous activities! My kids loved it!

  13. CM

    christina M

    Know I can count on your resources!

  14. SI

    Stuck in the Middle With You 


  15. LC

    Laura Cone 


  16. AP

    Allison Piepmeier 


  17. RH

    Renee H

    Great Resource to start the year!

  18. LP

    Laura P


  19. CD

    Cindy D

    This was a great unit to begin the year with in 2nd grade! Thanks!

  20. 2G

    2nd Grade is Fabulous  

    Great Unit

  21. JE

    Joanna Eckert 

    Great book and awesome resource. Very appropriate for grades 2 and 3!

  22. JD

    Jessica D

    This unit was a great resource for the start of school! I’ve also decided that I may use some of the pages to revisit empathy throughout the year with my class! Thanks!

  23. SD

    Segu D 


  24. WM

    Whitney M

    This is a high quality product that compliments a really good book. Thank you!

  25. SH

    Sheri Holbrook 

    Very helpful! Thank you !!

  26. CC

    Christine C

    Can’t wait to use it!

  27. RB

    Randy Bland 

    Loved the variety of choices of graphic organizers and the way to ask questions. Also loved her vocabulary. Great stuff!

  28. MG

    Miss Gins 

    Perfect to go along with the book! Thanks!

  29. EJ

    Emily J

    Great resource to use with The Invisible Boy! Thank you!

  30. RK

    racheal K

    Extremely helpful! Thanks so much!

  31. CH

    C Hogan 

    Great resource.

  32. DD

    Denise D

    Great ideas to go along with book!

  33. NC

    Nicole Crum 


  34. HN

    Heatha N

    Love it

  35. TC

    Tonja Combs 

    This is our new first grade anchor text. Was happy to find this resource!

  36. KC

    Koogler Curriculum  

    Wonderful resource!

  37. SD

    Samantha D

    Looking forward to doing this the first week back! Thanks for sharing!

  38. JM

    Jackie M

    I’m looking forward to using this with my 2nd graders this year. Thank you!

  39. TF

    Terri F

    Nice unit!

  40. AR

    Ady R

    OMG! Why didn’t I find this sooner?!! I love the story and the activities are perfect!! I cannot wait to use this with my second graders! What a wonderful way to teach empathy!

  41. AW

    Amy W

    Very useful resources for a highly complex text. The discussion questions are very helpful.

  42. SH

    Susie H

    Nice unit.

  43. SH

    Susie H

    Nice unit.

  44. DW

    Dee W

    I loved this book and the activities!

  45. MG

    Michelle G

    I also used this at the beginning of 2nd grade this year. It is a beautiful unit for a powerful story. Thank you for a wonderful resource!

  46. RS

    Rebecca S

    I love, love, love this book! Thanks!

  47. TM

    Tabatha M

    Thanks for a great resource!

  48. AP

    Alicia P

    Very creative! Many great ideas!!

  49. CM

    Christina M

    Great for my unit on Invisible Boy

  50. MW

    mary W

    love the book and this packet

  51. DL

    DeAnne L


  52. AL

    Alicia Lauria 

    Great character ed lesson

  53. LL

    Laura L S

    Excellent resource.

  54. KG

    Karianne G

    Excellent text to self connections and comprehension activities for little learners.

  55. TR

    Tiffany R

    I used this resource for guidance lesson. Thanks for the great resource!

  56. NO

    nelly O

    hard concept for kindergarten

  57. MH

    Mark Hendon 

    very helpful! thanks!

  58. KM

    Kelly McElroy 

    This was such a great book and resource for it. Thank you

  59. EB

    Elisabeth Brown 

    The discussion questions really allowed the students to truly realize how empathetic they really are with the Invisible Boy

  60. BC

    Brandi Casey 

    I love this book, and this was a great resource to go with it!

  61. KF

    Kimberly F

    Great resource! Love it!

  62. HC

    Haley C

    Loved this lesson!

  63. BO

    Brian O

    Great resource! Thank you!

  64. LM

    Little Minds and Big Dreams 

    This resources is jam has awesome activities to have my students dive deeper into understanding the story!

  65. EW

    Emma Waddell 

    Love this resource!

  66. NP

    Nicholas P


  67. JK

    Jamie K

    Love the story and message it gives. I know the literature unit will be very helpful!

  68. HZ

    Haleigh Zapata 

    Can’t wait to us this on the first week of school!

  69. LB

    Lauren Bright- One Bright Classroom 

    Love this book, thanks for sharing this unit!

  70. AJ

    A J

    Awesome resource with a great book!

  71. LC

    Lisa C

    Great product, my class enjoyed it!

  72. JW

    Jennifer W

    I love this bundle!

  73. LG

    Lisa G

    Love this book, great activities. Thanks!

  74. AP

    Aimee P

    Great resource

  75. AP

    Aimee P

    Great resource

  76. WH

    Wendy Howell 

    Thank you for such a wonderful BOY activity.

  77. HD

    Hannah D

    good pairing with this story

  78. TD

    Tiffany D

    Great resources to go along with a great book!!!!

  79. CS

    Courtney S

    I love this read aloud and am excited to use these activities to accompany it!

  80. E


    Thanks! 🙂

  81. MS

    Marina S

    Thank you!

  82. SM

    Syndle M

    Great resource to go with a great book!

  83. LG

    Laurie G

    Thanks! Needed an extra resource for book.

  84. AR

    Allison R


  85. DC

    Doris C

    great resource

  86. VW

    Valeri W

    Love the variety of activities. Thank you!

  87. TR

    Tawni R


  88. CM

    Chad M

    Loved using this!

  89. SM

    Sarah M

    Very thorough and effective!

  90. PV

    Patsy V

    We love it!!!

  91. KC

    Kent’s Class 


  92. HB

    Heather Burch 

    Great resource

  93. AJ

    Ashley Jackson 

    Great resource for a wonderful story.

  94. SS

    Sabrina Santolalla 

    Excellent resource for the beginning of the year!

  95. MN

    Missy Nichols 

    I love this. I really love the paper plate idea to make a powerful impact.
    I just want to purchase all your other literature packets right now.

  96. TG

    Teach Glitter and Glow 

    This is a great resource to use with the book!

  97. LW

    Lisa W

    Great connection with BC Core Competencies.

  98. LW

    Lisa W

    Great connection with BC Core Competencies.

  99. TB

    Tina Baldwin 

    Love this resource will definitely be using this next year.

  100. CB

    Creations by Ms Li 

    align with the unit

  101. MD

    Megan D

    Thank you for putting this together

  102. BT

    Books That Heal Kids 

    This is a favorite book of mine and I really needed a lesson to go with it. This was great!

  103. RB

    Randall B

    Great resource!

  104. EM

    Elizabeth M

    Great, thanks!

  105. TS

    Tracie S


  106. GJ

    Gina J

    Excellent resource with a powerful message

  107. AB

    Ashley B

    This worked so well at the beginning of the year!

  108. SW

    Shelia W

    Love it!

  109. CE

    Cathy E

    Thank you for a great resource! My 3rd Grade ESL group is all boys, and they LOVED it.

  110. SW

    Sana Waris 

    Great book and great resources to go with it! Great for back to school.

  111. SW

    Sana Waris 

    Great book and great resources to go with it! Great for back to school.

  112. KG

    Kim G

    Great resource for my special education classroom.

  113. JS

    julia S


  114. AP

    Amanda Porter Creations 

    Love it, Thanks!

  115. TS

    Tonya Srader 

    Loved it! Thank you!

  116. DN

    Dawn N

    I love this unit! My students really enjoyed the different activities!

  117. LJ

    Lynnette J

    My students loved using this resource along with reading the book.

  118. MS

    Michelle S 

    This has been one of the best resources for me in the past few weeks. Easy to assign to my students. Thank you!

  119. FI

    Fun In 5th With Ms D 

    Great resource.

  120. KE

    Karen Ekonen 

    I have a mixture of online and face-to-face learners, so it was great to use this one resource for both the first week of school.

  121. DW

    Dianna W

    Great resource for the first few weeks of school. East to use.

  122. DM

    Danielle M


  123. LB

    Lisa B

    Great for SEL

  124. TA

    Teaching and Cardigans 

    Cute and Easy to use

  125. AC

    April C

    Great resource thank you!

  126. AG

    Amy Grout 


  127. LH

    LaTanya H


  128. MF

    Michelle F

    Excellent activities for an excellent book! Thanks!

  129. RH

    Renee H

    This was the perfect resource to supplement our reading unit.

  130. AL

    Angel L

    Used this product with the mentor text and my students loved the story. I will definitely use this again next year.

  131. JL

    Jenny L

    Love this book and will use it every year. This resource is wonderful.

  132. LB

    Latasha B

    Great resource ! Thanks so much ! ?

  133. MD

    Maureen D

    This was very useful!

  134. VT

    Veronica T

    This was a great resource that allowed my students to engage during distance learning.

  135. PJ

    P J

    This is a great resource! Thanks so much:)

  136. DZ

    Dory Zowada 

    My students loved this story and the resources in this packet were very engaging!

  137. TS

    Theresa S

    Such a wonderful, thought provoking resource

  138. KC

    Kate Coleman 

    Great supplement to a great story

  139. KV

    Karie V

    Wonderful activities to go along with a great story.

  140. CB

    Caitlin B

    Love this book and the activities to go with it!

  141. KV

    Kim Vaughan 

    A great resource for the beginning of the year.

  142. DC

    Danielle C

    Excellent resource! Thank you for creating/sharing!

  143. LG

    Lesley G

    I look forward to using this mentor text and this resource again this coming school year.

  144. MB

    Marlayna B

    Great resource for my firsties.

  145. PG

    Patricia G

    Great Back to School Unit!

  146. AG

    Ashli G

    Wonderful resources!

  147. JA

    Jessica A

    Great product. I loved how much is included with the vocabulary and discussion questions.

  148. AA

    Amanda A

    I love this resource! Very helpful and the kids love it!

  149. YO

    Yemisi Ogunbowale

    Love it

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