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Figurative language can be so much fun to learn! There are so many different types and examples that can be really funny. Figurative language can also be really hard to learn! There is very specific vocabulary and it can be easy to get it all confused. Students need examples that appeal to their interests. By providing interesting examples they will be engaged and focused. They will be ready to work through any confusion. Personification is such a fun topic to teach. You can teach them personification example sentences to make learning fun! Students are often smiling, laughing, and sharing their own once they understand the concept! 


What is personification?

Personification occurs when an idea or thing is given humanistic qualities or feelings. It treats an object as if it were actually a human. Personification helps bring items alive by giving them life. By giving students a personification example sentence, it can help them understand something deeper since they can connect with human behaviors and emotions. 

How Can Personification Relate to Students? 

Personification offers so many ways to connect to students. Building in connection and student interest is one of the most important aspects teachers can include in lessons. This is due to the fact that when children are engaged, they are more interested in the topic. When they are interested, they are focused and learning on a deeper level. Luckily, personification examples can be made for endless topics. This means that every student can take aspects they love, such as gaming or unicorns, and analyze sentences with personification. As they become more comfortable, they can even develop their own sentences! 


What is a personification example sentence?

Since every classroom contains students with all different interests. There are so many great personification examples to include. This can be a great way to learn about all the unique interests students have! 


Sports Themed Personification Example Sentences 

If your students love sports, here are some great examples: 

  1. Personification Sentence: Time sure runs quick when we are on the field.

Example: time runs 

  1. Personification Sentence: The ball jumped out of her hands. 

Example: ball jumped

  1. Personification Sentence: The volleyball screamed as it soared over the net. 

Example: volleyball screamed 

Animal Themed Personification Example Sentences 

If your students love animals, here are some great examples: 

  1. Personification Sentence: The cat danced around the toy mouse before pouncing on it. 

Example: cat danced

  1. Personification Sentence:  The dog patiently sat at the door until she was let outside.

Example: dog being patient

*The dog is given the humanistic characteristics of being patient.  Students may benefit from seeing examples with human traits and not just actions. 

  1. Personification Sentence: The owl studied the book all night to learn the best food to eat.

Example: owl studying a book 

Weather Themed Personification Example Sentences

If your students love the weather, here are some great examples: 

  1. Personification Sentence: The wind gently kissed my cheek as I walked.

Example: wind kissed

  1. Personification Sentence: The moon played hide and seek with the clouds.

Example: moon playing hide and seek 

  1. Personification Sentence: The thunder was rumbling in the distance.

Example: thunder rumbling

Unicorn Themed Personification Example Sentences

If your students love unicorns, here are some great examples: 

  1. Personification Sentence: The unicorn waved to the other animals. 

Example: unicorn waved

  1. Personification Sentence: The unicorns play tag for at least 2 hours a day. 

Example: unicorn playing the game of tag 

Superhero Themed Personification Example Sentences 

If your students love superheroes, here are some great examples: 

  1. Personification Sentence: When Superman started to fly, thousands of leaves danced on the ground. 

Example: leaves danced 

*As students become more comfortable, harder examples can be added in. 

  1. Personification Sentence: The stars winked at Ironman as he saved another day. 

Example: stars winked 

*Students may need to discuss how stars twinkle in the sky. They do not technically wink, which is a human quality. 

Extra Practice Opportunities 

Some students love to complete all of the extra practice they can get. Other students need extra practice in order to understand the concepts better. Thankfully, there are resources ready to go for students! There are Personification Task Cards and Activities and Personification Boom Cards. Both are excellent ways to ensure students are engaged as they practice with fun, creative examples. If you need to know more about Boom Cards click here!


If you ask students at the beginning of the year if they can define personification in a sentence or example, many will have no idea. As the year progresses, students will start to understand that personification has a key term in the word: person. This type of language relates a human characteristics whether it be through action or emotion. Thus, a nonhuman shares something with people! Since this can seem strange or silly to students, be sure to provide examples with aspects they love. Students can learn a deeper understanding of personification when their interests are involved. 

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I am Kirsten Tulsian, an elementary educator with 18 years of experience as a teacher and counselor. My passion lies in empowering students to discover their inherent brilliance through the use of engaging, rigorous, and meaningful activities. I look forward to connecting with you!

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