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Context Clues Worksheets for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade:

These Context Clues worksheets offer print-and-go, standards-aligned, context clues activities for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

This context clues activities file includes the following:

  • Four instructional pages
  • Four pages of multiple-choice questions
  • Four pages of fill in the blank
  • Two pages of stories followed by worksheets that ask students to define underlined words using context clues (and also look them up in the dictionary to check for accuracy).

ALL worksheets include a corresponding answer key as well.

This context clues product includes the following vocabulary words:

discard, encompass, vigilant, hesitant, irrational, portable, rejects, resolve, alternate, contribute, predict, condone, integrate, document, approximately, coordinate, correspond, alternative, rely, interact, considerable, confer, dimensions, discontinue, clarify, fraud, tentative, sincere, persistent, preserve, monotonous, remorseful, fragrant, overwhelmed, discontinue, significant, maximize, exclude, compensate, convene, self-sufficient, obligated, lucrative, collision, appalled, nurture, distraught, authority, conceal, laceration, grotesque, defeated, baffled, consequence, bewildered, gouge, hesitation, anxious, integrating, feat, capable, fumbled, desperate, conquer, morphed, and officially


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

If you teach in a multi-level classroom, have students with a very wide range of needs, or are meeting the needs of students with varying language abilities or students acquiring English, the MULTI-LEVEL MEGA BUNDLE for Context Clues might be right for you. You can check it out here:

Searching for context clues activities geared for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade (please note that there is a context clues bundle for 2nd-4th grade):

The following context clues products have been created for 3rd-5th grade (please note that there is a context clues bundle for 3rd-5th grade):

The following context clues products have been created for 4th-6th grade (please note that there is a context clues bundle for 4th-6th grade):

This PDF product contains 35 pages + Google Slides.

838 reviews for Context Clues Worksheets and Anchor Charts for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

Based on 838 reviews
  1. TR

    Taryn R

    Great words and great different ways to look at context clues.

  2. SH

    Shelly H

    Perfect for my higher groups!

  3. AW

    Amanda W

    Wonderful Product!

  4. AM

    Anne M

    This looks fantastic. I’m looking forward to using it with my 4th grade intervention group. Thanks!

  5. SW

    susan W

    Used for our STARR Blast. Good review

  6. JK

    Just Keep Teaching by Mrs R 

    Perfect to help my kiddos grasp the concept of context clues! They really needed this practice.

  7. TU

    Tangled Up in Tech 

    Great resource thanks!

  8. RC

    Royalyn Cochran 

    Great resource, Thanks

  9. RC

    Royalyn Cochran 

    Great resource, Thanks

  10. CZ

    Candice Z

    Love this

  11. BH


    thanks. my students enjoyed it.

  12. MP

    Margaret P


  13. ND

    Nirva D


  14. JR

    Julie R


  15. JE

    Jade E

    Fun for the kids!

  16. JE

    Jade E

    Fun for the kids!

  17. MS

    Marla S

    I will definitely use this! Thanks for all the hard work.

  18. KS

    Karla S

    This activity was a great help to my low achieving 5th grade group.

  19. SL

    Siri Latina 

    Great, thanks! 🙂

  20. MT

    Mallory T

    I love using these as quick assessments!

  21. SP

    Stephanie P


  22. RS

    Robbie S

    I will be using this in small groups, while I lead guided reading groups. Great independent review work.

  23. CS

    Courtney S

    Great for context clues!

  24. MV

    Megan Vicelli 


  25. DH

    Dustin H


  26. SH

    Second Home Classroom 

    I am looking forward to using these when it comes time for me to teach this unit.

  27. AB

    Allison B

    My students loved these!

  28. MD

    Meagan D

    Great resource! Great for my higher groups

  29. CG

    Cheryl G

    Great resource. I look forward to using it with my students.

  30. MR

    Megan R

    very helpful for guided reading groups

  31. LO

    Lisa O

    An easy resource to use in the classroom, thanks!

  32. PP

    Piera P

    Great resource. Very easy to follow.

  33. LM

    Lynna M

    A great product. I loved it and the kids loved it!

  34. AD

    Anne D

    Love this resource!

  35. JR

    Joy R

    I think the paper and pencil activity used appropriate, yet challenging vocabulary. Most of my students were able to accurately predict the word meaning using the context of the passage.

  36. KF

    Keenan F

    Thanks! Love it!

  37. AJ

    Alice J

    Really great change of pace with context clues.

  38. RP

    Rachel Pratt 

    Great activity to help us build our vocabulary!

  39. 3G

    3rd Grade Treats 


  40. EH

    Emily H

    LOTS of great practice in this packet. Very well laid out – saved me a lot of time! THANK YOU!

  41. CM

    Christine M M

    This has great activities for context clues!! I love it :).

  42. DF

    Dair F

    Thanks for the resource!

  43. AS

    Andrea S

    This is something my students really struggle with so I’m excited to give this a try!

  44. JT

    Jessica Tapia 

    Awesome! Thanks

  45. JC

    Jane Cummings 

    I will use these today with my ELL’s, and I can’t wait!!!

  46. MG

    Michelle Goodner 


  47. B


    I am using this in my small groups to teach context clues.

    Thanks for creating this.

    Do you have a context clues project?

  48. KS

    Kristen S

    Awesome review for my third graders! Thanks!

  49. DC

    Diane C

    Can’t wait to use this. I believe my students are going to benefit from these activities.

  50. DN

    Debra N

    Love this game!

  51. CA

    catherine ann R

    Used all of these activities!

  52. NS

    Nancy S

    Great lessons! I bought both sets. Thanks!

  53. DC

    Danielle Chaffee 

    Practice with vocabulary is always a good thing. Now it can be independent and entertaining.

  54. CL

    Catherine LaChey 

    Fun for third graders

  55. SM

    Shelli McKay 

    Thanks for sharing!

  56. JS

    Jane S

    Great product and fun to use.

  57. KR

    Kortni Rawlings 

    This is very hard to teach, and you have made it a bit easier for me to have items to model and for them to practice. Thank you.

  58. CB

    Carla Beaty 

    Love this easy activity for reinforcing Context Clues!

  59. WT

    Wendy T


  60. DM

    Danielle Mosca 

    Love it!

  61. DH

    Deborah H

    Very helpful for my homeschooling student.

  62. KC

    Karis C

    What a great product!

  63. HB

    Hilleri Burks 

    Good activity for Context Clues.

  64. HB

    Hilleri Burks 

    Good activity for Context Clues.

  65. AW

    Andrea W

    Great for context clues

  66. JF

    Jennifer F

    This was very challenging for my 3rd graders but they learned so much!

  67. EL

    Erica L

    This was helpful in using for a MCAS Alt

  68. DW

    Debra W

    Great activities.

  69. PS

    Patti S

    Exactly what I was looking for – thanks so much!

  70. SC

    Sharon C

    I used these with small groups and they worked well.

  71. RT

    Roberta Torres 


  72. TT

    Taylor T

    Great lessons and review at the end of the year

  73. CP

    Chrystal P

    Great activities to use to teach and practice context clues

  74. JD

    Jeannie D

    This was a great help. Thanks!

  75. LA

    Laura A W

    I used this resource in my small group reading class

  76. AR

    Ann R

    You saved my life. I needed a weeks worth of lessons to show my team on context clues. I was stumped until I found your plans. THANKS

  77. AO

    Angie O

    Loved this resource.

  78. L


    This was awesome! can’t wait to use it. Thank you.

  79. SD

    Susan D

    Great resource on something we teach and reteach and reteach and …..

  80. LM

    Lindsay M

    Great practice. Thank you for sharing this product.

  81. RC

    R C B

    Nice resource! Thanks!

  82. KH

    Kristen H

    Great in groups!

  83. MD

    Marchard D

    My kids loved this tool!!!

  84. MD

    Marchard D

    My kids loved this tool!!!

  85. DS

    Denise S

    Use this frequently! So great!

  86. JR

    Jill R

    I can’t wait to use this in my classroom! Thank you!

  87. HA

    Heidi Alison P

    Love these!

  88. FB

    Felecia B

    Absolutely loved these for ELA!

  89. SG

    Sharon G

    Great resource!!

  90. FG

    Felicia G

    love this!

  91. RA

    raylene A


  92. PH

    Patricia H

    Lots of valuable resources. Great activities.

  93. DS

    Dave S

    Excellent Resource!

  94. CA

    Charlotte A

    Love it

  95. JO

    Jon O

    great-kids loved it!

  96. JO

    Jon O

    great-kids loved it!

  97. KL

    Kimberly L

    Useful resource!

  98. TM

    Taylor M


  99. BP

    Bethany Powers 

    Context clues is a difficult skill. Thank you for making a product that was easy on me and helpful to the students!

  100. AR

    Ana R


  101. OA

    Owls and Lessons 

    This was a great tool for intervention with the passages and sentences. Would love to see some practice with just multiple meaning words and homophones as well! Thank you!

  102. KC


    I used this with a small group. Good resource!

  103. KC


    I used this with a small group. Good resource!

  104. AL

    Amy Lallier 

    Super lessons!

  105. BM

    Beth Mikesell 

    My students always need more practice with this.

  106. BM

    Beth Mikesell 

    My students always need more practice with this.

  107. LC

    leah cook 

    Wonderful resource for targeting context clues!

  108. TA

    Teaching and Lovin’ It 

    This has been so helpful, especialy for my students who didn’t score well on their reading tests the first time.

  109. DW

    Debra W

    A great resource, thanks!

  110. LK

    Laura K

    Wonderful and quick practice for context clues. Thanks!

  111. HS

    Helen S


  112. OD

    One Day At A Time 

    Thanks! Extra practice for my intervention groups!

  113. AP

    Awesome Pants 

    This is a great resource. I think the level of difficulty was perfect for my fifth grade english language learners.

  114. BC

    Bonnie C

    Excellent activities and at their
    appropriate level.

  115. DJ

    Desirae J

    Very helpful!

  116. JN

    jennifer N

    Great product!
    Nice easy to use examples.

  117. MC

    Mary C

    A real timesaver!

  118. LS

    Laura S

    This is a great product to help students use context clues to develop vocabulary. I love the ready made posters and the print and go activities. Thanks.

  119. BD

    Brooke Duplantis 

    Used for center work! Awesome!

  120. HB

    Heather B

    Great resource! Wonderful!

  121. AM

    Alaina M

    Great resource! Thank you!!

  122. MH

    Megan H

    This was a great resource to help practice and reinforce context clues which is a huge 3rd grade skill.

  123. BO

    Brittney O

    Best context clues practice I’ve found! Thank you!

  124. TP

    The Practically Perfect Classroom 

    Love this resource. It gives tons of practice for figuring out unknown words.

  125. GC

    Gina C

    Great practice! Love the variety that it includes!

  126. CR

    Catherine R

    I loved using this resource with my 5th graders!

  127. DD

    Dayesha D

    Thank you can’t wait to use this in my classroom

  128. KA

    Kristin A

    A wonderful resource. Just be sure to proofread before copying.

  129. KA

    Kristin A

    A wonderful resource. Just be sure to proofread before copying.

  130. KH

    Katie H

    Great practice for my students

  131. AT

    Amanda T

    I like these because they are so easy for us to use. Thank you for a great resource.

  132. SH

    Suzan H


  133. MI

    Munchkins Inc 

    These are AMAZING!! I love that you give different types of ways (paragraphs, sentences, short passages) for kids to use their context clue skills! They’re perfect for the 4th graders I tutor!

  134. DH

    Deanna Hankin 


  135. CR

    Christy R

    Great resource, though tough for my babies.

  136. JP

    Jessica P

    I am enjoying the stories!

  137. PI

    Party In Third  

    Incredibly helpful!

  138. TG

    Tara G

    I love that this had practice using sentences and in a passage.

  139. CK

    Carletta Klutz 


  140. AB

    Ashley B

    Great quality!

  141. DN

    Debra N

    Awesome way to practice context clues!

  142. BS

    barbara S

    Fabulous resource! Thanks!

  143. MM

    Megan M

    Thanks! I am excited for this!

  144. EV

    Erin V

    Nice resource!

  145. WG

    Whimsy Girl Designs 

    This has been a fantastic supplement to our reading curriculum!

  146. CG

    Carol G

    Good practice for context clues!

  147. DC

    Danielle C


  148. JR

    Jessica R


  149. EG

    Elizabeth G

    Great no prep activity.

  150. MF

    Melinda F

    Good resource.

  151. HB

    Holly B

    I use these in my daily intervention groups to help with Context Clues, which are major on the EOGs.

  152. KF

    Kelli F

    Thank you!!

  153. JB

    Jill B

    Love the no prep aspect!

  154. BR

    Brittany R

    This is perfect for my class. We have many levels and this helps me meet each level!

  155. SV

    Stephanie V

    Great extra practice for my students!

  156. CA

    Cathlin A

    I really like these resources…our assessment fill with context clues questions…and we have so many ESL students…they learn more vocabulary words by using context clues…these resources are perfect for increasing students’ vocabulary words.

  157. CM

    Cynthia M


  158. KL

    Kaitlyn L


  159. JP

    Jennifer P

    Excellent resource for small groups!

  160. AW


    Great for my class!

  161. BV

    Brittany V

    Just what I needed to review context clues! I even used the paragraph ones as an assessment for end of the year grades!

  162. MT

    Morgan T

    Such great STAAR review practice!

  163. NJ

    Nikki Jones 

    Needed something premade for a whole group review of context clues and this worked fine!

  164. NJ

    Nikki Jones 

    Needed something premade for a whole group review of context clues and this worked fine!

  165. CB

    Caroline B

    I love that it can be used grades 3-5!

  166. 3G

    3rd Grade Has It Made 

    I enjoyed this resource! Thank you!

  167. LS

    lorena S Y

    We work so hard in context clues in 3rd grade and this was a great purchase. Thanks

  168. RG

    Rebecca Guess 

    I’ve bought several things from this seller and she always has great stuff. This is no different!

  169. KD

    Karissa D

    Great practice for finding clues in the passage. Also great word choices!

  170. AS

    Ashley S

    Great resource!

  171. MF

    Meagan Fox 

    Thank you for this resource!

  172. KT

    Kaitlyn T

    Context clues are a hard skill, so I’m always on the look-out for great resources like this!

  173. MR

    Maria Ruiz 

    Used this resource for Context Clues rotation we did as a grade level. The other teachers loved it too.

  174. HH

    Hannah Haynes 

    Great for small groups!

  175. ZG

    Zulay G

    Easy to do and the kids can do it independently. I love the different ways they can practice.

  176. EM

    Elizabeth M

    Wonderful, thanks!

  177. DR

    dawn R

    Great resource for my students!

  178. AC

    Angeline C

    Great resource. Thanks!

  179. JD

    Jennifer D

    Great! Thank you!

  180. KA

    Kendra A

    Great for warm-up practice

  181. JM

    Jordyn M

    Great product to teach and target context clues!

  182. EP

    Emily P

    This was an amazing resource for my 4th graders! Really helped with introducing and showing them the different ways you can use context clues!

  183. LK

    Leslie K


  184. RE

    Rhonda E

    Have used this with Subs, and when reviewing

  185. RE

    Rhonda E

    Have used this with Subs, and when reviewing

  186. RG

    Ruth G


  187. AD

    Amy D

    Great resource, thanks!

  188. CC

    Caitlin’s Creative Classroom 

    These were a bit tricky for some of my kids, but it really helped me see who understood context clues and who needed more practice. These are great stories that use context clues really well!

  189. BC

    Brandi Casey 

    This is a great resource with something that my students really struggle with. I wish that some of the context clues were easier to identify and categorize on the student worksheets.

  190. BC

    Brandi Casey 

    This is a great resource with something that my students really struggle with. I wish that some of the context clues were easier to identify and categorize on the student worksheets.

  191. SW

    Shelby W

    This bundle has been so helpful in providing my students with many opportunities to practice with context clues. I’ve used these printables for morning work, independent work, and homework. This is a great resource!

  192. CG

    colleen G

    this was great!

  193. DB

    Dana B

    I absolutely love resource for morning work!

  194. EC

    Erica C

    Great to use to introduce the skill.

  195. SD

    sandy D

    Awesome resource! especially for the price.

  196. LW

    Laura Williams 

    I’ve always had kids struggle with determining the meaning of words. I think this resource will definitely help them practice. Thank you!

  197. BB


    Can’t wait to try this out!

  198. KS

    Kelli Santos 

    Great for a quick activity or refresher assignment.

  199. KP

    Katie Paddock 

    Can’t wait to use this to reinforce and assess context clues, thank you!

  200. SS

    Suzanne Sharpe 

    Wonderful resource!

  201. LI

    Learning Is Something To Treasure 

    Can’t wait to use this next year! Thanks!

  202. TL

    Tina L

    Great resource – looking forward to using it next year. Thanks!

  203. CM

    Catherine M


  204. CB

    Catherine B

    Great resource.

  205. KM

    keelyann miller 

    like the no prep

  206. HF

    Heather F

    Context clues is such a difficult task to teach and learn. Thank you for this product.

  207. SB

    Samantha Burch 

    Thank you!

  208. SD

    Stephanie Dec 

    Super value!

  209. JL

    Jessica L

    Clear, concise, and a great deal!

  210. JB

    Janna B

    Love this!

  211. LC

    Lynn C

    An excellent resource to help review a vital skill.

  212. CA

    Carol A

    This will be a great resource to add to my context clues unit!

  213. TN

    Teacher Nikki 

    I am always looking for new context clues activities. This is the perfect addition. Thank you!

  214. AM

    Anna Marie Woloszyn 

    Great practice activities to add to our context clues studies. We are always working on this skill, so it is nice to have some more practice opportunities.

  215. DJ

    Deenita J

    A terrific resource to support the students in using context clues while reading.

  216. WB

    Wendy B

    I am looking forward to using this in the upcoming school year.

  217. DV

    darla V

    Great resource that I used with my intervention groups!

  218. MT

    Mary T

    Easy to follow and use. Great resource.

  219. TN

    Tania Naeve 

    I’m excited to try this in the fall!

  220. LR

    Laura R

    I love all of your products! I know this will be a valuable tool for my instruction! Thanks for always making such quality items!

  221. SS

    Stephanie S

    Great product with easy print and go activities.

  222. KC

    Krista C

    Great! Thank you!

  223. JN

    Jordan Northenor 

    I am very excited to use this product this coming school year.

  224. ML

    Maureen L

    Will be a great resource to teach students about their types of context clues.

  225. JC

    Joanne C

    Thank you for this resource that will be helpful for student learning in this tricky area.

  226. LT

    Laura T

    Love these! Thanks.

  227. KM

    Kandice M

    I use these every year. It is great practice for the students. Thanks for sharing!

  228. JM

    Jayna M

    Looking forward to using this resource

  229. CW

    Cori W

    Great practice activities

  230. KH

    Kristin H

    Great Product!

  231. S


    Thank you for all of your hard work!

  232. LS

    Laura S

    This will be a great way to practice vocabulary by using context clues.

  233. DW

    Daniela W

    Great independent practice and assessment

  234. CF

    Creative Foundations 

    Amazing ELA resource that will have my students engaged as I assess their learning.

  235. MM

    McKenna M

    Great information for kids.

  236. AF

    Alison F

    I LOVE THAT THIS IS NO PREP!! That is my favorite during busy school time!

  237. AF

    Alison F

    I LOVE THAT THIS IS NO PREP!! That is my favorite during busy school time!

  238. JP

    Julie Pirtle 

    Context Clues are so hard for the kids to grasp. These anchor charts are very helpful – for them and me.

  239. MM

    Markia M

    I can’t wait to use this in the fall, thanks!

  240. SG

    Shannon Gregg 

    Looking forward to using this resource!

  241. NF

    Nicole F

    I cannot wait to use this!!!!

  242. MG

    Michelle G

    Great Resource! Thank you!

  243. TL

    Tonya L

    This will be a great activity for my students this year!

  244. BT

    Brenda Thompson-Positive Possibilities 

    Can’t wait to use when school starts. Thank you!!!

  245. TJ

    Teri Jolly 

    Can’t wait to use it.

  246. GV

    Gwen V

    This has very good anchor charts. Thanks!

  247. CW

    Christina W

    Great resource, thank you!!

  248. MJ

    Melinda J

    Students enjoyed this resource!

  249. CA

    Click and Teach 

    This will be great practice for my students, I can’t wait to use it next year!

  250. AS

    Audrey Scarbriel 

    Great resource for small groups or re-teaching!

  251. SD

    Stephanie D

    Can’t wait to use this year! Love it.

  252. JB

    Jenna B

    I can’t wait to use these as a resource with small groups!

  253. RS

    Ronda S

    Great anchor sheets to use when teaching the skill.

  254. MR

    Michelle R

    Kids really benefit from anchor charts, but I am notas creative as I need to be with them. This will help, along wit the worksheets that can be used for this state standard.

  255. KW

    Katie W

    Wonderful resource for a difficult skill! Made teaching this skill less stressful for all.

  256. SD

    Samantha D

    This is an awesome resource! Thank you for creating!

  257. F


    Great resource! I can’t wait to use it!

  258. NL

    Nancy L

    Great for context clues! Thanks.

  259. JB

    Jennifer Barmore Balancing It All 

    Excellent! Such an important skill!

  260. NJ

    Naomi J

    easy to use

  261. SB

    Stephanie Blackton 

    Looking forward to using this this upcoming school year!

  262. RS

    Rhiannah S

    I look forward to using these in my classroom.

  263. KT

    Kayle T

    Great resource! Context clues are such an important, yet difficult skill for students to master. This resource was very helpful!

  264. MV

    Melody Vann 

    Can’t wait to use it!

  265. AC

    Angela C

    Nice extra practice worksheets.

  266. SP

    Stefanie P

    Terrific Product!

  267. AC

    Alisha C

    Product looks great, I can’t wait to use it this upcoming year.

  268. WR

    Wendance’s Resources 

    Excellent activities for working on context clues and vocab development!

  269. KH

    Kendall H

    I like that it has intro posters of the ways kids will encounter context clues. The activity/assignment is also great practice!

  270. KH

    Kendall H

    I like that it has intro posters of the ways kids will encounter context clues. The activity/assignment is also great practice!

  271. LD

    Lotus D

    Looks great! Looking forward to using this in small groups this year.

  272. JM

    Janine May 

    Awesome Resource! Would definitely recommend purchasing!

  273. MM

    Melissa M

    Thank you for such a great resource!

  274. ML

    Melanie L

    Great activities to help the students practice.

  275. JK

    Jorene K

    Great product

  276. TA

    Teaching at Club Mac 

    Great resource for anchor charts and interactive notebooks.

  277. JM

    Jennifer M Oestreich 

    Using context clues can be challenging– this resource is super helpful in getting that across to my students! Can’t wait to use it this year!

  278. HK

    Heather K

    Helpful product!

  279. SM

    Shannon M

    Useful in teaching context clues!

  280. KK

    Kelsey K

    These are great, thank you so much!

  281. KB

    Kristin Berg 

    Great resource and practice! Thanks!

  282. AJ

    Alana J

    Great for small group!

  283. KH

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